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  1. "Bloomburg 30-Round, Sugary, 'A Salt' Magazine Giveaway"
  2. Of the zombies or commies come, which guns would you grab?
  3. Poll: Your Favorite Type of Lunch/Sandwich Meat?
  4. An Eagle Owl soaring through the trees and belying the majesty of nature
  5. Proud Papa - my son gets it!
  6. car help.
  7. How would you like to look out your window and see this!
  8. Need a Laugh Today (OWB)
  9. I just can’t decide who I am madder at…
  10. DHS thinks you are a Criminal, but cannot admit where they fail to protect you!
  11. And now it is time to play "Ask the Experts!"
  12. Your 2012 Federal Taxpayer Receipt.........
  13. Dad's story....
  14. Hitler finds out gun control failed in the senate.
  15. It's Raining Smith & Wesson Model 36's and 60's in .38 Photo Thread!
  16. Neighbor Gave Me a New Target
  17. Oops! - 20,000 U.S. M-16s stolen from unguarded warehouse in Kuwait
  18. Boston Bomber Prosecution - Poll
  19. As seen on Reddit
  20. What do you think is the *coolest* handgun?
  21. Dead or Alive?
  22. School wants to build a (gasp, shiver) shooting range.
  23. Obama’s Plan to Destroy America Hatched at Columbia Says Classmate
  24. Update: Granny Who Killed Grandson Gets 20-40 years
  25. Man survives Boston and Texas explosions....
  26. LIVE: House Surrounded, Near Boston, Huge Police Presence, Drawn Guns
  27. BOSTON!: A Night of GUN BATTLES, 1 Bombing Suspect Dead, Massive Manhunt On For 2nd:
  28. Chance To Win An AR15
  29. Reports of gunfire on MIT campus near Boston
  30. The rape solutions:Libtard Vs Conservative
  31. Term Limits
  32. My back hurts....
  33. HUSHPUPPIES...What's Y'alls Fave Recipes???
  34. Officer Dan Combs..
  35. We need some humor...
  36. High School Memories
  37. American History........April 19, 1775.
  38. SUSPENDERS...Who Wears Them Besides Me?
  39. Enter To Win A Springfield XD-S .45 ACP
  40. A Fertilizer Plant Just Exploded Near Waco, Texas
  41. Crazy Uncle Joe Cries, and if you are NRA, you lies! Video
  42. Help name my farm.
  43. Nevada buses hundreds of mentally ill patients out-of-town
  44. Nice tribute to Marathon Victims at Boston Bruins game
  45. Random Thought's OR First Word That Comes To Mind...
  46. Here's The Deal...
  47. Poll: Entity Behind the Boston Marathon Bombings
  48. Your Soft Drink Of Choice...What might it be Say Ye??
  49. Sacrilege? LOL
  50. Classy "SCOT" on Late Night TV (Now An American)
  51. Go Figure......
  52. Connecticut Gov. Malloy's Comments Outrage Gun Makers
  53. Haha Oh Boy This is a Good One...College Prof Outed as a Nazi Fetishist Perv
  54. No Surprise Here..........
  55. Open Carry - A simple code of rules we should all follow
  56. Punk Takes on Gulf War Vet and Gets Humiliated
  57. Glock 17 mags in stock
  58. I bought a pistol in CA with no waiting period.
  59. Aren't you glad you don't live in Maryland? (ironically called "The Free State"
  60. Decorated Vet Arrested After ‘Rudely Displaying’ His Rifle
  61. Securing a Marathon
  62. research paper on the Klan, fun fact
  63. Taxed Twice on Vehicle
  64. Got me a new Avatar
  65. Hammer murder
  66. Jerry Seinfeld Gone?? RIP
  67. Things your significant other does that irritate you.
  68. Iphone question, related to DC
  69. Boston Marathon Explosions.......Dozons of Injuries....Fox.
  70. You too can achieve happiness
  71. Glock PAD
  72. Shameless bragging...
  73. Jeff foxworthy on upstate ny.......
  74. Kids and Guns
  75. SNL takes on gun control
  76. TJsotomayor Funny As Can Be
  77. Chuck Woolery on Assault Weapons
  78. Irrefutable Scientific Proof
