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  1. What did YOU Do Today??
  2. Olympics and Chechen Rebels
  3. Stupid gun dreams
  4. More on the India gun
  5. Burglar foiled by..........................DOOR!
  6. Roy Hinkley Dead at Age 89
  7. Why We Haven't Met Any Aliens
  8. 80 year old man told not to shoot down icicles
  9. Devil Baby - Goofy Prank Promoting A Horror Flick FUNNY!!!!
  10. The Ultimate Dog tease video
  11. Harvey Weintein Gun Movie
  12. Walking sticks, any woodworkers or carvers?
  13. ATF Booth at SHOT 2014
  14. Stars who pack heat
  15. Educating the anti-gun crowd.
  16. ammunition thief
  17. A&E
  18. Blast from the past for East TN, Southeastern KY members
  19. Cruel Joke Inside...
  20. I don't care who ya are....
  21. FLASH! Super-Important News!!!
  22. Iowa- man comes home to find burglars in home
  23. OGCA
  24. Knockout "Game" Comes to Charm City
  25. Caption Contest
  26. Movies With the Family
  27. Rescued sea gull from hawk
  28. You may be paying for internet based on what sites you visit - soon
  29. Stop - Breathe - Reflect - Choose
  30. Just In Case: (Texting While Driving)
  31. To Remain Free
  32. Strong Pimp Hand
  33. USB Gun Turret Demo
  34. KY law maker "Accidental Discharge?"
  35. All Lives Are Important To Me
  36. Don't invite no wimmins to be chillin...
  37. Odd home invasion...
  38. On a happier note from abroad...
  39. Urgent breaking news.
  40. You want Tactical? I'll give you tactical
  41. Debate over Dallas Safari Club auctioning black rhino hunting permit
  42. Good samaritan....
  43. Lunch break
  44. Being a wise acre
  45. Am I the only one who did not know about this
  46. Getting tired of the "Tactical" term
  47. I gots to have one of these.
  48. Why 7-11s aren't robbed in Israel
  49. Help For Seniors !!
  50. The poisoning of West Virginia
  51. Freaky Friday
  52. Once is a glitch, twice is a problem.
  53. A picture is said to be worth a 1000 words.
  54. "Just Kidding" home invader returns to get his hat...
  55. Wrong Turn Stories
  56. Big Time WV Water Advisory - Don't Touch The Water
  57. I took this picture yesterday and it makes me warm and fuzzy
  58. This hits just a bit too close to home
  59. This Forum, the Mods, and Members RULE
  60. Usps grrrrr......
  61. Free e-book of Against the Grain this weekend
  62. Banshee!
  63. Weight Loss Challenge - Who Else Is In?
  64. Thomas Paine Publishes Common Sense
  65. What 100 days at the gym can do for you.
  66. ND in Lawmaker's Office
  67. Common Sense Words to Live By
  68. College football scouting report
  69. New Orleans.
  70. Today is the 199th Anniv of Andrew Jackson's Victory at The Battle of New Orleans
  71. I saw PEF hanging out at the supermarket tonight
  72. Pew lever
  73. Black Folk Don't Join The NRA
  74. The Sale Of BB's
  75. Mall parking lot 3rd party defensive shooter, may face charges
  76. ND by KY representative in the legislature leads her to give up her gun
  77. S.C. sheriff swaps Bonnie and Clyde-era ‘Tommy Guns’ for new arms
  78. Northern lights and Class X Solar Flare
  79. What R U Listening To??
  80. GOA news/more trys at gun bans by zero (More info on this 1/8)
  81. Forget ammo stock up on Velveeta
  82. Uh do the cries of Coytos freak any one else out
  83. Computer Attack Here
  84. I wonder if I can shoot a rifle one handed...
  85. Road Rage killing
  86. "all because I was trying to get some money to feed my family"
  87. 100 years ago this August
  88. Women Just Don't Understand
  89. Well this was an interesting ad....
  90. BCS Bowl Kickoff!!!!!! Go Auburn!
  91. Executive Orders and those who issue them
  92. Homeland Security Director uses laser on firearm as pointer in a conference
  94. Handgun Stances
  95. Check It Out! WWII Color Film Footage
  96. Veterans At Risk
  97. New Executive Orders RE: Gun laws
  98. Massive buck rub
  99. Haven't seen this posted it. Really cool illusion of a T-rex
  100. More jaw dropping ignorance from Hollywood
  101. So cold
  102. Embarassment/why i'm here
  103. 2014 - First Person Shooter Games
  104. I'm a post count bigot I think
  105. Looking for a clue
  106. Tonight You Belong To Me
  107. Ouch - Marijuana Overdoses Kill 37 in Colorado On First Day of Legalization
  108. How to be a Florida sun loving, Condo Commander
  109. How To Be A Gun Using Outdoor Kind Of Man.........
  110. BugDude's Decorations
  111. Rant - Snow and NoVA/DC Metro area drivers
  112. D.C. Deer management
  113. Billionaires Dumping Stocks...
  114. Any Bikers On Here?
  115. More Border Control Nonsense
  116. A new Glock single stack 9mm?
  117. Flu map in case you get lost
  118. Man I hate a thief, but love facebook.
  119. "Justified"
