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  1. Unable to concealed carry, what now?
  2. Alice from The Brady Bunch Passed away
  3. My greatest fear....
  4. parts and powder
  5. How Another Country Deals With Mass Murder :
  6. "Shots fired, Madness in progress."
  7. Home Security is now complete
  8. If You Want To Change The World :Make Your Bed
  9. Very Inspiring Video
  10. Aww..the good ole days...High School pranks
  11. OOPS! Not the way to party!
  12. Ban The Bird
  13. If It Doesn't Bleed, It Doesn't Lead
  14. Predictevly taking kids.
  15. Gov. Haley is stopping Bikefest Memorial weekends in Myrtle Beach.
  16. Rest Your Mind
  17. The "I Miss" thread
  18. Looking for a Body Camera to Record My Life
  19. Palmetto State Getting Its Due
  20. Man Arrested for Calling in Threats to Senator Rockefeller
  21. "24"
  22. Wife says I have a problem !
  23. Cutting cable cord, viewing suggestions would be nice
  24. Your Classiest Guns:
  25. Why Does Bacon Smell So Good?
  26. getting back into shape
  27. BAD: And the Darwin award goes to.....
  28. Great customer service
  29. Toy Guns, threart or menace? OR How Propaganda kills rational thinking
  30. The United Databases of America
  31. What do you think of your man Snowden now?
  32. World Wars History!
  33. Need help y'all
  34. I Can Die Now:
  35. The Wally World Walk, gone South.
  36. Stupid criminals
  37. The Equalizer
  38. I've been thinking about taking up archery for self-defense.
  39. Good taste ....
  40. Attacking Us For How We Think
  41. How strange.
  42. Shots
  43. Legal ? : Can You Make a Citizen's Arrest of a Police Officer?
  44. Did they get off?
  45. College Town Killer Pre-Shooting Video Words + Video of Bullets Flying:
  46. I think I have a stalker
  47. Words you dont want to hear after a mass shooting
  48. Long guns for women and home defense
  49. Enjoying the holiday
  50. My memorial day thanks
  51. Funny: Gecko45....I think I found him
  52. Gunshine State members
  53. Imagine If (Neil Cavuto tells the exact truth)
  54. I Lived A Completely Gun-Free Life ó Until Now
  55. 7 dead in California drive-by shootings (with You Tube)
  56. "Terrifying Video of Children Shocked In Pool" and Heads Up:
  57. speeding and gun laws
  58. Staying Mobile
  59. Can Somebody Explain This to Me?
  60. My Little Corner Of Texas (A RANT)
  61. Teacher Says Look at Clouds & Draw What You See - Boy Sees/Draws Handgun - Punished
  62. NE Arizona, NW GA, SE VA... if you're from one of these areas read more.
  63. Tennessee's Death Row
  64. Lottery winner.
  65. Sauna carry?
  66. Worst Performance Evaluations
  67. Another Nasty Attack - 31 Dead & 90 Wounded
  68. Sniper training--Humor
  69. Sweep the leg drill
  70. NY Times, April 17, 1865 "OUR GREAT LOSS; The Assassination of President Lincoln."
  71. Gator bait
  72. Mediocrity, Unrewarded
  73. "it's too painful and violent"
  74. Caught On Camera: Thief Stuffs Rifle Down Pants
  75. Safety/No Safety
  76. Removing gun signage from our homes?
  77. This Is Nuts - Possible Life Sentence for Pot Brownies
  78. Thieves - NC Targeting Cars Gun Related Stickers & Cars Parked near Gun Free Zones
  79. Instructor Zero - WOW !
  80. Disgusting. Not Out to Bash LEOS, but Something is Wrong Here !
  81. Federal Court Ruling, cops can kick in your door, confiscate guns without warrent.
  82. Driving With Open Sunroof and Naked Man Attacks - Wow
  83. Poison Soap ?
  84. 911 said "If he shoots you, call back"
  85. Libya evacuation decision 'minute by minute,' U.S. official says
  86. Dog jerky treats have killed over 1,000 dogs
  87. Off duty Memphis LEO robbed at gunpoint
  88. 96 Year Old Man Found.........
  89. Band of Brothers
  90. Don't mess with Granny on Tobacco Road
  91. "Work" for our Dave Workman
  92. So this counts for a war ready gun coletion in NYC?
  93. It's here!!!!!!
  94. World Series
  95. FEMA orders $1 Billion Dollars Worth Of Disposable Coffin Liners
  96. Realtor, why it's a bad job for a woman
  97. Old Codger Observations
  98. Are People Really This Dumb??
  99. Armed Forces Day
  100. Happy to know
  101. It was time
  102. One Guess Only.....
  103. BREAKING! : Giant Cat Attacks London; MERGED
  104. Belated Mothers' Day
  105. Armed Federal Agents
  106. NJ woman buried alive
  107. These guys....
  108. Spending a week in Wash D.C.
  109. Now they have really done it, my behind has an unhappy face!
  110. sad, very sad--but I guess you CAN fix stupid.....
  111. Home invader claims to have been John Gotti's body guard. .
  112. Straw purchases, time to crime
  113. Mixed feelings.
  114. Last Month in The City Of Brotherly Love
  115. Update on Deaconswife
  116. GrabAGun give away fixed?
  117. North Dakota State University Bans Fencing Team Due to Weapons Policy
  118. Routine traffic stop?
  119. Sad and Bad: Teenage girl accused of shooting friend after he asked her to try Vest
  120. Pythons and Guinea Pigs - Oh My!
  121. Self Defense Feline
  122. For you cat lovers out there. Cat saves little boy from dog attack. (MERGED)
  123. Home invader stopped in Jersey
  125. Hey Cops Look At Me.....I'm A Drug Dealer !
  126. Mane and Tail Shampoo
  127. Rachel Maddow defending convicted rapist and murder
  128. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ! (with apologies to Cindi Lauper)
  129. Plano PD And A Traffic Stop (It's not what you might think!)
  130. 1960's horror movies missed something ...
