: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. Hunting For Humans
  2. The Dangerous World We Live In
  3. Another FEEL GOOD Liberal Concert Event
  4. Hi Ho, Silver and away! Cowboy saves the day.
  5. What the end of a flat spin looks like...
  6. Sourdough Bread Recipes
  7. Selfie Sticks as weapons
  8. Any cable repair guys in the house?
  9. This Muppet episode would never be made today...
  10. My New Favorite Person!
  11. Leave It To Cleaver
  12. Another sports legend lost
  13. This guy is a great concealed carrier!!!!
  14. Private U.S. Company Wants "Permission" to go to the Moon
  15. Busy day today...
  16. Getting a shot in my eyeball
  17. Martial Arts Thread
  18. Swim call!
  19. Darwin shows up at Yellowstone
  20. Katie Couric does it again
  21. This would be embarrassing
  22. Humor: Family counseling advice in Vietnam
  23. Man shooting at deputies in Walton County arrested
  24. 1 dead in shooting on I-20 near Panola Road
  25. The Ali memorial and heartless greed.
  26. Question about auto crime in Virginia Beach/Lynhaven area
  27. Desecration of a national wonder...
  28. Really ambitious shoplifting...
  29. What is the purpose?
  30. Who would you be?
  31. She's hooked
  32. Big Brother may be watching even closer soon.
  33. I'm Fuming Over This
  34. Broncos player shoots self, misses White House trip.
  35. Burgers
  36. The last 9/11 search dog
  37. BBQ season what's your favorite
  38. New High Octane Toy and Happy Endings! Thank you!
  39. Home Defense...
  40. Band of Brothers
  41. Went For A Little Ride
  42. Police find crack in the strangest places.
  43. U.S. Navy bans booze in Japan
  44. Apparently I'm Moving
  45. "Four Ways Not To Get Shot in Milwaukee"
  46. Distraction or motivator
  47. This is just plain funny......and true
  48. Need help PLEASE - about gunnersalley.com
  49. Guy shoots himself with Glock 9mm, trying fast draw from holster
  50. Aloha Snackbar Gone Wrong
  51. Air mattresses ???
  52. Todays pics of the Grand Canyon and Sedona red rock area
  53. New Members and Lurkers
  54. Spotted salamander
  55. Octane ratings and lawn tractor engines
  56. Double Rainbow
  57. Perhaps the small engine gurus have an idea why it died
  58. Be careful who you hang out with....
  59. went and did it... I got a new car ...again
  60. D-Day June 6, 1944
  61. At least two gunshows this weekend.
  62. Gardening Anyone?
  63. Muhammad Ali is dead
  64. WORK SOX Winter Summer All You Blue Collared Workin' Stiffs
  65. New Car Tech
  66. It was the 3rd of June.
  67. Muhamed Ali/Cassius Clay
  68. One of the coolest things I've seen.
  69. Please, do your due diligence folks.
  70. Did the dear leader grow up watching looney tunes or something?
  71. IMO the internet is the greatest invention ever
  72. Dad attacks convicted rapist that murdered his daughter
  73. Another great day at Wally World....
  74. Work boots!!
  75. Cicadas are back! Uh, no, not really...
  76. In my neck of the woods yesterday......
  77. Instant karma for flag thief
  78. Off topic and way out of this world.
  79. Bud, America & Bud Light
  80. Thunderbird goes down.
  81. Differences in Dogs
  82. Murder Rate Soars in Chicago
  83. 5 year old calls 911 to report his Father for red light violation
  84. You Can't Make This Up
  85. Mr Bill's 2:00 AM Phone Call...
  86. Thanks to Welder...
  87. Right-of-way Driveways
  88. Speaking of Florida...
  89. Hurricane Season Starts Today
  90. State Department issues travel warning
  91. 4th of July warning
  92. Playing golf in FL?
  93. Jobs in the gun industry or lobby
  94. NYC Man Arrested After Beating Wife's Would-Be Rapist to Death
  95. "Preacher" on AMC
  96. Kitty Likes Gator
  97. CZ Evo Scorpion SBR....A Dream to Shoot
  98. Another Planet Department
  99. Memorial Day 2016
  100. 'Friendship Is Colorblind'
  101. Man Shoots Himself In Gas Station Bathroom
  102. gopro or action cameras! who's got them?