  79. How Tall Do You Have To Be To........ And.....
  80. Motor Officer in high-speed chase
  81. The first, and I wish it was the last.....................
  82. So NYC is becoming the UK - Violent crime spiking in wealthy Manhattan neighborhoods
  83. What is the last thing you spent too much money on?
  84. Weird street shooting in the news: Two shooters; one ends it with suicide
  85. Home made sniper rifle
  86. Bill O'Reilly Article - 'Sympathy for the Devil'
  87. Passing time
  88. Guns!! At Kroger!!
  89. OOPS - Bloomberg Stooge Mayor from PA used Gun to force attempted rape on young boy
  90. The Controversial K-Mart Commercial
  91. Citizen's Arrest
  92. No it is not censorship — just PC run amuck
  93. Holy Smokes! Respect Nature.
  94. Humor - Baretta Jetfire
  95. List of quotes concerning Gun Control........... pretty good list
  96. Favorite movie quotes. Any film genre. Quote plus Movie
  97. When Mayors go bad...
  98. Thieves Make Off With Two Safes
  99. Houston Knife Attack
  100. Jane Fonda says, "Get a life"
  101. Fire mission
  102. Beaver Attacks and Kills Man
  103. Guide to gun Safety by Diana Gette
  104. What in the world is wrong with us?
  105. Cell phone weapon?
  106. Sri Srinivasan, Supreme Court Justice? Obama Nominee Eyed As Potential SCOTUS Pick
  107. Ammo...
  108. Geraldo Owned by old guy...
  109. Fire mission
  110. Suicide, shot himself twice in the head
  111. Circus Elephant Shot In Drive By
  112. Help Identify This Toy from the 80s
  113. Treason...Again?!
  114. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  115. Please help
  116. How do you guys deal with know it all liberals?
  117. Microsoft Outlook Question
  118. OMG!!!!!
  119. Ncaa final
  120. Mousketeer Lost
  121. Gun Free Zone Poster
  122. The War on Drugs
  123. MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry says your children are not yours
  124. 60 minutes 4/7/13
  125. An Iron Lady's Gone
  126. Payment for Act of Kindness: 2 Days in Car Trunk - at AGE 89!:
  127. Let's Hear It For The ATF....
  128. Anonymous is on our side - Don't know if that's good or bad
  129. Montana - 'you kill it, you grill it' law. Yummy in my Tummy!
  130. Happy, Happy, Happy - Hundreds of Texas educators take free concealed handgun class
  131. Big Green Egg Grill
  132. Cleaned 25 guns today....
  133. Photo Composition
  134. Baby's First 50
  135. Ambien and firearms don't mix
  136. Ballistic gelatin test of new hi-cap Oreo pump gun
  137. Auction Guns ... only an elephant could carry these concealed
  138. "Official" West Virginia Rifle
  139. Anyone use compound bows?
  140. Finally got my flag flying again
  141. Massive Fail......and just plain cool.
  142. Local police delete comment
  143. Do not click here if arachnophobic!
  144. Big gun bust in Detroit
  145. Sid Caesar Trys Health Food
  146. 007 James Bonds fans -- which film is your favorite?
  147. TSAgent Goes Spray-zy
  148. How to defend against chemical attack home defense???
  149. The L and the r To Be Removed From Alphabet
  150. Maryland School Board Nixes “L” From Alphabet Because it Looks Like a Gun
  151. So I seem to be on the Warpath today
  152. Justified! Season finale waaaay better than Walking Dead! SPOILER ALERT!!
  153. Carpet Gun:What I carried as a Kid in Brooklyn, NY (1950's)
  154. UN Arms Treaty Text
  155. Golf Course for Disabled Vets
  156. Latest (Stupid) Driving Craze
  157. Favorite protective dog breeds?
  158. New Currency
  159. Funny Story
  160. Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? Here: to Police Heros! I'm Angry at Fate!
