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  1. Snake Story
  2. They're here............
  3. Hey all you Texans out there
  4. For all you DC motorheads!
  5. Well, PEF.....
  6. Happy Pi day ... March 14
  7. Ate at my favorite pizza place today
  8. SXSW Austin-OCT Goes to WEIRDVILLE !
  9. broke a sweat earlier
  10. 10 Cloverfield Lane
  11. Ah Ha! Now we know...
  12. load ideals needed
  13. Bosch
  14. Fun Slo-Mo shooting videos
  15. Phone etiquette pet peave
  16. First-World problems...
  17. Disgusted with Neil Cavuto
  18. Reebok forbids carbs and sugar for it's employees
  19. North Korea "lost" submarine
  20. Gun movies
  21. I'll just leave this here....
  22. Penguin swims 5,000 miles every year for reunion with the man who saved his life
  23. Bad: shooter kills 3 innocent people
  24. Lucy you got some 'splainin' to do....
  25. Jamie Gilt, firearms activist, shot by 4YO son
  26. Living With Guns
  27. I'm confused.
  28. Grandfather's war guns
  29. A Day in the Life of an Airman
  30. Finding a 2A lawyer in my area
  31. Florida residents. Cape Coral and Ft Myers area.
  32. Daylight Saving Time (United States) 2016 begins at 2:00 AM on Sunday, March 13
  33. Favorite gasoline?
  34. I'm going to stop carrying my EDC firearm
  35. Reading the question
  36. Colt Re-structuring
  37. New Harley
  38. To all the fine folks on this Board...
  39. Antiquing, cause dumpster diving in the rain ain't fun!
  40. The whole "point" of the weekend (BBQ)
  41. Crime Novel Guns
  42. Arlington National Cemetery from a different perspective
  43. More shipping anomalies
  44. I Just Didn't Fall Off The Banana Boat Today!
  45. Hiked to USAF C-141 crash site today
  46. Top 10 Dumbest Weapons Ever Created
  47. Your gun lingo is all wrong!!
  48. RIP Nancy
  49. Downton Abbey
  50. Stop the Bleed
  51. 44 Mag (Valve Stem Covers) Confiscated by TSA at O'Hare
  52. making a little more room
  53. Be Thankful There's Guns.
  54. (Un)concealed Carry
  55. The Guys For Real................
  56. A drunken muse attempts poetry
  57. Florida is nice sometimes.
  58. Guilty Pleasures from childhood
  59. Tactical Response Banned (James Yeager's Group)
  60. Bear attack prank
  61. Darwin just rolled over
  62. Is there something wrong with me ???
  63. Social Security and Paying it Forward
  64. more on captain Higgins
  65. 11 Year Old Texas Boy's Incredible Shot
  66. Deadly selfie
  67. Ji-Hadist gets run over by girlfriend
  68. Michigan senator shot at wife
  69. Norwegian Computer Virus
  70. Bowling Ball Cannon Kills Horse
  71. starting to wear a little
  72. "Dancing Bear"
  73. Hilarious Brady "safety tip" poster
  74. SS John Brown Ship
  75. New virus going around
  76. Baxter says hello !!!!
  77. Do you really want total privacy and anonymity on the internet?
  78. SW Houston Gun Store Hit By 10 Man Crew
  79. Stop me if you've heard this one before
  80. Tell me about the livability of Nashville
  81. Members Recipies: I'm Not A Chef...But I Can Cook
  82. Beltsville MD CVS manager fired for doing what's right.
  83. Kinda funny so I'll put this here!
  84. Children find a gun- Experiment
  85. Funny story. Happened just now.
  86. Are you too caught up in firearms?
  87. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
  88. Tomorrow, March 1st
  89. RIP George Kennedy
  90. the most wonderful gifts
  91. This is Mind Blowing...
  92. The current “climate” in the Colorado Front Range.
  93. Walmart pricing
  94. Another China School stabbing - 10 kids stabbed
  95. Walking in the mountains with the kids
  96. Tax Return
  97. Pinewood Derby
  98. Nothing to see here....
  99. What a rookie mistake
  100. Brady Campaign Goes To The Oscars
  101. Brother shoots and kills Pastor at church in Dayton, OH
  102. Happy Sunday
  103. True love is....
  104. Nice day for a hike
  105. My other Ruger
  106. Alcohol: Another fine mess.
  107. A good Democrat in Virginia?
  108. Forget the pit bulls drug dealers using Guard Gators now.
  109. Another shooting in the news...
  110. I saw a flying pig
  111. Hackers
  112. Surprise Mr bad guy!
  113. My Biggest Fear....
  114. Mass shooting in Hesston Kansas...
  115. Anger Management - I think that It's Working.
  116. Hillary Gets The Second Amendment, Sorta
  117. The old Army aviator......
  118. Captain Crunch
  119. Earthquake Aid
  120. MSNBC Live Report at Nevada Gun Range - What Could Go Wrong?
  121. Future Fortune 500 CEO?
  122. 567 Slashings in NYC So Far This Year?
