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  1. Gotta Love the Wildlife!
  2. Proposed Law Against Carrying "Burglary Tools."
  3. Parental Responsibility
  4. Married men and women..
  5. I can't make this stuff up.
  6. Always Keep in Mind When Posting on Forums:
  7. Geeks Gun in <Gasp> California
  8. Automobile rampage and stabbing this time in Guam.
  9. Is America The Greatest Country in the World?
  10. This is what I want to hear from my pilot
  11. Today's useful factoids: gun control - AU vs. TX
  12. Texas Dad Witnesses Drunk Driver plow into his 2 sons, shoots drunk driver
  13. Sheriff Troop's wisdom
  14. Just For Laughs
  15. FOX reporting LE in gunfight with someone they beleive is Christopher Dorner
  16. Don't Shoot.........I'm Not Dormer.
  17. Heck of a shot... to brighten your day
  18. Maybe Turning 40 Won't Be Too Bad...
  19. why to the left?
  20. School Security - A Little Too Close to Home
  21. Zombie warnings. I am glad that I stocked up on ammo
  22. The Walking Dead
  23. Spartan race
  24. The Following: Who is watching it and isn't it the freakiest show!
  25. This pretty much sums it up for me
  26. Old but still funny
  27. Heads Up! CREDIT REPORTS:
  28. "Assault weapons should join banned list"
  29. Another Anti-Gun Ad
  30. Describe your style.
  31. NRA Membership
  32. What, a pope can resign?
  33. Anyone going to watch?
  34. Addictive shooting game
  35. Whoops -- ATF's Milwaukee 'Fearless' storefront had little to ward off burglars
  36. Interview with an AR-15. HUMOR
  37. Protect schools, children...
  38. Life's Demerit System For Men!
  39. New law to save lives
  40. Authorities announce $1 million reward for Dorner
  41. So........What The Heck Is This ..?
  42. How do you contact someone when their pm box is full?
  43. For dukalmighty.
  44. For all the New Yorkers during snowstorm Nemo
  45. Suppose this one is on Feinstein's list?
  46. Turn you Glock or 1911 into this.....
  47. Young Entrepeneurs
  48. Slowly but surely converted two other, sheep
  49. Top 5 Reasons to Not Use a Shotgun in a Zombie Apocalypse:
  50. Blizzard? No, THIS Was a Blizzard: "THE WHITE DEATH":
  51. They found them
  52. I Don't Always Carry ...
  53. NRA Membership Drive at Cabelas - $25 Gift Cards
  54. Dianne Feinstein for gun rights????
  55. Ban bows and arrows
  56. Getting "sporty" here in New England
  57. The nice man with a Glock
  58. NRA: Customer service (just dumb, or trying to rip me off)?
  59. Three of Top Five Don't Like Guns
  60. Judge flips out at bail hearing
  61. Now the Food & Drug Guard have a free fire zone!
  62. Tools for beginners and pros
  63. The proper shooting grip
  64. Possibly A New Species??
  65. "You picked a fine time to lead us Barack."
  66. The Crown Capital Management International Relations - Russia | "brain centres"
  67. Few choices for internet connection
  68. 50 year old generic white guy-rethinking pot
  69. Interesting Trivia: Murders by Gun, 1910
  70. Reverse Optics?
  71. Feeling Safer Already : Water Buffalo Captured in Ohio!
  72. Good grief!!
  73. Cartoons
  74. Ice cream discount for ccw
  75. U.N. Overreach on Internet mirrors Small Arms Treaty
  76. AutoCorrect
  77. Mousegun Needed
  78. Tea Part RiiRaff? LMAO
  79. Tip for the USPS
  80. New Family Member
  81. Anti Gun commercial on CNN
  82. [Q] Can we post Obama skeet shooting pics?
  83. What Happened
  84. Holy Smokes! Bruce Willis gets it.
  85. Jesse Jackson's warning
  86. David Spade (Joe Dirt) Buys $100,000 in 'Assualt Weapons' - for a good reason!
  87. What not to do in a court of law
  88. So, Think YOU Have an Opinion?
  89. Laptop/Messenger Bag-5.11, Hazard 4 or Maxpedition??
  90. Incredible!
  91. PETA will be furious; possum drop to continue in NC
  92. The VICE's guide to North Korea
  93. Do You Know Where You "Assault" Weapon Is? Apparently Some Indiana L.E.O.s Don't
  94. My new addiction....The DC forums
  95. They Vote....
  96. Obama Photoshops
  97. A few more........
  98. Any Phone/Tablet Junkies?
  99. Military Style Assault Boot
  100. I want my backyard to look like this...
  101. Rethink Breast Cancer presents: Your Man Reminder
  102. I think my pockets are shrinking
  103. Talm about condition ORANGE
  104. Steven Tyler needs a bra
  105. Any photographers here?
  106. Top Gear: Series 19 Starts Tonight! 9:00 PM Eastern
  107. Alabama Boy RESCUED! Killer Dead:
  108. Obama: Gun Salesman of the Century
  109. Whatever happened to......
  110. Speed Enforced By Aircraft
  111. Peirs Morgan tonight 02/04/13
  112. Rant
  113. satire survey I recently composed to forward to liberals who will think its real
