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  1. After getting the permit...
  2. They just refuse to get it
  3. The things you will find online.
  4. Just got back from 7 week vacation...
  5. Mosquitoes from hell
  6. Why do Glock owners
  7. Man gnaws face of Palm Beach stabbing victim
  8. N. Virginia & Maryland - Need a Safe Delivered/Moved....This is Your Guy
  9. Any serious paintballers on here?
  10. Odd thing on Facebook
  11. Gang activity in Montana
  12. Great minds think alike....
  13. Where are we today that this is actually real?
  14. Why are people from Washington State so serious all the time?
  15. Had a great weekend!
  16. Benghazi families sue Clinton
  17. Harley biker and the “news” media.
  18. My new favorite TV Commercial!
  19. I guess I need to wear my BBQ gun today!
  20. Wells Fargo turns down hogue weapons
  21. Anyone have any experience buying ammo from Eagle Eye Guns?
  22. Today is the Day I Love to Hate (or Hate to Love)
  23. If You're Going To Fight!
  24. Yes yes yes ..A man I woul vote for
  25. Gas station hold up with AR15 , clerk hids in panic room
  26. Door stops
  27. Taking responsibility.
  28. What is wrong with people today?
  29. Does anyone buy in cycles?
  30. Clinton Cash
  31. Another strong 2A message
  32. Modern round
  33. Anti-Gun Senator Shoots Intruder
  34. Psychic Friends Network's "Miss Cleo" dead
  35. Clinton invites families of blacks killed by police
  36. A little off-topic - Security Concerns - Contractor in the House
  37. Say What ??
  38. I find these very cool
  39. Two attractions for the price of one!
  40. cop shoots unarmed caretaker
  41. Whiskey barrel flags spread across the nation.
  42. No more black rifles for Massachusetts
  43. This Post Has 83 Likes
  44. France says we need more armed citizens
  45. Man attacks multiple people on German train with a knife.
  46. Unwanted Beer
  47. Photo bucket test 2
  48. Photo bucket test
  49. Moving to Florida
  50. One Hell of a Shot
  51. Washington post analysis of Obamas easier to buy guns than books
  52. Idiots Guide to the AR
  53. Harvard study on discrimination in police force
  54. No more Glocks!
  55. Always Know What the App Does Before You Buy It....
  56. Today has been a crazy day
  57. How do you respond to Hollywood radicals?
  58. Gatling anyone?
  59. Not humor: Paging "Reverend" Al, "Reverend" Jesse,
  60. Sometimes You Get the Bull and Sometimes You Get the Horn
  61. Have to raise them right!
  62. "It doesn’t take a ton of courage to join a mob."
  63. "Here Kitty, Kitty!" Law of the jungle.....
