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  1. Proud Mamma Moment
  2. Other recommended forums?
  3. OFF TOPIC: Orwell 1984, creepy
  4. No humor. Explain this. Decide punishment.
  5. A Fine Line
  6. Virginia CC Renewal - 14 Days!
  7. Threat level in Europe, by John Cleese
  8. Gun range bans Muslims
  9. Just got jumped!
  10. Caught With My Pants Down Today...
  11. Subject: Complete or Finished???
  12. Some days Bear just can't win...
  13. MINDSET: NEVER say die...
  14. The creepy/weird/possibly supernatural experiences thread
  15. Police: Rapper took Loaded Handgun Through TSA" only got a ticket?
  16. Amber Alert--NC
  17. Life isnít fair, I like this mom.
  18. Daughter Just Called
  19. American sniper movie trailer
  20. Rockin and Rolling today!
  21. Neighbor shoots toy "drone" out of the sky, gets arrested (NSFW language in article)
  22. LG G2 or Droid Maxx
  23. Yahoo mail, not working today?
  24. Stuffed mailbox
  25. I love this man, he's going places. SC rocks!
  26. My renters are finally out!
  27. I Believe This City Councilman is Toast.
  28. I Guess I Might Be Joining THE DARKSIDE
  29. College invites cop killer to give a graduation speech
  30. Selling guns online???
  31. U.S. Law Enforcement Seeks to Halt Apple-Google Encryption of Mobile Data.....
  32. Scrap the constitution???
  33. Generation Wuss
  34. It, too, is finally here.
  35. New toy, Telescope
  36. School Shooting
  37. What country makes the best guns?
  38. Christian vs Muslim
  39. Craigslist sale. I was attacked.
  40. Boneheaded move of the day
  41. Let Mer Show You My Pictures
  42. Private railroad crossing
  43. Any Agatha Christie readers?
  44. advocare anyone ever use it?
  45. This Is A Pretty STRANGE One. ???
  46. Look What The Cat Dragged In
  47. Out for an Autumn Drive
  48. Bacon Nuff Said
  49. Latest in Ferguson - 2 officers shot at in separate incidents: 1 hit
  50. What has Zinc Oxide done for you lately
  51. Happy Birthday to me
  52. "Aloha Snackbar" - Stuff You See at the Range
  53. I don't want to derail the complaint thread
  54. Why are most car salesmen Italian American?
  55. Walking down the street
  56. I fear great evil is coming and we refuse to see it
  57. Congratulations Derek Jeter!
  58. If you have ever forgotten the plug in your boat...
  59. Bloomberg Can't Find Enough Candidates to Spend His Fifty Million On
  60. PRICELESS! Marcus Luttrell's Tips For Dating Daughter
  61. Sometimes, you don't need a gun...
  62. NC folks, need info on your gun laws
  63. Global citizen
  64. Today's pick-me-up thread
  65. Late December 1941
  66. State record fish
  67. What's your favourite cut of steak/favourite steak recipe?
  68. Bear have new news about TruckerJoe's shoulder...
  69. Hi-Point Best pistol ever
  70. Does your day need brightening?
  71. Guns out of England made things worse
  72. Ebola
  73. Eric Holder To Resign (MERGED)
  74. Zero tolerance vs. common sense
  75. well the ebol dead are rising from the grave now ....
  76. 6 states, 7 days, and no firearm
  77. Walking Dead Season V
  78. More on Idiots Running Schools - NY School "Outlaws" Nat'l Guard T-shirt
  79. New Drug in Town
  80. Disney Princess Meltdown
  81. range safety
  82. Do women dislike eating meat?
  83. 5.5 day, 60 hour, continuing ed course
  84. Ebola Airborne???
  85. L'Shanah tovah 5775 - Happy New Year
  86. Here's one for the Giggle book
  87. Satire?
  88. Very bad: a local store robbed of automatic weapons and ammo
  89. For the Guys....When Your Reasoning Successfully Overcame Your Urges
  90. Kids: No more "Realistic" Toy Guns for You
  91. ISIS Rant (YouGO Wikd Bill)
  92. Southern Food
  93. Catfish eating a basketball
  94. Strange quiet after Florida shooting
  95. 2nd white house breech in 2 days
  96. National Thank Police Day
  97. Bear is Back... and bets no one even knew him was gone...
  98. Coating a Stainless Barrel?
  99. Reason # 3829 to arm the women in your life
  100. Car fire
  101. Lesson of the Day: Learderlessness and Servility
  102. Just A Feel Good Story
  103. I am tempted to go flying this weekend.
  104. Ruger's Newest Commemorative Gun - Just Released! ;)
  105. Your city has what?
  106. WWII Newest Hit! 'Fury'
  107. The Workout Challenge
  108. USPS (US Post Service) Sucks
  109. Bullit
  110. Oh, oh...we may want to rethink how we send health care workers to Guinea
  111. Who is "Motherjones"?
  112. International Talk Like a Pirate Day
  113. "...abducts your child..." (book recommendation)