  161. Hypothetical Instant Life and Death Decisions :
  162. Whoopee April is Beer Month here in North Carolina
  163. I have named my SW 640 Pro
  164. If The Poo Hits......
  165. Grunt Terminology
  166. Kitchen update
  167. Where is he now?
  168. Too good not to post...
  169. Not so funny...
  170. I'm trapped!
  171. Does The Dropped Food 5 Second Rule Exist?
  172. Run down of anti gun SD advise.
  173. Nothing left to strive for
  174. An Analogy for the Current Anti-Crowd? = next elections?
  175. 40 agents storm home....
  176. Glock Accused of Scamming Arizona Neighborhood Out of Hundreds, Local Police ......
  177. Hole In The Wall Gang Camp
  178. April 1st
  179. Tinnitus and Shooting Protection
  180. Did anyone else see this CBS Racist-Sexist Propaganda
  181. It is for the kids
  182. Congress jokes. Or, rather, jokes about Congress
  183. Wishing You a Safe and Happy Easter
  184. Happy Easter with a 50BMG
  185. I Guess You' Call This A CC Cannon.
  186. hahahahahaha
  187. Here is to = Up your Jim Carrey......... LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  188. A little help here - Lost River WV - any local ranges to shoot at?
  189. Crazy Lil Kim is at it again
  190. America has lost another hero....
  191. Is it better to quit or wait to be fired?
  192. Baby Kim Threatens to NUKE ---Austin, TX ?
  193. 2002 porsche 911 gt2 or 2000 ferrari 360 modena?
  194. Dis-band the Department of Homeland Security?
  195. Unmitigated disaster....
  196. Today's trip to the range was fun
  197. They're Out Of Their MInds.....INO.
  198. “The Ex-wife”
  199. Jim Carry Rebuttal - A Talking A$$
  200. VAST Arsenal
  201. Idiot Shoots Deer at Walmart
  202. Found this on Glenn Beck's FB
  203. You Need Balance In Your Life
  204. School or work?
  205. Seven pit bulls kill 2 yr old toddler in her own yard
  206. Books: classics from the Founding era; what have you read lately?
  207. Road Trip without any destination or timeline: are you guilty?
  208. Almost Put This Under Ugly
  209. Listening in on the Enemy within....
  210. Man shoots deer at Wal Mart
  211. To make you smile, perhaps to make you proud.
  212. Badass Throw-down; Part one
  213. Columinst wants to end funeral honors for some vets
  214. Where 'ur from
  215. Inscription on Jefferson Memorial
  216. Logic?
  217. NRA news webpage dead?
  218. Drones and taxes
  219. What is rep power?
  220. Pinterest for Guys!
  221. Drunk, gun grabbing Mayor arrested in Florida
  222. Autographed Photo of Jim Carrey Auctions on eBAY - So Seller Can Buy Gun!
  223. Florida Is At It Again...
  224. Local Sheriff Can't Carry Gun - Under Indictment
  225. What is wrong with people these days
  226. WWB 45 ACP Instock at Midway $41 for 100 round vaule pack!!!!
  227. 1 Million dollar reward dries up for Dorner, the Cop killing Cop
  228. Olympus Has Fallen: Has anyone seen it yet?
  229. Total Colapse of Society: How will Ammo be produced???
  230. Help me choose my next vehicle
  231. Astronaut Mark Kelly’s Assault Dog Kills
  232. New Carry Method unable to pass TSA
  233. Discussion on Cyprus and what it means to us
  234. Don't prosecute felonious acts with guns...
  235. Came Across this on FB
  236. Elvis is alive.............
  237. Understanding Engineers..
  238. Laugh from another time or was it world
  239. Thread deleted?
  240. Need some computer security assistance
  241. Fot those among us with OCD.
  242. Who should be tried for treason?
  243. Top Ten Reasons Men Prefer Guns to Women
  244. From the TV show The Newsroom(FYI: contains a bad word)
  245. Why would anyone want panic buying?
  246. Beer warning
  247. March madness!
  248. Liberal Demos & Shootings
  249. Taxes...
  250. Womb Service........