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  1. Last Man Standing
  2. Fire the Super Committee...Hire a Game Show Host!
  3. A little fun
  4. New Truck Bug
  5. Twenty Injured After Woman Uses Pepper Spray on Black Friday Crowd
  6. Malls track shoppers' cell phones on Black Friday
  7. Things that can happen
  8. Cruise Ship Carry
  9. Having good Situation Awareness may have saved me from a threat
  10. 40 years later, new evidence emerges in D.B. Cooper case
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to All
  12. Moose Hunters
  13. Hitler's Reaction To Gen. 4 Glock
  14. New "Occupy" Movement
  15. JFK assassinated 48 years ago today......what were you doing?
  16. Oops + stupid = 2 in cuffs: Shotgun in car at school, violating protection order.
  17. Hucsterism at it's finest!
  18. what are your opinions on this date.....
  19. Another case of finding a Fed GPS tracker under your car, SCOTUS case pending
  20. Sombody Picked the Wrong Diner
  21. We've been invaded?
  22. Any Personal Trainers On Here??
  23. Humor: Hitler's Reaction to Gen 4 Glocks, .45 ACP and Americans
  24. Casket pistol stand
  25. Well, one less range buddy, gf moved out.
  26. Firearm's opener- deer
  27. Wisconsin (again) Have you seen any stores etc. posted No-Carry?
  28. check out this license plate
  29. Charlton Heston -
  30. Saw a coyote at work last night....
  31. What are your favorite targets?
  32. SOPA
  33. Bible Verses about complaining?
  34. Robbery Fail! Caught on CCTV
  35. The Deer And The Deputy.....
  36. American Hoggers
  37. The thin veneer of civilization...
  38. I hate my landlord.
  39. Motley man who shot his own foot charged with domestic assault
  40. eBay Any suggestions for bidding success?
  41. Anyone here into fixing LCD flat panel TVs?
  42. Wish me luck.
  43. Shatner Warns Of Exploding Turkeys In Safety Video!!
  44. Help me find it?
  45. Reactor and a tool bag
  46. I'm 44 years old today.......when did I get old?
  47. Host, What Will Be UR Rules In A SHTF (or Walking Dead) Scenario?
  48. His Masters Voice
  49. Traffic stop in Springfield, Mo.
  50. Sending A Chair Into Space!! (Video)
  51. Ping Golf Clubs and Wounded Warriors........
  52. Really Confused about Dogs for Defense
  53. LASIK - anyone have the procedure?
  54. Bad : Mason Co. WV Sheriff Arrested, Shooting Over A Teen's Head.
  55. Veterans day post!
  56. A great speech.
  57. Vietnam in HD....
  58. Of course we are not in favour of Iran developing a bomb – but do we think they’d use
  59. Question For Missouri People
  60. National EAS Test. Please tell me how it went in your area
  61. UGLY: Government thinks public needs...
  62. Persons Carrying Gun - 4.5 Times More Likely to be Shot
  63. 9mm vs deer part 2
  64. Decided to see what pepper spray was like.
  65. Pics of 45ACP vs deer with fmj
  66. Threads You started and wished you hadn't
  67. Would never happen now.
  68. Video: Phoenix Police Tackle Candy Thief HARD!!!!!
  69. Plumbers butt
  70. A Dam Problem State of Pennsylvania Water Management Division
  71. Military Humour I got in an email
  72. The Media is at it again!!!
  73. What are the odds of dying from...
  74. Zombies invading Missouri!! Alert!!
  75. how pilots should talk
  76. Stephen Colbert vs. OWS
  77. The carnage will continue...
  78. S.W.A.T. team kills mental handicapped
  79. Other sayings I hate
  80. Question for Iowans..re: pheasant population
  81. Bomb Patrol - Afghanistan
  82. Here we go again!
  83. Sheriff tells women to get guns to ward off attacks
  84. Google Driveless car project
  85. Upland Bird Dog
  86. Kids, you can send them to school........
  87. Hillary Finally Shows Her True Colors......
  88. City Board OKs shaving cream for halloween vandals
  89. Funny Things Police Officers Say
  90. Finally, conclusive evidence that Bin Laden and Gaddafi are dead
  91. Save The Burros. Build The Wall.
  92. Copyright Troll Righthaven on the ropes
  93. How I Learned To Mind My Own Business
  94. This is my security team:
  95. It's All About The South
  96. Yuk Yuk
  97. Surprises.
  98. Rifle Scope w/ Red Dot on AR Mounting Advice Please....
  99. Breaking the Barrier
  100. Trooper pulls over off duty police officer going 120 MPH.
  101. Dog Survives Gas Chamber
  102. How did our oil get under their sand?
  103. Schools warn of bracelets used to smoke pot
  104. Hostage situation! What do you do? (humor)
  105. Pumped Up Kicks (better run)
  106. Things get worse...
  107. MWAG
  108. silly; yes, but...
  109. Adolf Hitler in Custody Battle
  110. "The Walking Dead"
  111. When Plan A doesn't work
  112. New defense “I was sleep walking” NC
  113. Too All of the Massad Ayoob Followers
  114. I have succumed to the dark side
  115. Good : Beagle Dog and Stolen Truck Recovered
  116. Guns and apple pie - totally off topic, just a pretty apple pie
  117. Dog Saved From Ontop Moving Train.....
  118. Love my dog, but.....
  119. He who is born a fool is never cured. ~Proverb
  120. Honors and Grateful Thanks!!
  121. Gun running in NYC
  122. Picture of a beautiful Glock
  123. Yep, another Remora thread ..... but try it first.
  124. What do you keep in your emergency kit?
  125. This is making me sick to my freaking Stomach -- About our Dec of Indep.>> OMG
  126. Interesting article
  127. Which Name for New Gun Shop?
  128. With Thanksgiving right around the corner...
  129. Women and Guns, a Photo essay
  130. RED
  131. Star Trek Humor. A true story.
  132. Texas prisoners lose their lunch
  133. What the military is viewed like today:
  134. For fellow Christopher Walken fans
  135. Practicing Safe Archery - A poem by Aznav...
  136. How Much Tax Should You Pay for Your Jack Daniels?
  137. odd incident this week...not fun.
