: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. Any Antique dealers out there?
  2. One of our Marines is held in a Mexican Prison...
  3. Watch their hands...
  4. 4 year old super hero solves home invasion
  5. The Cahokia Mound Complex in Collinsville, Illinois
  6. Police seize man’s guns for taking firearms license photo with colander on his head
  7. What could go wrong?
  8. Goooooooooooooooaaaaaaalllllllllllll
  9. Herman Cain Just Said That
  10. Naked and afraid on Discovery Channel
  11. Cashed In My Father's Day Gift Card, BUT
  12. Tractor Supply Does the unexpected.
  13. Ebola "OUT OF CONROL" In West Africa. But:
  14. OMG !!! Duck!......Duck!.........Duck!!!
  15. Pope Francis Under Threat By Mafia:
  16. Maybe there's hope yet.
  17. FUN: OldVet's avatar ... what should "Kilroy" look like?
  18. Fourth Grader Suing Another Fourth Grader:
  19. Oh So Sad - The NY Times Dumps 'Anti -Gun Reporter' After Writer Asked for a Raise
  20. Judge Needs to Be Removed From Office
  21. Never heard of fish eating spiders before
  22. Congressman introduces 'The Dog Ate My Tax Return Act'
  23. Woman faces life in prison for stopping to help ducklings
  24. 3 Shot dead at Red Rock Rap concert
  25. Homeless Man's Killing By Albuquerque PD - Shot In The Back
  26. Shotgun Golf
  27. Facebook quizzes
  28. I heard a great joke today
  29. Fight with wife
  30. This is what happens when Daddy watches the kids...
  31. Political Incorectness....
  32. Heroes reunite
  33. The Guard Dogs
  34. School blocks students from NRA, other "conservative" websites
  35. Here's another great Jimi Hendrix Song!
  36. I have a sense of humor, do you?
  37. Jimi Hendrix - The Star Spangled Banner
  38. Where has sanity gone?
  39. People Behaving Badly & Karma
  40. Update on Health
  41. New Tactical Light
  42. F-18 Flying over Iraq
  43. What do you Consider a "Bowl" of Cereal?
  44. How the .40S&W Was Made
  45. My photography
  46. Cool Flowers I Found
  47. Filicide, Infanticide, Murder of Child/Infant by Parent: What Is All This Stuff? Why?
  48. Idiot - GA Man Shoots Himself in Penis With .45ACP, Drives to Friend’s House
  49. Neighbor opens fire on burglary suspects
  50. Will miss them, but....
  51. Get grounded, call 911
  52. Obituary.............
  53. Lasted 20yrs
  54. Soccer Explained
  55. Pilger Nebraska Twin Tornadoes
  56. Gecko45 references
  57. OT: have to share the excitement
  58. Vacation Bible School LOL
  59. Protective Orders
  60. What if? - Bagdad Bob for VP with The Hildabeast in 2016 - Consider the Possibilites!
  61. If You Carried A Beretta M9 In The Military And Have A Story To Tell
  62. Hillary Clinton Interview On CNN Regarding Assault Rifles And High Cap Mags.
  63. Internet Commando Sholder Patch (for all the Gecko45s out there in life)
  64. Rick Perry Wants to Move to CA???
  65. Hornady spreads the wealth..............
  66. "Happiness is a ..."
  67. Elliott Rodgers shot 14 people???
  68. Welcome to my home!
  69. Police Scanner App Advice
  70. Harry Reid won't attend Redskins game. GOOD
  71. Dog ate homework
  72. Alliance with Iran???
  73. Ohio - CC has ND in vehicle
  74. Protect, Serve, and Entertain!
  75. The seven secrets of Navy SEALS
  76. Have You Ever Been Under Danger of Murder?
  77. tan lines and pistol grips.
  78. Bad:Florida man calls 911, gets voicemail
  79. Meanwhile In The Great White North
  80. Little Girl and Mom asked to leave KFC
  81. The New Glock Revolver
  82. Father's Day
  83. Navy's New Stealth Destroyer: Gotta See !! - $3 Billion
  84. OK, everyone hold up just a moment…
  85. Cinemark Theater in Rosenberg, TX
  86. Sex Offender Just Moved In Two Blocks Down...
  87. Last time with Impact guns
  88. Party With A Corpse! Very Lively:
  89. Epiphany...
  90. Bear needs to ask a serious question
  91. Happy Father's day weekend to all of y'all (long novel...be warned)
  92. Getting Chipmunk out of House??
  93. butt heads
  94. See guns really do save lives
  95. Chicago guns-illustrated
  96. Gridlock in D.C. is People's Fault
  97. The Bumblebee & The Spider
  98. There are those who never come home...........
  99. Please, just comply...
  100. Peoples Republic of New Jersey !!!
  101. Interesting Exchange:Citizen Vs Census Taker
  102. Illinois Bank to Tellers - Carry On
  103. World Cup starts today! (w/sniper video)
  104. ASA Patch?
  105. June 12th, 1987
  106. Field & Stream store opened
  107. What did YOU do today?
  108. What Gun Debate?
  109. What Is It Like To Be Schizophrenic?
  110. Radio Gun Talk Show
  111. What if a AK was used for a mass shooting ?
  112. only thing worse than an armed attacker...
  113. Could Have Been a Juror on this Trial
  114. YouTube music videos
  115. Sanity On Guns
  116. Want to Thank DC
  117. another RV for NONAME762...!!
  118. inter-webs gaming stopped home invasion?
