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  1. Dropping Cats in slow motion this is fascinating
  2. The future of the gun
  3. And this is why "'Murica"
  4. I am absolutely positively stoked!!!!!
  5. Polite LEO
  6. No or Low Calorie Snacks?
  7. Always lock up your guns
  8. Its been convered before .. But now bill is posted H.R. 5344 ..Armor Ban
  9. Rant: My G19 BROKE a few hours ago!
  10. Hooo boy! Take guns away from cops!
  11. Wife and I did the ALS Ice Bucket challenge! Anyone else on DC?
  12. Have you registered to vote yet?
  13. Anyone watching the Little League World Series?
  14. Have I Mentioned How Much I Enjoy Being Here !
  15. Our church 1 / bad guy 0
  16. When seconds count, a game warden is only minutes away.
  17. Wife and I went to Shenandoah National Park/Skyline Dr. today, almost went to the ER
  18. Ebola Catches A Ride
  19. Had to go to Wally World today
  20. Reporter in Ferguson Asks if Ear Plugs Are 'Rubber Bullets'
  21. Good Day Crabbing/Fishing.
  22. Objective Intelligence Test
  23. Tired of hayfields
  24. Apple Wants To Link Your Driver's License To Your Cell Phone
  25. What did you buy this summer (not gun related)
  26. Ordering car parts online
  27. Police officer hits running suspect
  28. Do you "have" a lawyer?
  29. Six Flags denies entry
  30. The single BIGGEST conspiracy in history.
  31. I wondered if he did mid road refills?
  32. NRA Country's Top 10 Late Summer Destinations
  33. Those living in Louisville KY take heed - Real Life "Purge" Planned for this Weekend
  34. Reading my NRA Rifleman magazine...
  35. What to carry on a trip near the Border?
  36. I am so sick of Aguila Colibri Quiet!
  37. How to shoot friends
  38. Man paints Maserati to look like police cruiser
  39. Hammas Funeral
  40. DO NOT wash your hair in the shower!
  41. Mass Shooting in Santa Barbara
  42. test to modify post title - Oh, I see
  43. I hereby nominate...
  44. Calorie Calculator Android App?
  45. Guide dogs and guns
  46. New Gun range in Rosenberg
  47. I so want to post this in 2nd Amendment sub forum
  48. NOAH the movie
  49. Colin Cowherd's take on the South Tony Steward
  50. Sister - I am Sorry
  51. Rocket Man
  52. Knock Out game caught on tape
  53. Anyone Looking for a Job in a Tropical Paradise?
  54. I'm so mad I could spit!!
  55. Are There Schools That Don't Go Overboard With "Zero Tolerance"? Maybe...
  56. coolest Plane EVER
  57. OK The Latest Missing 411 Story/ Mystery ???
  58. freak magnet
  59. US Navy's new secret weapon..."The Railgun"
  60. Al Sharpton asks Michael Browns family what they thought about him going to jail
  61. Another perspective on Colt's woes
  62. Five finger death punch paying homage to vets and asking for help
  63. Hear a bang, draw your gun?
  64. Robin Williams DEAD 63 suspected suicide
  65. Barn Quilts
  66. Attention Span Study shows...
  67. Woman finds swastika in McDonald's sandwich
  68. Rain, Rain go away....(garden question)
  69. RIOTS in Ferguson, MO ( St. Louis)
  70. Brand loyalty?
  71. Inside the Actors Studio
  72. Flipped off by a Prius driver...twice?
  73. Do you have tattoos?
  74. Some days I feel like
  75. Was a gun teacher to 5 year olds today
  76. Great Day!
  77. NFL has started!
  78. Hillbillies Cover AC/DC
  79. Please shoot me
  80. H.R. 4934 a Bill I like the sound of .. Disarming the EPA and others
  81. Russian bombers increase flights near U.S. airspace, NEW Cold War??
  82. Bad: Gunman spotted at St. Anthony's Hospice House
  83. Thunderstruck
  84. Ladies - Don't Put Your Cell Phone Next to Your Gun
