: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. This woman needs to GO AWAY...
  2. Hero Devil Dog
  3. Two wildcats in public, let's grab a camera
  4. How long does a factory clutch last?
  5. RIP Hag
  6. Community Out Reach
  7. Heard a Lyre Bird??? Too cool.
  8. Pretty moving saw the mobile Vietnam wall
  9. Looking for Ammo?
  10. And they are afraid of guns...Disney, SeaWorld employees arrested in sex sting
  11. Yes...I love Chicago
  12. Sightseeing chopper crashed in Pigeon Forge TN
  13. Deadly Cheeseburger
  14. Killer drone
  15. 120MM Mortar ammo cans
  16. limp wrist and the rang??
  17. Free car...Questions for car guys
  18. ***Americas TOP 25 Guns (CBS NEWS)***
  19. My dogs eye.
  20. south Dallas racial tensions, coming to other areas?
  21. professor call 911 over ROTC training
  22. The beard got trimmed
  23. Lisl von Schlaf out getting some air
  24. Unlock one phone now everybody wants to do it.
  25. Little Zachary's math dilema..
  26. Beard Balm
  27. Final Four today> My bracket has been busted for awhile
  28. Chicago's Stats so far
  29. Everybody Sucks 2016
  30. Another One Bites the Dust (another Drone, that is...)
  31. Guess my new gun
  32. Obama commutes sentences for firearms violations - Not what you think
  33. New Gun for 2A Protection..
  34. But shape a Pop Tart like a gun....
  35. Civil War landmines and luck....
  36. Cuomo issues travel ban to states with lax gun laws
  37. Airforce Types: Fighter Jet Ride Bucket List Item
  38. Pray for a true hero!
  39. Gun Forums and Your Favorites...
  40. Jeep Cherokee takes out F/A-18
  41. Bullet lodges in man's testicles, wife charged in shooting
  42. New Glock
  43. Covert Voice Recorders In Pick-Up Trucks
  44. Rant:Other Other Brand Specific Forums
  45. April Fools
  46. Oak Harbor Police Chief loses Glock .40
  47. I need to move my reloading indoors
  48. Amazing young man
  49. WW2 Barfight (slightly NSFW)
  50. Need to Relax????
  51. What are the 4 rules of gun safety?
  52. The Stupid Challenge
  53. Grandpa The Gambler
  54. Drone Update
  55. Axis win WWII
  56. gun shop didn't sell a gun to a suspicious person
  57. Anyone want to go to Taiwan and administer a beat down?
  58. Another TV great from the 60's passes away
  59. History I never knew
  60. Mississippi is on a roll
  61. 29 March Vietnam Veterans Day?
  62. asking for help planning
  63. grumble grumble flu grumble...
  64. Plan ahead
  65. It's not so bad
  66. NRA:Hansel And Gretel Have Guns (and other fairy tales adapted)
  67. what happened to the site?
  68. From The Hood :New Firearm
  69. Cities begin to challenge a bedrock of justice: They’re paying criminals not to kill
  70. FBI says it has cracked terrorist's iPhone without Apple's help
  71. Pro and Anti Gun Poster
  72. One For the Ageing Bikers Here.
  73. LED Light Bulbs for Home Office
  74. Man Cave...
  75. ATF Form 1 Approved!
  76. Protected by Smith & Wesson
  77. Bob Hope...When Hollywood really had class!
  78. Carbines at Costco!
  79. At least one dead in March's second Peachtree Mall shooting
  80. Trans Am Bandit Edition...
  81. My next obsession is on the way...
  82. Shadow getting thin
  83. Solidarity displays - for what purpose?
  84. Had to wait for the cows to head on home.
  85. Florida bound
  86. Florida bound
  87. Need a little mechanic help here.
  88. Terrorists and travellers insurance.......think about it
  89. This is THE TRACTORING THREAD ie Mowing Hoeing Excavating MOVIN' DIRT
  90. Video Games Honoring Guns
  91. Tannerite ?
  92. The World's Oldest Unsolved Murder
  93. Armed handyman at a school
  94. iphone commercial with Cookie Monster.
  95. Need help from Welder and people with his type of skills
  96. Shrine of the Mall Ninja
  97. Correction to an old post
  98. Not sure why I just did what I did?
  99. Massive Dodge Powerwagon (For the motor heads out there)
  100. Comedian Garry Shandling dead at 66
  101. Warning , this is not a happy story of veteran care
  102. Man Who Shot Congresswoman Is Suing Her
  103. Hungary's prime minister speech -- thnk you'll like what he says--violent migrants
  104. Had yet another steering wheel holder tried to murder me today.
  105. New appreciation for my old lady
  106. Actor fights N.J. gun charge filed over prop used during filming
  107. A 9mm, a couple of clips and a box of shells. California style
  108. Charlie Daniels - You Haven't Met America
  109. Nope
  110. So long, Joe
  111. Cold War Bunker for sale
  112. You guys.
  113. Understanding Casualty Rates/Combat
  114. Man With Python Clears LA Restaurant
  115. Modify edc trigger held against you??
  116. Guy coming on my property to dispose of dog droppings
  117. Ok fess up! Who did it?
  118. Look at these turkeys
  119. Why Grandpa Carries A Gun........
  120. Can you identify this high caliber pistol?
  121. Want a Glock...
  122. Did you hear what our President said in Havana today
  123. 27 Marathons in 27 Days...