  64. Breaking news! More people die of drowning in states with more pools!
  65. Wacko anti-gun professor under investigation
  66. Consumer Tip: Buying/Selling A Vehicle Online With Remote Buyer....
  67. Ccw? There's an app for that! And shows other ccw around you
  68. Why Gun Control Can’t Be Solved in the USA - By Scott Adams
  69. My Trip to the Bank Today
  70. More Jo Jo & The Raccoons
  71. Deer rescue with an excavator.
  72. My Homebuilt 200W LASER BAZOOKA!!!!!
  73. Jelly Bryce on AHC
  74. Show us your Fourth of July spread!
  75. NASA's Juno Probe Reaches Jupiter
  76. My cousin tried to set my little red truck on fire. Link fixed.
  77. More for the antis. Dad kills son at shooting range.
  78. Top 5 Guns with a Cult Following
  79. More Musical Stuff With Jo Jo!
  80. Happy Fourth of July Funny Video to start the Holiday Weekend
  81. Unsolicited pm from some one I don't know hawking another forum
  82. Mortars
  83. Tourist Hurt By Supposed Homemade Firework In New York’s Central Park
  84. Starting new job in Pest Control
  85. Post Gun Cleaning Cleanup
  86. Tactical fly swatter
  87. Post a PIC (photo) of your dog
  88. Jo Jo and The Raccoons
  89. Tactical diaper bag
  90. Happy Canada Day
  91. Thread Comment Poll
  92. Woman On FBI’s Top 10 Fugitive List Captured In North Carolina
  93. Weird problem with door lock on my car
  94. To My Fellow Veterans
  95. Just found a new use for Rem Oil.
  96. oh jeesh here we go again. ;( active shooting report
  97. Refreshing Gun Control Commentary from CNBC
  98. Downtown Denver Shooting
  99. Shooting At A Local Golf Course
  100. Bright Ideas, Useful Wisdom, and Random Tips Thread
  101. Reaper Squeezin's
  102. Happy Birthday Glockman10mm:
  103. Mom shoots two daughters and then is killed by police
  104. Weaponized Government Agencies !
  105. Gimme_Coffee Your inbox is full
  106. Jay Leno's Hemi under glass rollover with Bob Riggle
  107. Dog Poop Bandit: The final Chapter
  108. Yikes! Bullet setback is not a myth...!
  109. Men's "Honeybun"
  110. AR15 causes physical illness
  111. Sanford,FL mayor carjacked at gunpoint (Yeah, THAT Sanford)
  112. 13 Hours on Direct TV PPV
  113. My dog is a liberal
  114. Hot times in the city
  115. PROBLEM WITH MY Colt .357
  116. East Coast States Want to Tax Drivers’ Travel, Not Their Gas
  117. China's Child Trafficking
  118. Love This One.
  119. Amerigeddon: Worst movie of the year
  120. Cleaning a travel trailer
  121. What's After Brexit?, Frexit, Nexit And Then???
  122. TEXIT Anyone !
  123. Message from Vertical Scope on another forum
  124. Twenty Dead In West Virginia In State’s Worst Floods In A Century
  125. Psychiatrist vs. Bartender ...
  126. Stay home from the polls old people!
  127. A conspiracy thread
  128. Brexit!
  129. When you have brisket but no pit or thermometer...
  130. Steven Crowder Schools SkyNews
  131. If a Woodpecker Had A Gun Collection...
  132. "Anatomy of the terror threat:" from FoxNews
  133. Warning shot to scare away mentally unstable individual
  134. Man shoots 16-year-old after seeing him steal items from truck
  135. Two New Drones You Have To See
  136. German movie shooting. I thought Europe had laws to prevent this?
  137. Go fund me?
  138. Do reporters even research anymore: Army can roll up sleaves
  139. As Long As They Weren't Doing Anything Important
  140. Gersh Kuntzman :The Never Ending Joke
  141. Family plans to destroy $5 million inheritance in California
  142. Texas Man Puts Baby In Fridge After Leaving Her In Hot Car
  143. Mom arrested for punishing her kids for their burglary
  144. Ozzy and Jack's World Detour
  145. Morons at the range
  146. More immigrant news the MSM doesn't want you to know about...
  147. Buc-eesnomics (Capitalism Works )
  148. Bear got proof that him not havew rocks in him head...
  149. The mega nerf gun.
  150. How to not be a grey man
  151. USA Mens Soccer Team Vs Argentina: Semi Finals
  152. Homeowner Shoots Teen Mailbox Vandal
  153. Amazon Jaguar Shot Dead At Olympic Torch Ceremony
  154. A story worth reading...
  155. The Perfect Woman