  114. gasoline storage
  115. I need some help and advice…
  116. That was one exciting Super Bowl!!!
  117. You Were Born When?
  118. To our veterans
  119. This or that?
  120. Even snowmen understand 2A!!
  121. Conspiracy Theory Thread
  122. Camp David mailbox
  123. A Very Kentucky Christmas
  124. Obama Opens South To Attack
  125. How paranoid are you?
  126. What is this group called "Anonymous"?
  127. Currency Wars
  128. W.H. Releases Photo of Obama Shooting a Gun
  129. What are your top five favorite movies?
  130. Today's letter to editor
  131. The Preppers of New York
  132. Threat of an EMP event; presentation
  133. Gypsy asks for a fight
  134. 2 more thugs going down
  135. Texas Senator Takes a Stand for 2nd Amendment
  136. The official Piers Morgan garbage can thread
  137. photos
  138. Certified letter in the mail...
  139. Off topic: It is just propaganda or are there really this many shootings?
  140. Who is watching the Super Bowl?
  141. Why my liberal Neighbors aren't speaking to me
  142. Illinois leads other states when it comes to this
  143. Sources: Obama "hardly ever" shoots skeet -- LOL
  144. Was Lurking On DemocraticUnderground for About An Hour...
  145. One Man who Saved the World from Nuclear War
  146. Only infringed a "little bit"
  147. Hostage: 6 yr Old: Long Time This Has Been Going On:
  148. Conservatives are at it again...
  149. The only housework I will do is clean my guns
  150. Is there another Davy Crockett out there?
  151. Oh boy, here we go...
  152. Top ten reasons: For Piers Morgan
  153. Another "Gun Free Zone" failure
  154. Ban high capacity
  155. "Tactical" Items For Sale On Ebay! (Humour)
  156. Any readers? - Great books!
  157. I picked up some ammo at McDonalds
  158. Shall We Gather at he River? Hymn #365
  159. obama & socialism: interesting facts inside.
  160. Who said Corporal Punishment Was Gone?
  161. Newsbusters.org
  162. Mag Pushes Fake Picture of Obama Skeet Shooting
  163. Marsha Blackburn (TN-R) challenges Obama to a skeet shoot...
  164. Superbowl party, you are all invited!!!
  165. The "Not-Watching-the-Superbowl" Thread
  166. Trac Fone cell phone service
  167. Man's best friend stories.
  168. Photos of deployment
  169. Another Joke
  170. Just for the pun of it...
  171. Humor: Hitler Reacts to Brownell's Pmag Backorder Problem
  172. Stoopid cat
  173. Why Dianne Feinstein Fears Pistols with Rails
  174. World's Smallest Revolver
  175. Need help moving my barn
  176. What's Your America?
  177. Shoot or No Shoot
  178. ~A cup of tea~ Joke
  179. Major props to my dad! (...who is the NRA, by the way!)
  180. Looking for input on home automation/surveillance
  181. Mule Trading
  182. Military Folks:Would you change your MOS.service if you had to do it over again?
  183. M&p shield
  184. New Acronyns
  185. End of watch
  186. Whats your favorite "GUY" movies?
  187. Mas Ayoob and John Strayer in helo crash
  188. Anyone seen "Zero Dark Thirty?"
  189. Obama Doesn't Have A Son, But...
  190. What other hobbies do you all enjoy?
  191. Polls
  192. Instagram??
  193. What goes clipclop clipclop bang bang
  194. Question about abbreviatons of this forum
  195. Nothing puts me in a bad mood faster than...
  196. Fence Repairs: Deer , Elk, Donkey and Two Horses - One of Which is Always hungry
  197. Old age sucks.
  198. Super Bowl XLVII Half Time Show!
  199. Target practice
  200. Russian full auto horseplay
  201. The Afgan Quarterbabck
  202. Novelty 'Gunbrellas' Provoke Police Warning In B.C. (Story and video)
  203. Official Zealous D.A. Thread
  204. Traditional Chinese medicine
  205. Jumping to conclusions (comic)
  206. How Much MPG Do You Get?
  207. I would so like to post this "in the news"
  208. Just how far will things go before we wake up ...
  209. What critter ate this?
  210. He Swallowed How Many Illegal Pills???
  211. Re-runs of Adam-12-Interesting to watch the difference
  212. No Silver Bullets
  213. Unarmed clerk attacked with knife and hammers
  214. Just had a cop trash my house and search my room
  215. Really? Really?
  216. Junior Seau's family sues
  217. sounds kinda fishy to me
  218. GEICO Insurance - Cancelled policy because Man makes firearms parts
  219. Examiner: Obama Wants Military Leaders Who Will Fire ON US Citizens.....
  220. And some of you wonder where the Antis get it...
  221. Just when I thought this country was too far beyond saving...
  222. Ban words
  223. Benghazi... it's now the republicans fault!
  224. Great suggestions made by a Sandy Hook family...
  225. Paper Gun Justifies Searching School Girl in Front of Class?
  226. WRAL Raleigh NC: Soft Targets Hard Choices.
  227. Lawsuit filed by bystander in Empire Building shooting.
  228. Brazil LEO defends himself against an Armed Robber
  229. Home Alarms - Anyone have suggestions?
  230. SS and AARP
  231. The other side of a weapon
  232. Anyone watch "The Following" on FOX last night?
  233. Funny gun / anti-gun video
  234. Check out this pic i took..Pretty funny
  235. Another WWII unsung hero gone
  236. Flubs the Oath of Office Again???
  237. 1000 and counting ....
  238. Four more "weapons" that should be banned by Obama and his ilk
  239. The Real Cat Woman...look out Batman
  240. Can I modify my own mags?
  241. MrColionNoir strikes again: You Know You're a Gun Control Hypocrite if ...
  242. In case anyone has not noticed.............Hockey started today!!!
  243. Riding the Bed, stricken with the Flu, thank God for a lapto
  244. Laser Spine Surgery
  245. Over 100 kids die from flu every year... Why is this not a priority
  246. Time Warner Cable dropping gun ads
  247. Always liked Brownells, but like them even more now!
  248. Funny and sad: English teacher ends gun-related discussion in unusual way
  249. Gun control, and you
  250. Bed bugs afraid of guns?