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  1. Road rage incident in TX: Neither driver charged
  2. road trip to Ohio and Michigan
  3. The magical world...
  4. No more breaks...
  5. 3 man fire team
  6. The problem with Cliven Bundy
  7. Light reconnaissance attacks have begun
  8. Hey BugDude!
  9. BAD: it can happen anywhere... two officers lost in murder suicide
  10. Silencerco - PSA (done in a 60's style)
  11. What are your thoughts on Private Militias?
  12. Coach Falsely Accused
  13. KC Highway Shooter In Custody
  14. Facebook launches friend-tracking feature
  15. 13 year old huntress in Mongolia...
  16. $238,000.00 later, Good Samaritan still owes hospital
  17. What gun would the most interesting man carry?
  18. Eastern Ukraine Jews told to register
  19. Is Baseball Supposed to Hurt This Bad?
  20. USPS Data Mining - Coming Soon?
  21. Somebody Finally Said It
  22. What Are You Drinking tonite Beer wise?
  23. Possible New Trend In Crime
  24. Info about Chatanooga, TN/Dalton, GA area
  25. Update on the good Samaritan that got shot in the face
  26. Shot Spotter's first annual report on gunfire in the US
  27. Barry RIP
  28. For those of us that fly.
  29. Runtastic
  30. More Evidence the Public Doesn't Want Gun Control
  31. New John Hopkins Study
  32. How young is too young?
  33. The Official NHL Playoff Thread
  34. I found a new snack food....
  35. For Those Security-Minded: VERY Secure Web Browser:
  36. Bubba Baby Goes Bye Bye !
  37. Poll concerning BLM and Nevada rancher
  38. Serial killers with tracking ankle units.
  39. New medical program in hospitals, how to die 101
  40. Tomato Problems
  41. Deadline Day In NYS:Come And Take Banner for Andrew
  42. Would you draw?
  43. Good Samaritan, or Good Witness?
  44. New advertising here or is it my computer?
  45. Stories About NSA Surveillance, Snowden Leaks Win Two Pulitzers:
  46. "Feral Gun Yobs"
  47. Brutally Honest Versions of Your Job Title
  48. Are you a Conservative or a Liberal (or something else?)
  49. Best wife EVER!!!
  50. Lest you think calling 911 is always an option in areas with good police coverage...
  51. Any one checking out the blood moon ?
  52. More Liberal blah blah on Face Book
  53. IBD Leaders & Success: John Browning
  54. These kids are in COLLEGE!!!
  55. Women kills with bare hands hitman that hubby sent ...
  56. Tracking Crime in Your Area (Resource)
  57. 3 dead after shootings at Kansas City-area Jewish centers
  58. What are you reading?
  59. Chads western movie quest
  60. Anyone Superstitious?
  61. How lazy are news organizations these days?
  62. Traded my G27 Yesterday.
  63. Are you a Dirt Devil?
  64. My black powder bags to be shown on the History Channel!
  65. Have another apple
  66. History in America
  67. That was just wrong Sixto!
  68. So Here It Is................The End Result.
  69. Nannites/Nanobots
  70. If you don't understand what is going on in Nevada with the Rancher, watch this 20 mi
  71. Stupid home invaders after drugs...
  72. starting the day
  73. BurnTables CNC Tables with Tracer Technology
  74. Woman Throws Shoe at Hillary Clinton
  75. You Have The Right To Remain Out Of Jail
  76. OK its Offical UK guns laws are very stange
  77. Sometimes things get better even for Bear...
  78. Not Your Usual Campaign Ad
  79. Sniper on the Loose in Kansas City!
  80. Pro-2A Political Candidate Ads
  81. Stamp Act vs Schutzstaffel (SS) vs IRS Scandel
  82. Ladies and Gentlemen, A Very Important Announcement From Bear…
  83. But, he only 15! He ain't had a life to get turned around yet. He's a good boy.
  84. Louisville Kentucky?
  85. Iowa candidate uses shock and humor to capture voters
  86. Grandparents assaulted, teenage granddaughter missing.
  87. Penn And Teller DESTROY Gun Grabber Argument On Second Amendment
  88. Deleted
  89. Redneck Fun
  90. Dry firing will damage your firearm beyond repair...
  91. RIP Ultimate Warrior
  92. Inculcated Victimhood and Defenselessness
  93. NEW PA School Stabbing Thread
  94. Touching Story
  95. have you guys seen this?
