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  1. Federal Government (bureaucratic programs) Pay Raise
  2. You guys have bloated my ego
  3. A thought on retorts to "Guns are designed to KILL"
  4. Time for a bit of humor...
  5. Thought about "Public redirection"
  6. Local man making a 'statement'
  7. Is this how it feels to debate with Piers Morgan?
  8. One of the best movie lines
  9. Paul LePage Governor of Maine
  10. off topic, my thoughts on the anti-bully movement in schools
  11. Video Games and Movies...
  12. The Afghani quarterback
  13. Has Anyone Seen This?
  14. The Art of Shaving
  15. The Truth About Law Enforcement & Gun Violence Prevention
  16. NRA or other car/truck decals
  17. Wyoming Threatens Arrests for Federal Gun Grabbers
  18. Magnum P.I.
  19. DIE, PIG! Graphic Photo! [sarcasm/]
  20. Can't legislate Utopia
  21. Military Drawing Up Plans for Nationwide Gun Confiscations
  22. lining Up Early for the Inauguration
  23. Another sign from my travels.
  24. Caught : Theives Who Stole Deceased Iraq Vets Medals
  25. Fed Judge temporarily stops some of NYC's "Stop & Frisks"
  26. AWB March on State Capitol Jan 19th 2013
  27. Bill Clinton: I think he's trying to be funny...
  28. Shopping in Texas
  29. Amazing how easy schools can indoctrinate children
  30. More attacks on the Constitution (4th Amendment next on the chopping block)
  31. Alex Jones video after Piers Morgan Interview (Humor or off topic..)
  32. Good Thing Police Did Not Shoot This Guy
  33. AZ- for sale BCM middy AR
  34. PC junk or Sensitive?
  35. 'Gun Appreciation Day' Scheduled For Jan. 19
  36. "We are raising a generation of deluded narcissists"
  37. Sex Offender Commits Suicide
  38. Custom Birthday Card
  39. Assault Weapon on eBay
  40. Police: Please stop throwing rocks at buses
  41. Bobcat attacks Massachusetts man in garage
  42. Interesting Read on Gun Confiscation
  43. Need Chicgo Style Cyanide Ban!
  44. Recommend some old, non-slanted American History books
  45. All you Cops/LEO - Question
  46. How far will you go boycotting "anti 2A" companies
  47. Pulling my money out of Bank of America
  48. IRS stupidity
  49. Shooting a Bobcat in Massachusetts!
  50. Why I love my wife...
  51. Fat guy + McDonalds - 100 pounds = Ironman Triathlete. See my documentary! (6min)
  52. Roll Tide or Fightin' Irish....Who will take the BCS title tonight?
  53. Bank Of America...... Too ?
  54. Sign For Your Door !
  55. Low information voter random thoughts
  56. Sympathies to JeanLouise
  57. 2nd amendment !!
  58. How to communicate through this........
  59. How About This One.........
  60. Question for correctional officers
  61. Ive created a monster
  62. 22nd Amendment Under Attack
  63. caution !!!
  64. Letter from an airline pilot:
  65. Compressorhead Ace of Spades - Incredible Video
  66. Interesting Comments From James Carville
  67. Do you know what ruins my wheaties?
  68. Bank Cutting Off Loan For Business Associated With Firearms...........
  69. Soldiers turned away at Ryan's
  70. Pay check
  71. Florida CWFL stats
  72. The ugly: Connecticut town wants to destroy violent video games, movies, music
  73. State of Texas releases a map of all gun owners
  74. Hoffman's in CT -
  75. What's the Word I'm Looking For?
  76. Great Pic
  77. Idaho Inmates Sue Beer, Wine Companies for $1B
  78. Hillary concussion rumor
  79. Can You Expalin This One................
  80. Study on Gun Owner Names Published - TN
  81. Why do I notice these things?
  82. Another Congressional fashion fail
  83. William Randolph Hearst Reaches Out From The Grave
  84. "Dope" *homer voice*
  85. CNN anchor threatens to deport self if gun laws don’t change
  86. "Justified"