  138. Any fulltime rv'ers out there....need advice
  139. Target range at home questions.
  140. Archery hunters / shooters, who has introduced their son / daughter?
  141. The Ali Kemp Defense Education (TAKE) Foundation
  142. Folks, I would really appreciate your vote...
  143. this is old...
  144. Is "We need common Sense laws" a standard debate term now?
  145. Revolving door to control store access?
  146. Women's List
  147. Need help setting heat on thermostat
  148. Car purchasing question.
  149. Harold Camping Revises Apocalypse Prediction For Friday
  150. ICE officer arrested south of Phoenix for marijuana smuggling
  151. Stuxnet....
  152. Tolerance of other people
  153. Is being too nice bad .
  154. How Many Of Your Personalities LOVE Guns? - How Many HATE Them?
  155. Paraprosdokian (You'll like these)
  156. Ohio members, do you think they are all in season?
  157. Man Shoots His Own Cap Off
  158. Excellent Quail Hunt
  159. Majority not prepared for the Zombie Invasion
  160. Constitution Preamble - Schoolhouse Rock
  161. Drunk dad lets 9 yr old daughter drive
  162. Check out the suspect sketch in this article...
  163. Mentally Challenged Victims Held Hostage for Social Security Checks
  164. "Universal Laws"
  165. Packs of wild dogs terrorizing the neighborhood, Oh what to do?
  166. I hate...
  167. Gun confiscation in The Walking Dead
  168. Deer Hunting or mow the grass
  169. Pumpkin Pie?
  170. Do you know what is annoying?
  171. Just come and get me.....
  172. Get Here As Fast As You Can
  173. Woeful inefficiency of Government - Colorado DMV
  174. Fight to The Death, Blood Sports
  175. Another Paco bragging on his Wife thread
  176. Please Share Your Wisdom On Portable Generators
  177. Man breaks into police station
  178. Need a great Vodka Sauce Recipe
  179. Big changes at my job.
  180. "Atlas Shrugged" Here's your chance to read tomorrows news today
  181. Perpetuating the stereotype...
  182. East TN deer hunters beware.
  183. Anyone own one of these watches?
  184. Best Zombie Defense - Preparedness.
  185. RANT: What's WRONG here?!?
  186. Shooting in Seal Beach CA
  187. One of your hobbies is Martial Arts
  188. Perhaps the coolest video I've ever seen...do you like model rockets?
  189. Talking dog
  190. Android vs. iPhone 4S
  191. Had Horrible Customer Service @ Dick's Sporting Goods Today
  192. Need Advice of something
  193. Remember Superhero Boy in Seattle...Busted for Assault!
  194. Im an addict !!
  195. Buy pants online?
  196. A recent great quote from a Navy SEAL
  197. I'm defintiely going to stock up on ammo
  198. Sig P238 Accessory Giveaway
  199. God, Gold, Groceries, and Guns...
  200. Worst Jetlag EVER
  201. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
  202. Wife arrested for attempted murder
  203. Super spiffy 1911 knife to complement your spiffy 1911
  204. V for vendetta
  205. Where does your user name come from?
  206. Extremely Advanced Ballistics, Reloading, & Ammunition Informational Video.
  207. What is your hobby?
  208. Car got stolen
  209. Steve Jobs Passed Away
  210. New show 'Terra Nova' - they seem way under-gunned for dinos
  211. Would like advice on .22 rifle for my son
  212. Stupid question of the year?
  213. Any LP/Propane gas installers here? Need to ask some questions.
  214. Danger on the road
  215. Will the TB Rays ever win a ALDS?
  216. California Prisons are Opening Some Cell Doors
  217. Not firearm related but good news.... Amanda Knox - Aquitted.
  218. New Sig P220 Elite trigger
  219. Episode of Star Trek just made me wonder...
  220. Police blotter: man reports being shot by his cat
  221. Any other Jeep Cherokee drivers on here?
  222. Thinking About Moving To Augusta Area
  223. It is all my fault
  224. Really hate Afghanistan...need to vent
  225. Power outtage this evening
  226. Southern California travel and traffic questions
  227. NC Gov. argues for suspending Congressional elections!
  228. CC Ban for Businesses in WI. A Poll and We're loosing...
  229. Vampire/werewolf hybrid charged with murder. CBS News.
  230. Music Club?
  231. To those who celebrate, Happy New Year
  232. The bad neighbor thread
  233. I guess some would find this humorous
  234. New HHS rules demand your medical records be turned over to governemnt
  235. Obama's Campaign Slogan
  236. Making An iPhone App Help...EMS Protocols
  237. I HATE my Neighbors!!!
  238. Here is other "genius" with a gun.
  239. Trip AND Off Road veh?
  240. Triva
  241. Funny story from my youth.
  242. NYPD Can Take Down a Plane, Perform International Spying?
  243. I heard Michael Vick broke his hand....
  244. My new gun
  245. Zombie History and my honeymoon, A true story with pics!
  246. Mayweather-Ortiz Controversial Knockout Video
  247. Today is the first day of.....
  248. Bear Hunter Death Followup....
  249. Another Ride I wish wasn't necessary
  250. Police: 91-year-old Albert Einsig threw urine on sidewalk to keep kids away