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  1. 2 more thugs going down
  2. Texas Senator Takes a Stand for 2nd Amendment
  3. The official Piers Morgan garbage can thread
  4. photos
  5. Certified letter in the mail...
  6. Off topic: It is just propaganda or are there really this many shootings?
  7. Who is watching the Super Bowl?
  8. Why my liberal Neighbors aren't speaking to me
  9. Illinois leads other states when it comes to this
  10. Sources: Obama "hardly ever" shoots skeet -- LOL
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  12. One Man who Saved the World from Nuclear War
  13. Only infringed a "little bit"
  14. Hostage: 6 yr Old: Long Time This Has Been Going On:
  15. Conservatives are at it again...
  16. The only housework I will do is clean my guns
  17. Is there another Davy Crockett out there?
  18. Oh boy, here we go...
  19. Top ten reasons: For Piers Morgan
  20. Another "Gun Free Zone" failure
  21. Ban high capacity
  22. "Tactical" Items For Sale On Ebay! (Humour)
  23. Any readers? - Great books!
  24. I picked up some ammo at McDonalds
  25. Shall We Gather at he River? Hymn #365
  26. obama & socialism: interesting facts inside.
  27. Who said Corporal Punishment Was Gone?
  28. Newsbusters.org
  29. Mag Pushes Fake Picture of Obama Skeet Shooting
  30. Marsha Blackburn (TN-R) challenges Obama to a skeet shoot...
  31. Superbowl party, you are all invited!!!
  32. The "Not-Watching-the-Superbowl" Thread
  33. Trac Fone cell phone service
  34. Man's best friend stories.
  35. Photos of deployment
  36. Another Joke
  37. Just for the pun of it...
  38. Humor: Hitler Reacts to Brownell's Pmag Backorder Problem
  39. Stoopid cat
  40. Why Dianne Feinstein Fears Pistols with Rails
  41. World's Smallest Revolver
  42. Need help moving my barn
  43. What's Your America?
  44. Shoot or No Shoot
  45. ~A cup of tea~ Joke
  46. Major props to my dad! (...who is the NRA, by the way!)
  47. Looking for input on home automation/surveillance
  48. Mule Trading
  49. Military Folks:Would you change your MOS.service if you had to do it over again?
  50. M&p shield
  51. New Acronyns
  52. End of watch
  53. Whats your favorite "GUY" movies?
  54. Mas Ayoob and John Strayer in helo crash
  55. Anyone seen "Zero Dark Thirty?"
  56. Obama Doesn't Have A Son, But...
  57. What other hobbies do you all enjoy?
  58. Polls
  59. Instagram??
  60. What goes clipclop clipclop bang bang
  61. Question about abbreviatons of this forum
  62. Nothing puts me in a bad mood faster than...
  63. Fence Repairs: Deer , Elk, Donkey and Two Horses - One of Which is Always hungry
  64. Old age sucks.
  65. Super Bowl XLVII Half Time Show!
  66. Target practice
  67. Russian full auto horseplay
  68. The Afgan Quarterbabck
  69. Novelty 'Gunbrellas' Provoke Police Warning In B.C. (Story and video)
  70. Official Zealous D.A. Thread
  71. Traditional Chinese medicine
  72. Jumping to conclusions (comic)
  73. How Much MPG Do You Get?
  74. I would so like to post this "in the news"
  75. Just how far will things go before we wake up ...
  76. What critter ate this?
  77. He Swallowed How Many Illegal Pills???
  78. Re-runs of Adam-12-Interesting to watch the difference
  79. No Silver Bullets
  80. Unarmed clerk attacked with knife and hammers
  81. Just had a cop trash my house and search my room
  82. Really? Really?
  83. Junior Seau's family sues
  84. sounds kinda fishy to me
  85. GEICO Insurance - Cancelled policy because Man makes firearms parts
  86. Examiner: Obama Wants Military Leaders Who Will Fire ON US Citizens.....
  87. And some of you wonder where the Antis get it...
  88. Just when I thought this country was too far beyond saving...
  89. Ban words
  90. Benghazi... it's now the republicans fault!
  91. Great suggestions made by a Sandy Hook family...
  92. Paper Gun Justifies Searching School Girl in Front of Class?
  93. WRAL Raleigh NC: Soft Targets Hard Choices.
  94. Lawsuit filed by bystander in Empire Building shooting.
  95. Brazil LEO defends himself against an Armed Robber
  96. Home Alarms - Anyone have suggestions?
  97. SS and AARP
  98. The other side of a weapon
  99. Anyone watch "The Following" on FOX last night?
  100. Funny gun / anti-gun video
  101. Check out this pic i took..Pretty funny
  102. Another WWII unsung hero gone
  103. Flubs the Oath of Office Again???
  104. 1000 and counting ....
  105. Four more "weapons" that should be banned by Obama and his ilk
  106. The Real Cat Woman...look out Batman
  107. Can I modify my own mags?
  108. MrColionNoir strikes again: You Know You're a Gun Control Hypocrite if ...
  109. In case anyone has not noticed.............Hockey started today!!!
  110. Riding the Bed, stricken with the Flu, thank God for a lapto
  111. Laser Spine Surgery
  112. Over 100 kids die from flu every year... Why is this not a priority
  113. Time Warner Cable dropping gun ads
  114. Always liked Brownells, but like them even more now!
  115. Funny and sad: English teacher ends gun-related discussion in unusual way
  116. Gun control, and you
  117. Bed bugs afraid of guns?
  118. Jeepers Creepers where'd ya get them peepers?
  119. Tradegy in the making.....
  120. Apparel to Block Surveillance Sensors
  121. pay check #2...The Sequel!!
