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  1. A good guy with a gun? maybe not.
  2. Why do People ask for Advice?
  3. Drivers and snow - where to start
  4. Crafty Woman Celebrates Valentine's Day
  5. VERY INTERESTING: Yale Researchers Find Babies Have Inate Morality
  6. This will make Corvette and classic car lovers weep.
  7. Dreams that involve guns and shooting
  8. Chilling At The Bird Feeder
  9. Anyone watching the Olympics?
  10. Curling…..
  11. Infowars as a primary source? Really?
  12. Snow; what'd you get?
  13. Top 10 Martial Arts for Self Defense
  14. Burglar alarm woke her up....
  15. Gun crime in "jolly old" gunless England
  16. Anybody want some of this?
  17. Bear thinks he is ready for the tin foil hat brigade...
  18. Get ready...
  19. Now This Looks Like Fun!
  20. Glock finally meets its match....
  21. Woody disarmed at Heathrow, but allowed on flight
  22. "Ranger Up" has awesome website.....
  23. Well, the easy part is over.................
  24. winter wear penetration argument
  25. "It's that time!" Home invasion (IA)
  26. Hawk in my pool
  27. Roll Call - Vets, LEO, First Responders and Weapons Instructors
  28. Absurd article
  29. Shirley Temple - Dead at Age 85
  30. Shooting, NOT in Florida
  31. Has anyone else noticed this trend with new members?
  32. What If They Gave An Olympics, But No One Cared !
  33. Gun control and the economy
  34. How Much Wood Have You Burned This Year?
  35. Adrenalin Junkies...
  36. What are your passions and dreams? Should they become your career?
  37. I can now say I have seen it all
  38. Why do you appreciate DC! Newest Member as well as you Old'uns - This is Unique!
  39. New avitar search
  40. Gun control activist swears he forgot he was carrying gun while visiting school
  41. OK: What they do to "rats" nowadays...
  42. MI: "Hold the special sauce" 2 strikes and yer out!
  43. Great Tactical coffee table! Pic
  44. Missionaries at the door.
  45. Dogs with olympian hearts
  46. Shoulder holster at Winter Olympics sends gun control advocates atwitter
  47. Ban All The Things (Excellent Mocking of A City Council)
  48. Another Anti Gun Hypocrite
  49. Heroin Use Exploding Among Suburban Teens:
  50. OK: A Nice Humorus and Warm Post: BOBCAT GETS STUCK IN CAR GRILL:
  51. Found this Quote while reading about Martha Raye.
  52. OMG Ammo Found in Garden
  53. Have you seen this truck?
  54. I'm in Love!
  55. Anybody know any Olympians?
  56. And Now: A Last Legacy of Philip Seymour Hoffman:
  57. Hey COKE....
  58. I have to have one of these! Gamers chair
  59. False Confessions
  60. Horror Police Chase, Gun Battle, Lordy.....
  61. What Happens When 1000 High School Students take Over A Hotel
  62. In Honor of Police Dog Rocco - The Canine 10 Commandments
  63. Friday Night's Brain Teaser
  64. If You're Old-Enough To Of Had One Of These.....
  65. Stay In School:Don't Be A Slacker
  66. Anti - 2A Say What ?
  67. Fireman Handcuffed At Emergency Scene By Cop Over Illegal Parking of Fire Engine:
  68. FrontSite Hotel Deal - What do you think?
  69. How technolgy has changed
  70. For you classic car lovers
  71. Beer Slang
  72. Penalty for fighting traffic ticket?
  73. Unbelievable video
  74. Audi's Secret Super Bowl Message to NRA?
  75. Tomorrow's the Day!
  76. Snow !
  77. OK People - Pick Tonight's Movie For Me
  78. Got kids in school? This may interest you.
  79. What's The Most LIKES You Ever Got...
  80. Today's reminder
  81. CHP Handcuffs Firefighter
  82. Shut the state down
  84. Wow, it has really come to this
  85. Happy Birthday President Reagan!
  86. Will Somebody Please CHARGE This Twit With Something and Put Him Away:
  87. Life hack, FAIL.
  88. Good Dog!
  89. Got a match?
  90. Dining, shopping, and a home invasion...
