: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. Leo extortion
  2. 3 protesters taking on gun control
  3. Blondes in an "All Girl Biker Bar"
  4. Tips from the redneck book of manners
  5. I really need this for...
  6. Largemouth Bass
  7. Illegal Immigration
  8. This is OT & some will likely think it humorous, so...
  9. The Prison System
  10. Defensive Carry caption contest!
  11. How Army's Top Rangers Decide Who's Best
  12. Breaking News: Another Celeb gone!
  13. Hey, Motorcycle People!
  14. Right on time for a blood dance.
  15. Real Motorcycles--But Electric
  16. TSA & Guns
  17. Waco,Texas
  18. Caps WIN! Nats WIN!
  19. Because the whole no guns in your carry on is a new thing.
  20. More bad news for the music industry
  21. I HATE when this happens. Spending money to save money
  22. This Is The Closest I'll Come To Climbing Mount Everest!!
  23. Antigo WI h.s. prom shooting
  24. Oculus Gear VR
  25. RIP Prince and Merle
  26. Taxes & Fees
  27. No wonder this country is in such rapid decline!
  28. when you don't have a choice! what do you do??
  29. "Too old to rock and roll"
  30. Deputy Fife Strikes Again
  31. RIP you little squirrel
  32. Blues fans and guitarists another one gone...
  33. Identify The Riff Game.
  34. Question for you silver stackers out there
  35. Food porn... Bacon wrapped meatloaf
  36. Things Of The South
  37. Choices live happily or bored and healthy?
  38. Top five '80s Cold War movies
  39. Prince is dead
  40. Target stores new bathroom policy
  41. Remake of a Classic
  42. Colorado school district bought AR'S for security
  43. What's your job? Changing light bulbs.
  44. Range Day (Actually spent a decent Hour and half)
  45. Guess I'm all set to go now....
  46. Johnston County NC high school opens indoor shooting range
  47. Confirmed by science!
  48. The guitarist
  49. The UK Science Minister is Captain Buzzkill
  50. AC/DC replaces singer who canít hear with singer who canít sing
  51. Today's Media Report RKBA Riot In Boston
  52. Concord
  53. Nashville / Lebanon Area RV Long Term Parking Options
  54. Oxymoron questions
  55. Cicadas -- coming to your neck o' the woods this year?
  56. Quite the goings on
  57. unlimited forwarding
  58. Great documentary -- The Cold War, 24-part series
  59. SA:Don't Be This Clueless
  60. The Two Jackasses Across the Street
  61. Small gas engines (snowblowers)
  62. The Two Big Bears needed more room!
  63. Bad - Chattanooga man robbed and shot while doing yard work
  64. One person still collecting Civil War pension
  65. Baby broke his leg
  66. I think I have a wart on my...
  67. New addition to the family
  68. Buying an UPS? Make sure it is a Pure Sine Wave one
  69. Firefighter shot dead, another injured while responding to call in Maryland
  70. Two Elderly Couples-
  71. 10 Bizarre Wars
  72. 4th of July vs April 15th, by Scott Walker
  73. shots fired inside casino, suspect arrested
  74. OSU Admin threatens students with expulsion
  75. Weight Watchers + Gun Belts =
  76. Afghan army lands helicopter on Taliban IED
  77. New flag for California...
  78. Russian jet come very close to US warship
  79. Holly Springs Gun Store Burglarized Twice in 2 Weeks
  80. You never know what happens while you're asleep
  81. Big Lots find, seems we like our food threads around here so
  82. Oh no!!! Not in our small city!!!
  83. Better Call Saul
  84. water is deadly
  85. Morning
  86. Situational Awareness/How To Avoid It
  87. Lgs rant
  88. Joliet comes to Barrington - with an AR-15
  89. Carrying Smith and Wesson to the ATM
  90. How NOT to check if your laser is working on your gun
  91. Funny cartoon
  92. Regrets, I've had a few; But then again, too few to mention
  93. Nerve Damage?
  94. Food porn.... Hawaiian smoked chicken breast
  95. I hate cards
  96. Mother's Day
  97. I'm tired of bad weather
  98. Reason #362 I refuse to use Fedex
  99. Delegate Stealing
  100. Chiraq:The Harsh Reality
  101. Must Have Android Apps
  102. The Official Fear The Walking Dead Season II Thread
  103. Jack Links Bacon Jerky
  104. time to start preparing? another tin hat article?