  103. polite armed people
  104. Hoping all of you have a safe and reverent Memorial Day
  105. Douglas Smith is on his deathbed
  106. Guitar / Music thread
  107. Don't like snakes? Then don't look
  108. Beer designed for Women
  109. Golf
  110. What happened to "Girl at the Gym"?
  111. OnCamera app (Idiotic self-defense tool)
  112. Veteran Cemetaries and Memorials Vandalized
  113. it's morning
  114. Memorial Day: Marching
  115. Positive image of a West Point Cadet
  116. Kids and guns!
  117. Aging Gracefully
  118. Star Wars Makes Everything Cooler
  119. The New Gang from Texas...
  120. Follow up on useless bystanders thread
  121. Sorry Cowboys fans LOL
  122. Memorial Day, EYE BLEACH!!!
  123. Obama at Hiroshima
  124. 7 shooters you know
  125. Definitive For Guys (Pay Attention)
  126. My Memorial Day Journey: Please Pray for all of our fallen
  127. Gotta come clean, I'm a meth addict.
  128. TSA turn your head and cough
  129. Live action video from Timmy Farm.
  130. Yard Stuff
  131. He's Tough': 7-Year-Old Punches Video Game Store Robber
  132. Memorial day feel good moment
  133. I found the perfect boots for gun nuts (humor)
  134. Wife Finally Said She Wants to Carry
  135. The Metallic Years
  136. MSNBCs Poll...the Libs aren't going to like it
  137. Dumb question...
  138. You all ready for some real mad science??
  139. Some ramblings about Timmy Farm
  140. If your car has a back-up camera,
  141. Range 15 movie ..Mat bess and a bunch of Vets ..And Shanter
  142. Classic Rock...adjusted for age.....
  143. Venting about truck problems
  144. West point cadet texting while marching
  145. PSA - UPS/Shipping costs
  146. Destroying Firearms....
  147. Is this the World's Most Beautiful Horse
  148. Calling all members from the Las Vegas area!!!
  149. Supermarket Find
  150. This Joke is Terrible
  151. Don't kiss a carp in Australia
  152. Tough neighborhood...
  153. Tag lines on postings
  154. 2 1/2 Minutes of Respect
  155. Google- What Inspired People Flypaper?
  156. Stupid burglar ignores "Danger - Don't Enter!" signs. Now one less burglar
  157. Interesting video involving a basketball and a tall dam.
  158. Training the Young...
  159. Got the siding up, paint laid, beer drank
  160. Cooking and recipes
  161. Baseball: Your Ideal All Time BB Team
  162. High school refuses to let Marine walk for graduation over dress code
  163. Need a little help/advice from any "cat people".
  164. Texas dad accused of killing toddler, 3, who wouldn't stop jumping on bed
  165. Frustrating!!!
  166. Pro Baseball changes
  167. DOGO: Ultimate Glock 26 Home Defense Accessory
  168. Tips for staving off arthritis?
  169. If you didn't dislike Target before...
  170. Age old debate...chevy vs ford vs dodge vs ?
  171. I don't usually post "news" but i figured you guys might want to see this.
  172. Shots fired at White House
  173. The Death Of Expertise
  174. Poor Big Sissy
  175. NRA Convention Report, Please
  176. The downside to retirement....
  177. Don't get between a mama and her cub...
  178. Bear received the best news a Bear could ever get and now faces a conundrum… (LONG)
  179. When did I get so old?
  180. How not to carry.
  181. EgyptAir Flight 804
  182. The musical artistry of Pink Floyd
  183. Christian McCaffrey irked by stereotypes of white athletes
  184. Mankind's History or an Approximation...
  185. Hooray for the hometown!
  186. Goliath Heron swallows huge catfish
  187. If meat eaters acted like vegans.
  188. About one year ago, many of you had responded................
  189. Expert IT help
  190. My ballot yesterday.
  191. Oh dear...I'm in love
  192. West Point softball player leaps over catcher
  193. Has anyone's computer updated to Win 10 automatically overnight?
  194. Getting rid of groundhogs
  195. Helpful hints on facing the truth
  196. The good ole days
  197. A bit of good news....
  198. On the menu tonight. Cajun Seafood Tortellini
  199. Our unexpected (unwelcome) visitor.
  200. Heat Sheild product
  201. Your Rifle is Crappy
  202. Here's Otto............
  203. Cop Writing a Ticket...
  204. Sea Stories!
  205. Self Defense for Women
  206. Breaking up a Double play. What not to do.
  207. GunBroker changes format. Not again.
  208. Inflation or highway robbery?
  209. To catch a pearl. 25 fathoms and three minutes!
  210. The Next Bond, James Bond...
  211. Caught a grouper today
  212. Dear me. Florida woman strikes!
  213. Do you have a message for someone out there ??
  214. Philly Woman Beaten Senseless While Bystanders Watch and Do Nothing
  215. USPS pulling for Unions with food drive?
  216. Navy 'strongly recommending' Keenan Reynolds play
  217. Plato's cave and the BLM
  218. Ring avulsion reminder...
  219. 7 YO Girl Saved from Rattlesnake...
  220. Need help identifying this please
  221. Way off topic so I will post it here. Be very careful
  222. Age of entitlement - not so fast
  223. Two knuckleheads playing with a gun at school today; Greenville, SC
  224. Your Smile For The Day
  225. Common Sense RIP
  226. Trans gender and schools
  227. Archery is fun! First shots with my new bow (W&W SF Forged Plus Riser)
  228. Rod Who???
  229. No More Cast for Our Boy
  230. "Amerigeddon" the movie
  231. Cool new semi truck
  232. Google Fiber User Beware
  233. UTs no round in chamber policy.
  234. Florida Boys: Stupid is as stupid does
  235. Army Green Beret and Fiancée Baby Reveal (NSFW in comments)
  236. Man who fires at shoplifters than brags about on on Facebook arrested
  237. probably just got in trouble
  238. Anyone here watch "The Americans" on FX?
  239. Dang. What was this guy taking?!?
  240. Ford Ranger Returning to the U.S.?
  241. Florida man strikes again.
  242. Largest Ever Binary Explosive Detonation! 600lbs!
  243. Navy seals perspective on self defense
  244. How the FBI Unlocked the CA Terrorist's iPhone
  245. Hi point in Detroit serves them well
  246. Male Logic...Flawless
  247. My Grandfather a WW1 Vet a picture
  248. Fox News War Correspondant
  249. Axl's debut with AC/DC
  250. She Got Fired On Her Very First Day