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  1. Helmet cam video, Afghanistan
  2. A LEO, AN L.E.O.-- A historic, indefinitely
  3. Finally NFL Replacement Ref's We Can Count On
  4. Proud papa moment
  5. Libs Abusing A Reliable Platform
  6. Want to buy Bonnie and Clydes guns?
  7. Now What Was That Name?
  8. True Grit
  9. R U serius
  10. Looking for a good book...
  11. Not a recommended hiccup cure...
  12. NRA Instructor
  13. NRA Bumper Sticker
  14. Ugly
  15. Good : Police Tipped Off to Thwart Armed Robbery!
  16. Tax Policy thread
  17. Nice Video Camera for Capturing Political Debates
  18. I'm thinking of picking up hunting
  19. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  20. Candidate for Virginia Lt Governor not what she publicly claims to be.
  21. Graphics help for a logo.
  22. Drinking and driving.
  23. I wouldn't exactly say Koolaid, but...
  24. Cult of Personality?
  25. Buy your Babe a Diamond and get a hunting rifle FREE
  26. This Is Pretty Cool
  27. New Show:Revolution
  28. Automatic License Plate Reader, Mounted on Cop Car
  29. The use of ICE on your cell phone
  30. Cartoon: People You Meet at the Range
  31. Arrest of Blockaded Perp Near My Church
  32. Default Family Range Trip
  33. Dying Man's Last Words
  34. The journalistic equivalent of "OC baiting" French mag's Mohammed cartoon
  35. Philedelphia Business Man Faces Penalties for Cleaning Up City Property
  36. Voter Fraud
  37. The Police are coming
  38. Cap'n Kerberos: Talk Like a Pirate Day Today
  39. karma?
