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  1. Thinking of getting a motorcycle
  2. Sushi, a music... thing
  3. LivingSocial: 50.00 Gun Rental for 24.00 in Grand Prairie
  4. On This Day in History, 150 Years Ago, America's Worst War Began - Pics, Link
  5. Anyone else build fishing rods?
  6. Anyone else find this ironic?
  7. Gas Stations Closed or No Gas Available Recently
  8. The answer to every single what if scenario
  9. Strangers Who Attempt To Flag You Down
  10. FBI "vault"
  11. Mesquite, Tx SRO Pepper Sprays Squirrel
  12. Yuri's night.
  13. Does writing "S O S" in the sand really work? Well...
  14. British Navy shooting on board nuke sub during port call. 1 dead, 1 wounded.
  15. ROFLMAO...it's the darned Robot Aliens
  16. Warning: Bud's Gun Shop credit info at risk
  17. Hate it when...
  18. Microsoft Planning Biggest Security Flaw Update in History for Next Tuesday! -- NEWS
  19. New Mustang with 800 HP and 600 lb-ft of torque to be unveiled next month - PHOTO
  20. My EMS story, I hope y'all find it entertaining
  21. Colorado Woman Burns Koran on YouTube
  22. Who likes cars?
  23. Zip-Off / Convertible Pants....
  24. Future Handgun Confiscation - The Last Handgun On Earth.
  25. Kids live on their own: How often they visit?
  26. "Living for 32" screening in Norfolk, VA
  27. This is one of the scariest things I have ever seen....
  28. Mall ninja
  29. Another Dog Story
  30. JOKE : Bridge to Hawaii??
  31. Gun work
  32. bad day at the range
  33. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power... -- new Video released
  34. Are ther any RVers on Defensive Carry?
  35. Calif. city to eliminate all police use of force
  36. Captian America trailer. Looks good to me!
  37. Decorah Eagle Cam
  38. Granite Countertop question.
  39. First Penguins Ever Spotted Flying, Seen Migrating from Argentina to Antartica - PICS
  40. Identify WW2 Photo?
  41. Mystery Language Finally Translated!! -- VIDEO
  42. Kayak or Canoe?
  43. Zen Teachings...
  44. Personal experiences with interesting aircraft?
  45. Local Sheriff Department's Brand New Dodge Charger Explodes into Flames - PIC
  46. First Images of the New Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki in Action!!! - PICS
  47. 710 Knob
  48. Greatest Film Documentary in US History opens this Sunday Night on PBS at 9pm!!!!
  49. Aircraft Buffs, Check This Out!
  50. Family Feud
  51. Wanna Buy An Aircraft Carrier? The Royal Navy Has A Deal For You!
  52. COWBOYS VS ALIENS gets a rave review, compared to a John Wayne Classic - Link
  53. Any GPS show real view?
  54. I'm a dog lover...
  55. Fears
  56. Lets make things even
  57. Spent some time with true American heroes...
  58. Wheres the Bacon?
  59. And then there were 8
  60. Costco is offering a big 38% off on a Gift for the Wife this Week -- Link
  61. Hot Coffee
  62. Book me a flight on this airline!
  63. For you mountain bikers.
  64. shark tanks
  65. First Time on Cable TV tonight: Roger Corman's 1971 movie "Von Richthofen and Brown"
  66. 15 down, 10 to go.
  67. Anyone Else Going to Go Get "Sucker Punched" Today??
  68. Southern Home Security
  69. ticketed for 65 in 45...
  70. Makes my blood boil! Vietnam summed up in just a few moments of film!
  71. Sons of Guns dual water cooled M16's ;-p
  72. ANOTHER: You Can't Fix Stupid.....
  73. This is just plain cool.
  74. Hard core FOF training!
  75. Prevent car tag from being stolen?
  76. Illegal Immigrants attempt to smuggle in via Marine Uniforms!
  77. the snakes den
  78. 1950 Cult Classic "GUN CRAZY" on Turner Classic Movies Tonight 6:30pm Eastern