  124. Social & Prison Justice
  125. I like REI.........No I love REI
  126. Matthew 24:37
  127. In new york..... it burnssssss
  128. This man caught naked women bathing in his pond. His answer is brilliant!
  129. Wedding or Elope?
  130. fun with euphamisms.
  131. explaining accidental gun deaths to people...the reality.
  132. not as active as we look like we are.
  133. California exceptionalism!
  134. Anyone else love Epic Fantasy Novels (Game of Thrones.....etc..)
  135. Chic days have arrived
  136. Rock and Glock
  137. This is what happens...
  138. She said I was her first...
  139. Weapon laws in Germany explained by a German
  140. Luck of the Irish?
  141. Trump...does it really matter that much?
  142. A surprising twist
  143. Happy St. Patrick's Day you crazy Irish
  144. Anonymous targets Trump
  145. I see Jared Fogle ate a knuckle sandwich
  146. We need more of this, lots more.
  147. Any hockey fans? Just got back from Philly...
  148. I plan on being debt free in five years or less.
  149. Family of 17 year old shot dead after home invasion
  150. My first run at solar lighting.
  151. Men Teaching Classes For Women
  152. Suicidal Deer sign
  153. Witnessed a bee fight
  154. How to retire in 15 years......not a scam....ok kind of one
  155. pro gun guy gets into it with bill clinton
  156. North Korean Vacation gone bad.
  157. I-10 closed in both directions on tx-la border
  158. Galaxy Android Vs Iphone 6
  159. Amtrack Anyone?
  160. Our new pets
  161. Food porn!!!!
  162. We Take Voting Seriously Here In Ohio
  163. Flea and Tick Control
  164. A 5th Indiana Jones movie...
  165. Double take
  166. Snake Story
  167. They're here............
  168. Hey all you Texans out there
  169. For all you DC motorheads!
  170. Well, PEF.....
  171. Happy Pi day ... March 14
  172. Ate at my favorite pizza place today
  173. SXSW Austin-OCT Goes to WEIRDVILLE !
  174. broke a sweat earlier
  175. 10 Cloverfield Lane
  176. Ah Ha! Now we know...
  177. load ideals needed
  178. Bosch
  179. Fun Slo-Mo shooting videos
  180. Phone etiquette pet peave
  181. First-World problems...
  182. Disgusted with Neil Cavuto
  183. Reebok forbids carbs and sugar for it's employees
  184. North Korea "lost" submarine
  185. Gun movies
  186. I'll just leave this here....
  187. Penguin swims 5,000 miles every year for reunion with the man who saved his life
  188. Bad: shooter kills 3 innocent people
  189. Lucy you got some 'splainin' to do....
  190. Jamie Gilt, firearms activist, shot by 4YO son
  191. Living With Guns
  192. I'm confused.
  193. Grandfather's war guns
  194. A Day in the Life of an Airman
  195. Finding a 2A lawyer in my area
  196. Florida residents. Cape Coral and Ft Myers area.
  197. Daylight Saving Time (United States) 2016 begins at 2:00 AM on Sunday, March 13
  198. Favorite gasoline?
  199. I'm going to stop carrying my EDC firearm
  200. Reading the question
  201. Colt Re-structuring
  202. New Harley
  203. To all the fine folks on this Board...
  204. Antiquing, cause dumpster diving in the rain ain't fun!
  205. The whole "point" of the weekend (BBQ)
  206. Crime Novel Guns
  207. Arlington National Cemetery from a different perspective
  208. More shipping anomalies
  209. I Just Didn't Fall Off The Banana Boat Today!
  210. Hiked to USAF C-141 crash site today
  211. Top 10 Dumbest Weapons Ever Created
  212. Your gun lingo is all wrong!!
  213. RIP Nancy
  214. Downton Abbey
  215. Stop the Bleed
  216. 44 Mag (Valve Stem Covers) Confiscated by TSA at O'Hare
  217. making a little more room
  218. Be Thankful There's Guns.
  219. (Un)concealed Carry
  220. The Guys For Real................
  221. A drunken muse attempts poetry
  222. Florida is nice sometimes.
  223. Guilty Pleasures from childhood
  224. Tactical Response Banned (James Yeager's Group)
  225. Bear attack prank
  226. Darwin just rolled over
  227. Is there something wrong with me ???
  228. Social Security and Paying it Forward
  229. more on captain Higgins
  230. 11 Year Old Texas Boy's Incredible Shot
  231. Deadly selfie
  232. Ji-Hadist gets run over by girlfriend
  233. Michigan senator shot at wife
  234. Norwegian Computer Virus
  235. Bowling Ball Cannon Kills Horse
  236. starting to wear a little
  237. "Dancing Bear"
  238. Hilarious Brady "safety tip" poster
  239. SS John Brown Ship
  240. New virus going around
  241. Baxter says hello !!!!
  242. Do you really want total privacy and anonymity on the internet?
  243. SW Houston Gun Store Hit By 10 Man Crew
  244. Stop me if you've heard this one before
  245. Tell me about the livability of Nashville
  246. Members Recipies: I'm Not A Chef...But I Can Cook
  247. Beltsville MD CVS manager fired for doing what's right.
  248. Kinda funny so I'll put this here!
  249. Children find a gun- Experiment
  250. Funny story. Happened just now.