  114. MWG Call. Amusing Story
  115. Tsa oopsie!
  116. New Holster Review
  117. Federal Court - No to Old Glory on 05 May - Next Stop SCOTUS?
  118. Where can I buy this shirt?
  119. Phase 1 Atkins.
  120. Primitive weapons
  121. What's the deal with Australia?
  122. ISIS Public Beheading Plot in Australia Foiled
  123. Yet Another Problem For The NFL - A Cardinal This Time
  124. The TP Thread, Do You Scrunch or Fold
  125. So, what'd I miss?
  126. Monkeys have opposing thumbs but it ain't that great
  127. Rush Hour! How The Heck Did They Do This?
  128. Correct Height for a TP Dispenser
  129. The Only One Special Enough to Carry This Here Glock
  130. Slow News Day in Chicago
  131. Ray Rice & Gun Control
  132. 'Lone wolves in America' encouraged to attack Times Square, Las Vegas: report
  133. Are they liable for a third parties actions?
  134. Fifteen years ago.
  135. My idea for safe
  136. Cool!
  137. For the cat lovers
  138. Lowes pays 1.6 million in lawsuit over 2x4's
  139. Complaint Thread
  140. Well it happen .. Pa murder went from 308 hunting gun to AK real fast and prepper
  141. How many will let dollars speak for them on this?
  142. Have a problem with Commander and Chief
  143. How Much Information Is Too Much?
  144. voted again
  145. She threw them away!
  146. Southern CA man put under psych observation for having too much ammo and guns!
  147. Curing a .40 Hollow Point Gunshot Wound at Home After Self Inflicting it (LiveLeak)
  148. Curing a .40 Hollow Point Gunshot Wound at Home After Self Inflicting it (LiveLeak)
  149. Would your carry gun be enough for a Zombie Apocalypse?
  150. iPhone 6
  151. Dead duck
  152. The 11th Commandment
  153. Most ammo at Walmart I've seen since 2012
  154. Gyrojet...Rocket powered bullets?
  155. Twice in as many weeks?
  156. So...when are we getting a few of these on our southern border????????
  157. Company selling "bloody" Kent State sweatshirts
  158. If the horns fit...
  159. Brain Teaser
  160. Commercials from childhood
  161. Hornets, Wasps, ...
  162. I Hate You iCloud
  163. Guardians of the Galaxy - A+
  164. When things get heavy
  165. A little range time
  166. Free speech is going, going, going...
  167. DC MPD Launching Investigation in Videotaping Intimidation
  168. zimmerman back in the news
  169. No joy from tne northern lights tonigh/this morning
  170. Breaking News!
  171. BACK TO THE FUTURE - If you could take 3 things back with you to High School
  172. Preparing for Battle with...the old chainsaw
  173. Spanking is Illegal?
  174. Shooting caught on video
  175. Comparing G W Bush to Hitler - Much Ado About Nothing?
  176. Gunbuster (and Other) Signage In Marion, Ohio
  177. 102 Minutes That Changed America
  178. anyone have success switching energy suppliers?
  179. Parents Were Filming The Game, But One Kid Does Something That Astounds Everyone
  180. Woman Shot in Target Parking Lot
  181. Boys...
  182. This is SOOOO COOL!
  183. Patriot Day 2014....
  184. The War:We Finally Got The Gov. Involved!
  185. Ammo prices at your range
  186. Standing For Something
  187. Flash gang signs, or else.
  188. Best Movie Shootout EVER
  189. Tsar Bomba -- ISIS and beyond
  190. Man shoots firearm in restaurant.
  191. *sigh* - Colorado, yer breakin' my heart
  192. No Water, over 1 million homes have no water because of lack of rain.
  193. It was the 4 armed man....
  194. Paul Smith - Typewriter Artist
  195. I had a most unusual experience this morning
  196. Don't bring a knife. ..
  197. Help with shiney metalic dark blue wasps about 2 inchs long
  198. Lax security, nuclear plant
  199. Report Shows How Easy It Is For A Police Officer To Get His Hands On A Gun
  200. Calling 9-1-1
  201. Apartment Complex Staff Entered Without Permission
  202. Enterovirus
  203. Anyone know of an AR cradle mount
  204. New interview of witness has him changing his account of what occurred in WalMart
  205. Jack the Ripper, identified?
  206. The world is getting worse
  207. The "Gun Shine State?" Florida
  208. More of the Chicago Way
  209. another (goofy) reason to like the Kurds...
  210. For Current Military-DOD: Moving Data and Cross-Domain Movements
  211. Hometown Battlefield
  212. Civilized Wrath Unleashed
  213. The will to kill
  214. Decisons, decisions....Thoughts on a new grill
  215. Best Friends
  216. What should we do about ISIS?
  217. Miss Saddam Hussein Yet?
  218. Global warming/climate change
  219. Life Lessons
  220. The Russians do scare me.
  221. The Mae Jean story
  222. 164 dB Car Audio Stupidity
  223. The Only Correct Response..................
  224. I have a confession........
  225. Oh Boy! Its STATE FAIR time again
  226. Increase In Conceal Licenses= More Jobs
  227. New ammo regulations
  228. Spider dog
  229. Weekend
  230. What's in Sister's Stinky Date bag???
  231. 5 stand competition prizes
  232. Retiring to Florida - hysterical
  233. Well this is disturbing - Man charged with possessing a machine gun..........
  234. Gene Moe
  235. 90 minutes until kickoff of the 2014 NFL season
  236. I need help, what to wear tonight....
  237. Fun things to do with girls in the woods at night?
  238. Hit an animal yesterday
  239. Do you do anything special commemorate 9/11?
  240. Fake cell towers
  241. Regaining Health
  242. Mothers Against Everything
  243. Songs Covered By Artists Who Did a Better Job With The Song Than the Original
  244. Longevity mig welder
  245. Phil Robertson on ISIS: Convert them or kill them
  246. What's the worst gun for CCW
  247. Great quote from Tom Brady whether you like football or not
  248. Ruger Unannounced Giveaway Contest !
  249. Tagging and Tracking Simplified
  250. Where's Miss Manners when you need her