  79. Clever toy cap gun's from the 60's
  80. EEK!!!!! Run for your LIVES!!!! lol
  81. Pretty Pistols
  82. Rolling Stone article on AEY
  83. Hell Hath No Fury......
  84. Can Anyone Identify the Pickup Shown in this VIDEO??
  85. Utah now has a state handgun
  86. You Just Can't Fix Stupid
  87. Magazine Article on "Famous Bullets"
  88. Got the Go Ahead From the Wife
  89. National Firearms Museum at NRA Headquarters
  90. Cell Phones & Driving
  91. From a Hummer to Geo....My great buy.....
  92. Ron White
  93. Hunting Scope
  94. I Know This Is America But, I Hate People That Will Scalp A Tragedy
  95. Japan, Amazing Aerial Photos, Before & After The Quake And Tsunami!
  96. Son purchased his first handgun!
  97. I no longer have to worry about break ins
  98. Talking Dog For Sale!!
  99. Best GEICO commercial yet?
  100. How Irish Dance (Like Riverdance) Was Born! (Video)
  101. 28th amendment proposal.
  102. History in schools?
  103. Sheriff 'loses' warrants issued against relative, Isle of Wight Co. VA
  104. What is with the NCIS (not what you think) job postings?
  105. OOPS!!!
  106. The good husband
  107. Great Video Showing What the Desert Warfare Happening in Libya is Like
  108. The Perfect Lawn Ornament?? (Video)
  109. Know your tools!
  110. Another car crash gunman versus EMS & LEO, this time in NC
  111. Doggy Cam! A Dogs Eye View Of Duck Hunting! (Video)
  112. California Man Goes to Beach to Photograph Tsunami -- Now Missing.
  113. Tsunami in Japan
  114. Olf Farmer's Advice
  115. I'm gonna need a sword and maybe some body armor
  116. Quotes about Glock
  117. Funny picture...but true too.
  118. 85-year-old U.S. Army sniper picks off 1000 yard target
  119. iPad 2 vs. Motorola Xoom
  120. Back to the gym after 1 million years
  121. Who else is on the Mid shift tonight?
  122. Stolen trailer-eyes on the road
  123. Its working
  124. Gun Shop Commercial from Bakersfield, CA
  125. Dang mask!
  126. Why Guns are better than Women
  127. Should Charlie Sheen Give Up His Guns and Ammo to His Attorney??
  128. Real defensive tactics
  129. Thank You
  130. Makes me sad to own an Evo.
  131. Singer Phil Collins Reveals he is a Hero of the Battle of the Alamo Reincarnated!!!
  132. Military is too white and too male?
  133. Lawyer's ; you gotta love'em. God does!!!!!
  134. Portland, OR Police Officer Nearly Killed by Suicidal Man Armed with Deer Rifle
  135. Knights Armament Chain SAW
  136. "Don't know the round count but it seems to be low."