  85. Cuffed and Stuffed by Park Rangers
  86. Bizzare! NY State Becoming North Korea?
  87. Women Explained
  88. Who can relate?
  89. Juggalos
  90. “Responsible Body Armor Possession Act,” ..Thanks CA
  91. Ghost in PA home attacks photojournalist
  92. Humanitarian Aid
  93. CCW Required to rent apartment?
  94. Sears Parts Direct
  95. Smokers?
  96. Dvor - Horrible Business Practices & Customer Service
  97. Funeral for a terrorist. Someone forgot to remove his suicide vest!
  98. Aircrew Sidearms (story)
  99. What makes a man?
  100. For Your Listening Pleasure !
  101. I Won The Walmart Lottery!
  102. There Is Hope For The World
  103. Motorcycle Carry
  104. Politicians and their motorcades
  105. Local Gang Member Does Charm City a Favor
  106. WannabeaCPA, how was your date with the new girl?
  107. Darwin strikes again.
  108. New friend
  109. Landing ground slide is shorter than landing roll.
  110. Just Jumped On Ebay & Bought The Latest Silver ZOMBUCK
  111. Top 10 crime states
  112. From Your Garden
  113. Who's the better rapper?
  114. Quiting smoking by Gradual Withdrawal
  115. Low octane beer
  116. Stupid - Is - As - Stupid - Does
  117. Moon Over Gaffney, SC
  118. How Much Do You Love Your Boss ?
  119. This is the stupidest most stupid inane idea ever for a license tag.
  120. Five Glorious Days or Bikes at The Biltmore
  121. Darwin strikes again
  122. FOUR States That Do Not Have At Least One Billionare
  123. 2015 Indian Scout Is Here!
  124. There are still Classy Professional Athletes out there
  125. Bad: Homeless guy shot to death by 12yr old BG :(
  126. Pictures don't lie...
  127. Is Amazon Prime Worth $99 A Year?
  128. Immiagration yeah its working
  129. Heat Seaking Bullets that Cook Deer at the same time! I want some - Video
  130. Midnight Snack Pics
  131. Parents of school children, question for you...
  132. Good or Bad...You Gotta Own It
  133. Civilian
  134. Like son, like father
  135. I am very lazy today - 2000 rounds of NATO 9mm on the stoop - oops
  136. Me thinks you wont see this in the USA .. Canadian bank gives customers surprise gift
  137. Big Bertha
  138. Car Guys - Latest Addition
  139. Feel Good Video of the day :)
  140. Always Carry
  141. Rug Rat in Car app
  142. Bloomberg's latest gun grab attempt
  143. Carmike Cinemas , gun free or not?
  144. I'm a GENIUS! A soon to be filthy rich Genius
  145. Criminals Prefer Handguns Not Semi-Automatic Rifles
  146. Would you support a canidate that wanted to abolish the idea of copyright ?
  147. Do you think people lie more these days than in the past ?
  148. Gun Videos To Entertain, Educate, Make One Wonder, Or Kringe
  149. Puff Host Finds An NRA Member Who Favors UBC
  150. Poker
  151. Why We Haven't Met Any Aliens
  152. Bergdahl to be questioned by Pentagon
  153. Love for the renters
  154. If heavy ordance like RPGs, grenade launchers and rockets were legal
  155. My Applebee's took down their "No Guns" sign
  156. Johnny Dronehunter: Defender of Privacy
  157. Why do the police need tanks? (article, Bill Maher)
  158. Songs That Belong To Just One Artist / Group
  159. Let's see the Anti's deny this...
  160. Would you go to a dangerous world to get more freedom
  161. Out West and Freedoms
  162. Advanced Ammo Technology
  163. Jesse Ventura Wins Suit
  164. Senior Member
  165. International Thread Of Beer
  166. New project: for all you car nuts out there!!!
  167. Should the President Have Complete Control of TV & Radio Broadcasts?
  168. PD: Man at Sky Harbor pointed rifle at mom, teen .. You stupid fool
  169. "Itis" pain, get rid of it.
