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  1. This man is my HERO
  2. IPhone/Cloud Hack
  3. Question for people with cats
  4. Great quotes
  5. Another Amazing Amazon Product Review
  6. It's better to have and not need...
  7. Interesting Gun Show observation
  8. Little Grace
  9. Al, my mom's last "gentleman friend"
  10. Gramps was a hunter.
  11. I've scratched TN off my retirement list...
  12. Stupid technology...
  13. My Faith in Humanity...
  14. Ruger Mag & Ammo with Purchase
  15. The unbreakable watermelon - pretty cool stuff
  16. New Flyswatter!
  17. I scored a left handed, pre-lock, Pro Series Model 60 in 4" w/moon clips today
  18. Shady Car Wash ***Video***
  19. Reasons why Fathers need to teach son about self-reliance
  20. Idiotic comment at VFW about MOH awardee
  21. BOV.*
  22. Nice App Called Disconnect
  23. Irish blonde...
  24. News Stations
  25. All this talk about Dog attacks!
  26. New ammo idea
  27. This is what we've become
  28. If your prepard
  29. Bloomberg: Defender of the 2A
  30. Longmire
  31. The Covert Origins of ISIS?
  32. 'Member Michael Vick?
  33. Poster for the man cave.
  34. The birds
  35. Illinois,...Never again
  36. Need help finding a TV episode; Food Critic or Fortune Cookie?
  37. I want to apologize...
  38. perspective
  39. Karma?
  40. Colt Picture Thread
  41. Who posted the graph
  42. Fast draw on a Cotton Mouth this weekend.
  43. I'm Smilin'
  44. Unfortunate being in the wrong place at the wrong time...
  45. Picture of My Pride and Joy
  46. Sons of guns, Gone....
  47. 20 Milimeter Sling shot to the Head (GRAPHIC)
  48. Do you multi task while on the forum?
  49. Just Bizzare What People Agree To Do
  50. MissyMay
  51. VERY SAD:Girl 9 Accidentally Shoots Instructor
  52. How Do You "Accidently" Buy the Wrong Gun?
  53. On sheep and sheepdogs...
  54. Don't Shoot (Range Idiot Song)
  55. Tampa 911 Employs At Least One Imbecile
  56. How to Prevent Dog Bite
  57. LEO Czar???
  58. Has anyone noticed ?
  59. Sometimes you don't need a gun
  60. Amblyopia...who else has it?
  61. Gear-Heads Rejoice- the Aussie's build the coolest...
  62. 1 in 6 French people Support ISIS
  63. Something for your listening pleasure
  64. 13.51 Minutes of Blues Jamming!