  137. Survey from Clark University Graduate Student: Good and Evil
  138. The American Dream?
  139. Cruise of a Lifetime..........
  140. Got $50 Million? Here's Your New Home! (Video)
  141. Natural Sleep Aid?
  142. Something To Ponder!!
  143. Jeep Flashpaq?
  144. ummmmmmmmm, this snow sucks
  145. Back to my sisters this week
  146. How important can he be?
  147. His and her Diaries
  148. Gotta brag about my Wife, again
  149. Nissan Xterra....who has/had one? What do/did you think?
  150. You will love this!
  151. FF/EMT shot by crash victim. Had multiple weapons/scope/laser.
  152. Can you identify this knot?
  153. A Poem For A Woman, And A Poem For A Man!!
  154. Online Map question
  155. I Wonder What Taurus Customer Service Will Do About This - :)
  156. Coroners inquiry
  157. New Nokia Phone
  158. Anyone here have personal vehicle running on......???
  159. Sphincter pucker factor was high at work tonight.
  160. Ted Nugent And Anthony Bourdain Shoot Machineguns And Talk About Hunting!
  161. Apple Announced their New, Improved Apple iPad 2 Today -- Pics
  162. On Line GPS System, Give It A Try!
  163. Why is Glock Called the Dark Side?
  164. Supreme Court sides with Westboro Baptist
  165. Asinine Response to Petulant Student
  166. Need some help
  167. Travel from Tennessee to Indiana
  168. Anti-gun Rally in NY...
  169. Should we start swatting hummingbirds?
  170. Adult Truths
  171. "You Cannot Process me with a Normal Brain"
  172. For the lack of a $2 hinge!
  173. Careful who you let "Watch your back." He might shoot you.
  174. Smartphone Pictures Pose Security Risk For You And Your Children!!
  175. Survival - FREE LAND IN CA. Crops, Free Food, Food Storage, Vegetable Trees
  176. The Carry Laws thread
  177. Glock gets an Oscar
  178. Reporter: LEOs are 'licensed to shoot to kill'; Chief hands out US Constitutions
  179. Is it just me or what...
  180. RipOff Report!!
  181. Virginia State EMS regulations and firearms; prohibition 'struck' - so far so good
  182. Shape shifter lore
  183. Preemption laws
  184. Wondering if I am alone here
  185. This should end well...
  186. Winter storm
  187. sharp-shooting farmer
  188. Lost his hat
  189. America Will be Avenged in Only 5 More Months!!!! -- Photos
  190. Anyone know anything about old Land Rovers?
  191. Saudi student on Visa to TX busted for plot to kill Dubya.
  192. Mexican Paramedics threatened with death for transporting GSW victims
  193. Pittsburgh Residents, I Need Your Help!!
  194. Gold tooth deflects bullet. But so much more funny/stupid in the article...
  195. Shooting victim thanks gold tooth
  196. Brazilian woman finds alligator behind sofa
  197. Ted Nugent plays National Anthem
  198. My HD set up, circa 1993
  199. Jay Lim has got to go!
  200. I just applied for my CCW, Class D, and Class G
  201. Alleluia, the Leonard Cohen version
  202. Helpful Tips from your Freindly Neighborhood Geek
  203. Justin Bieber Shot on CSI
  204. Iran Issues Warning to America Today With a Cyber Attack -- Pic of Statement
  205. There is stupid and then there are these guys...
  206. Dr. Pepper Releases "Manly" Diet Soda!
  207. Can somebody help this poor guy out
  208. Public Perception Of Combatives
  209. fire mission!
  210. Conservative Stronghold forum closed?
  211. Idiot Knocks Out Teeth Shooting Shotgun
  212. Bloomberg's truck coming your way ?
  213. RANT: Why is our banking system so out of date?!
  214. I think I found the safest place to park at the grocery store
  215. Funny Police Reports
  216. The Newcasters on CNN Really Crack Me Up! This was Too Much!!
  217. Caption this photo.
  218. Need Information On 2011 Hyundai Tucson
  219. A Bedtime Story.......
  220. Fun weekend ahead
  221. The best way to protect your property from violent criminals?
  222. How they take care of hostage takers in Spain.
  223. Would you Feel Comfortable Attending This Wedding?? -- PHOTO
  224. RIP Uncle Leo....
  225. Wonder Woman, revisited
  226. Tampa murders and the handgun "waiting period"
  227. Do YOU know who your neighbors are???
  228. "Blue Force Gear" and "eCop! Police Supply" Review
  229. California cat burglar caught red-pawed!!
  230. The Greatest Dog in America is Crowned Champion -- PHOTO
  231. Another dumb burgler
  232. Another gun dream
  233. Allow me to rant here for a moment.....
  234. Do you wear shoes inside your home?
  235. Dealer sent customer letter regarding ATF audit
  236. Midway Promo Codes
  237. To the guy who tried to rob me last night
  238. Oil Price jump. What's your opinion?
  239. Bizarre restictions on proposed gun range (Sussex Co., VA) From VCDL
  240. Police Sergeant on our SWAT Team Accidentally Shoots and Kills Himself at Range
  241. 4 and 6 year old steal my daughter's Barbie Jeep
  242. No more Paypal!
  243. Victim Selection FAIL for Sterling VA Home Invasion
  244. Westboro Baptist Church to Picket a play in my hometown?
  245. Boudreaux and Thibodeaux
  246. Seven degrees of a Cajun
  247. Looks like I'm not out of Indiana just yet.
  248. Paramedic admits to shooting himself, filing false report
  249. Wow: Man Answered the Door Holding a Pistol!
  250. Developer of "Colt 45" dies: