: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. Time to replace the laptop
  2. Dog Rules
  3. Zombie Random Thoughts
  4. Pilot, A&P, FAA certificates ..... need replaced .. time limit
  5. Treasure hunting: recovery of 1804 "Spanish" shipwreck
  6. Look who called 911
  7. The Ads on this sight
  8. How do you feel about using an air rifle for big game animals?
  9. Stopping a bad guy with marijuana?
  10. Homeless Vampire on the Loose
  11. A Holiday Letter
  12. Bacon Shaving Cream??
  13. Check backs for bird hunters
  14. Toys For Tots - Beard For Toys
  15. Final Expenses
  16. AAFES (military exchange store) "Bait & Switch"
  17. Does anyone else...
  18. Favorite films: what are yours?
  19. What are you going to do with your Powerball winnings?
  20. GM to open factory in China
  21. Death By Tailpipe
  22. Helpless dreams
  23. Your honest oppinion
  24. Crossbow vs Compound
  25. Did Han Solo Shoot First? You Be The Judge!
  26. Shot the biggest little six point I ever done seen...
  27. What's coming up in the future.
  28. Had to share
  29. Nobody's signed up for gun dorms
  30. Go to Church, Get Your CCW
  31. True Walmart Story...I swear!
  32. Guns Save Life
  33. Off-Topic but 'In The News'...... what would YOU do for the family dog?
  34. Recurve bow archery
  35. Definitions for the newbies.
  36. Secession?
  37. Jeep's new EDC for the Christmas season
  38. Police Firearm Auctions
  39. Black Friday shopping experiences: what was yours?
  40. LTC Grossman:Is he just rehashing what everybody already knows?
  41. Why Your Walk May Attract Predators
  42. Another dog shot by homeowner/LEO-You decide
  43. Smokey the Bear
  44. This remides me of riding my Harley in Japan - when stationed there
  45. On the PA system: 'Cleanup on aisle 25; we have a husband down.'
  46. Texas LE qualifications
  47. Anyone else smoking a cigar right now?
  48. New scary thoughts walking to hunting spots in NPE (BEC thanks QKShooter)
  49. Thanksgiving I get to feed the sheep!
  50. Black Friday sales? Tactical stuff?
  51. Something special you or your family does to celebrate Thanksgiving?
  52. Someone you are Thankful for and why?
  53. Favorite Thanksgiving food?
  54. Happy Thanksgiving and thinking about our country
  55. Bug out bags
  56. Thanksgiving
  57. Saw the new Red Dawn movie ( lots of guns shootings)
  58. Getting older
  59. ????????????? Any ideas what this is?
  60. Option 1 or Option 2
  61. Another handgun harvest before and after pics
  62. Poker now illegal in your own home in SC
  63. Fall Feast
  64. 2 Apaches
  65. Send Shocking Message To Criminals = 7,000 volts
  66. What's in your basement
  67. Oh, Hollywood...
  68. Thanksgiving cooking
  69. Dog wars
  70. Yay! Someone found our missing cat!
  71. Road Rage Video ... Lucky it didn't go further
  72. 2012 What guns does Santa Carry?
  73. Is this not a freedom of speech
  74. Headline: Adrianne prefers Glocks
  75. Oops! - Flying Camera From Animal Rights Group Shot Down at Pigeon Shoot
  76. Highspeed pursuit...... of a dounut truck
  77. I laugh at your BOB!
  78. Found A Guard Dog I Can Trust
  79. Turkey Hunting .....
  80. How hot was last summer in Missouri?
  81. Off Topic - The Bestest Hollywood Self Defense Scene?
  82. Open Apology to Rammerjammer and for my Intolerance
  83. Texas 2nd Amendment Footwear For Women
  84. Post Apocalyptic Currency
  85. Field Guide to Flame Warriors
  86. International War on Puns!!
  87. Busy Gun Store Installs Vending Machine
  88. Celebs that pack heat
  89. Movie trivia
  90. And now a word from the Queen
  91. Denver UFO
  92. Twinkies are dead!!!!!!!!
  93. Random Thoughts
  94. Just sayin...
  95. Went Deer Huntin' Again...
  96. The Little Fireman
  97. Remote possibility of moving to Louisiana - questions
  98. NREMT on Sat: Wish me luck - I PASSED!
  99. Seeing around the corner
  100. It's been asked before... Would you....
  101. The Newest pronouncements from Kalifornia
  102. Twitter, Facebook rants land some in jail
  103. Honey, I think I need a new tractor...
  104. What are you procrastinating for?
  105. $25-a-gun sales tax approved in Chicago area
  106. Mod criteria
  107. You've been warned!
  108. Affordable Health Care.
  109. Could you pass the US citizenship test?
  110. Larry Eckhardt 'The Flagman'
  111. Vibram five fingers
  112. FYI:DoD to cut Tricare Prime in 5 West areas
  113. Oh No, no possum drop this year.
  114. When I die please take me to the range
  115. Next evolution of CCW: Quick access muscle shirt
  116. Did you learn something new today?-Fun thread about gun and other new things
  117. My 911 encounter a few days ago
  118. Once A Soldier - Always A Soldier
  119. Wounded Warrior Project & Firearms
  120. The Walking Dead
  121. Christmas present
  122. I work at PepBoys, so I thought I would share.
  123. World War Z - Brad Pitt's New Zombie Movie
  124. Started a Facebook Page & Giving Free Stuff Away...
  125. Big day for gun sales!
  126. For you video game nerds!
  127. Earthquake
  128. Brutus came last night....
  129. Norton Transformer
  130. Happy 237th birthday to my beloved corps
  131. Another Great American Gone
  132. Keep your toe off the trigger
  133. Venison Chili recipe
  134. Too Good Not To Share
  135. Rabbit and gravy recipe
  136. Finally, the season opens tomorrow morning
  137. Branson, MO advice
  138. My son has a new job...
  139. Illegal activity
  140. Enough politics! It's back to the tree stand for me...
  141. phone must be broke...