  65. Good link to pet drugs at good price
  66. How many pilots do we have on this site?
  67. 28-2 and 36 no dash off to S&W for re-blue
  68. Spray and Pray - Home hit by 40 rounds in Memphis in drive by
  69. NYPD Warning About Kahr K9
  70. Thought you might like to see my latest HK P30 upgrade!
  71. Black cop shoots unarmed white guy and nobody knows about it
  72. 1912 Eight Grade Examination
  73. Did you ever stand up to a bully as a kid?
  74. Interesting Town Names Near You
  75. This is the result of the media's Scary Black Assault Rifle.
  76. Hoplophobia (I Learned A New Word) or Better Safe Than Sorry ?
  77. B & E up in the hood
  78. NZ gun laws are lax comped to AU, but...
  79. Fried green tomato .... Sadness
  80. How much food do you eat a day (calories)
  81. Strange Animals
  82. Fresh snow on the mountains--say goodby to summer........
  83. Washington Redskins - Free Consulting
  84. World's going to poop - how do we maintain?
  85. Marriage till death due us part
  86. Hillary Clinton Does ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
  87. Boots --- Pull over or Cowboy
  88. Shoot. Then strip.
  89. Man to live on icberg to...yada yada yada - Where do these people get money to live??
  90. A story of the Absurd
  91. Zombies are Real
  92. Pepper spray that takes pictures, calls 911
  93. Moving to Jacksonville. Where do you shoot? (and other need to know info)
  94. The Skin Gun
  95. Murderer out on parole, with another felon
  96. Signed up for Tough Mudder
  97. Identical Twins - and Genetic Variation
  98. What would you do as a parent?
  99. Man with ALS does the Ice Bucket Challenge
  100. Kajleme Powell Shooting in St. Louis- video
  101. Because only LEOs should have guns.
  102. Teacher has students re-enact Michael Brown shooting
  103. Just plain ignorant: Kids, Guns, News Stunt
  104. And in other news...
  105. Texas Grass Fire Drive By Video
  106. Buy a truck get a gun.
  107. How to escape home invasion in Canada.
  108. Random shooting Kent, WA.
  109. Freeway Motorcyclist Gets His Just Deserts
  110. America's 9/11 Ride
  111. Good database of all the stuff the cops been buying
  112. More "smartgun" news.
  113. If you wear a uniform, you have my thanks and respect!
  114. Holy Cow - How to Survive a Motorcycle Crash!!
  115. For all the runners on DC: I'm so proud!!!
  116. Recycling:Alaska Style
  117. County refuses to pay medical bills after flashbang injures baby in botched raid
  118. Played John Candy last night...
  119. On the lighter side......
  120. Dropping Cats in slow motion this is fascinating
  121. The future of the gun
  122. And this is why "'Murica"
  123. I am absolutely positively stoked!!!!!
  124. Polite LEO
  125. No or Low Calorie Snacks?
  126. Always lock up your guns
  127. Its been convered before .. But now bill is posted H.R. 5344 ..Armor Ban
  128. Rant: My G19 BROKE a few hours ago!
  129. Hooo boy! Take guns away from cops!
  130. Wife and I did the ALS Ice Bucket challenge! Anyone else on DC?
  131. Have you registered to vote yet?
  132. Anyone watching the Little League World Series?
  133. Have I Mentioned How Much I Enjoy Being Here !
  134. Our church 1 / bad guy 0
  135. When seconds count, a game warden is only minutes away.
  136. Wife and I went to Shenandoah National Park/Skyline Dr. today, almost went to the ER
  137. Ebola Catches A Ride
  138. Had to go to Wally World today
  139. Reporter in Ferguson Asks if Ear Plugs Are 'Rubber Bullets'
  140. Good Day Crabbing/Fishing.
  141. Objective Intelligence Test
  142. Tired of hayfields
  143. Apple Wants To Link Your Driver's License To Your Cell Phone
  144. What did you buy this summer (not gun related)
  145. Ordering car parts online
  146. Police officer hits running suspect
  147. Do you "have" a lawyer?
  148. Six Flags denies entry
  149. The single BIGGEST conspiracy in history.
  150. I wondered if he did mid road refills?
  151. NRA Country's Top 10 Late Summer Destinations
  152. Those living in Louisville KY take heed - Real Life "Purge" Planned for this Weekend
  153. Reading my NRA Rifleman magazine...
  154. What to carry on a trip near the Border?
  155. I am so sick of Aguila Colibri Quiet!
  156. How to shoot friends
  157. Man paints Maserati to look like police cruiser
  158. Hammas Funeral
  159. DO NOT wash your hair in the shower!
  160. Mass Shooting in Santa Barbara
  161. test to modify post title - Oh, I see
  162. I hereby nominate...
  163. Calorie Calculator Android App?
  164. Guide dogs and guns
  165. New Gun range in Rosenberg
  166. I so want to post this in 2nd Amendment sub forum
  167. NOAH the movie
  168. Colin Cowherd's take on the South Tony Steward
  169. Sister - I am Sorry
  170. Rocket Man
  171. Knock Out game caught on tape
  172. Anyone Looking for a Job in a Tropical Paradise?
  173. I'm so mad I could spit!!
  174. Are There Schools That Don't Go Overboard With "Zero Tolerance"? Maybe...
  175. coolest Plane EVER
  176. OK The Latest Missing 411 Story/ Mystery ???
  177. freak magnet
  178. US Navy's new secret weapon..."The Railgun"
  179. Al Sharpton asks Michael Browns family what they thought about him going to jail
  180. Another perspective on Colt's woes
  181. Five finger death punch paying homage to vets and asking for help
  182. Hear a bang, draw your gun?
  183. Robin Williams DEAD 63 suspected suicide
  184. Barn Quilts
  185. Attention Span Study shows...
  186. Woman finds swastika in McDonald's sandwich
  187. Rain, Rain go away....(garden question)
  188. RIOTS in Ferguson, MO ( St. Louis)
  189. Brand loyalty?
  190. Inside the Actors Studio
  191. Flipped off by a Prius driver...twice?
  192. Do you have tattoos?
  193. Some days I feel like
  194. Was a gun teacher to 5 year olds today
  195. Great Day!
  196. NFL has started!
  197. Hillbillies Cover AC/DC
  198. Please shoot me
  199. H.R. 4934 a Bill I like the sound of .. Disarming the EPA and others
  200. Russian bombers increase flights near U.S. airspace, NEW Cold War??
  201. Bad: Gunman spotted at St. Anthony's Hospice House
  202. Thunderstruck
  203. Ladies - Don't Put Your Cell Phone Next to Your Gun
  204. Cuffed and Stuffed by Park Rangers
  205. Bizzare! NY State Becoming North Korea?
  206. Women Explained
  207. Who can relate?
  208. Juggalos
  209. “Responsible Body Armor Possession Act,” ..Thanks CA
  210. Ghost in PA home attacks photojournalist
  211. Humanitarian Aid
  212. CCW Required to rent apartment?
  213. Sears Parts Direct
  214. Smokers?
  215. Dvor - Horrible Business Practices & Customer Service
  216. Funeral for a terrorist. Someone forgot to remove his suicide vest!
  217. Aircrew Sidearms (story)
  218. What makes a man?
  219. For Your Listening Pleasure !
  220. I Won The Walmart Lottery!
  221. There Is Hope For The World
  222. Motorcycle Carry
  223. Politicians and their motorcades
  224. Local Gang Member Does Charm City a Favor
  225. WannabeaCPA, how was your date with the new girl?
  226. Darwin strikes again.
  227. New friend
  228. Landing ground slide is shorter than landing roll.
  229. Just Jumped On Ebay & Bought The Latest Silver ZOMBUCK
  230. Top 10 crime states
  231. From Your Garden
  232. Who's the better rapper?
  233. Quiting smoking by Gradual Withdrawal
  234. Low octane beer
  235. Stupid - Is - As - Stupid - Does
  236. Moon Over Gaffney, SC
  237. How Much Do You Love Your Boss ?
  238. This is the stupidest most stupid inane idea ever for a license tag.
  239. Five Glorious Days or Bikes at The Biltmore
  240. Darwin strikes again
  241. FOUR States That Do Not Have At Least One Billionare
  242. 2015 Indian Scout Is Here!
  243. There are still Classy Professional Athletes out there
  244. Bad: Homeless guy shot to death by 12yr old BG :(
  245. Pictures don't lie...
  246. Is Amazon Prime Worth $99 A Year?
  247. Immiagration yeah its working
  248. Heat Seaking Bullets that Cook Deer at the same time! I want some - Video
  249. Midnight Snack Pics
  250. Parents of school children, question for you...