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  1. Looking for mall ninjas, blading at 45 and other gun hilarity
  2. Television Gun Safety
  3. Katrina flash-backs
  4. Why are men such jerks?
  5. Show and Don't TELL...
  6. What a whopper! Hawaii woman reels half-ton marlin
  7. Currituck County NC State Troopers
  8. Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, dies!
  9. raw video of police shooting
  10. What caliber was this gun?
  11. just another normal day at 7-11
  12. Understand Our Debt Crisis in the USA
  13. For the Upcoming Hurricane
  14. You Tube question
  15. My burglary.
  16. The real cause for global warming
  17. This story really "bugs" me
  18. An awesome accidental picture
  19. Roll up the windows!
  20. If you don't have a gun, sneak out...
  21. America's Got Talent Viewers
  22. If your wife/daughter were being held at gunpoint....
  23. shoot at pirates, why is it so hard to understand ?
  24. Carpenters here? - Measuring tape 'units' question
  25. Pretty great video about an unreasonable fear of firearms
  26. I was exposed!
  27. Man Sues Range Over Ladies' Day
  28. This is one scary dude
  29. The Down Hill Slide to Rome...
  30. I just saw five deer from my back patio
  31. Burglar steals loaded gun from unlocked car then leaves note chastising-owner
  32. Bad - Tennis Ref Kills Hubby with Coffee Mug
  33. Gun Power Screwdriver
  34. Description
  35. So....Malaria. I haz it.
  36. Mosquitos Kill Two More in Texas
  37. What to do in a home invasion...
  38. Bad: Woman Murders Neighbor with Bra
  39. Woman-sues-Dallas-Cowboys-over-burned-butt-lol
  40. Last Photograph?
  41. Mitt Romney AWB when he was Gov.
  42. Robber holds up store with a shot gun in a box
  43. Most-popular DefensiveCarry threads -- the hall of fame
  44. Did You Start Smoking At A Really Young Age?
  45. 'Are you kidding me? Uncle Ted says it best.
  46. deer hunting
  47. Ban BBQ Forks and Scissors?
  48. Instant Karma- truck tires are nothing to mess with
  49. Drunk, naked and two monkeys on the loose
  50. OT-- Anybody own a Nissan Xterra?
  51. Close encounters with Elvis Presley
  52. Elvis movies today on TCM
  53. Russian subs...bringing back the cold war.
  54. Farm update.
  55. Happy National Airborne Day!
  56. Red Dawn 2012
  57. "Firefighters are being armed across the country!"
  58. When You Can't Get a Gun.....
  59. Online dating story
  60. Product fail? What do you think?
  61. VERY BAD....Does this seem scary to you? Black Panther threat.
  62. Private Investigators
  63. Beretta 92 and CX4 in 10mm Petition on Facebook
  64. Model Citizens, NOT!!!!
  65. American Hoggers Season 2
  66. Time to Plug some Leaks!
  67. the world's fastest non-robbery
  68. What Are We Becoming - Sickening
  69. Anyone looking for a Job?
  70. Can anyone tell me why?
  71. Post 9/11 GI Bill
  72. Would you shoot Bigfoot?
  73. was James Homes acting alone when he shot in the theater?
  74. Bomb threat at work.
  75. After gun control.
  76. What's the smallest caliber you trust to protect yourself?
  77. Mass Murderer Killed in China
  78. DHS Purchases Massive Explosive Nitrates – Scrubs History -- WHY?
  79. Bad: why do so many threads on this site start like that?
  80. Gloomy Sunday - The Suicide Song
  81. Learned a few lessons at the range today...
  82. How ready are YOU?
  83. DHS Orders 750 Million More Rounds Of Ammo
  84. what do you remember from when you were a kid?
  85. Super-Robot With Twin Guns Is Unveiled
  86. San Diego woman shot in head
  87. how not to rob a store
  88. Real commercial for a gun class
  89. One Day At The Diner.........
  90. IN residency requirement
  91. Game Cameras
  92. How to help the troops?
  93. Anybody watching the Meteorite Shower?
  94. Shooting someone
  95. when robbery is this easy why stop?
  96. Got a birthday present for my wife today (she picked it out)
  97. Rubbing it in
  98. When to put a beloved pet down
  99. Before My Time On Earth But, Ya Gotta Love It.
  100. Settling in to Virginia
  101. What a beautiful night
  102. Houston, TX Prescriptions
  103. The hard landing
  104. female store clerk pounds a robber
  105. DPD Sgt. Left Holding Bag Over Chick-Fil-A Sandwich
  106. Bully fail
  107. Visit to Ft. Sam Houston
  108. A new and better way for criminals to ID their victims
  109. Couple orders TV on Amazon, gets semi-automatic rifle instead
  110. Swiss Sheep
  111. Dancing is a crime
  112. man foils robbery with beer
  113. Global Beer Output Hit Record In 2011.
  114. bloomberg gets grilled on why NYC sold guns shells to an ammo mfg
  115. ordered a TV but got an assault rifle instead- and called the cops
  116. the brits have banned "clips"
  117. This is just disappointing...
  118. Holy Cow! Gecko45 Arrested!
  119. Ban Assault Tractors
  120. Insult Added to Injury.
  121. Here's One For Those of You in Law Enforcement
  122. Idiot pulls gun on tow truck driver
  123. Curiosity landed safely on Mars!!! USA does it again!!
  124. 4 U Preppers - How to Use a [BUSTED] Cell Phone to Meet 5 Basic Survival Needs
  125. 4 U Preppers - Recipes for the Post-Apocalypse: How and why to eat rat meat
  126. Nice buck out back tonight.
  127. Some photos of what I do for work
  128. Can Anyone Explain This Odd Phenomena
  129. Some pics from the rockpile known as Afghanistan
  130. Anyone know anything about chainsaws? (off-topic)
  131. Happy 222rd Birthday Coasties! (belated)
  132. Oklahoma wildfires
  133. Swabbed at the Airport
  134. KOHL's Warning, Men stay away from KOHL's
  135. Father Straps Kids to Hood of Car
  136. AMAZING volleyball save!!
  137. Shot my first turkey today
  138. Vermont man crushes five police cruisers with giant tractor
  139. Awesome Video...
  140. 10 Commandments for your Daughter's Potential Boyfriends!
