: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. White House Petition to Deport Piers Morgan
  2. NRA Outdoors (Outdoors Connection): ELK
  3. Almost New Years...Time to remember 2012
  4. Worst Apocalypse…EVER!
  5. They call gun owners nuts!!!!
  6. gun buying gone crazy
  7. For all retired aircrew: Relive an airlift mission
  8. 18" of snow and fun
  9. You better get on the ball
  10. If only we would have known
  11. Jack Reacher
  12. T.E.O.T.W.A.W.K.I. Is here
  13. Recycle your dog and cat poop
  14. Now that the world hasn't ended...
  15. If you're ever so upset that you've lost all faith in humanity...
  16. Chuck Wollery on "assualt rifles"
  17. New Senior's Exam, need 4 out of 10 to pass.
  18. I'm tired of the threats and vitriolic tweets
  19. Small Arms Qualification Stories
  20. LaPierre's speech
  21. 3-D printers must be banned they are (gasp) capable of printing guns.
  22. Are You A... GERALDO..............?
  23. ...the world has ended...
  24. Student Suspended for not wearing RFID Tracker
  25. Culture of Violence - Root Cause
  26. I am now labeled a fanboy, troll and banned for asking a question..my heart is broken
  27. For those of you concerned about the world ending.....
  28. What's the story behind your avatar?
  29. So True
  30. Free Book for Kindle Worth Picking Up
  31. Video response to Westboro Baptist Church
  32. About political correct Christmas and our world
  33. It's raining cats and dogs....
  34. Military to ban assault weapons
  35. Gamecams Are So Passee
  36. Is The Miss Universe Pageant Rigged?
  37. Tomorrow Is 12/21/12...............Argh.
  38. Ok, now I'm ticked!!!
  39. Man shoots self using pipe, screw driver and ice cream scooper - TRUE! LOL
  40. Eagle attempts to snatch a child
  41. Nancy Pelosi
  42. Bet the criminals won't go here..
  43. Christmas Gifts?
  44. Surprising reply from one of our Democratic senators
  45. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
  46. Sam Donaldson arrested for DUI
  47. Interesting question at my physical today......
  48. Newtown........Donations.
  49. One of the simple joys of Grandparent-Hood
  50. Paul Harvey in 1965
  51. This week's weather forecast
  52. Google failure... Looking for a quote...
  53. Angel Flight...I love our Military
  54. Eagle snatches baby
  55. To my techie friends
  56. Three questions that stunned me this afternoon
  57. Children Taken Away
  58. Why the Christmas of 1944 can change your life
  59. A Christmas Poem (Probably posted before)
  60. McRib
  61. Room Cleaning procedures
  62. With rights come responsibilities...
  63. This sums it up.
  64. Panic attack from cold medicine
  65. If a dog could write a last will and testament.......
  66. Incoming!!!!!!!!!!!
  67. Satire - done MooJhaaaageeee sound track -This is my Bullet... This is my Cartridge!
  68. Bought two AK-47s today
  69. Parent Run Security Group
  70. (Original Article posted) Interesting read on mass murders
  71. End of the world in 4 days
  72. So what will YOU do?...
  73. Is it ever possible to learn from history?
  74. Next time you're called to testify...
  75. Pretty Cool
  76. Obama to speak about school shooting at 9:00 PM EST
  77. My best picture so far!
  78. Really Out There point of degree connection between James Holms and Adam Lanza
  79. Zero Dark Thirty.........and the Middle East.....Dec 19th......
  80. need help finding pro gun qoute
  81. Which "Door"(sign) Do You Choose
  82. Plan your vacation now
  83. A Question for those who worked in/with special forces concerning parachuting.
  84. The winds of war.
  85. Braggning on the Wife again
  86. Why do we accept the premise that we need a reason to carry/own/etc.?
  87. Awkward moments or negative responses while EDC'ing?
  88. Unusual marriage proposal
  89. COPS Season 25 Premier Tomorrow!!
  90. Dear Santa
  91. Little Timmy writes to Santa
  92. Checking in
  93. golfer shot wife in the eye ( warning graphic photo )
  94. For the Texans here...This scares the heck out of me!
  95. Music: favorite blues groups, artists
  96. Training For The Future
  97. TXSG question for my N. TX brothers
  98. Documented case of man using gun to compensate for something Freudish
  99. Hello DC, it's me again
  100. Brownells
  101. F250
  102. Advice : Don't Report for Work After Robbing a Bank!
  103. Do you really want to mess with Santa?
  104. A Word To The Wise!!
  105. Mall Ninja Glock
  106. I really liked the Trebuchet... But I LOVE ...
  107. So, you see your stolen pickup being driven...
  108. RIP Ravi Shankar
  109. 'Texas Security System'
  110. Sporting Airplane vs Sporting Clays
  111. On The First Day of Christmass...... Keep this going....
  112. Just had the best dinner ever!
  113. December 10, 2012
  114. Breaking NFL News
  115. Weight Loss - True Story
  116. And they say MJ is harmless . . .
  117. Who doesn't want one of these by their fireplace?
  118. It Happend : Burgulay At Jo Jo's House.
  119. Halo 4 the Movie
  120. funny but true.
