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  1. Just had a thought about how the gun world and car world could be related....
  2. Whats in that barn???
  3. Picked to be Sergeant Majors driver today...
  4. Would You Admit to having a Carry Permit on a Job App?
  5. Texas Mom Gets Probation, Loses Kids, for Spanking her Daughter
  6. I did not draw my gun or shoot anyone today.
  7. Falling Skies - Who Watched It?
  8. New CPR Technique Video from University of Arizona
  9. Ever hear of a trigger toe?
  10. Is Anyone Else Getting Sick of the Movies Coming Out of Hollywood this Year?
  11. Reggie Brown: great Obama impersonator
  12. Mwangaza Children's Chior
  13. What Colored Hat Am I Wearing?
  14. Then and Now--What We Had, How We Learned
  15. Things you probably didn't know about health care...
  16. Every Friday At The Pentagon
  17. Southern Ingenuity
  18. What The...? Man Assaulted While Trapping Minnows!
  19. Disgusting Behavior in Canada.........
  20. Here's a poster child for the wall of stupid...
  21. Are SWAT Teams Overused?
  22. Defensive Carry Fashion Show.
  23. Conratulations Boston!!
  24. House Hearings On ATF Fast and Furious Gun Running.....
  25. Fun With Thread Titles
  26. New Anti Gun Spokesman....
  27. You get your training on? Project: Kill pep talk with MISTER Trevor (Leslie Nielsen)
  28. Who's Watching The Hockey Game Tonight??
  29. Good News from the Gunsmith
  30. Finally able to pick a wedding date!
  31. Love this house
  32. Most Tactical Ar15 Ever!
  33. Knock on my door at 5:18 am Tuesday.
  34. I Actually Want a Glock Now!
  35. Future SEAL or Mall Ninja?
  36. The Honor of being a Veteran
  37. Do I really need a BOB
  38. Sister blabs & tells everyone you're packin' @ funeral.
  39. Which badge do you like better?
  40. 11 hours left on CQ shift.....
  41. Sorry; I gotta blow off some steam.
  42. Finally Graduated!!!
  43. What's available about you online?
  44. Need help with computer!!
  45. Finally a little press?
  46. Fishing
  47. RIP James Arness (Marshal Matt Dillon, Gunsmoke)
  48. My phone
  49. Blonde Chicks with Guns!!!
  50. Good: Couple Forecloses The Bank! Starts to Seize Banks assets...
  51. SIXTO!!!!!
  52. Adjusting to Night Shifts
  53. Cute PHOTO of a Young Girl Hugging Her Birthday Present from her Daddy
  54. Sinus "pain" when firing some ammunitions/calibers?
  55. A little work-out inspiration
  56. Solicitor General - Earn Less Money
  57. OUCH!
  58. Patti LaBelle's entourage assaults a West Point Cadet...
  59. Accused of attempting to use a fake FOID
  60. Interesting news from our friends across the pond...
  61. New Rhianna video?
  62. Gun oil firm claims Osama was shot dead by pork-coated bullet
  63. I have a job interview back home in Memphis!! Wish me luck!
  64. I Can Haz Gun Permit?
  65. 'War on Drugs' a "failure" - says new report
  66. Russian man makes miniature gun reproductions
  67. Gecko45's not-quite-stable cousin...
  68. Some gun-related demotivational posters
  69. Wal-Mart Senior Greeter
  70. Putting down dogs
  71. VA: Deputy in marked car shoots ex-wife, Trooper; Troopers shoot Deputy after chase
  72. Urban Beach Week: LEOs kill man after several attempted murders; 4 in crowd wounded
  73. More criminals posing as cops.
  74. Need computer advice
  75. What can you add to the new CA to AZ dictionary?
  76. How many holsters can one gun belt support? (my goofy pictures)
  77. Southport Police Department
  78. Make up a new, less offensive name for GUNS...
  79. Memorial Day......
  80. Civic Literacy Exam...What's your score?
  81. This Memorial Day
  82. Silencer Shoot 2011,Who's going?
  83. Where's Janq?
  84. Thought I was giong to get poped for speeding last night.
  85. Stray Dog Survives Being Shot 40 Times and Then Being Buried Alive - Pic , Video
  86. Wife got her Black Belt
  87. VIDEO: Verified Big Foot Sighting near Spokane, Washington!!
  88. Fire in the Hole shootoff
  89. Things that go BLING
  90. "Independent research project" on small arms in Geneva. Not.
  91. How do you give two Secret Service agents a heart attack? Obama shows us the way!
  92. Swat video of officers firing 71 times on suspect.
  93. Chinese-American / US Marine / 2A activist Michael Liao
  94. Police Recover BIG Gun Collection Stolen in Home Invasion from a 59 yr old Man -PIC
  95. A huge thank you!
  96. California Frees Wrong Prisoners....
  97. John Cleese on terrorism
  98. Quiz, Are You A Workaholic?
  99. Talk about a bad day!
  100. College professors discussion of Decline of the West
  101. Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse
  102. Leave my Willie alone.
  103. She only loves me for my Willie.
  104. Language challenge for you
  105. Does anyone else have a legit feeling like they're meant to do something HUGE??
  106. Jeep Wrangler Soft Top Question
  107. You Can't Make This Stuff Up
  108. REAL BBQ Guns: Unusual Pistols at Est. $2.5 million to $5.0 for Pair
  109. How many here like “Rock and Roll?”
  110. End of the World Movies
  111. I need to vent (gun/EMS related). Am I wrong?
  112. Macho Man Randy Savage dies @ 58
  113. A little trout fishing
  114. May 21st your thoughts on the whole thing
  115. Self defense tips, free subscription website, my personal recommendation
  116. Forum post on End of the World 2011 Hilarious!!
  117. CDC - Zombie Attack
  118. Kicking in the wrong door
  119. Randy "Macho Man" Savage Dead
  120. Tiny but effective little crossbow
  121. How short can a horror flick be?
  122. Amazing mini cannon
  123. Michigan rant
  124. A sad realization...
  125. Need photo of woman walking with purse
  126. It's All About How You Write the Report
  127. Archie Bunker on Gun Control
  128. CDC Warns Public to Prepare for 'Zombie Apocalypse'
  129. Space Shuttle Launch As Viewed From An Airliner, Incredible Footage!!
  130. Stranded 68yr old man documented last days on calendar(68 days)
  131. Google your user name?
  132. Is CCW Misunderstood?
  133. Another road rage incident
  134. Lawn Mower Mishap, near disaster
  135. Law & Order: LA 5/16 episode
  136. Bin Ladens Last Facebook Post!!
  137. For Dog Lovers And Their Humans!! Be Sure To Read Until The End.
  138. Omg no way, totally mind blowing.
  139. 4-Wheeler or Side-by-Side Rentals??? DFW
  140. American Military University
  141. Anybody see what would you do last night?
  142. The Rifleman
  143. Gun-shaped ice cube tray
  144. Favorite Song Lyric w/Gun Reference
  145. If you are insured by John Hancock watch this!!
  146. Looking for some ghost/horror short stories
  147. Enjoy!
  148. "Rambama"