  119. The Death of Bear…
  120. Calling All LEOs
  121. ear worms
  122. $1,000 Shooter Blanket For Kids
  123. Meanwhile In Australia......
  124. CCW Tries to Stop Nevada COP AND CIVILIAN Killers - And Is Killed:
  125. Why Does The Left Hate Anyone Defending Themselves ?
  126. SC ended Common Core
  127. GOA just got - 20 points.
  128. Intervention in a murder.
  129. K-9 linebacker
  130. Haven't heard of this movie, another one about Jesus with a twist to it.
  131. North Carolina is getting new neighbors.
  132. Insanity: PA School Suspends 1st Grader for Doing Right Thing
  133. thinking of buying a house help
  134. Side jobs, for home invaders
  135. How about a little face paint.
  136. Have You Seen This
  137. Little Man asked what I would use to kill Zombies..
  138. Sunday morning "Praise The Lord"
  139. Berdahl vs Hegdahl
  140. Friends of the NRA
  141. Edge of Tomorrow
  142. And so, it begins.
  143. New reality TV Show
  144. iPad case shoot
  145. I hate this forum
  146. Time For A New School Board
  147. Really Bad Choice!
  148. Straight from namby-pamby land...
  149. Another attempt to define What's it like?"
  150. For those who say the Berghdal deception is fine because we never leave a man behind
  151. I Feel Like I Sold Out
  152. Bear sat down and cried yesterday...
  153. I think she won?
  154. Kill someone and need to get rid of their body??
  155. Encounter with US military
  156. 70 years ago tomorrow....June 6, 1944
  157. Favorite 2nd Amendment Quotes
  158. Anti gun name calling
  159. The difference between Liberals and Conservatives
  160. Gang bangers with a conscience.
  161. Jerk Reno range owner who scammed me indicted of Illegally Selling Machine Guns
  162. Back Yard Range - Interesting - Video of Antis that hate us
  163. "NRA" phishing?
  164. CA: Leland Yee Still Has Supporters?
  165. Name the movie
  166. New - 'TACTICAL' Spoon and Knife or Cup Gun combo - Craigs List Response
  167. Anti 2A in disguse
  168. which DC airport ?
  169. Why we should speak the English language properly.
  170. Who says you have to use a handgun ?
  171. Solar road ways!
  172. Repugnant but Real Story: "Girl, 12, Stabbed 19 Times" :
  173. OC or Not OC
  174. Grand Opening - New Big Box Store
  175. Guns On A June Morning: Please Look:
  176. MA: Level 3 mutt on the loose,WHY!?
  177. Pro Reviews or A mature Reviews
  178. HK121 Machine Gun Video (with German Techo-Musak to boot)
  179. Unable to concealed carry, what now?
  180. Alice from The Brady Bunch Passed away
  181. My greatest fear....
  182. parts and powder
  183. How Another Country Deals With Mass Murder :
  184. "Shots fired, Madness in progress."
  185. Home Security is now complete
  186. If You Want To Change The World :Make Your Bed
  187. Very Inspiring Video
  188. Aww..the good ole days...High School pranks
  189. OOPS! Not the way to party!
  190. Ban The Bird
  191. If It Doesn't Bleed, It Doesn't Lead
  192. Predictevly taking kids.
  193. Gov. Haley is stopping Bikefest Memorial weekends in Myrtle Beach.
  194. Rest Your Mind
  195. The "I Miss" thread
  196. Looking for a Body Camera to Record My Life
  197. Palmetto State Getting Its Due
  198. Man Arrested for Calling in Threats to Senator Rockefeller
  199. "24"
  200. Wife says I have a problem !
  201. Cutting cable cord, viewing suggestions would be nice
  202. Your Classiest Guns:
  203. Why Does Bacon Smell So Good?
  204. getting back into shape
  205. BAD: And the Darwin award goes to.....
  206. Great customer service
  207. Toy Guns, threart or menace? OR How Propaganda kills rational thinking
  208. The United Databases of America
  209. What do you think of your man Snowden now?
  210. World Wars History!
  211. Need help y'all
  212. I Can Die Now:
  213. The Wally World Walk, gone South.
  214. Stupid criminals
  215. The Equalizer
  216. I've been thinking about taking up archery for self-defense.
  217. Good taste ....
  218. Attacking Us For How We Think
  219. How strange.
  220. Shots
  221. Legal ? : Can You Make a Citizen's Arrest of a Police Officer?
  222. Did they get off?
  223. College Town Killer Pre-Shooting Video Words + Video of Bullets Flying:
  224. I think I have a stalker
  225. Words you dont want to hear after a mass shooting
  226. Long guns for women and home defense
  227. Enjoying the holiday
  228. My memorial day thanks
  229. Funny: Gecko45....I think I found him
  230. Gunshine State members
  231. Imagine If (Neil Cavuto tells the exact truth)
  232. I Lived A Completely Gun-Free Life — Until Now
  233. 7 dead in California drive-by shootings (with You Tube)
  234. "Terrifying Video of Children Shocked In Pool" and Heads Up:
  235. speeding and gun laws
  236. Staying Mobile
  237. Can Somebody Explain This to Me?
  238. My Little Corner Of Texas (A RANT)
  239. Teacher Says Look at Clouds & Draw What You See - Boy Sees/Draws Handgun - Punished
  240. NE Arizona, NW GA, SE VA... if you're from one of these areas read more.
  241. Tennessee's Death Row
  242. Lottery winner.
  243. Sauna carry?
  244. Worst Performance Evaluations
  245. Another Nasty Attack - 31 Dead & 90 Wounded
  246. Sniper training--Humor
  247. Sweep the leg drill
  248. NY Times, April 17, 1865 "OUR GREAT LOSS; The Assassination of President Lincoln."
  249. Gator bait
  250. Mediocrity, Unrewarded