  170. Ebola outbreak
  171. Mad Max: Fury Road - 2015 Release
  172. July 28th 1914
  173. If I Were The Devil :Paul Harvey
  174. BAD: Friend shot 2 friends.
  175. Okra
  176. New Magazine Fed Revolver
  177. The unintened premise of James Bond & c.
  178. Pelosi.....Sweet Baby Jesus
  179. Best dinner EVER!!!
  180. Bad Drivers...Video
  181. I don't know anything about this movie, but it's an interesting poster
  182. Bruce Lee arrested for NYC home invasion.
  183. You can judge the morality of a nation ....
  184. Post Pics Of eBay & Craigs List Purchases You Have Made
  185. Household Income Declining
  186. Some people are too talented for their own good!
  187. Need a business card holder?
  188. of some interest...Argentina
  189. Rant off duty police officers can carry pretty much everywhere
  190. What Should I Do If I Get Shot (Article)
  191. Sylvia's mother
  192. Officials that Deliberately Mislead & Media that practices Revisionist History
  193. Wishing
  194. Best Self Defense Bullet Ever Designed!
  195. Hey France, Pull my finger
  196. Russia Firing on Ukrainian Military Sites
  197. This lady speaks the truth IMO
  198. What's wrong with this picture?
  199. Need A Laugh? Here It Is
  200. So, maybe preppers *aren't* so crazy, after all?
  201. School To Be Renamed
  202. Porous Border to The South, But Iowa Boy Scouts Have Border Agents Pull Guns On Them
  203. So, we let "the Nuge" represent us.
  204. Great news from my Son
  205. Hades hath no fury...
  206. Random Rhyming Thread
  207. Southern security system
  208. I think this story of two dogs who love each other is much needed
  209. The Face of Evil
  210. Fake Special Forces Sgt Major busted by 4th ANGLICO Marines - Video
  211. Banning Doesn't Work... For Anything
  212. Check This Out - Very Strange Very Strange
  213. How do we make the perp pay for this?
  214. Missing Flags
  215. this is how Universal Background Checks will work:
  216. "Shotgun Joe" teaches the thugs
  217. A whole year and 2 days...
  218. How to TWERK!
  219. Hate to say it but sometimes a nice public hanging almost seems called for ...
  220. Foie Gras Thread!
  221. Kiss in Concert !
  222. Truly a MINDBLOWING invention/discovery
  223. Chicago summer weekend Over/Under
  224. WOW... Thats a long time!
  225. Some LE are just plain Krooked!
  226. POP UPs
  227. New gun laws coming for California?
  228. How Can You Not Like Weird Al?
  229. Maverick Gone
  230. "The Killing of Crazy Horse"
  231. Bear want to know...
  232. Oldie But Goodie Movie PIC Thread
  233. This is why there is so much crime out there.
  234. Tennessee Restaurant Posts "Guns are Welcome" Sign
  235. What did Superman do in his first Comic Book? Boy have times have changed
  236. Purely political!
  237. This guy shoots and loads with his feet
  238. Word Crimes
  239. OOPS: Robber shoots his partner during a job
  240. For the whole mag and scary guns are the only dangrouse thing crowed
  241. Father Beats Accused Child Abuser
  242. House Staffer Arrested for Carrying Gun in DC
  243. Breaking up California isn't going far enough...
  244. Cool Pic From Hike
  245. Mourning the Loss of the Frontier
  246. Glocks are GARBAGE!!
  247. My apologies
  248. HEY! Who said FARTS arn't good for you?????
  249. Blues Legend Passes away
  250. Even The Puffington Host Admits NJ Has Dumb Gun Laws