  96. Man Killed by Police For Watering Lawn:family Awarded 6.5 Mil
  97. GA : Cop Pulls Gun on Kids Building a Tree Fort
  98. Steve Irwin and Ross the Intern
  99. Gunspeak Acronym Thread
  100. What is wrong with this Picture? (Societal problem)
  101. Pakistan: 9 mo. Old Baby Charged with Attempted Murder
  102. I got caught invading my parent's home last night
  103. Weird home invasions...
  104. Good sign
  105. April 8th: Inaugural Chris Kyle Challenge Day
  106. Ever used a Neti pot?
  107. The Decorah Eagle Webcam
  108. Strange home invasion?
  109. Bad. Ruby Ridge style showdown expected over land dispute
  110. Funny 1 minute firearms training video !!!!!
  111. How About Them Cookies !
  112. Frustrated with ISP... email problems.
  113. Chris Reeve's Sebenza 21
  114. Here's Some Folks That Spend Their Days With Worth:
  115. Reading Material
  116. Spring is here!
  117. Buffalo's Predicting Yellowstone Eruption ?
  118. Mexifornia AG want to put all Lawmakers in front of a Firing Squad or Hang them!
  119. The Bear was thinking that the day was going to go bad quickly…
  120. Going back to smoking.
  121. Watching the movie Pearl Harbor
  122. Cats Snore
  123. WOW - Christie dismantling some of the firearms laws in New Jersey- SHALL ISSUE ?
  124. Evidently Congress does have a sense of humor
  125. No longer homeless.
  126. How the NSA Spies on People - the interactive chart
  127. Do You Know the Difference
  128. I don't understand .
  129. Otis McDonals - RIP
  130. I Just Cut the Cord to the Idiot Box
  131. Making things for your man cave or garage
  132. Grapefruit vs guns?
  133. Any one here use Chrome? I may be needing some help.
  134. People Magazine Reject Photos of Pistol Packing Woman
  135. Need computer virus protection advice please
  136. The "Turn" series on AMC
  137. Bizarre weapons
  138. Video - Some never give up.
  139. Heir to Famous Fortune: RAPED His 3yr Old Daughter: No Jail Time; Just $4000 Fine :
  140. I thought this was funny...
  141. I'm all in favor of keeping them out.
  142. Spring is Finally Here...First Topless Pics for 2014
  143. A Better Alternative
  144. Did someone break Gator's "Like" button?
  145. You need a good laugh
  146. Finally found the solution...
  147. Texas Couple Claims to have live Chupacabra
  148. Bill of Rights and the 2A
  149. CT: Student Suspended After Questioning Governor on Anti-Gun Laws
  150. Does this violate the constitution?
  151. Is it just me
  152. Avatars
  153. More ATF Non-sense. Anyone else see/hear anything about this one?
  154. Costas still a dumbell
  155. Tornado touched down 1/2 mile away
  156. A Must Have! : A Bionic Kangaroo :
  157. I think the SKY is falling….Heard on NEWs Women should use AR not shotguns.
  158. Any foot health professionals out there? Not safe for the weak of stomach(no images)
  159. One mean girl with a bow
  160. FBI Invades Home of Indiana Man, 91, For Having "Too Many Historical Artifacts"
  161. OH: Navy SEAL, shot, but still chases after shooters
  162. I guess I need a light
  163. Border patrol agent and rights
  164. Was bound to happen. The left moves to ban...
  165. Willful extinction, Step 3
  166. Good morning to all
  167. Did Michigan Trigger A Constitutional Convention?
  168. oh the power of fear
  169. The "dash cam" of iPhone Apps
  170. New Silencer by Silencerco
  171. Don't Be "That" Guy!
  172. April Fool's day
  173. 30 Years ago today…