  123. Muslim man files lawsuit against Oklahoma gun range for refusing him service
  124. This really gets on my nerves!!!
  125. Scalia incident report a bit odd
  126. Growing Up So Fast
  127. What are you watching?
  128. Another favorite singer passes: Sonny James.
  129. They are lucky nobody shot back!!!
  130. Dead Bald Eagles in Maryland
  131. Holland and Holland are teaming up with Land rover ..
  132. Ole and Sven
  133. The Best Deal or Freebie you ever made ???
  134. Military Aviation eye candy...
  135. It would seem that I allowed Bear to start a brouhaha...
  136. Food porn season is starting!!!
  137. Business owner requiring all employees to be armed
  138. Anyone here go to the AMA races?
  139. Moron with fake gun
  140. What next? ... Sling shots?
  141. Maybe its a new worm in Apple
  142. The Stereotype Is Getting Old Already !
  143. Hacked
  144. Girls of all ages
  145. Camera recommendations
  146. An eight-year-old
  147. A random thought on the news media from 2009 (Bring a lunch.)
  148. any of you "Plank"
  149. Bear done did get him feelings hurt...
  150. Second Amendment Advocate Arrested
  151. Issue with likes
  152. Police Helicopter Harassment - Drone VS Cop
  153. Well that stinks
  154. fritter the day away....
  155. Need 4 spent shell casings .50
  156. Bigfoot, Sasquatch or what ever
  157. Maggie Hall of Fame
  158. No gun sign?
  159. World War III----hope this isn't true
  160. Modern Day Hardy Boys
  161. Offended, insulted; file a “Hurt Feelings Report”
  162. Don't Make Old Lady Mad!
  163. Passport photo's & the post office
  164. Streaming TV favorites on the web
  165. Magazine Cover
  166. Alternative to a Go-Pro Hero (I know folks that use it for IDPA)
  167. Maybe i Made A Difference ?
  168. re: careful what you type down at DC
  169. Men in Space show and question about sound in a vaccuum
  170. Should I be concerned??
  171. SWAT & Student Loans
  172. Naughty Gun Owners
  173. Bad news for The Walking Dead fans?
  174. PLantar Fasciitis - related to IWB?
  175. Idiot Scratch
  176. Jeb Bush tweet
  177. Is Anyone As Tired of Those "Shadowhawk" Flashlight Ads As I Am?
  178. Charlie Daniels Letter To Americas Enemies......
  179. 41 Cut-and-Pastes a New Record?
  180. The one and only Scalia conspiracy theory thread ?
  181. In need of IT type of help.
  182. Basic training humor
  183. The big wipe out!
  184. Food porn is back!!!!!!
  185. Stupid, stupider or stupidest?
  186. Geezzz....Again and Again......without using a firearm.
  187. Plum Scary
  188. deer pic
  189. My intruder returned
  190. An Arab laying it out for Arabs
  191. Hallelujah in Oregon
  192. Two Things That Really Irritate Me
  193. My new Tactical Kitty: Not for the Humor Impaired
  194. Armed robber loses arm
  195. Pennsylvania members OK?
  196. Marshall and music
  197. From DOWN Under
  198. Knife Wielding Crab!
  199. Disarming an Assailant
  200. My kids intro to Lego
  201. Enraged trucker treated 40-ton rig like 'weapon' to cars, school buses in path
  202. New Lube?
  203. Valentines Day
  204. Any other New Englanders lovin this cold! And helping out the community
  205. N.J. actor facing charges for replica gun
  206. 2 girls dead at Glendale, AZ High School
  207. Wow what did I miss
  208. ‘American Guns’ Reality Show Star Indicted For Allegedly Selling Firearms Illegally
  209. Ted Nugent: NRA asset or liability?
  210. The Finest Hours: Great Movie
  211. NYPD and the 45K rounds of Ammo
  212. Better Call Saul
  213. How safe is your safe
  214. The "Good Old Days"
  215. Oregon Standoff- Live Feed. Warning - strong language
  216. Double taps
  217. I listed a P229 slide on Ebay. and got an odd question...
  218. Andy Griffith has a heart to heart w/Cam Newton
  219. NSA :You Might Be A Terrorist Suspect !
  220. Signs...what signs? Nutter pops off rounds at Reston Hospital in NoVA
  221. Peyton Manning Not So Squeaky Clean?
  222. What's your favorite Carry Caliber
  223. A quarterback with class, sends a statement
  224. Remember Rosie?
  225. Hickok45 is moving
  226. Number one with a bullet WOW;
  227. Joined NRA -- Never have seen so much bulk mailing junk sent to me
  228. Russian Roulette
  229. Ah Florida ..Man tossed gator into Wendys
  230. AZ is trying to pass a tax creidt for CCW holders
  231. The Official NASCAR Thread
  232. Just when you thought it couldn't get more bizarre- Climate change and military act?!
  233. No Clydesdale commercials on the Super Bowl?
  234. Bob Malone-Musician Extraordinaire
  235. EDC videos?
  236. Bear Fu
  237. To help Yankees understand the South
  238. The Super Bowl 50 Thread....Get ready!
  239. Male female crime pair. Male uses female as shield in shoot out.
  240. in a matter of days i will be going into the lions den i could use some encouragement
  241. The Electoral College-this debate is coming....
  242. You've got to be kidding me...
  243. I'm Antigun for one year.
  244. Quadcopter Drone Build thread
  245. In Finland The Are Promoting "THE FORCE"
  246. A plant with an Interesting name....
  247. OPM Data Breach soap opera
  248. break the law and we will pay you!!
  249. Moving to Chicago
  250. the joy of athletic grooming