  121. Oh, No!!!!!!!!!!!!
  122. Doomsday Preppers are 'Socially Selfish' ...according to Emergency Manager...Huh?
  123. Alice Bagged a 'Big' Deer
  124. Happy Holidays to all!
  125. Anohter NFL Tragedy - this time DUI related
  126. Soooo that is how babies are made
  127. Have you lost guns in a boating accident?
  128. Bad: Cowboy Player Brown Killed in Car Wreck
  129. This Was Completely Weird
  130. Way to go Grandpa
  131. A Sight Most Will Never Encounter
  132. Pearl Harbor day
  133. Humor? Life after new insurance is fully implemented
  134. Anyone heard from him?
  135. I Can't Believe We Made It!! (Enlightening Video)
  136. Chuckle of the Day
  137. Need word processing app
  138. Who called Yeager a coward?
  139. Properly stack your firewood for winter
  140. OZ PM wishes everyone well as the World comes to an end!
  141. Some ads are timeless
  142. DHS says "We Only Spend Money On Homeland Security-Honest!!!
  143. Why many eye witnesses are mediocre at best
  144. Costas on The Factor
  145. Hockey Fans?
  146. Syria & sarin gas
  147. What is your greeting this season?
  148. Prepping - or Fiscal Cliff Survival - What are you doing to survive?
  149. If You Carry A GUN You Won't Be Liked
  150. Please Move The Deer Crossing! (Audio)
  151. Strength Training/Bodybuilding Workout on a Time Crunch
  152. Can you survive?
  153. Stealing Baby Jesus!
  154. Nook or Kindle?
  155. New Zimmerman photo
  156. Voice Recognition Software?
  157. A target at Target...
  158. My dog is sick
  159. Another waste of city resrouces - Gun for Flu Shot & Gift Card
  160. Preferred forum reading machine
  161. Why Dynamite is regulated (warning adult language used a few times)
  162. Nurse at the Bank
  163. Teach Gun Skills
  164. Ammo add
  165. Time to replace the laptop
  166. Dog Rules
  167. Zombie Random Thoughts
  168. Pilot, A&P, FAA certificates ..... need replaced .. time limit
  169. Treasure hunting: recovery of 1804 "Spanish" shipwreck
  170. Look who called 911
  171. The Ads on this sight
  172. How do you feel about using an air rifle for big game animals?
  173. Stopping a bad guy with marijuana?
  174. Homeless Vampire on the Loose
  175. A Holiday Letter
  176. Bacon Shaving Cream??
  177. Check backs for bird hunters
  178. Toys For Tots - Beard For Toys
  179. Final Expenses
  180. AAFES (military exchange store) "Bait & Switch"
  181. Does anyone else...
  182. Favorite films: what are yours?
  183. What are you going to do with your Powerball winnings?
  184. GM to open factory in China
  185. Death By Tailpipe
  186. Helpless dreams
  187. Your honest oppinion
  188. Crossbow vs Compound
  189. Did Han Solo Shoot First? You Be The Judge!
  190. Shot the biggest little six point I ever done seen...
  191. What's coming up in the future.
  192. Had to share
  193. Nobody's signed up for gun dorms
  194. Go to Church, Get Your CCW
  195. True Walmart Story...I swear!
  196. Guns Save Life
  197. Off-Topic but 'In The News'...... what would YOU do for the family dog?
  198. Recurve bow archery
  199. Definitions for the newbies.
  200. Secession?
  201. Jeep's new EDC for the Christmas season
  202. Police Firearm Auctions
  203. Black Friday shopping experiences: what was yours?
  204. LTC Grossman:Is he just rehashing what everybody already knows?
  205. Why Your Walk May Attract Predators
  206. Another dog shot by homeowner/LEO-You decide
  207. Smokey the Bear
  208. This remides me of riding my Harley in Japan - when stationed there
  209. On the PA system: 'Cleanup on aisle 25; we have a husband down.'
  210. Texas LE qualifications
  211. Anyone else smoking a cigar right now?
  212. New scary thoughts walking to hunting spots in NPE (BEC thanks QKShooter)
  213. Thanksgiving I get to feed the sheep!
  214. Black Friday sales? Tactical stuff?
  215. Something special you or your family does to celebrate Thanksgiving?
  216. Someone you are Thankful for and why?
  217. Favorite Thanksgiving food?
  218. Happy Thanksgiving and thinking about our country
  219. Bug out bags
  220. Thanksgiving
  221. Saw the new Red Dawn movie ( lots of guns shootings)
  222. Getting older
  223. ????????????? Any ideas what this is?
  224. Option 1 or Option 2
  225. Another handgun harvest before and after pics
  226. Poker now illegal in your own home in SC
  227. Fall Feast
  228. 2 Apaches
  229. Send Shocking Message To Criminals = 7,000 volts
  230. What's in your basement
  231. Oh, Hollywood...
  232. Thanksgiving cooking
  233. Dog wars
  234. Yay! Someone found our missing cat!
  235. Road Rage Video ... Lucky it didn't go further
  236. 2012 What guns does Santa Carry?
  237. Is this not a freedom of speech
  238. Headline: Adrianne prefers Glocks
  239. Oops! - Flying Camera From Animal Rights Group Shot Down at Pigeon Shoot
  240. Highspeed pursuit...... of a dounut truck
  241. I laugh at your BOB!
  242. Found A Guard Dog I Can Trust
  243. Turkey Hunting .....
  244. How hot was last summer in Missouri?
  245. Off Topic - The Bestest Hollywood Self Defense Scene?
  246. Open Apology to Rammerjammer and for my Intolerance
  247. Texas 2nd Amendment Footwear For Women
  248. Post Apocalyptic Currency
  249. Field Guide to Flame Warriors
  250. International War on Puns!!