  122. New Ruger Gun
  123. Wall Street Journal
  124. I can't believe I haven't thought of this before now ...
  125. Urgent - Breaking News
  126. You can't tell me they don't look alike.
  127. The difference between Bama' and Notre Dame
  128. It is not just ammo that is skyrocketing
  129. Movie errors
  130. Enough gun?
  131. The official west texas sheriff exam
  132. Look Familiar.............
  133. Interesting Event In Class Today
  134. Man of God or Criminal Nighttime Visit
  135. Is this shortage related?
  136. Five Times As Likely To Die From Second-Hand Smoke
  137. Cartoon: Weapon Guide For the Uniformed
  138. bad parenting skills
  139. The Second Wave
  140. Spiderman
  141. Is it too early to...
  142. Criteria for where to move
  143. Oh, happy day....
  144. A Message to the MASSIVE Number of Guests On the Forum
  145. New Ruger!
  146. Most users ever online was 17,111, Yesterday at 09:47 PM.
  147. A tactical...
  148. Mental health and guns
  149. Rule # 1 cardio.
  150. They Were Quick To Turn On Us........
  151. I haven't seen the sun in weeks
  152. I Love Civil Disobedience When Warranted. . . .
  153. James Yeager makes it on Colbert Report
  154. With apologies to Baboons
  155. Silliest Harley accessory ever!
  156. Wrong diner
  157. Police unusual punishment
  158. New Cabela's
  159. Citizens Against Senseless Violence
  160. Apologetics?
  161. My method of making a statement on the 2A.
  162. Slickguns.com - can you access it?
  163. This is how we do it
  164. NY and.....
  165. Southern confidence
  166. Sandy Hook- any photo evidence?
  167. UPDATE Hanging up my guns
  168. Deer Hunting after Weapons ban
  169. WTB - Your ( soon to be illegal ) NY magazines................................
  170. Old video for those who have not seen it
  171. What we need need to do about all these assault weapons plaguing our country
  172. Guns Made into Jewelry Fight Violence with Style
  173. Gift for friend getting out of army
  174. I feel safer already
  175. Divining Rods/Dowsing Rods
  176. Practicing, just in case
  177. This is the solution to gun violence!
  178. Fire mission
  179. WAAAAYYY off topic Cell Phone ? for tech savvy peoples
  180. Another Assault Weapon (rock) on Ebay.
  181. Man's Version of a short love story
  182. The Assault Camera
  183. Hopyard's reading list from 2012
  184. The Scandal That "Should" Bring Obama Down
  185. Too funny
  186. Photo taken in Sixto's bathroom
  187. This is why they want your guns
  188. A Liberal but well written blog "Gun Advocacy and the Loss of Personal Control"
  189. Safe Family Gun Guide (photo humor)
  190. I did something dumb the other day
  191. 4th grader daughter's social studies homework.
  192. Good Omens
  193. Angel Flight...USAF
  194. Some photos from Afghanistan...
  195. Federal Government (bureaucratic programs) Pay Raise
  196. You guys have bloated my ego
  197. A thought on retorts to "Guns are designed to KILL"
  198. Time for a bit of humor...
  199. Thought about "Public redirection"
  200. Local man making a 'statement'
  201. Is this how it feels to debate with Piers Morgan?
  202. One of the best movie lines
  203. Paul LePage Governor of Maine
  204. off topic, my thoughts on the anti-bully movement in schools
  205. Video Games and Movies...
  206. The Afghani quarterback
  207. Has Anyone Seen This?
  208. The Art of Shaving
  209. The Truth About Law Enforcement & Gun Violence Prevention
  210. NRA or other car/truck decals
  211. Wyoming Threatens Arrests for Federal Gun Grabbers
  212. Magnum P.I.
  213. DIE, PIG! Graphic Photo! [sarcasm/]
  214. Can't legislate Utopia
  215. Military Drawing Up Plans for Nationwide Gun Confiscations
  216. lining Up Early for the Inauguration
  217. Another sign from my travels.
  218. Caught : Theives Who Stole Deceased Iraq Vets Medals
  219. Fed Judge temporarily stops some of NYC's "Stop & Frisks"
  220. AWB March on State Capitol Jan 19th 2013
  221. Bill Clinton: I think he's trying to be funny...
  222. Shopping in Texas
  223. Amazing how easy schools can indoctrinate children
  224. More attacks on the Constitution (4th Amendment next on the chopping block)
  225. Alex Jones video after Piers Morgan Interview (Humor or off topic..)
  226. Good Thing Police Did Not Shoot This Guy
  227. AZ- for sale BCM middy AR
  228. PC junk or Sensitive?
  229. 'Gun Appreciation Day' Scheduled For Jan. 19
  230. "We are raising a generation of deluded narcissists"
  231. Sex Offender Commits Suicide
  232. Custom Birthday Card
  233. Assault Weapon on eBay
  234. Police: Please stop throwing rocks at buses
  235. Bobcat attacks Massachusetts man in garage
  236. Interesting Read on Gun Confiscation
  237. Need Chicgo Style Cyanide Ban!
  238. Recommend some old, non-slanted American History books
  239. All you Cops/LEO - Question
  240. How far will you go boycotting "anti 2A" companies
  241. Pulling my money out of Bank of America
  242. IRS stupidity
  243. Shooting a Bobcat in Massachusetts!
  244. Why I love my wife...
  245. Fat guy + McDonalds - 100 pounds = Ironman Triathlete. See my documentary! (6min)
  246. Roll Tide or Fightin' Irish....Who will take the BCS title tonight?
  247. Bank Of America...... Too ?
  248. Sign For Your Door !
  249. Low information voter random thoughts
  250. Sympathies to JeanLouise