  156. The mororcycle MD...
  157. My right to keep and bear chickens infringed!
  158. Heartwarming Elephant Story
  159. Food porn time!!!!
  160. Blocks for spamming friends, can it be done?
  161. How can schools post a GFZ sign on the door ?
  162. Distinction
  163. Just Fred
  164. Congrats Cleveland Cavaliers----2016 NBA Champs!!!
  165. This is pretty harsh but it's kinda funny!!!
  166. AIRBNB next in line
  167. Actor Anton Yelchin Of ‘Star Trek’ Killed In Freak Accident
  168. Is Infinity Real?
  169. I Had No Idea.....
  170. Coffee With Jesus....
  171. My Video
  172. FHP officer looses AR15
  173. Our rights are eroding....
  174. Happy Fathers Day
  175. You will NEVER see this in Massachusetts.
  176. Fathers Day Motorcycle Ride & weekend
  177. Ann Morgan Guilbert, Millie on The Dick Van Dyke Show, Dead at Age 87
  178. Happy Father's Day!
  179. Can Shooting a Daisy BB Gun cause PTSD?
  180. Watching the "Thriller in Manila" Fight: Ali vs Frazier
  181. Gun Control Target
  182. Video of the Year!
  183. For the Metal Heads: Twisted Sister Documentary on Nerflix
  184. A New Form of Stupid
  185. Anonymous Hacks ISIS's Twitter Account
  186. Meat Loaf Collapses on Stage During Concert in Canada
  187. 7 Yr Old Girls Shows Gersh Kuntzman How It's Done !
  188. Traveling at the speed of light video
  189. Moonbat Alert !
  190. ????Where did "New Owner of Defensive Carry Got Hacked - 45 million ...." again??
  191. Rifle deaths over 10 years vs. 1 year of deaths by knives, clubs and hands
  192. Need accurate stats to try to hush an anti? Here you go.
  193. Check Out Mercedes New AA Class
  194. Howard Stern gets it
  195. Where did "New Owner of Defensive Carry Got Hacked - 45 million accounts stolen" go
  196. Customers and their wild expectations
  197. It may not have been an act of terrorism...Yeah... Right....
  198. Before I do something stupid, let me run this by you
  199. My LGS is closing it's doors.
  200. Another thought on the Orlando terrorist
  201. Wake me up!
  202. The Japanese have arrived!
  203. Jo Jo Drumming With The Band
  204. Can Firing an AR-15 cause PTSD?
  205. Horrible! Alligator eats toddler at Disney.
  206. Paul Ravere's ride 2016
  207. Steampunk blaster (AR)
  208. Something to clear our minds.
  209. Academy sports removing guns from display
  210. London Mayor Bans Ad
  211. Way OT but not humorous!
  212. Special Happy Birthday
  213. Just Scanning MOM'S DEMAND Twitter
  214. ISIS follower kills French policeman & his wife today
  215. Let's learn about assault-style weapons from CNN!
  216. Good OP-ED from National Review
  217. Shopping a New Gas Grill
  218. When?
  219. Need clever ideas for catching a dog
  220. Don't take any checks from Jesse Ventura!
  221. Gun Broker Transaction Did Not Work Via Firefox
  222. How Many Antis do YoU think Look at DC Daily
  223. 5 Liberal Antis Shoot a Gun
  224. LEO's Too Cautious in Orlando Shooting?
  225. Arrest in Cali. Gun explosives, on way to Gay Pride parade
  226. What Is A Transformers?
  227. Appalled by Lack of Options
  228. Mass Shooting at Orlando Nightclub
  229. I don't want to be a democrat!
  230. Can't fault the logic.....
  231. Can Rio be Ready in Time for the 2016 Olympic Games?
  232. Who remembers these thread: Post things of the past and see if we can remember
  233. Rancher lassos bike thief outside Oregon Walmart
  234. Chased the thief down and lassoed him until the local police came.
  235. Wrestling fan goes to far in supporting wrestler. Duh huh moment.
  236. Hunting For Humans
  237. The Dangerous World We Live In
  238. Another FEEL GOOD Liberal Concert Event
  239. Hi Ho, Silver and away! Cowboy saves the day.
  240. What the end of a flat spin looks like...
  241. Sourdough Bread Recipes
  242. Selfie Sticks as weapons
  243. Any cable repair guys in the house?
  244. This Muppet episode would never be made today...
  245. My New Favorite Person!
  246. Leave It To Cleaver
  247. Another sports legend lost
  248. This guy is a great concealed carrier!!!!
  249. Private U.S. Company Wants "Permission" to go to the Moon
  250. Busy day today...