  141. Anyone know about David Olofson vs ATF case?
  142. Man it's hot...
  143. metal...
  144. Olympic Beach Volleyball/ No bikinis?
  145. Changed my name, but still the same
  146. Lunch plans
  147. bus shooting follow up in philly last june-july
  148. Do You Think I'm Sleeping .................
  149. Related to the question of "collateral damage" and "the greater good"
  150. Feeling Safe In the Peoples' Republic of Illinois
  151. Bird at Bluegrass Festival
  152. Camera's
  153. Zombie survival machine and it’s a hyundai
  154. Good: Trigger locks work...
  155. Been out of touch for a bit
  156. Zombies outnumber Westboro Baptists 300 to 8
  157. Bloomberg to New Mothers: You Really Should Be Breastfeeding, You Know
  158. Assault with a Deadly Burrito
  159. If you don't like both sides of the party... How do you vote?
  160. We already have distracted driving now it’s distracted walking.
  161. This web comic gets it...
  162. Why Doctors Should Be Banned
  163. Olympics 2012: Meet Kim Rhode—the greatest U.S. Olympian ever
  164. So people claim POT is a safe harmless drug
  165. Picked Up A Home Security Item Today
  166. Good Story About Young People and Guns
  167. Fun with friends
  168. Mass Murder, Pre-Pistol
  169. Personnal Ammo Inventory - Anyone gots any Excel/Access tools for this?
  170. Your Thoughts?
  171. they 'hid loaded gun in stroller next to baby daughter'
  172. Military Payment Certificates
  173. road rage in FL (the gunshine state)
  174. caffeine headache...
  175. Not something you want to see
  176. SAS hero jailed: Sergeant sentenced to two years after gun found in his garage
  177. Olympic coverup!
  178. Edible Coffee Cup Makes Disposal Easy.
  179. you know you are in texas when you see.......
  180. CO coward and victim engaged
  181. RE: Forgetting the monsters
  182. Hospitals wipe out, limit medical bills for shooting victims
  183. Update!! 187 MPH Idiot Motorcycle Driver Turns Himself In.
  184. How Average Americans React to a Crisis -- Hooray!
  185. Walmart
  186. Journalists guide to firearms identification
  187. Man charged for refusing to leave NC jail after he couldn’t get a ride to a motel
  188. Movin' on up...
  189. Panhandlers and sob stories.
  190. Notes from the farm
  191. the first assault weapon
  192. Mysterious 'Goat Man' Baffles Wildlife Officials In Utah!
  193. A Conservative Christian Pastor's Take on Aurora
  194. WRONG: victim's rights
  195. Wil all the bad news lately...
  196. Theater shooter first court appearance. What's wrong with him?
  197. crime - uk - Kids, Knives and Broken Lives
  198. Why I'm against the death penalty
  199. Quitting smoking sucks
  200. My father
  201. Shot a rat
  202. hot tubs/spas
  203. High Speed Motorcycle vid
  204. azchevy....exmember???
  205. New Safety Rule....DON'T SHOOT AT PLANES
  206. Rhino revolvers are showing up in the movies & TV shows
  207. Guess the aftermath of this rifle position
  208. Scary: Otter Attack!
  209. Weird: Serial Foot Licker Caught
  210. Heroin overtaking Northern Kentucky
  211. Man stranded in desert builds motorcycle out of his broken car
  212. Men try to carjack undercover cop car
  213. Tuscaloosa Shooter Who Injured 17 Turns Self In At Fed Ex Store
  214. Great Example of Warrior Spirit - From History
  215. Voted today and look what I saw on the door
  216. Dog owners beware
  217. Found a mutant insect in my frito lay seeds (w/pic)
  218. 4 yr old shoots herself with Daddy's pistol
  219. Gecko45 plays XBOX.!
  220. Google to Censor Firearms Related Shopping Results
  221. Light Pollution and lack of backyard ranges
  222. Another country great gone
  223. Target practice.
  224. 79 yo woman shoot 62 yo husband in heated argument
  225. bullet proof glass saved his life
  226. The Glock survived some serious mud Sunday
  227. I just
  228. Man recovers car 42 years after theft
  229. why yo tasering me I did nuttin wrong
  230. GI Joe - Animated Series on Netflix instant
  231. #7
  232. Good Guys: Samson Mfg.
  233. Good read if you're into history
  234. Gangster Memorabilia on Auction Block
  235. Shouldn't need a law for that!
  236. Bad... VERY BAD: Father kills daughters in ND
  237. US Olympic Uniforms Made In China
  238. age demographics of DC members *Poll Added*
  239. Cartoon Says It All
  240. ‘Buxom bandit’ turns herself over to authorities
  241. Before I die I want to...
  242. Sending 'Bullets' through the mail.
  243. Indy Trading Post, part two
  244. Finally, Charges Laid In The Case Of The 187MPH Idiot.
  245. Moderators....
  246. Antiquated Phone? You May Not Want To Trash It
  247. Hold On To Your Hat! Examples of MIddle-Class Rents in New York: (AND THE OTHER SIDE)
  248. Privacy slats?
  249. testing a bullet proof vest Italian style
  250. New avatar pic?