: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. Ted Nugent: NRA asset or liability?
  2. The Finest Hours: Great Movie
  3. NYPD and the 45K rounds of Ammo
  4. Better Call Saul
  5. How safe is your safe
  6. The "Good Old Days"
  7. Oregon Standoff- Live Feed. Warning - strong language
  8. Double taps
  9. I listed a P229 slide on Ebay. and got an odd question...
  10. Andy Griffith has a heart to heart w/Cam Newton
  11. NSA :You Might Be A Terrorist Suspect !
  12. Signs...what signs? Nutter pops off rounds at Reston Hospital in NoVA
  13. Peyton Manning Not So Squeaky Clean?
  14. What's your favorite Carry Caliber
  15. A quarterback with class, sends a statement
  16. Remember Rosie?
  17. Hickok45 is moving
  18. Number one with a bullet WOW;
  19. Joined NRA -- Never have seen so much bulk mailing junk sent to me
  20. Russian Roulette
  21. Ah Florida ..Man tossed gator into Wendys
  22. AZ is trying to pass a tax creidt for CCW holders
  23. The Official NASCAR Thread
  24. Just when you thought it couldn't get more bizarre- Climate change and military act?!
  25. No Clydesdale commercials on the Super Bowl?
  26. Bob Malone-Musician Extraordinaire
  27. EDC videos?
  28. Bear Fu
  29. To help Yankees understand the South
  30. The Super Bowl 50 Thread....Get ready!
  31. Male female crime pair. Male uses female as shield in shoot out.
  32. in a matter of days i will be going into the lions den i could use some encouragement
  33. The Electoral College-this debate is coming....
  34. You've got to be kidding me...
  35. I'm Antigun for one year.
  36. Quadcopter Drone Build thread
  37. In Finland The Are Promoting "THE FORCE"
  38. A plant with an Interesting name....
  39. OPM Data Breach soap opera
  40. break the law and we will pay you!!
  41. Moving to Chicago
  42. the joy of athletic grooming
  43. Cabela's 'Aim Small Win Big' Sweepstakes
  44. Music fans -- great film on NetFlix: The Wrecking Crew
  45. Jackalope repopulation program
  46. WOW, what a horrible way to leave this Earth!
  47. Walking Dead Feb. Start Up
  48. I got yer back
  49. Judging a neighborhood
  50. Obama expanding Federal land grab without congress. (More BLM abuse of power)
  51. FBI is crying
  52. Good, Bad, Ugly...Not for Celebration
  53. High frequency of Maggies lately?
  54. You're a Daisy if you do
  55. HAMAS now has a Tank
  56. Heritage flights
  57. One cool Governor.
  58. PLEASE People! Your Darwin Award attempts kills our cause for the rest of us!
  59. That stinking rodent!
  60. Oregon Standoff: 1979 style
  61. God Good To Bear...
  62. Pest control
  63. Jeff Quinn <Gunblast> In The Hospital
  64. Test Fire Suppressed Handgun In Garage?
  65. My office for the afternoon.
  66. Likes..... What about "Dislikes"?
  67. Volumes of information without asking on a forum about defensive related topics
  68. Bone Tomahawk
  69. Do you like guitarists?
  70. Guns: Music for my ears
  71. simple way to remove brake rotor (no sledge hammer)
  72. Do You Like Guitars?
  73. If I Knew How Great Grandkids Where (I'd have had them first!)
  74. Alyce Dixon, the oldest female Veteran, passes away
  75. Cat fishing.(A cat goes fishing)
  76. NYC devolving into a third world country...more reasons to stay away
  77. 3 guns stolen from FBI vehicle in SF Bay area
  78. Facebook cracks the whip on gun BST pages
  79. Need Miss/Mr Manners (any therapist in the house?)
  80. Crowder Goes to a Gun Show
  81. stupid....
  82. Total Commitment
  83. Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation (or Lack Thereof...)
