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  1. Meat on the table!
  2. Safety Lesson
  3. VCDL member has been arrested and is being prosecuted falsely for brandishing firearm
  4. I demand the Number One spot!
  5. Help please
  6. Interesting Fact............
  7. NRA, unpleasant phone conversation.
  8. Hear That? Listen.. Here It Comes
  9. Crosman Optimus Tack Driver
  10. Local WalMart Ammo Aisle
  11. Anyone heard from Old School?
  12. Let's See How Joe Biden's Gun Advice Really Works!
  13. When The Supply Of Drugs Stops....Watch Out!!
  14. I'm Hungry, whats for dinner....
  15. How not to quit smoking.
  16. An Article for the guys who work at gun shops
  17. List of guns and their break in period
  18. Guns and Power Lines Don't Mix
  19. Feds Fail To Notify Boston Cops Re Bomber Intel - Big Surprise There
  20. 4 Rules for Harpooning?
  21. Ms. Duncan GETS REAL about how to run the city of Detroit (in less than 30 seconds)
  22. How Many Of The 34 Are Gang Related?
  23. Your "carry" name
  24. It always seems like a good idea at the time!
  25. Another Idiots Run the School Story - Pencil & Imagination Suspend VA Boys
  26. Investments
  27. Anyone into Raspberry Pi?
  28. The Benghazi Hearing
  29. You Can't Make This Stuff Up!
  30. Teachers in Canada have zero tollerance also!
  31. Man in Panama Creates Life Saving High Rise Parachute
  32. Jimmy's Treehouse Is Better Than Mine.........
  33. Sandy Hook Parent Battles Criminal Charges...
  34. 1911 Humor
  35. A Very Good Range Day For This Couple
  36. Interesting statistic - Heroin deaths vs. mass shooting deaths
  37. New drill...gotta have one
  38. Top Shot returns
  39. Should someone be able to own a nuclear weapon: I say YES
  40. Flag Stompin' Teacher Hits Jackpot - This Is Messed Up
  41. Youth Baseball League That Fundraised only $10 Last Year Now at $29K Thanks to…a Gun!
  42. Breaking Story out of Cleveland Ohio 0623
  43. Miracle! 3 Girls Kidnapped 10 Years Ago, Thought Dead, Rescued and Free!!
  44. Senate passes bill allowing online sales tax
  45. Why the hate?
  46. Is ammo scarcity affecting the hobbies that you have?
  47. Update on Soccer referee
  48. Good old fashioned hockey! 14 fighting majors, 236 penalty minute:VIDEO
  49. Do you all really read the blogs on this Forum?
  50. Not Available In California -- New York ......
  51. NRA 2013 in Houston. TX
  52. Stick figure family
  53. Did everyone have a happy
  54. The Walking Dead - Best Episode Ever
  55. Now THIS is the way to buy ammo!
  56. one .22 lr for sale
  57. 46 y/o Man Dies from Punch by 17 y/o
  58. Off To NRA Convention-YEA!
  59. Should the Washington Redskins change their name?
  60. Finally, Common Sense Background Checks.......
  61. What do you think - NEA has got to go? Just askin?
  62. Gun-Themed Weddings In LV Continue To Boom In Wake Of Sandy Hook Shooting (Pics)
  63. Vote now........ Video of Idiots protesting NRA Convention...... Priceless...........
  64. The Truth About Gun?
  65. Help! Keyboard aint right...
  66. Massive Anti-Gun Protesters at the Annual NRA Conference........... well, not really
  67. Do we have any doctors or nurses on this board?
  68. NRA Is About Safety
  69. Food for Though - Thread from Free Republic on Protecting Your Home
  70. SO I asked you guys for opinions on dogs...
  71. Anybody EDC one of these?
  72. This Is The World's First Entirely 3D-Printed Gun (Photos)
  73. You Have To Be Kidding!!!!! (Video)
  74. American Gun Owner's Alliance -- Free sign up to win a Glock 19 Gen
  75. Define "Mall Ninja"
  76. Finally good news from Nancy...
  77. Baseball's greatest moment ever
  78. Glen Beck interviews Colion Noir
  79. HS relay team disqualified for "excessive celebration" :This is not about sports
  80. Hockey Fans: Suspension or no suspension for Gryba hit
  81. $60k Fine - Only in N.Y.