  87. Parkinson's or Alzheimer's ?
  88. Matt Steele Shooting Grip Essentials
  89. Remember when I said Tx really appreciates Veterans
  90. Finally got to the gun store this evening
  91. What Do YOU Think?
  92. Photographer killed in pursuit of photo of Justin Bieber's car
  93. New Dollar Coin going PC
  94. This is why your guns and ammo are going to cost more , starting yesterday
  95. for all you conspiracy theorists
  96. Bump on the head ?
  97. End of Watch. GREAT MOVIE!!!
  98. Good luck in 2013 to all DC members!
  99. Don't Mess with Clowney
  100. 2013 off to a great start
  101. slipped on ice...day ruined
  102. Be careful what you post
  103. New Years Day ATTACK!
  104. It appears the Senate Rebuplicans caved on the fiscal cliff and what it means for 2A
  105. Smarter than a pre-schooler?
  106. So much tension....
  107. Fitness, Health, and Liberty
  108. Oliver Stone to RT: ‘US has become an Orwellian state’
  109. Dr. Who?
  110. 2013
  111. Best Dash Cam Videos Of 2012.
  112. I think I need to invest in an impact wrench...
  113. 3 sealed Magpul PMAG 30rd Black AR15 NEW ar 15
  114. If life only stayed this simple and carefree
  115. Some photos from snowy PA
  116. Who else is going to the world famous Pickle Drop?
  117. 2012 Defensive Carry Time Capsule
  118. You'd better obey the speed limit.
  119. Fight for OLD DC!!!!!
  120. Letter from Chinese Laborer Pleading for Help Found in Halloween Decorations
  121. LOL: YouTube user Killallguns says 'Guns are bad! SUPPORT THE BRADY CAMPAIGN'
  122. Please Let us Know.............If You Do.
  123. Hunting attire
  124. Piers Morgan Threatens to Deport himself over USA Gun Laws - You can't make this up!
  125. hello
  126. Oh noes! Say it ain't so!!!
  127. Selling on Gun Broker dot com
  128. FPS Russia - New $80,000 High Speed Camera
  129. OK, I re joined the NRA...Everybody Happy
  130. I got a free "pass" to ignore DC's gun laws, wanna see it?
  131. I saw VP Biden driving around today!
  132. Getting stir crazy in quarantine.
  133. Who would've thought thieves would steal these?
  134. Webster, NY gunmans neighbor bought guns for him
  135. On the Third Day of Christmas, a desert run...
  136. Everybody Evacuate the Theater! He's got a...
  137. Supporting Organizations that support our 2A rights
  138. Posters
  139. What to say when meeting your Daughters boyfriend.
  140. What are you cooking for the big game?
  141. This Brit is Really Getting on My Nerves
  142. Pictures of the Ho Chi Minh Trail Today - Borrowed from Another Forum
  143. RIP Norman Schwarzkopf
  144. Roommate problems...
  145. Grillin' leg o' lamb steaks
  146. British Doctors Call for Ban on Long Kitchen Knives to End Stabbings "?"
  147. Other buy back programs
  148. Blizzard Free Zone
  149. God Bless President George HW Bush and more vitriol from the left.
  150. Some people just don't get it.
  151. Christmas Snow Ride
  152. So Much For Obamacare Will Have No Effect On Our Military
  153. Hanging up my guns
  154. Things to Be Thankful For (Freedoms we take for granted)
  155. Gun Free Zones
  156. Drive safe this Holiday,and ever after
  157. FBI ordering Pizza
  158. Pompous pedantic? What was that quote?
  159. Holiday Traditions?
  160. A General FYI To All Members.
  161. More bans coming
  162. Stick a fork in me I'm done
  163. DUDE wheres the bacon?
  164. Christmas Greetings and Peace to All!
  165. I can offically say it now........
  166. Official protest.
  167. Friendly Safety Reminder - Don't Shoot Santa tonight.........
  168. The Problem With Mindless Petitions
  169. How is tracking Santa going to prevent school violence
  170. Track Santa Here With NORAD!!
  171. Merry Christmas
  172. Merry CHRISTmas and God Bless
  173. Merry Christmas Y'all
  174. First hunting experience!!!!
  175. McDonald's Open Christmas Day!!!!!
  176. Nice going Harry!!!!!
  177. War on Drugs a Joke
  178. To All..........
  179. White House Petition to Deport Piers Morgan
  180. NRA Outdoors (Outdoors Connection): ELK
  181. Almost New Years...Time to remember 2012
  182. Worst Apocalypse…EVER!
  183. They call gun owners nuts!!!!
  184. gun buying gone crazy
  185. For all retired aircrew: Relive an airlift mission
  186. 18" of snow and fun
  187. You better get on the ball
  188. If only we would have known
  189. Jack Reacher
  190. T.E.O.T.W.A.W.K.I. Is here
  191. Recycle your dog and cat poop
  192. Now that the world hasn't ended...
  193. If you're ever so upset that you've lost all faith in humanity...
  194. Chuck Wollery on "assualt rifles"
  195. New Senior's Exam, need 4 out of 10 to pass.
  196. I'm tired of the threats and vitriolic tweets
  197. Small Arms Qualification Stories
  198. LaPierre's speech
  199. 3-D printers must be banned they are (gasp) capable of printing guns.
  200. Are You A... GERALDO..............?
  201. ...the world has ended...
  202. Student Suspended for not wearing RFID Tracker
  203. Culture of Violence - Root Cause
  204. I am now labeled a fanboy, troll and banned for asking a question..my heart is broken
  205. For those of you concerned about the world ending.....
  206. What's the story behind your avatar?
  207. So True
  208. Free Book for Kindle Worth Picking Up
  209. Video response to Westboro Baptist Church
  210. About political correct Christmas and our world
  211. It's raining cats and dogs....
  212. Military to ban assault weapons
  213. Gamecams Are So Passee
  214. Is The Miss Universe Pageant Rigged?
  215. Tomorrow Is 12/21/12...............Argh.
  216. Ok, now I'm ticked!!!
  217. Man shoots self using pipe, screw driver and ice cream scooper - TRUE! LOL
  218. Eagle attempts to snatch a child
  219. Nancy Pelosi
  220. Bet the criminals won't go here..
  221. Christmas Gifts?
  222. Surprising reply from one of our Democratic senators
  223. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
  224. Sam Donaldson arrested for DUI
  225. Interesting question at my physical today......
  226. Newtown........Donations.
  227. One of the simple joys of Grandparent-Hood
  228. Paul Harvey in 1965
  229. This week's weather forecast
  230. Google failure... Looking for a quote...
  231. Angel Flight...I love our Military
  232. Eagle snatches baby
  233. To my techie friends
  234. Three questions that stunned me this afternoon
  235. Children Taken Away
  236. Why the Christmas of 1944 can change your life
  237. A Christmas Poem (Probably posted before)
  238. McRib
  239. Room Cleaning procedures
  240. With rights come responsibilities...
  241. This sums it up.
  242. Panic attack from cold medicine
  243. If a dog could write a last will and testament.......
  244. Incoming!!!!!!!!!!!
  245. Satire - done MooJhaaaageeee sound track -This is my Bullet... This is my Cartridge!
  246. Bought two AK-47s today
  247. Parent Run Security Group
  248. (Original Article posted) Interesting read on mass murders
  249. End of the world in 4 days
  250. So what will YOU do?...