  142. atctimmy's NON POLITICAL predictions.....
  143. How Do You CUT/Chop Firewood ???
  144. The number of parasites has now eclipsed the number of productive members of society
  145. CA shooting
  146. Please Vote!
  147. Thanks to my wonderful wife, no matter what happens with the election...
  148. What happens when you shoot buckshot thru....
  149. Voted, did you?
  150. The results of my deer hunting trip today...
  151. US Census - a new perspective
  152. You know you're a concealed carry nut when...
  153. Where is best to live in a SHTF scenario:Rural North or South (POLL)
  154. Cartoon
  155. Safety - Funny but not really. Almost blew up a pressure cooker in my face. Oops!
  156. Books worth reading?
  157. Anybody make honey in case of a SHTF scenario?
  158. Cowboy and a Biker on Death Row
  159. Bad muscle memory training
  160. Pilot dies while flying with blind passenger(joke)
  161. Lost and never found. ?
  162. Will it fit,I measured it it'll fit
  163. "The good ole boy network" AKA the real world.
  164. Anybody know where this is?
  165. The new Glock Revolver
  166. Police officer tazes 10-year-old for refusing to wash his car
  167. Why, Why Can't I Get A job!
  168. My first conversation with my now father in law
  169. Need a new jacket! Any suggestions?
  170. When my Dad saw me I'll bet he could of got $1 mil
  171. Cops
  172. Erosion of our rights
  173. Psychology Student vs Law Student
  174. Local Officer Shoots Self In Foot At Casino
  175. I voted early today.
  176. Hiding out...
  177. $100 tickets.
  178. Cook county drops ammo tax keeps gun levy.
  179. Things I Hate About Grocery Shopping
  180. Thought this was well done
  181. What are your favorite/scariest Halloween movies?
  182. Hurrican Sandy - Not totally a bad thing
  183. I'm spending WAY too much time on this site ....
  184. Best Divorce Letter Ever
  185. Not using social media means your crazy? DailyNews article, ridiculous!
  186. Your take on toy guns as part of a Halloween costume?
  187. Had debate with someone about the power of 22LR and what it will do to a human
  188. Is this true? if it is...
  189. Tipping when you pick up your food order
  190. OK, I thought this was funny
  191. Which holster with my new jeans?
  192. Time to ban those evil black....
  193. A Pirate Walks Into A Bar.....
  194. The “Graveyard of the Atlantic” claims another victim.
  195. A very remarkable photo (Tomb of the Unkown Soldier-Sandy)
  196. New SD Threat Discussed at MAG-40
  197. Wings Over Houston Airshow (pic heavy)
  198. Are any forum members evacuating for Sandy or staying put? Are you prepared?
  199. Here Is What Your Children Are Being Taught In School
  200. Refrigerator + Generator Power question
  201. How some people prepare for the storm:
  202. Food & Drink: Post your recipes what you're drinking and where your eating.
  203. Hunting Flies in Texas
  204. Revolver: Boring, Antiquated, and Stupid
  205. Even squirrels are getting into Halloween this year!
  206. Learning about horse puckey
  207. Argo - The Movie
  208. Bank Robbery
  209. We have a new fuzzy family member
  210. Coolest beer accesory ever
  211. Sports Illustrated High School Football Underdogs
  212. New here
  213. Moose Beats Up RCMP Cruiser!!
  214. Even 911 Can Wait
  215. Gun friendly/related Halloween costumes
  216. Blame the Lawyers, should we?
  217. Impossibilities
  218. Pumpkin Carving
  219. My son's first firearm
  220. Time lapse of Endeavour's last "space voyage"
  221. DEA mum on agent's loaded gun left in airport bathroom
  222. Artist Paints Self-Portraits while 'high' on Various Drugs... Bath Salts and PCP...
  223. Stock Trading for Dummies?
  224. New Sandal Style Holster!
  225. IPad App For Beer?
  226. Can't locate Deer during hunting season,I have a solution
  227. Funny
  228. Passed the Technician & General Class Ham License
  229. deer anyone?
  230. Gang Symbol?
  231. Anyone else catching the meteor shower tonight?
  232. Mascot at Texas State Fair catches fire -- belt buckle survives
  233. One is never too young....
  234. Want to see a cool piece of Smith and Wesson memoribilia?
  235. Head Shot, the results!
  236. Hickok45 - Lego Version
  237. "I hope you don't take this the wrong way."
  238. Disaster drill at work
  239. Halloween came early... deadly...
  240. CROOK County ammo tax
  241. Beware the Smith and... Errrr...
  242. Have to love Ray Stevens. Today and yesterday he still can make a point lol
  243. nutnfancy channel offline/hacked
  244. Just something I wrote
  245. The Home Invasion That Wasn't!
  246. As long as there are young men like this - I still have hope for the future
  247. Oklahoma Law for carrying a 12 guage shot gun onto school grounds
  248. A beautiful day, and table fare!
  249. Best promotion ever: Buy a ring, get a free gun!
  250. Matt Steele Outdoors Shooting Grip Essentials - ADULT!