  149. How not to test an air bag.
  150. osama update
  151. UBER contempt of cop - LEO with a hair trigger temper. Ofc. Hill, polish your resume!
  152. Social Ills and why we carry
  153. Car Insurance
  154. Really Neat Live VID Bald Eagles Nest With Chicks.
  155. I cracked 200 :)
  156. Mugshots: -- Guess My Charges --
  157. Who is standing up for our rights....?
  158. Lt. Col. Oliver North's Feb 87 terrorist hit squad against his residence.
  159. The official DC pet thread.
  160. When my Situational Awarness is lacking....
  161. Uneasy riders.
  162. Happy mother's day to all the mother's
  163. Fish Food Anyone?
  164. Met a CCW Badge Carrier For First Time
  165. Doctors vs. Gun Owners
  166. Osama's last FB update
  167. Anyone have a blue heeler?
  168. Anyone else feeling overwhelmed?
  169. I just got a job offer!
  170. Attending Muslim Chlid's Funeral...need guidance
  171. For the dog lovers
  172. I got a call from Top Shot's Casting Department!
  173. JUSTIFIED on FX
  174. Anyone here currently an Active or Reserve Army Rotary Winged Aviator?
  175. Shooting Game : Bin Laden Liquor Store
  176. Mayor Daley Requests Security Detail....
  177. Colt AR-15 - $1,400. Box of 5.56 ammo - $10.00. Killing Bin Laden - Priceless.
  178. Just Two More Days to Go !!!
  179. 17 Year Old Robs Dying Pirates Usher
  180. Excuse Me While I Rant
  181. New Drink..................
  182. Happy Star Wars Day
  183. after a day and a half at my new job
  184. Who would have ever thought....
  185. DIY Spray on bedliners
  186. Sprinklers and garden hose dumb questions.
  187. Fire Mission...
  188. A newborn daughter and a good dog
  189. Media hyperbole run amuck (Bin Laden/NY Post)
  190. Big Brother Big Sister and their Accountability
  191. Osama bin laden is dead
  192. Sooo, It's been 14 years since I had a moving violation...
  193. Not good weapons Handling but funny
  194. UK Does It Again........
  195. "The Tactical Douchebagnus"
  196. OMG, a Large Criminal Gang Discovered Right in My Neighborhood!! 9 Arrested! - PIC
  197. You think he'll make a good watch dog?
  198. Ghaddafi' son killed in air strike.
  199. Smashed my bleeping thumb!
  200. Clueless for sure
  201. Anyone else here watch Buffy, Angel, or Supernatural?
  202. Logic 101 Firearms Deaths.......
  203. Anyone drink Manhattans?
  204. Are all our members safe?
  205. Superman Renounces His American Citizenship
  206. What Could be Better than Call of Duty? (hint, think Zombies)
  207. Being a cop takes it's toll........... LOL
  208. Vent
  209. My sister is working through her fear of guns. So proud!
  210. Cinco de Mayo History
  211. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine load of poop
  212. ? Where do we go from here...
  213. Gang Tags
  214. Reality show "Repo Games" gets too real. Neighbor opens fire during repo!
  215. Chinese Government may take 4 yr old Boy away from his parents! -- PIC
  216. Pic association thread
  217. Your Cute News Story Of The Day! Gonna Make You Say Awwwwwww!!
  218. That's what happens when you can't legally make firearms
  219. Mouse Delay
  220. The joys of parenting
  221. Why Women Live Longer Than Men
  222. What the heck is an Alderman?
  223. Happy Easter to everyone
  224. Democracy is violating the law of America...
  225. does she just shake her head?
  226. Rant about stolen laptop
  227. Perhaps the ultimate example of corpus delicti evidence?
  228. What do you do?
  229. College Students Eager to Redistribute Wealth Are Less Eager to Redistribute Hard Ear
  230. Toddler shoots mother...maybe
  231. BAD: Koran Burning Pastor Has a ND in Detroit Fox News Parking Lot
  232. Special Broadcast of "Restrepo" this Monday night at 9pm, to honor Tim Hetherington
  233. Floor help
  234. So, I've been watching reruns of "Adam-12" every morning as I get dressed for work...
  235. Students defend male classmate - who wears heels to school
  236. New Job with the Colts
  237. The Road to Hell
  238. Award Winning American Journalists that filmed "Restrepo" Massacred in Misrata Today
  239. Another umbrella mistaken for a rifle at a mall in Mass.
  240. Let's be mythbusters: "My hands are registered with the govt as deadly weapons."
  241. I thought I was a goner last night
  242. This is a serious rights violation! I am shocked that this is actually going on....
  243. 6 year old brings gun to school..... 3 injured
  244. The Saga of Oklahomas Cattle Rustling Cop
  245. Why is this Horse So Very Pissed Off ?? -- PHOTO
  246. An Oregon Police Chief Rescues 11 Babies this Morning: Declared Local Hero!
  247. Psychology 101
  248. Instructor rating
  249. Midnight Shift
  250. Pirates.........