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  2. Tazers, There ought to be a law!
  3. Hilarious glock vid
  4. Would You Be Any Easy Mark?
  5. Happy July 4th 2012!
  6. Things you just don't see in everyday life.
  7. When is this Master's next class?
  8. Awkard moments or negative responses while using your EDC.
  9. Home Owners Should Be Aware...
  10. is texas is neck and neck with FL in shootings?
  11. How cool is this?
  12. Ernest - I Didn't Know It Was Loaded
  13. My Grandpa!
  14. What happened to popular music?
  15. bath salts- what are they ?
  16. Naked man carjacks Prius
  17. Call it the Gunshine State: Florida ladies are packin' heat
  18. Wish Us A Happy Birthday, We Just Turned 145!
  19. AL Sharpton has a new group of followers....
  20. Testified at a bond hearing yesterday
  21. It is good to be home in Tennessee
  22. little girl gets gunned down sell lemonade
  23. Clerk, 19, shoots, kills beer thief
  24. Man struck by lightning after buying lottery ticket
  25. "I'm sorry for you all.."
  26. Ultimate Mall Ninja Tool!
  27. Google Shopping censors guns, ammo and accessories
  28. There is no such word as noone
  29. June 27th, 2012
  30. Anyone else feeling the heat?
  31. Traffic Stop: "License and Registration Please."
  32. How do you just... forget?
  33. WHY?
  34. Parents Who Killed for Their Children
  35. Next time u lift a leg think twice
  36. The most interesting pistolero in the world!
  37. I'm banned at the LGS
  38. Woman gets raped, then arrested because she had a warrant, then it gets crazy
  39. Swat team uses flashbang grenade against teen girl watching the food channel
  40. Wildfire Photos: Colorado Springs
  41. Now I want a snubbie and a cross-draw holster.....
  42. Illegal seizure of a helmet cam? Police brutality? For you bikers out there,....
  43. My Brother got ran over by a pickup today, managed to come out with just a consussion
  44. Wildfires, who is being affected?
  45. Top 10 reasons to convice your wife why you need another gun
  46. Rx Required for Sunscreen at School = Fried Kids :-|
  47. Who remembers suicde streering wheel knobs
  48. Campers be prepared
  49. Watch out Detroit- we might have a new leader in shootings?
  50. Colorado fire near Pikes Peak forces 11,000 from homes
  51. Favorite old terror movie?
  52. GOD & GUNS-Cool tune
  53. Emergency Planning: Colorado Fires, Evacuations and Related Matters
  54. Hurricane Debby
  55. Old Man Attempts ATM Robbery
  56. Pass me a beer
  57. help identify a bird
  58. It's 95° here- I think of my Grandpa- he didn't have electricity, running water, etc.
  59. Chicken Salad sandwitch on a warm day.....
  60. Easy answer--Eexcept to the anti gun folks
  61. A broke washing machine & found ammo
  62. The ultimate ar-15 mall ninja tactical zombie destroyer
  63. Teen who stole endures public punishment
  64. NB : Jerry Sandusky Just CONVICTED: 45 out of 48 Counts of SEXUAL ABUSE of MINORS
  65. How do you make a tissue dance?
  66. Video shows kids bullying school bus monitor
  67. Man left bloodied and screaming in pain after attack by 'bunch of leprechauns'
  68. 'CCW' Bugs Me!