  40. Do We Need a Gun Shop in our Neighbourhood?
  41. Man pays ticket with 137 pigs!
  42. The Minority Wins Again...
  43. Classics: Mauldin in WWII
  44. Constitution Day -- September 17
  45. Optical Illusions
  46. No Easy Day,Got my copy today
  47. What's your strategy with telemarketers?
  48. Personal responsibility rant
  49. Jury Duty!!!
  50. Funny Glock Commercial
  51. Lady bags big bear. Is this really a challenge anymore.
  52. A different type of panhandling
  53. Need Ideas for Gun Fighting Scene
  54. My 12 pack of Mountain Dew just had an ND...
  55. My beloved Jeep Cherokee is no more. Totaled.
  56. he needed to "change" his life-robbing parking meters
  57. The Press...
  58. Adventure 2.0 First Aid Kit - Review
  59. man Accused Of Pointing Gun At Pregnant Smoker
  60. Naming your WIFI at home... Hilarious
  61. Golfer & Concealed Carry
  62. Did you ever wonder...
  63. Attn New Yorkers: high cap cups and bottles banned.
  64. .22 LR for Zombie Killing
  65. Anyone done a Tough Mudder?
  66. Walked outside deer standing 15 feet from me
  67. Ticketed for running a red light
  68. bank robbers spreading the love
  69. The House of Representatives has voted on extending the FISA
  70. The difference between men and women
  71. A thief broke into my house last night...
  72. man builds dooms day bunker with stolen trailers
  73. Criminal Defense Attorney
  74. Brad Pitt Gives Angelina a Gun Range as a Wedding Present
  75. DPD officer killed cleaning gun
  76. Red Dawn 2012.....hmmph.
  77. The Future of Tactical Training
  78. Definition of hypocrisy or irony?
  79. he is just a normal 9 year old - the aunt says
  80. If we could carry on a plane...
  81. proof drugs and guns don't mix-
  82. Never stop for unmarked LEO vehicles,but what about
  83. First meeting
  84. A fishy project...
  85. An Interesting Way To Bug Out
  86. Knifes vs Guns.
  87. SAN JOSE: CHP chase suspect becomes wedged between buildings
  88. Dark Knight Shooting Victims Might Sue Theater Chain
  89. Blind man in Beechview uses kitchen pot to ward off attackers
  90. FINALLY!!!!!! A Truly Realistic Call Of Duty Video Game *Video*
  91. Beauty the Bald Eagle gets a second chance with a little help from technology
  92. Robber Stuck Inside Bank Double Glass Doors In Pittsburgh
  93. Owners Lose Possessions After Home Is Mistakenly Foreclosed
  94. Seriously? Government warns citizens of 'zombie apocalypse' to urge better emergency
  95. Sharpshooter takes aim with his toes
  96. Proof that God prefers the AK-47 (just kidding, but funny). Weird toy action figure.
  97. Pa. man says gun threats only harmed 'bad people'
  98. The Village calling
  99. I've often seen it said...
  100. Artistic 'Die-o-ramas' Of Crime Scenes- just weird
  101. Elderly Bavarian Farmer Accidentally Plants Field Of Hemp
  102. Road Trip, And We're Buying A House In The U.S.
  103. My favorite typos/misspellings/wrong words
  104. Anybody have an extra $35.00
  105. need help finding a qoute
  106. Silly wife and her groupon
  107. Woman lifts lid of portable toilet to discover man hiding in the waste tank
  108. Teenager Cruelty-
  109. Good Samaritans stop the crime, but mistake victim as mugger
  110. Buy a diamond and get a gun. (Innovative )
  111. I'm confused
  112. Odd find in the street
  113. VOTE!
  114. Military: Elmendorf AFB and Fort Richardson?
  115. Oscar-nominated actor Michael Clarke Duncan dies at 54
  116. For any homebrewers out there...
  117. Firearm Transportation Question
  118. Went Prairie Doggin' *Graphic Photos*
  119. Happy Labor Day
  120. I Quit
  121. Happy labor day!
  122. Encounter with a rabid Neighborhood Patrol
  123. Finally, a REAL can of whoop ass*
  124. What a ride, went up in a B-17 today.
  125. Any Alaska Shooters?
  126. Silly story
  127. New No Gun Zone Sign
  128. The Ugly: Woman dies after receiving groin kick from LAPD Officer
  129. In your face PETA...
  130. Postman Carrying Mace...
  131. Awesome editorial cartoon referencing the Colorado "guns in colleges" issue
  132. Question of the day
  133. Good deal on concealed carry badge/wallet combo
  134. could this happen to you / leaving your gun at home?
  135. We Donít Need No Stinking Warrant: The Disturbing, Unchecked Rise of the Administrati
  136. Attackers stapled his lips shut...not a hate crime?
  137. What To Do With Seized Firearms in WV
  138. The Intended 2nd Ammendment
  139. Does anyone have MAPFRE insurance?
  140. Movin on up
  141. robs store with a 4 way tire iron
  142. My girlfriend is opening up to guns
  143. Animal rights group wants Shooting Times/Field to be classed alongside porn
  144. Gun Porn
  145. Man says wife read his Facebook page, stabbed him
  146. The head shot
  147. Just Really Bad : Dogs Attacked and Stabbed to Death
  148. Caribou Coffee denies access to DC
  149. Camden, N.J., Scraps Police Department To Save Money
  150. For all you farmers out there
  151. Darwin Award Winner - What not to use a Ghilliee Suit for.....
  152. Violent Robbery Shooting: Wichita Police release surveillance video
  153. Santa not welcome at Disney World?
  154. Woman aims for skunk but shoots husband (yes, it was an accident)
  155. what not to do with a bulletproof vest.
  156. Texas man pleads guilty in bizarre murder plot against Ukrainian Internet 'bride'
  157. Glock spokesman Gunnery Sgt. R. Lee Eermey was fired by Geico for criticizing POTUS
  158. "You feel me?"