  174. Self-Defense and New Stealth CLOTHING - Near INVISIBLE : MUST READ!!
  175. Best caller ID EVER!!!!!!
  176. BREAKING: Ukraine Invades Russia; At Outskirts of Moscow - Report Putin Suicide
  177. Obamacare for the Deaf - Mexifornia
  178. Ninja!
  179. Ammo Falls Out Of High Schooler Pocket and ....
  180. April Fools?
  181. New tech. will increase .22lr production by 10,000%
  182. $300,000 bond for shooting blanks?
  183. FUN: Pronunciation -- words in your area that are regional specialties
  184. Any IT guys in here?
  185. This is completely off topic and not humorous
  186. Did you hear about the dyslexic, agnostic, insomniac?
  187. Common Core
  188. The Education of an Old Bear...
  189. "FAEDER URE": THIS is English? You Bet: Written and Spoken English 450 AD to 2014 AD
  190. Wyatt Earp's 45
  191. Do I have something wrong with me
  192. I Don't Answer Questions
  193. Did not hear this on the News
  194. Thoughts from the Ammo Line
  195. "Noah" the movie.
  196. what hacks me off...
  197. MY grandson got into trouble in school.
  198. Progressive Insurance and "Flo"......
  199. Teen finds way for gvt to save millions
  200. Connecticut Chooses Liberty - CAGV Counter-attack
  201. Men's Rights Group Idiocy
  202. 22 LR
  203. Wurlitzer Star Wars
  204. Piers BA BYE!
  205. East and West coasts - enlightened ignorance
  206. White House looks to regulate cow flatulence
  207. Piers Morgan's parting shot at gun ownership
  208. Another Questionable School Decision
  209. 14 Yr Old : Save $467 Million Gov. Budget: Change Print Type-Face:
  210. New High-Tech Bullet - Weird :
  211. Instant Road Rage Karma
  212. Brooklyn Teacher Busted for Toy Guns
  213. Purchasing a New Handgun... Well maybe not
  214. Pocket carry? Hardly!
  215. 2 to 1: Americans would feel safer with a gun in the home
  216. Rear View Mirror Video Recorder
  217. Starbucks Wins Some Points Back
  218. The Pee Is For President !!! The Pee Is For Pants !!
  219. Lefty Radio host threatens to Kill NRA board
  220. FWIW - Obama's Student ID @ Columbia
  221. I have a question!
  222. Find The Sniper Quiz
  223. Interesting situation in NC - Slightly off topic but slightly related
  224. Serious question!
  225. I Swear I'm Not Making This Up!
  226. Police are Only Seconds Away
  227. HFD Rescue
  228. Just got this in the mail today...
  229. A warning to anyone who might be tempted to pick up an expended bullet...
  230. Al Jazeera America is now on Time Warner Cable
  231. Fortune Magazine has Derek Jeter as the 11th Best Leader in the world
  232. Ding Dong.... FLOWERS!
  233. Church That Gave Away AR-15 Responds to Critics by .....
  234. Another Candidate the Gets It.
  235. Couldn't Happen to a Better Guy
  236. So sad:Navy Football Player Will McKamey Passes Away at Age 19
  237. The Greatest Gun Salesman of All
  238. Well, it is Bacon
  239. Here's another carjackers working in groups story...
  240. EPA pushing for MORE authority - intermittent and ephemeral streams and wetlands
  241. RIP Windows XP
  242. A simple idea, world-wide relief
  243. Anybody got an extra couple of hundred thou.?
  244. Cyber tracking from ice cream BG thread
  245. Yet another anywhere any time incident
  246. How They See Us !
  247. OMG He Sells Machine Guns Out of His Garage
  248. PA: Gun Rights Haters Show Their Intolerance
  249. New Recon Marine
  250. exterior lights. expensive and plastic?