  69. Fires in Colorado
  70. Dash-Cam
  71. Hey old guys - Remember the old Alfred Hitchcock TV shows?
  72. Summer in the Rockies...........
  73. Mini-Tripod for phone camera?
  74. road rage fight on frwy-Califoria style
  75. A woman owned gun store?- times are changing
  76. Wal*Mart Shopper
  77. walmart fun....o.0
  78. Fatality accident
  79. This had me chuckling. Car thief got his...
  80. Dangers of a Fall
  81. One of the other reasons NRA annoys me
  82. Santa Fe, NM.
  83. Can you do 45 push-ups in two minutes?
  84. Wisconsin DA fighting judges to recognize conceal carry
  85. Racism in America
  86. Rodney King found dead
  87. How 'Not' to shoot people - the backward question (Gecko45 Sattire)
  88. 4 dead, 19 wounded in separate city shootings - Your Weekend Chicago Report
  89. The Reverend Jesse Jackson holding protest outside metro-D gun store
  90. Happy Fathers Day
  92. Experiences with Ableammo?
  93. Another mythbusters firearm episode
  94. Walmart Cars do exist
  95. Over/Under on Chicago murders this weekend!
  96. At WalMart the other day...
  97. June 15, 1944
  98. Sister looking for possible donations
  99. Saw a female winner yesterday
  100. Inexpensive Target Practice
  101. Stupidity is a prerequisite to being a criminal
  102. Why did my AR have to be 870 miles away???
  103. Visited Gunsmoke gunshop of "American Guns" on Discovery channel
  104. So uh, what's a car bean?
  105. You Can't Make This Up
  106. U.S. Soldier refused service
  107. Clips and magazines, oh my
  108. Daily Bible Verse
  109. Walmart Would-Be Robber Hit By Own Truck Leaving Store
  110. Ticks and Lyme!!
  111. Movie quotes too true to be funny
  112. gun in the media
  113. Hol mah beyeer n wah chis.
  114. The Devil's Ride
  115. NYC officials set sights on popcorn and milk shakes
  116. Significant Other
  117. 228 dead: That's the number of murders this year in Chicago.
  118. Here's your sign...
  119. The Most Dangerous Cities in the US
  120. Woman shot after trying to report assault
  121. Groundhogs winning. Time to change guns.
  122. woman inside back steals get away car from bank robbers
  123. Man beaten by group in Gold Coast neighborhood (Chicago)
  124. Appointment Calendar for Android?
  125. Relocating back to Raleigh, NC
  126. An Obituary, for Common Sense.
  127. You Could Have Heard A Pin Drop
  128. Woman falsely claims $2.1 Million tax refund and goes on spending spree.
  129. Video: Technology not always a good thing
  130. Talk about "pushing buttons"...
  131. My Guns and Loads to Dispatch Zombies Baking on Bath Salts
  132. I was up close and personal with a "flesh eating Zombie" last night. For real.
  133. Man survives bear attack with small caliber pistol
  134. Paintball legality questions
  135. I've been promoted
  136. Man shot after spraying motorist with Mace -SD ?
  137. K-9 Is Officially A "Biter"!
  138. A real pain in the butt-
  139. caveat for Mi bikers...
  140. In My Area: Terrible Injustice: Drunk Driver Kills Girl, Leaves Scene: "Not Guilty"
  141. A MUST Read: THIS is America:
  142. Store Owner Fights Back Against Robbers
  143. Favorite Shooter Video Games?
  144. To make you smile, maybe.
  145. Video taken night of fatal shooting shown to jurors-houston shooting
  146. Where's TN_Mike been???
  147. Motor vehicle homicide by texting
  148. More "bath salts" whack-jobs
  149. Any Funny Evaluations Out There?
  150. No humor
  151. Hey, Want to Win a New Decked Out Survival Bunker? Spike Lee Channel?????
  152. Just for fun: Who's got your favorite avatar?
  153. Finally went and got me a guard dog
  154. A Pat on My Own Back!
  155. Recall Election in WI
  156. Soda bad, pot ok
  157. 4th Ammendment, anyone? Police stop 19 cars, handcuff occupants & search all vehicles
  158. A new National Anthem? Really?!?
  159. Texas gun range to host children's parties
  160. What in the world is going on in the world. ?
  161. Question for FOX NEWS Catherine Herridge
  162. Wizard of Oz 2
  163. Health care for Poppo ?
  164. "Poop that gets you high"
  165. Possum karma strikes again.
  166. More Weird From Zombie Land
  167. Is it just me or is everything getting weirder?
  168. Would this deter a criminal?
  169. Please let this be fake
  170. Gas and leather....... whoops
  171. Georgia College Girl Arrested for Alleged Pipe Bomb 'Hobby'..........
  172. Retread - But still sadly funny - CA Gun Safe Video
  173. What are you guys grillin' with?
  174. What do you think about Wal Mart? Annual shareholder's convention in town.
  175. is this an armed robbery- what would you have done?