  159. "Gun Used by Shooter Is Known for Its Deadly Power"
  160. Looking for mall ninjas, blading at 45 and other gun hilarity
  161. Television Gun Safety
  162. Katrina flash-backs
  163. Why are men such jerks?
  164. Show and Don't TELL...
  165. What a whopper! Hawaii woman reels half-ton marlin
  166. Currituck County NC State Troopers
  167. Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, dies!
  168. raw video of police shooting
  169. What caliber was this gun?
  170. just another normal day at 7-11
  171. Understand Our Debt Crisis in the USA
  172. For the Upcoming Hurricane
  173. You Tube question
  174. My burglary.
  175. The real cause for global warming
  176. This story really "bugs" me
  177. An awesome accidental picture
  178. Roll up the windows!
  179. If you don't have a gun, sneak out...
  180. America's Got Talent Viewers
  181. If your wife/daughter were being held at gunpoint....
  182. shoot at pirates, why is it so hard to understand ?
  183. Carpenters here? - Measuring tape 'units' question
  184. Pretty great video about an unreasonable fear of firearms
  185. I was exposed!
  186. Man Sues Range Over Ladies' Day
  187. This is one scary dude
  188. The Down Hill Slide to Rome...
  189. I just saw five deer from my back patio
  190. Burglar steals loaded gun from unlocked car then leaves note chastising-owner
  191. Bad - Tennis Ref Kills Hubby with Coffee Mug
  192. Gun Power Screwdriver
  193. Description
  194. So....Malaria. I haz it.
  195. Mosquitos Kill Two More in Texas
  196. What to do in a home invasion...
  197. Bad: Woman Murders Neighbor with Bra
  198. Woman-sues-Dallas-Cowboys-over-burned-butt-lol
  199. Last Photograph?
  200. Mitt Romney AWB when he was Gov.
  201. Robber holds up store with a shot gun in a box
  202. Most-popular DefensiveCarry threads -- the hall of fame
  203. Did You Start Smoking At A Really Young Age?
  204. 'Are you kidding me? Uncle Ted says it best.
  205. deer hunting
  206. Ban BBQ Forks and Scissors?
  207. Instant Karma- truck tires are nothing to mess with
  208. Drunk, naked and two monkeys on the loose
  209. OT-- Anybody own a Nissan Xterra?
  210. Close encounters with Elvis Presley
  211. Elvis movies today on TCM
  212. Russian subs...bringing back the cold war.
  213. Farm update.
  214. Happy National Airborne Day!
  215. Red Dawn 2012
  216. "Firefighters are being armed across the country!"
  217. When You Can't Get a Gun.....
  218. Online dating story
  219. Product fail? What do you think?
  220. VERY BAD....Does this seem scary to you? Black Panther threat.
  221. Private Investigators
  222. Beretta 92 and CX4 in 10mm Petition on Facebook
  223. Model Citizens, NOT!!!!
  224. American Hoggers Season 2
  225. Time to Plug some Leaks!
  226. the world's fastest non-robbery
  227. What Are We Becoming - Sickening
  228. Anyone looking for a Job?
  229. Can anyone tell me why?
  230. Post 9/11 GI Bill
  231. Would you shoot Bigfoot?
  232. was James Homes acting alone when he shot in the theater?
  233. Bomb threat at work.
  234. After gun control.
  235. What's the smallest caliber you trust to protect yourself?
  236. Mass Murderer Killed in China
  237. DHS Purchases Massive Explosive Nitrates Ė Scrubs History -- WHY?
  238. Bad: why do so many threads on this site start like that?
  239. Gloomy Sunday - The Suicide Song
  240. Learned a few lessons at the range today...
  241. How ready are YOU?
  242. DHS Orders 750 Million More Rounds Of Ammo
  243. what do you remember from when you were a kid?
  244. Super-Robot With Twin Guns Is Unveiled
  245. San Diego woman shot in head
  246. how not to rob a store
  247. Real commercial for a gun class
  248. One Day At The Diner.........
  249. IN residency requirement
  250. Game Cameras