  120. And God smiled on the newly converted...
  121. Oh, no! NCY has snow!!!!
  122. Happy Anniversary!
  123. US Customs Destroys 11 Handcrafted Flutes
  124. Who going to watch the Winter Classic? (That is a Hockey game)
  125. Good Little Subjects
  126. The 124 States of America
  127. Humor
  128. The old saying that 1 aw crap erases 10,000 ataboys...
  129. A Great Song from Jerry Salley
  130. Phrases you don't want to hear in 2014
  131. Good bye, farwell, so long & it has not been nice kowning you!
  132. OK, Someone has to ask... Just as well be me:
  133. Happy New Year!
  134. How long to you keep your Christmas Tree up?
  135. Use Of Deadly Force
  136. Security plan working
  137. Happy New Year, Everybody
  138. Headed to the Pickle Drop, what are you doing for New Years?
  139. Bloomberg's list of I know what's good for you
  140. What Do You Clean Your Guns With?
  141. The Deffinition of Irony
  142. I'm back
  143. Sochi - Who is Going?
  144. New banner ads ..
  145. Illinois legislative focus - Huh???
  146. Kinda funny...Christmas Eve robber beaten and stripped of clothes by would-be victims
  147. Star wars humor plus more
  148. I'm sure Eric Holder will get right on this and file "hate crime" charges.
  149. GREAtest ARMSLIST AD EVER !!!... Hilarious
  150. Violent crimes per 100,000 people - UK versus US
  151. Don’t you dare come home without beer.
  152. What's on your Bucket List?
  153. No Pop Pops
  154. Tokin' with Lawrence Welk
  155. MMA last night
  156. Nah, rap music isn't associated with violence.
  157. Been awhile since I posted -Update inside(kinda year in review)
  158. Spill it, What was your first job?
  159. Anyone buy pants online?
  160. I knew marines were tough, but....
  161. PA Trooper (read article please)
  162. High in Florida?
  163. Fort Worth Teen Killed In Alleged Accidental Shooting
  164. Robbed at Gunpoint While Taking out the Trash
  165. Justice Dept Finally Finds a Knockout Perp It Will Charge With Hate Crime
  166. Gun Shaped Cakes
  167. Don't you hate it when.....
  168. Good COPS (which Fictional LEO you think should be role model for all the others)
  169. buds gun shop bait and switch
  170. Good Christmas so Far.
  171. Bacon Bowl??? TV Ad
  172. For all you dog lovers out there
  173. Life just got better
  174. A "must-see" movie!
  175. A fun Christmas video
  176. Few hours in Chicago? (ignore after 12/26 9 AM)
  177. Great Christmas!
  178. Edward Snowden
  179. A friends Christmass
  180. What's for Christmas Dinner?
  181. Let the Christmas Railroads Roll On!
  182. Merry Christmas SAC
  183. Merry Christmas, Y'all
  184. Photography Thread (may be gun related or not)
  185. On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
  186. funniest vid I seen in a while
  187. Some local folks need some coal in their stockings.
  188. Dead AK-47 Inventor to be Buried in Mud, Then Put Back to Work
  189. Merry Christmas, ya'll...
  190. Dangerous Prank
  191. How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk
  192. Santa on guard
  193. Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year
  194. you ever regret not joining the military
  195. Tracking Santa
  196. Safe Travels!
  197. The Physics of Santa
  198. Shootergranny and Jeanlouise: Sock Monkey is safe, Ken has been apprehended
  199. Vote on your favorite Gun Holiday song
  200. An early Christmas gift!
  201. In the spirit of Christmas -- touching story
  202. The Beltman on the road...
  203. In Time for Christmas
  204. Kalishnikov dies
  205. Robot for rescue-oriented tasks -- DARPA competition
  206. I really did it now.....
  207. It's Official - I'm a Redneck
  208. MERRY Christmas! The Virtual DC 2013 Christmas Pot Luck Thread!
  209. Heat a room for 15 cents a day.
  210. How many network devices in your houses?(slightly gun related)
  211. Favorite Version of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."
  212. Are You Dumb? Take the test
  213. Chuck Norris will NOT be outdone
  214. Merry Christmas from the Family
  215. Help a child of our KIA
  216. Chuck Norris Christmas Greetings
  217. The most sucessful president
  218. Seems Legit...
  219. Christmas Dinner Song
  220. What DC members getting for Christmas? (non gun related)
  221. My new favorite Christmas Song
  222. FUN: Favorite cartoon images about gun control
  223. Make some music, kill some time
  224. Are we there yet????
  225. War on Christmas
  227. School Staff "Trained" to Fight a Shooter in the School
  228. Air solf guns, pistol to be exact
  229. And there goes the 1st amendment.
  230. Light bulbs Going The Way Of Ammunition?
  231. Botched home invasion...
  232. Guess he should have picked a better panel...
  233. I've Been Denounced!
  234. Media impact
  235. Irony Lesson
  236. Over the Limit
  237. Using AK-47's to Jump Start a Car ??
  238. Classic Firearms Giveaway
  239. Mixing AK-47s and Fruit Cake! Video = Merry Christmas
  240. PETA sends teen girl disgusting letter
  241. 31 Worst puns
  242. Need some help on "toy" trains
  243. Federal Income Tax Rates for the Year 2013 (Merry Christmas) - This means you too!
  244. Frisco Gun Club Employee Accidentally Shot
  245. Galaxy S4 GPS app.
  246. Non traditional Christmas songs
  247. Hysterical wrong answers to test questions
  248. R.I.P. Ray
  249. GOOD NEWS: Federal Court Rules Against NSA :
  250. Husband shot dead in front of his wife while being carjacked