  84. So who is following the ZIKA out breaks ?
  85. Budweuser?
  86. Super cool illusion..must watch
  87. They Led the Way (not Rangers)
  88. Who owns a Drone??
  89. OOPS...Deputy leave AR on trunk lid, drives away, now it's missing
  90. Divorce settlement
  91. A deadly high. more youth stupidity.
  92. USPS Shenanigans
  93. Threats made to my Alma Mater and where my kids will attend school
  94. If one more
  95. When in disarmed Japan, these are the cutting edge defensive tools...
  96. The Official Unofficial 4 legged critter thread
  97. Population Control
  98. Computer hacked
  99. get your car stolen and go to jail in Milwaukee WI
  100. Saying goodbye to an old Friend
  101. I don't like dogs
  102. Blood Thinners
  103. Crazy motorcycle drag racing crash.......awesome and no injuries
  104. So Long and Thanks for the Fish
  105. The Mind Sees What It Wants To
  106. Quick ones
  107. Pink guns, pink holsters, pepto ocean!!
  108. Welcome to Monday in Chicago - 16 shot in 11 hours
  109. A simple Q&A with a huge impact for me.
  110. U.S. tourist killed in Grenada; hubby tunrs tail and flees
  111. My 13 Year Old Shares
  112. For The Grown-Up Kids.
  113. Luke Skywalker Blaster could be yours.
  114. Has anyone carried a firearm through Canada?
  115. Got some Looney's nowadays
  116. Girl with a gun
  117. Movie - Bone Tamahawk
  118. Left my camera at home
  119. Tax season
  120. New part time hobby
  121. Prank Completly Backfires
  122. Late model F-150 super crew - opinions
  123. Broncos vs Panthers thread
  124. You Can Call Me Crazy, BUT !
  125. 2nd dead body at Chicago / McCormick Place Hyatt in two days
  126. Cardinals v Panthers Thread.
  127. Waffle House again
  128. Best friend shot in NYC..."thought it was unloaded"
  129. Sir Christopher Lee
  130. 9mm Vs .40S&W Trauma Surgeons Viewpoint
  131. The anti's will have a field day with this one
  132. RARE - LASD Pistol Team Exhibition, Historic, 1936, Color enhanced
  133. Submarine Damage Control Party!
  134. Sipping n Painting
  135. Officer shoots off finger in gun store.. sues gun store.
  136. New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos
  137. Shooting at Chicago Hyatt / McCormick Place
  138. Weather outside, be careful
  139. Anyone have a Toro 1128 OHXE Snowblower with Briggs 342cc 16.5 ftlbs-Heated Grips??
  140. Scotch Drinkers......speak up!
  141. Well, if THIS doesn't scare you...........
  142. Open Carry Cowboy Boot - (Humor)
  143. The Official Blizzard Pic Thread - Post 'em Up Here
  144. Tactical Velcro Opening Secret-Special Forces
  145. Your favorite plug-in timer?
  146. Canadian School Shooting
  147. You have one job! Not really political but just plain sad
  148. Dumb criminals (not gun related)
  149. Happy Birthday to All Celebrating Today, the 22nd
  150. Small victories just picked my first official real lock open
  151. This community meeting didn't go at all well.
  152. Good example of wthe need to be prepared
  153. Washington idiot moviegoer shoots fellow patron
  154. Four letter Words
  155. Engineers
  156. Funny Debates
  157. True American
  158. No True Scotsman
  159. Possible Historic Winter Storm Coming...
  160. Stupid Quiz of Stupid
  161. Bad News, Honey
  162. Nice to see a NFL player doing something good
  163. Drunk Queen fan
  164. Homeless Marine story that ends happy,,get a tissue
  165. Mid week funny
  166. The Good Samaritan
  167. Queston for old pharts with bad knees
  168. Liberal Tweet Shot Down (no pun intended )
  169. The incompetent leading the stupid
  170. Sometimes you just need......
  171. First there was iRObot....Now for ROBOMOW!!!!!
  172. Help Me Decide
  173. Trouble in kindergarten
  174. Birthplace of Bill of Rights partially razed
  175. How sad, how could anyone do this???
  176. Big difference between bottled and tap water
  177. A brief rant about logging
  178. Star Wars: Mandalorian Armor for the real world
  179. PA Gun Auction Update with PRICES
  180. My Wife Thinks Of me
  181. RIP Glenn Frey - Founding Member of the Eagles Dies at 67
  183. Calling All Cultural Psychologists
  184. 13 Hours - A very moving film
  185. Polar Vortex, Slow News Day?
  186. Chili for 400?
  187. Thief shoots self during failed robbery attempt
  188. Husband Pranks Wife
  189. Tips From A Thief
  190. Tampa Theater shooting lawsuit
  191. This Cop makes us all proud
  192. From an interview of Clint Eastwood...the <blank> Generation
  193. Arizona v. Green Bay - Game of Inches
  194. Bit of explaining to do
  195. "The Revenant" movie
  196. IRobot Vacuum Cleaner...totally not gun related
  197. Matthew03
  198. ICC T20 World Cup 2016 Schedule
  199. RIP Dan Haggerty
  200. Computer geeks: Any Hackintosh builders out there?
  201. Bear sad... Bear hero died...
  202. RIP Alan Rickman (Snape - Hans Gruber - Nottingham)
  203. A bit neutered
  204. What Country is Mt. Rushmore Located In ?
  205. Difference between Detainee and POW and when Code of Conduct applies
  206. Tool for bolts on each side of Jeep TJ front windshield?
  207. Gun expert explains "Handguns 101"
  208. Legal automatic gun(s)...kinda
  209. Crap of start to the new year.... Furnace edition
  210. Climbing A Wall With 4 Wheels
  211. Alan Rickman dead at 69
  212. UPDATE: "US Navy Sailors Held by Iran Are Released With Their Boats"
  213. "Military Bases No Longer Accepting IDs from Five States"
  214. You Too Can Be A Purple Heart Recipient
  215. Starting the day off in court ...
  216. Do dogs *really* know?
  217. Donít like your mug shot, send a Selfie.
  218. Regulating guns like cars
  219. Funny but must be true?
  220. Suspected Burglar Busted with Stolen Guns/Ammo
  221. much better area than I've been working
  222. Man, the Day Just Keeps Getting Better--Not
  223. Roll Tide!
  224. Give me your opinion of some of these guns up for auction
  225. The deer cinch.
  226. Indoor Shooting Range Approved!
  227. Alabama vs Clemson..National Championship game
  228. Starting A Neighborhood Shooting Group
  229. Car broke down today, load noises, smoke and stuff. Car Expert Advise.
  230. Avoid KOM Tactical
  231. Another one for the anti's... So sad
  232. suspicious activity
  233. Another idiot putting gun owners in a bad light.
  234. EPA, FDA stocking up on body armor?
  235. 35 years of Science
  236. David Bowie dead
  237. Sarcastic Gun Poster or "meme"
  238. Powerball: $1.3 Billion---Record Highest in History
  239. Archie Bunker on gun control.
  240. Cooking like a MAN
  241. US Show of Force to North Korea
  242. My 45 sec ad
  243. Nobody home at Blue Cross/ Blue Shield
  244. Sean Penn needs to grow eyes in the back of his head.
  245. Law enforcement question i guess
  246. How about?
  247. Archie Bunker for President
  248. Bifocals
  249. I Was Naked For 12 Days & I Have Pictures To Prove IT
  250. Gun magazines