  105. On Australian gun grabbers and normal gun owners...
  106. New Rules for Gun Shop Owners?
  107. BATF toys...
  108. What to get Mom for her birthday? Beretta 92 Accessories
  109. Former Buckeye, Saint Football Player Shot And Killed In Road Rage Incident
  110. Off topic: Car Detailing Questions
  111. Buds? Delivery times?
  112. Best review EVER!
  113. advice on selling
  114. An 85-year-old man had to take a sperm count for his physical exam.
  115. Pharmacy screw up
  116. Howard Stern Vs Gary Baba-Booey(His Producer) On 2A
  117. Aerosmith's Dream On- Boston Marathon Bombing Tribute
  118. How in the world was THIS allow to happen???
  119. A womans place
  120. The oldest Veteran
  121. Stolen car???
  122. The lost phone
  123. Lackland Air Force Base shooting today, San Antonio TX
  124. Dog poop bandit
  125. Highest Honor to War Dog
  126. Skeet golf!!!
  127. Wally World Walk....
  128. Any Wise, Old Guitar Pickers 'round heah'?
  129. Found a lost Rottie
  130. Star Wars Rogue One Trailer
  131. Stupid can be fixed.
  132. Media bias and their choice of words to describe a "black rifle"
  133. This woman needs to GO AWAY...
  134. Hero Devil Dog
  135. Two wildcats in public, let's grab a camera
  136. How long does a factory clutch last?
  137. RIP Hag
  138. Community Out Reach
  139. Heard a Lyre Bird??? Too cool.
  140. Pretty moving saw the mobile Vietnam wall
  141. Looking for Ammo?
  142. And they are afraid of guns...Disney, SeaWorld employees arrested in sex sting
  143. Yes...I love Chicago
  144. Sightseeing chopper crashed in Pigeon Forge TN
  145. Deadly Cheeseburger
  146. Killer drone
  147. 120MM Mortar ammo cans
  148. limp wrist and the rang??
  149. Free car...Questions for car guys
  150. ***Americas TOP 25 Guns (CBS NEWS)***
  151. My dogs eye.
  152. south Dallas racial tensions, coming to other areas?
  153. professor call 911 over ROTC training
  154. The beard got trimmed
  155. Lisl von Schlaf out getting some air
  156. Unlock one phone now everybody wants to do it.
  157. Little Zachary's math dilema..
  158. Beard Balm
  159. Final Four today> My bracket has been busted for awhile
  160. Chicago's Stats so far
  161. Everybody Sucks 2016
  162. Another One Bites the Dust (another Drone, that is...)
  163. Guess my new gun
  164. Obama commutes sentences for firearms violations - Not what you think
  165. New Gun for 2A Protection..
  166. But shape a Pop Tart like a gun....
  167. Civil War landmines and luck....
  168. Cuomo issues travel ban to states with lax gun laws
  169. Airforce Types: Fighter Jet Ride Bucket List Item
  170. Pray for a true hero!
  171. Gun Forums and Your Favorites...
  172. Jeep Cherokee takes out F/A-18
  173. Bullet lodges in man's testicles, wife charged in shooting
  174. New Glock
  175. Covert Voice Recorders In Pick-Up Trucks
  176. Rant:Other Other Brand Specific Forums
  177. April Fools
  178. Oak Harbor Police Chief loses Glock .40
  179. I need to move my reloading indoors
  180. Amazing young man
  181. WW2 Barfight (slightly NSFW)
  182. Need to Relax????
  183. What are the 4 rules of gun safety?
  184. The Stupid Challenge
  185. Grandpa The Gambler
  186. Drone Update
  187. Axis win WWII
  188. gun shop didn't sell a gun to a suspicious person
  189. Anyone want to go to Taiwan and administer a beat down?
  190. Another TV great from the 60's passes away
  191. History I never knew
  192. Mississippi is on a roll
  193. 29 March Vietnam Veterans Day?
  194. asking for help planning
  195. grumble grumble flu grumble...
  196. Plan ahead
  197. It's not so bad
  198. NRA:Hansel And Gretel Have Guns (and other fairy tales adapted)
  199. what happened to the site?
  200. From The Hood :New Firearm
  201. Cities begin to challenge a bedrock of justice: Theyíre paying criminals not to kill
  202. FBI says it has cracked terrorist's iPhone without Apple's help
  203. Pro and Anti Gun Poster
  204. One For the Ageing Bikers Here.
  205. LED Light Bulbs for Home Office
  206. Man Cave...
  207. ATF Form 1 Approved!
  208. Protected by Smith & Wesson
  209. Bob Hope...When Hollywood really had class!
  210. Carbines at Costco!
  211. At least one dead in March's second Peachtree Mall shooting
  212. Trans Am Bandit Edition...
  213. My next obsession is on the way...
  214. Shadow getting thin
  215. Solidarity displays - for what purpose?
  216. Had to wait for the cows to head on home.
  217. Florida bound
  218. Florida bound
  219. Need a little mechanic help here.
  220. Terrorists and travellers insurance.......think about it
  221. This is THE TRACTORING THREAD ie Mowing Hoeing Excavating MOVIN' DIRT
  222. Video Games Honoring Guns
  223. Tannerite ?
  224. The World's Oldest Unsolved Murder
  225. Armed handyman at a school
  226. iphone commercial with Cookie Monster.
  227. Need help from Welder and people with his type of skills
  228. Shrine of the Mall Ninja
  229. Correction to an old post
  230. Not sure why I just did what I did?
  231. Massive Dodge Powerwagon (For the motor heads out there)
  232. Comedian Garry Shandling dead at 66
  233. Warning , this is not a happy story of veteran care
  234. Man Who Shot Congresswoman Is Suing Her
  235. Hungary's prime minister speech -- thnk you'll like what he says--violent migrants
  236. Had yet another steering wheel holder tried to murder me today.
  237. New appreciation for my old lady
  238. Actor fights N.J. gun charge filed over prop used during filming
  239. A 9mm, a couple of clips and a box of shells. California style
  240. Charlie Daniels - You Haven't Met America
  241. Nope
  242. So long, Joe
  243. Cold War Bunker for sale
  244. You guys.
  245. Understanding Casualty Rates/Combat
  246. Man With Python Clears LA Restaurant
  247. Modify edc trigger held against you??
  248. Guy coming on my property to dispose of dog droppings
  249. Ok fess up! Who did it?
  250. Look at these turkeys