  82. Interesting Story (Eagle Scout, Shotgun & A School)
  83. I miss global warming
  84. Way Too Funny
  85. Gunfire At Man Driving To Work
  86. My Buddy and Shooting Mentor Misterfats123
  87. San Jose: Pharmacist busted putting poison OJ in Starbucks display cooler. Jihadist?
  88. Maryland Abolishes The Death Penalty.........
  89. Corny joke for the day.
  90. Bloomberg Refused Second Slice of Pizza at Local Restaurant
  91. Chicago going for a new record?
  92. Only at Walmart...
  93. Palm Beach Sheriff - Rat out your friends and family for being upset about the Gov't
  94. Blind Veteran Betters His Attacker
  95. Student Suspended Knife Week Long Camping Trip
  96. AGENDA: Grinding America Down
  97. Judge Jeanine Pirro Slams Jihad Mom
  98. Favorite Small Town Names
  99. New multi state telecommunications discoveries.
  100. Liberty Was Also Attacked in Boston
  101. Former California gun manufacture opens in Shiner, TX - TV News Video
  102. For a Wednesday It Felt more like a Saturday..Share a Really Uber Cool Day You've Had
  103. In Memory Of Staff Sargent Reckless
  104. Survival. At what cost?
  105. DEMOLITION RANCH, 10' PVC Pipe+Tannerite=FUN FUN FUN ! ! !
  106. US neighborhoods in America that have the highest predicted rates of violent crime
  107. WWII bomber jacket rescued from Goodwill, returned to 90-year-old vet
  108. Trade for ammo
  109. Everyone Here Has A Unique Handle/Call Sign...Why/How Did Y'all Choose Yours??
  110. More disturbing police action
  111. Deleted
  112. Food For Thought....
  113. The Oath of the Right Wing Extremist
  114. Suicide Attempt With Gun at School Today - LaSalle HS, Cincinnati
  115. Further Proof the Village Idiot Runs the Schools
  116. What is your other hobbies other than Firearms
  117. The Second Season Starts Now
  118. Pics of Wit & Wisdom
  119. Famous People We Have Met and the stories therein :blink:
  120. As We Seniors Age How Do We Combat The Physical Pains of CC or OC?
  121. Hollow points and other information used as evidence - I stand corrected
  122. Peirs Morgan again..
  123. Going Shopping Today...
  124. Monkeys are Democrats??
  125. Female Sailor Beats Cr*p Out of Pakistani Rapist
  126. Cop Shows on tv, continuity director ?
  127. How Real Men Shoot Skeet
  128. It's Official -
  129. Interesting THRIFT SHOP Find
  130. OOOOOOOOOOOH, you're a special kind of stupid, aren't you?
  131. Chicago, IL MC to raffle 6 ARs and 2 pistols to benefit fallen officer/LEO families
  132. Boston bombing
  133. See: I told you so government ammunition 'stockpiling'
  134. If Your Ass Is Dragging You WILL Be Arrested
  135. Not Humor - Chicago Suffering One Shooting Every 6.3 Hours in 2013 / 100 Homocides
  136. Quit buying charcoal! Make your own. You'll thank me when the SHTF
  137. This Is A Great Little Bug Out Bag Item
  138. Deleted
  139. How many folks actually read linked articles and replies before posting?
  140. coming soon, the internet sales tax
  141. Country Legend Gone
  142. Police Department Oral Boards today
  143. Some Folks Have a Command Of The Language
  144. Are you a Prepper? Check out my homemade water tower.
  145. Little humor for a Thursday
  146. From GENERAL QUARTERS to Condition 3, USS Nimitz
  147. Colion Noir : on "Responsibility"
  148. Russia contacted US twice about Boston bomber
  149. Serious health warning
  150. Doctor! I need help!
  151. not gun related.... but truly inspiring
  152. Sump Pump Backup/Backup Power
  153. We have missed the boat on some very disturbing things ..
  154. Minn. school district gets bulletproof whiteboards
  155. Immigration Reform New Hot Topic
  156. A modest proposal
  157. stack on dehumidifier
  158. SMITH&WESSON Magic Folding Knife
  159. Site growth
  160. California Approved Handgun Safe
  161. U.S.S. Arizona -- Pearl Harbor
  162. Cooking With a Pressure Cooker?
  163. Another Hippie goes away.....................
  164. Nearly there...
  165. What are the 4 rules of gun safety?
  166. Best radio ad ever! Keller's Riverside Store
  167. Who Here is a PREPPER?? Y'all can thank OldVet for this Thread...HUA
  168. "Bloomburg 30-Round, Sugary, 'A Salt' Magazine Giveaway"
  169. Of the zombies or commies come, which guns would you grab?
  170. Poll: Your Favorite Type of Lunch/Sandwich Meat?
  171. An Eagle Owl soaring through the trees and belying the majesty of nature
  172. Proud Papa - my son gets it!
  173. car help.
  174. How would you like to look out your window and see this!
  175. Need a Laugh Today (OWB)
  176. I just can’t decide who I am madder at…
  177. DHS thinks you are a Criminal, but cannot admit where they fail to protect you!
  178. And now it is time to play "Ask the Experts!"
  179. Your 2012 Federal Taxpayer Receipt.........
  180. Dad's story....
  181. Hitler finds out gun control failed in the senate.
  182. It's Raining Smith & Wesson Model 36's and 60's in .38 Photo Thread!
  183. Neighbor Gave Me a New Target
  184. Oops! - 20,000 U.S. M-16s stolen from unguarded warehouse in Kuwait
  185. Boston Bomber Prosecution - Poll
  186. As seen on Reddit
  187. What do you think is the *coolest* handgun?
  188. Dead or Alive?
  189. School wants to build a (gasp, shiver) shooting range.
  190. Obama’s Plan to Destroy America Hatched at Columbia Says Classmate
  191. Update: Granny Who Killed Grandson Gets 20-40 years
  192. Man survives Boston and Texas explosions....
  193. LIVE: House Surrounded, Near Boston, Huge Police Presence, Drawn Guns
  194. BOSTON!: A Night of GUN BATTLES, 1 Bombing Suspect Dead, Massive Manhunt On For 2nd:
  195. Chance To Win An AR15
  196. Reports of gunfire on MIT campus near Boston
  197. The rape solutions:Libtard Vs Conservative
  198. Term Limits
  199. My back hurts....
  200. HUSHPUPPIES...What's Y'alls Fave Recipes???
  201. Officer Dan Combs..
  202. We need some humor...
  203. High School Memories
  204. American History........April 19, 1775.
  205. SUSPENDERS...Who Wears Them Besides Me?
  206. Enter To Win A Springfield XD-S .45 ACP
  207. A Fertilizer Plant Just Exploded Near Waco, Texas
  208. Crazy Uncle Joe Cries, and if you are NRA, you lies! Video
  209. Help name my farm.
  210. Nevada buses hundreds of mentally ill patients out-of-town
  211. Nice tribute to Marathon Victims at Boston Bruins game
  212. Random Thought's OR First Word That Comes To Mind...
  213. Here's The Deal...
  214. Poll: Entity Behind the Boston Marathon Bombings
  215. Your Soft Drink Of Choice...What might it be Say Ye??
  216. Sacrilege? LOL
  217. Classy "SCOT" on Late Night TV (Now An American)
  218. Go Figure......
  219. Connecticut Gov. Malloy's Comments Outrage Gun Makers
  220. Haha Oh Boy This is a Good One...College Prof Outed as a Nazi Fetishist Perv
  221. No Surprise Here..........
  222. Open Carry - A simple code of rules we should all follow
  223. Punk Takes on Gulf War Vet and Gets Humiliated
  224. Glock 17 mags in stock
  225. I bought a pistol in CA with no waiting period.
  226. Aren't you glad you don't live in Maryland? (ironically called "The Free State"
  227. Decorated Vet Arrested After ‘Rudely Displaying’ His Rifle
  228. Securing a Marathon
  229. research paper on the Klan, fun fact
  230. Taxed Twice on Vehicle
  231. Got me a new Avatar
  232. Hammer murder
  233. Jerry Seinfeld Gone?? RIP
  234. Things your significant other does that irritate you.
  235. Iphone question, related to DC
  236. Boston Marathon Explosions.......Dozons of Injuries....Fox.
  237. You too can achieve happiness
  238. Glock PAD
  239. Shameless bragging...
  240. Jeff foxworthy on upstate ny.......
  241. Kids and Guns
  242. SNL takes on gun control
  243. TJsotomayor Funny As Can Be
  244. Chuck Woolery on Assault Weapons
  245. Irrefutable Scientific Proof
  246. How Tall Do You Have To Be To........ And.....
  247. Motor Officer in high-speed chase
  248. The first, and I wish it was the last.....................
  249. So NYC is becoming the UK - Violent crime spiking in wealthy Manhattan neighborhoods
  250. What is the last thing you spent too much money on?