  131. Phil Jakes-Guitarist Extraordinaire
  132. Reedickyoulous!
  133. well, this made me mad, wealth distribution.
  134. Bad news for us 0,38 Super shooters!
  135. Prayers For A Friend
  136. Scary Things Happening in Nature - THIS THREAD NOT for Politicizers OF CLIMATE CHANGE
  137. The Blacklist
  138. FBI show a throwback
  139. I think I'm still young...
  140. Correlation does not prove.....?
  141. Paarrrtyyy! At grampa's house!
  142. I bought a TAVOR and a .38 this weekend!
  143. Member rating
  144. Hahaha
  145. Thank You to DC and My DC friends = Translation. Thank You!
  146. One of the best books on the market
  147. This is how we should treat home invaders.
  148. Getting Older -- it ain't for sissies. What's your story?
  149. Pellet gun recommenadation for teaching girls long gun fundamentals
  150. Requesting Prayers
  151. Distinguished Ladies of the Forum and CC Community = Happy Motherís Day
  152. Funny Death Scenes in Movies
  153. Mother's Day
  154. Happy Mothers Day
  155. LOL
  156. Saw this and felt the need to share.
  157. What your wishes be in this situation?
  158. Weird Products
  159. Ignore Button
  160. "Playing Dead Allowed Houston Man to Survive BOKO HARAM Massacre in Nigeria":
  161. PLEASE!! I beg you!!
  162. Unexpected Police Encounter
  163. Criminals is so smart.
  164. Bought my first Harley yesterday
  165. Nail Gun
  166. New Hampshire Rep: Food Stamp Recipients Should Be Able to Buy Guns with EBT Cards
  167. MRCTV At A Gun Show
  168. Soon You Will Be Meeting Synthetic Life Forms: New Form of DNA Invented ! :
  169. Well, I'll be posting less now.
  170. Join us by the campfire
  171. As disarmament advances, the world advances
  172. Best BBQ in US?
  173. Is this a good offer? (fire starter)
  174. Buy guns with food stamps.
  175. Released from probation in April.
  176. I cheated...
  177. PutthegundownBANG!
  178. I knew I was a gun nut when this sign caused my heart to skip a beat...
  179. Went To DMV and Carried
  180. You know it's been a long day when...
  181. NRA Media Lab-Presented by Daniel Defense
  182. Cellphone for Elderly?
  183. 377 rounds fired to kill two unarmed men
  184. NY, NY: Mom shoots at her thug son's killer...
  185. When LEO can't find the perp, use Google to help 'em out...
  186. give 'im the 3rd degree, and the 4th!
  187. Any help for a homeless friend?
  188. Free Ice Cream ???????????????????? or something else?
  189. High School Students More Likely To Bring Weapons To School If They've Been Bullied
  190. Criminal Brain Trust
  191. Quidditch match!
  192. Vote Your Not So Secret Ballot
  193. I'M 5.8% NOT HUMAN: Enter At Your Own Risk ! (DNA Results:)
  194. Glock Triva Quiz
  195. My EDC Pistol
  196. Happy Belated Battle of San Jancinto Day
  197. Keep the soda
  198. Old Butch
  199. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Superpower For Hire, could this actually happen?
  200. [b] Kimburlyber [/b]
  201. Motivational Music
  202. Great Day with Son
  203. Give Me Your Gun !
  204. Continuing evolution in media
  205. One Thousand Posts--YeeHA
  206. Home intruder - England
  207. Let's give them the Utopia they want.
  208. What Makes Some New Inventions Patented But Not Others?
  209. Mark O'Mara On A Familiar Topic:
  210. Banks pressured to refuse service to gun stores?
  211. Famous folks that served in the OSS
  212. interesting poll results on residents wanting to flee home state
  213. NFL is Psycologically Screening Possible Draft Picks
  214. Don't go touch the "thing" on the dining room floor
  215. School Mass Murder Plot in MN Averted - Bombs, Guns & Molotov Cocktails
  216. Timeout changes a man
  217. Turn the tables of Russia?
  218. Your favorite internet memes
  219. Are you really ready
  220. Smart Gun ~~~Again ?
  221. Something Strange going on .
  222. Your Sidekick Photos
  223. Shot in the leg, locked in the bedroom, house set on fire...
  224. SCOTUS, the 4A & Your Cell Phone
  225. FL: 33 shot in one month. "I think there's a gun crime issue."
  226. McDonalds Armed Robbery in Portsmouth, OH
  227. Please Take This As Satire
  228. NRA Grip Pic
  229. Home invasion and abduction brings SWAT...
  230. Compulsory Voting?
  231. In the wind... Why?
  232. Don't bring nothing to a gunfight
  233. Lost my cat.
  234. BAD - 6 year old sent to school with a loaded handgun in his bag
  235. employment-population ratio below 59%
  236. Good Samaritan w/ gun stops purse robbers.
  237. Good samaritan stabbed to death
  238. Dr. Martin (PBS)
  239. Watching Fargo anyone?
  240. Horror Story of Getting Hacked: Hacker Screams at Sleeping Baby, Swears At Father
  241. The Caliber War Ended!
  242. 32 excuses to buy a new gun
  243. Tornado update
  244. Fed-Ex Shooting in Georgia
  245. Should Sterling be punished?
  246. Video: What it's like to be a woman at night (the fear)
  247. Man knocked unconscious wakes up a Math genius
  248. Arkhipelag GULAG - Self-defense, Soviet style.
  249. Weed Eaters?
  250. Shoot him as he enters... or chase him on foot after the fact?