  91. Dont read news if you want to sleep anymore .. Notes on power plants and SCADA
  92. Glad I didn't go to Seattle today...
  93. Please NO pictures!!!
  94. Florida, is the Atlantic or Gulf the best.
  95. Whats up with the blue money?
  96. Sick Of Winter!
  97. NFL Requests Red Hot Chili Peppers To Mime SB HT Gig
  98. Just got interviewed...
  99. Terrible ice rain right now
  100. Great Firearm Safety School in Florida
  101. Home invasion with a twist...
  102. NFL as a Corporation Tax exempt??
  103. For those who have had enough of winter..................
  104. How To Fix A 1911
  105. File this one with the Tin Foil Hat People
  106. Murder/Suicide Just South of Our Condo
  107. Disturbing
  108. Simple Invention Can Seal a Gunshot Wound in Seconds
  109. Has Everyone Seen the Newest "Gun Lube?"
  110. School shooting in Moscow (Russia)
  111. Road rage....
  112. panhandlers...
  113. Bacon Worship
  114. Incredible-Yet-Simple Invention Can Seal a Gunshot Wound in 15 Seconds
  115. For Your Dieting: How about Losing 700 lbs ? - For a Good START:
  116. Nudging - The Progressives - EPA's Wood-Burning Stove Ban Has Chilling Consequences
  117. I am a happy man today...
  118. Stuck on Elevator with Hot Babe
  119. A Question About Propane Bottles...
  120. The Real Ghost Gun
  121. So, no gun commercials allowed in Super Bowl?
  122. Ok now......FESS UP
  123. "Close Quarter Battles"?
  124. Phillip Seymour Hoffman RIP
  125. Gotta love the South
  126. Happy Groundhog's Day!!!!
  127. How do you like you bacon?
  128. Googled "Guns" image
  129. I had to draw my gun today, and things almost got ugly
  130. Left handed forum request
  131. Ye Olde Offical Super Bowl Thread
  132. MUST SEE!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! "Insane First-Person Footage of Man's Space Jump":
  133. My...died, I need gas money to get back home.
  134. Glock vs. Microwave
  135. Chicago politicians still want c"riminal guns only" zones
  136. Men Wedding Band
  137. The Olympics: GOLD MEDALS For Those Who Live:
  138. Topics we will never agree on :)
  139. Star Spangled Banner video by Madison Rising
  140. Near campus shooting, MSU
  141. Chick-fil-a at it again
  142. Is Detroit's Chief On Our Side?
  143. Bear is going to tell on himself tonight...
  144. THE MOST DESPIABLE CRIME In 50Yrs !!!!!!!
  145. Flashback: Some Funny Glock Satire!
  146. Samson made a real ghost gun
  147. 12th Man
  148. "Have an exit plan"...Matt Drudge
  149. Man Texting Walks On Water
  150. Hey Bear this is for you!!!
  151. 1 Day and 50 Years Ago....
  152. I must have one of these dogs.
  153. That's gonna leave a scar--- OR---
  154. The Winchester Mystery House - An INCREDIBLE PLACE !
  155. Situation in Georgia and Preparedness
  156. An 8 Yr Old Hero Laid To Rest:
  157. University of Kentucky...
  158. WELL, WELL: Snowden Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize:
  159. Nine Year-old Girl Attacked in Best Buy Restroom
  160. How Many Business Owners Do We Have Here?
  161. The silence.
  162. Poor Situational Awareness
  163. LEOs: Watch out for your recent nabs preparing your food
  164. The Purple Heart
  165. Rethinking my latest purchase
  166. All Time Worst Job.
  167. We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Reading of OT&H For A Very Important Announceme
  168. Need A Smile Watch this Budweiser Super Bowl Ad
  169. Beretta coming to Middle Tennessee
  170. Great American Outdoor Show
  171. Sgt. 1st Class Cory Remsburg
  172. The Worst Cell Phone Company Is......
  173. Tree Hugger at Her a Best
  174. Tax Question!!
  175. Too weird
  176. Norfolk, VA On-line News is Warped!
  177. Who is watching the State of the Union?
  178. Laughing Hysterically!!!!
  179. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW Springfield Armory!
  180. Full auto m-16 + Gutair Case + Musical greeting card = CA
  181. Ratings Down? Open a Restaurant
  182. Ice Storm
  183. Rolling snow phenomenon
  184. We're frozen in at school - literally frozen in...
  185. Did You Know?
  186. Humor: Military Differences
  187. Box of Grenades!
  188. Horace Smith And Daniel Wesson
  189. STUDY: Firearms Hospitalize 20 Kids Per Day
  190. Interesting Thought-Billy Johnson For NRA
  191. The cop of the future: Will crooks have a chance...
  192. 76,000 pounds of ribs burn in Calif. highway truck fire
  193. Peace doves from Pope under attack by other birds
  194. A Polititian Got Shot?
  195. Groundhog Day
  196. oh look CTD selling .9 ammo
  197. Insult of the week
  198. Just when you think the world sucks...You see something nice
  199. Shooting in South Carolina
  200. Climate controlled garage-Has anybody made one?
  201. Captain Phillips
  202. So I worked in Renown today
  203. ATF is in the news again
  204. Can the Mods put a post before the OP if there is UPDATED information?
  205. Homeland Security Secretary: Illegals Have ‘Earned Right to be Citizens’
  206. Why Publicize Everything?
  207. LOOK! 3 people dead in Columbia MD Mall shooting-HERE IT IS!
  208. Robbery Suspect's gun jams
  209. Deface the American Flag? Earn a special diet from Sheriff Joe
  210. Arrested for one dud shotgun shell
  211. whats up with the music playing when i navigate between topics?
  212. Artist Transforms Guns To Make Music — Literally
  213. A .30 caliber ghost gun, that fires 30 magazine clips in half a second
  214. JUstin Beiber/Miley Cyrus,
  215. Indians schedule meeting with United Nations regarding Redskins nickname
  216. "Terrible" Situational Awareness
  217. Worst Carry Rig Ever?
  218. Another Stupid Discharge of a Firearm
  219. Threats at the Emergency Room
  220. CT: when seconds count... is 90 minutes okay?
  221. Olympic uniforms
  222. I'm an idiot
  223. Ghost ship & cannibal rats - Moved To OT Humor
  224. Anyone else start the new year with a bad luck streak?
  225. Polizei Diensthundführer Jacke
  226. PLEASE settle a bet
  227. That Idiot CA Senator Was Right - Ghost Gun Revealed
  228. A conference call in real life
  229. This is What Happens To Disarmed Population: MX erupts into civil war
  230. LandFillHarmonic - turning garbage into music
  231. Urgent Bieber news
  232. Even hollywierdos can become more conservative...
  233. When Will Global Warming Stop Making it so Cold?
  234. Some Of You Will Remember When The original Story Was Posted Here
  235. Passenger attacks Greyhound bus driver! 20 passengers injured.
  236. Am I just an old curmudgeon?
  237. Awesome video (short) of "murmuration"
  238. NRA Annual Meeting
  239. Music "Stations" Streaming on the Internet
  240. Has Your Local TV Weather Forecasts Turned Into "Jiggle TV?"
  241. Medicare alert !!!!!must read !!!!!
  242. Ads on the Site With Blaring Audio....
  243. Cat lovers
  244. 10 reasons why men SHOULD carry a pink pistol.
  245. Men and the beard thing....
  246. We all got to have one of these!
  247. A Deck of Cards
  248. For Fans In Colorado & Washington state
  249. Ghost Gun - Just Came UPS
  250. Please don’t let your dog drink the bong water.