  176. Cost of Ammo - Chris Rock not too far off
  177. Maybe there is hope for the kids of today after all
  178. The need to make a video?
  179. Bad - Culpeper VA officer indicted for murder in woman’s shooting
  180. June 2012 – Playboy discovers the right to Attack the right to bare arms - G to PG
  181. California 12 guage home defense rounds
  182. Woman with stroller testifies
  183. My wife sent me an email...
  184. More what's wrong with this country...
  185. I'm A Bachelor For The Next Ten Days!!
  186. Pastor of Snake Handling Church Killed By Rattlesnake
  187. Rural internet service
  188. First Kangaroos, now Turkeys!
  189. Help me find this please.
  190. Good chance of rain - put top back on my Jeep: Zippers hard to start.
  191. Feds say Vietnam vet not U.S. citizen
  192. Men beat and rob World War II Vet
  193. Any cigar smokers or Bourbon drinkers out there?
  194. Top 10 Guns You’ll Find at the Neighborhood Liberal Gun Store
  195. Having fun with Deer...
  196. CA Death Row Inmate Hangs Himself
  197. Am I crazy? Or is this wrong
  198. China condemns U.S. gun ownership as human rights violation - Wow!
  199. Finally! A well dressed AZ Walmart Shopper!
  200. Grandma and Grandpa have deer for breakfest...........
  201. Scary: Taco Attack
  202. Kangaroo Stalker Attacks
  203. "Bat out of Hell"!
  204. Here's a thought... and a pretty good one....
  205. Ghosts of DC ...who are they?
  206. What are you listening to?
  207. What if? The First 12 Hours after the US Dollar Collapse - Video 4 Thought
  208. Memorial Day
  209. Male vs Female At The Drive Through ATM!
  210. The most polite robbery ever
  211. Prepping News Story and Video - Are you? Have you considered the people next door?
  212. Lost and Found
  213. Franchitti Wins Indy for the 3rd Time!
  214. This setting people on fire bit is becoming more widespread
  215. Naked Man Allegedly Eating Victim's Face Shot And Killed By Miami Police
  216. why its a good idea to wear a belt when robbing beer
  217. Caught a hog...
  218. Memoria Day Tribute...
  219. Beer-Stealing Cows Crash Backyard Bash!
  220. "Trust me" column by Tina Dupuy - a response (long)
  221. FYI - Official List Of Words Feds Monitor On Social Networking Sites (from Feb)
  222. Just saw this, thought I'd share
  223. OK Try This
  224. Wife changed horn in her car....
  225. Fed Up With Unarmed Victim Zones???
  226. I am finished extending common courtesy of the road to women
  227. You Think the Confessor to Etan Patz'z Murder is for Real or Not?
  228. Did you ever .....
  229. Cars that people drive to Wal-Mart
  230. Government using Vaccinations as a ruse to collect DNA
  231. Double Jeopardy Redefined???
  232. Daily Caller Is Giving Away Guns
  233. Zombie gun bayonet
  234. Hitchhikers
  235. Embarrassing moment for one of our clients!
  236. Stupid: Thugs stop to argue over the loot...
  237. Memorial Day Tribute
  238. HHS Spending Your Money On "Educating" You
  239. Anybody have a Glock tatoo?
  240. Australia Convenience Store Robbery with Pitchfork and Shotguns
  241. Getting ready for a garage sale at Grandma's house with Anti Sister in-law
  242. Pastor delivers anti-gay sermon
  243. Soldier finally gets his guns back
  244. I had an incredible opportunity yesterday!
  245. Maybe I am crazy but I think this is out of line
  246. Picture of eclipse
  247. The DTV Shredder - Very Cool Personal Transporter w/ TANK Treads.
  248. So here's what's been consuming a bunch of my time....
  249. Man who fathered 30 kids says he needs a break—on child support
  250. Of Wolves and Sheep