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  1. Non traditional Christmas songs
  2. Hysterical wrong answers to test questions
  3. R.I.P. Ray
  4. GOOD NEWS: Federal Court Rules Against NSA :
  5. Husband shot dead in front of his wife while being carjacked
  6. Bomb at Harvard
  7. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from LOCAL!
  8. Salvation Army Bell Ringer Robbed at Gunpoint
  9. Intended to be stupid..."On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me.
  10. UGLY: McCarthy: “Carrying a loaded firearm is the gateway crime to committing a murde
  11. Fire Ants- the bites, control, and pouring molton aluminum in their colony
  12. What Do You Think: THE ETHICS OF SUICIDE?
  13. Kudos to Glock
  14. Don't look for cover behind a trailer!
  15. Army Navy Game Today.....
  16. Prayer Request:
  17. Campus wants to ban Nerf guns
  18. Can we just stick with Christmas?
  19. What will those silly tree huggers come up with next. Christmas cancelled.
  20. Christmas warning
  21. Bad and Interesting - School Shooter hated Guns/ Republicans - Prog Socialist twit
  22. Bikers Against Child Abuse International
  23. The Ethics behind killing animals for the sake of killing.
  24. Who says men don't remember?
  25. Chuck Norris: Immortal?
  26. auto mechanics
  27. When you give a monkey a gun...
  28. Another Christmas BG stocking stuffer story
  29. Gun Violence???
  30. The proper way to check your weapon
  31. Get Covered ! (Satire)
  32. Trick To Improve Vision Temporarily
  33. Need A Smile? WATCH THIS !!!!
  34. A holiday story for the good guys and girls
  35. Washington Compost Strikes up the Death dancers band
  36. Play stupid games....
  37. The 85 year Old Sniper
  38. Christmas Magic
  39. 9 Low Cost Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easier & More Organized
  40. Deer with no fear...partially NSFW!
  41. Could you pass this drunk driving test?
  42. More Media joy... for us ..
  43. What's for supper tonight???
  44. Do you believe in luck?
  45. AU on Lockdown - This is what we've come to...
  46. I feel this way quite often....
  47. Have a Jolly Good Christmas Season
  48. Gun confiscation in Boston!
  49. What a 10-month-old wants for Christmas
  50. Some one had too much frre time on their hands
  51. SC nullification
  52. Westjet Christmas-best Video You'll See All Week
  53. 80,000+
  54. This week at Timmy farm....
  55. Well this is a different approach...
  56. 2A Rights for Sock-Monkeys?
  57. Nice story: 85 yr old WWII sniper hits 1,000 yd target
  58. VERY Interesting Study: "The Myth of the American Dream"
  59. OK This Went Viral - How The HECK Did This Guy DO This ???
  60. Too Darn Funny !
  61. Reason why Chicago has such a high homicide rate
  62. Who's in charge of smilies around here?
  63. The untimely death of Please and Thank You
  64. TSA-Making Us Safe
  65. This is why we have an official restroom thread:
  66. Brady Campaign:HOORAY FOR F's
  67. Tables Turned On Knockout Game Perp
  68. From Kevin Jackson's Black Sphere
  69. PEF: Are you related to this guy?
  70. So annoyed...
  71. Observations from the Aiken gun show
  72. Buy a Christmas tree.......get a free snake!
  73. Song Lyric Story Thread
  74. Fox's Tucker Carlson thinks ammunition is a good idea for your car's emergency kit
  75. Did anyone notice
  76. Gotta love our country school district!
  77. So wrong but...
  78. What its all about
  79. Congrats, Spartans
  80. RPGS
  81. Who else gets sad...
  82. Do you remember what happened Dec 7th, 1941?
  83. The ow Bing and Google view 07 December
  84. Make the world a better place
  85. racist postings
  86. Not even tanks are idiot proof.
  87. FUN: Snowflakes, photos, hi-res and magnified
  88. Air Force Flash Mob - this is good!
  89. RIP Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013
  90. fraud on my credit card
  91. How long was my day, yesterday?
  92. Ice Storms & Carbon Monoxide Warning
  93. My niece's Christmas card
  94. Going to an MMA facility tonight, wish me luck!
  95. Lots of New Members Today
  96. Martin Bashir resigns from MSNBC
  97. Drone alert joke
  98. "Coolest daddy ever" status awarded to me today.
  99. Another controversial Bloomberg Policy (Stop and Kiss)
  100. Laughter through tears
  101. Now, what could possibly go wrong?
  102. Worst Christmas songs
  103. Instructor accidentally shoots student during gun safety class
  104. Best Christmas Memories: (warning long)
  105. Heat wraped water pipes
  106. Son's first handgun deer!
  107. Black Friday Death Count
  108. Deadly shooting reportedly over Alabama's loss to Auburn
  109. The Wrong Sign
  110. I am NOT a "Sheepdog"
  111. Operation Christmas Jeep
  112. Interesting WP artical about 3 terms for POTUS
  113. Hershel... No!!!!
  114. NFL bans Daniel Defense commercial.
  115. Question For You Folks Who Find All These Bogus News Items
  116. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
  117. Before I die ________________
  118. Holy cow is Alabama burning yet?
  119. Near Tragedy in Mi.
  120. Its Worse Than We Have Been Told
  121. Talk me out of buying a Tablet!
  122. Christmas Tree Hunting Fiasco
  123. Used My Get Home Bag
  124. Not very smart, IMO
  125. Gecko 45's First IDPA
  126. Ugly side of sports:Coach spills soda to delay game
  127. Canine Friends and Travel...
  128. Trooper search and rescue dog
  129. Black Friday frenzy leads to reports of violence
  130. Recalled Colorado Senator John Morse Thinks Magpul Should Apologize for Sandy Hook
  131. Worx SD SemiAutomatic screwdriver Ad
  132. Favorite holiday movies -- what's on your list?
  133. Sales vs. The Government (joke)
  134. Really Need Fast Emergency Help And Advice
  135. Back in the US
  136. The $50 Lesson
  137. Penny Lane
  138. S&W M&P 9mm is better than Glock 17?
  139. Militia + SHTF (just read it)
  140. Evolutionary change in women
  141. Christmas music for my phone
  142. Today I am mighty thankful!
  143. Pizza Hut Manager Fired
  144. The Knockout game (revisited)
  145. E. coast mountain folks, need info on Radon
  146. Two phrases that shouldn't be seen in the same used handgun ad.
  147. Central Florida Outdoor Range Recommendations
  148. Need Ideas for Chest Wadders
  149. A Good Thanksgiving Story : Meet The Disfigured Man Pope Francis Embraced :
  150. Lookin out my Front Door
  151. How to defend yourself against.....
  152. Any Rock Climbers?
  153. A little bit early, but...
  154. Just another day in Crazyville.
  155. Thanksgiving 2013: What are you thankful for?
  156. NOOOOOOOOooooooooooOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
  157. Streets Of Laredo...and other well made Excellent Westerns
  158. Renal Artery Stent To Ease Hypertension-Experience?
  159. Want To Know Who's Tracking You Online?
  160. SandyHook Shooters Mom was going to buy him a CZ-83.
  161. JPFO.org
  162. Bored? Want to shoot "Bin Laden" in a shooting game?
  163. Off Topic: Weird but not funny
  164. Yale Alert
  165. My next gun: An Anti's worst nightmare!
  166. Patriotic Ohio State Marching Band Show
  167. How Well Is Knockout Known ?
  168. How do you know you are a sports nut?
  169. Creative and Crazy Christmas/Hanukah Gifts
  170. Fortune Cookie Fortunes
  171. The Peterson Farm Bros.
  172. Employee killed leaving work in a "good" part of town.
  173. Silly signs
  174. New Gun Holiday songs??? Here are a few.
  175. Northern Virginia Gun Show Report - Dulles 11/23
  176. Attacks With Samurai Sword then Shoots Himself
  177. I AM still alive
  178. Mother arms minor son!
  179. My 1000th post in Defensive Carry!
  180. Let's Do A D.C. Forum Three Word Story !!! YEA!
  181. Working security at the Big Reno Gun Show >:-|
  182. Rut Row
  183. The Coming Viking Apocalypse
  184. Conflicting song lyrics
  185. Food signs
  186. Excel: Virtual Shooting Range - Sort of
  187. So excieted about to chew a hole through my desk!!!!
  188. is that a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? you racist pig !
  189. A Jerry Miculek Thanksgiving
  190. I don't know whether to laugh or cry...
  191. Feel Good Video for the Day
  192. Car trouble, need help :)
  193. ATF says plastic airsoft guns can be converted
  194. Deer playing opossom
  195. Wine recommendation
  196. We Got Stronger Beer..........
  197. NYC Congresswoman mugged in DC
  198. You all can dog pile me now = dedicated to my NSW Brothers!
  199. Have you ever lived in a foreign country?
  200. Maybe this 15 year old will turn his life around, too?
  201. Helping the home invader
  202. EMS Stimulators
  203. Basic get home kit
  204. Carry a .380? Don't aim for the wallet.
  205. I found my toy Luger
  206. VA. State Senator Deeds and son killed in home invasion
  207. He's going to turn his life around...
  208. A New Low. Now They Call Us Racist
  209. 150 Years ago today
  210. This is so funny...you have to watch, especially if you have a little boy.
  211. These bother me
  212. Are Scott Walker’s Allies Being Targeted?
  213. LinkedIn
  214. Who's musically talented?
  215. What I saw at the doomsday prepper convention (Article)
  216. cell phones & pumping gas - a warning
  217. Mom, dad planned child sex abuse before kids were born
  218. Neat Prepper trick
  219. Good news from another home invasion...
  220. Two minutes of fame...and also hilarious!
  221. Ever read this?
  222. Usual sights in South Texas
  223. So Happy the wife now really gets it
  224. Football team does home invasions ...
  225. Hilarious: Hippies protest stand your ground law in Iowa
  226. Homemade Pizza?
  227. Help our small church raise money for the victims of the Philippine typhoon >>>>>>>
  228. Gardening - FYI
  229. Knife People
  230. Good news from a home invasion...
  231. Can you guess what kind of rifle this is?
  232. Any Chess nuts out there! Anand vs Carlsen Round 5
  233. LOL (for you military pals)
  234. FUN: utterly pointless but hysterical little ditties, tunes, videos on the 'net
  235. NO!!!! You cannot use .454 Casull in your Taurus Judge
  236. ADDICTED (This made me laugh)
  237. No Guns for Hunting?.... How about using Eagles!
  238. I plead the The 5th
  239. Guys you have to see this.; this could be really handy...
  240. White Supremacist Learns he is "14%" African - Awesome!
  241. He's a Rocket Surgeon (Funny Story)
  242. Metro Detriot may auction guns, not destroy them
  243. Free gift with dishwasher (snake)
  244. Finally! I understand "Get off the X"!
  245. "kneecapped" for a cel phone...
  246. So, there's no guns in Oz... well almost none....
  247. Second Amendment discussion turns deadly...
  248. Something you don't normally see at the airport
  249. I just love banks, part deux:
  250. Socialism and tyranny for the "good of the people"