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  1. Have you ever seen a UFO?
  2. SECRETS : shhhhhhhh!
  3. Free Printable Targets
  4. Seeing a Pattern with Powder and Some Ammo
  5. If time travel were possible......
  6. Computer help please - where are the pics to go on Craigs list?
  7. Infidel ?? Please explain
  8. Man Puts His "Money" Where His Mouth Is - Goes to Jail
  9. NCAA Tournament Basketball Thread
  10. Der deutche thread
  11. Can civilians adopt military working dogs?
  12. Purim - The Jewish holiday that promotes self-defense
  13. One of my fav home invasion goes wrong ..for the perps video
  14. Stolen Washington license plate 714-YIG
  15. Videos showing gun humor...
  16. Quantum locking
  17. My Left EYE; Any Home "Remedies"?
  18. Is it me or are there "sidekicks" on this forum?
  19. Which one are you?
  20. Bank Robbery in Huntington, WV
  21. What Do You Get When You Mix a Pitbull with a Beagle?
  22. 6 Years for botched home invasion...
  23. Bad.... Policeman shoots 70 year old vet
  24. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the gas pump
  25. ALLEGED: No Bin Laden Photos because of....
  26. JOKES
  27. Much better than a CCW Badge or Sash
  28. Funny video review
  29. Difference between hockey and basketball.
  30. I am glad I was young and dumb before smart phones!
  31. This kid will grow up to be a lawyer... lol
  32. Dad Shoots 17YO Intruder - Or Was He
  33. Ares Armor Gets Restraining Order Against ATF
  34. Kuka Robot playing table tennis
  35. oh Arnie.. we love you.
  36. My Congressman is awesome!
  37. For the curious tinkerer
  38. Student in NY Punished for Not Turning NRA shirt inside out
  39. We Really Need A "Dislike" Button For This Forum
  40. Ever went missing ?????
  41. I want to move to India
  42. Historical Photographs in Color
  43. Student and EMT Arrested for Knife in EMT Kit
  44. Congresswoman Doesn't Know When Constitution was Written
  45. Favorite Country song?
  46. Just Sayin'...
  47. This little girl will blow you away
  48. North Carolina Hunter Bags 500 lb Hog
  49. People Openly Selling Foodstamps
  50. The World Wide Web is 25 Years Old Today
  51. Down right hilarious
  52. A Short Quiz....................Easy.
  53. NYC Building explosion and collapse
  54. Iditarod winner doesn't know he won.
  55. An Old Man, A Hammer & A Stupid Robber
  56. What a boar
  57. What would happen on a Boeing 777 if...
  58. Fox News
  59. First Armed Person in World's Fastest Car?
  60. Something To Be Aware Of
  61. It's Getting Warm....Time For New T-Shirts
  62. Guess its time to put Big Lux down
  63. Fienstein ? never met her
  64. Couple Call 9-1-1 on House Cat.
  65. 2000th Post!
  66. Do you draw?
  67. Connecticut Speculation? Which Way?
  68. Married a Jersey Girl: From now on Pork Roll
  69. CT SWAT Looking For A Plastic Sword?
  70. Justin Bieber Deposition: And its HILLARIOUS
  71. Great...now they are going to ban bowling balls
  72. India : "Registered" Gun Owners to "Deposit" Their Guns at Police Station for Electio
  73. Class Act
  74. Book Review - Taking Down the Lion
  75. The USPS is killing me! Update
  76. Your Avatar
  77. Would You Take This Meidical Test? :
  78. Saving Private Ryan question
  79. Epic win Shannon Watts poses with man who is packing and she dont know ...
  80. My motorcycle is calling!
  81. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely
  82. The Oracle of Kevin Bacon (6 Degrees of Seperation)
  83. Incredible WWII Story Of Love & Devotion (and Sacrifice)
  84. It's Later Than You Think
  85. COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey -- new, updated series on NatGeo & Fox
  86. Buckles
  87. Wines: got any favorites?
  88. L.A. Gangbangers in Syria
  89. When shooting yourself in the foot, pull over
  90. Thanks Dan!!!!
  92. Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 Drops From Radar, Presumed Crashed
  93. Mac or window computer??
  94. Happy Friday!!
  95. "Taking The 5th" - The 5th Amendment Is Not A Measure of Guilt
  96. 18 y/o Beats Grandmother to Death because ...
  97. This car is powered by...
  98. Proud to be a democrat
  99. How To Tell If Your 1911 Is Real Or A Clone
  100. Auburn PD to get stolen machine gun back
  101. This Ad Drives The Left BATTY
  102. Dig My Reagan Slippers
  103. I must be out of my mind!
  104. Dog Friend vs. Cat Friend
  105. Sword fight over woman--you just can't make this stuff up.....
  106. Bullet proof bible
  107. American Born Anchor on State Owned Russian TV Station Denounces Putin - Quits On Air
  108. Gun Control, this makes total sense
  109. Look what the Army has been busy doing
  110. Lerner again invokes Fifth Amendment in IRS coverup
  111. Can this happen in Florida?
  112. Ukraine's Military inaction during the overthrow question?
  113. What weapons besides firearms would you want to carry into battle?
  114. Any Good Guides to Linux?
  115. The Me Generation
  116. Receipts
  117. If you could add one amendment to the constitution, What would it be?
  118. ABC Mouse & Tablet question
  119. Niagra Falls Freezes (beautiful pictures)
  120. Anyone Looking for a New GF?
  121. Do you hate your Insurance Company?
  122. 408K runners honor WWII vet
  123. Cool auction
  124. Sad State of Parental Rights in the U.S.
  125. Movies
  126. Got a letter from my LGS on ammo recall
  127. Ares Armor in Trouble
  128. Headline you dont wont to see Giant virus revived from deep freeze
  129. One more reason to get your kids out of government run schools
  130. Jazz music fans: who are your favorite artists, groups?
  131. Honey ! I think I need a new car
  132. Watching The Shining
  133. Jaegers back water bayou gumbo
  134. When A Lib Brings Up Gun Control (Show Them This!)
  135. Chinese Billionaire poisoned by cat stew
  136. Hold on to your hats...
  137. Blender -- favorite, for smoothies, ice, minor food processing tasks?
  138. When America had talent.
  139. Conformity is Required; Long Term Effect on the Constitution
  140. You Can't Handle The Truth!
  141. Popo Be Cray Cray
  142. Knife Attack Kills Dozens......
  143. The densest element in the known Universe has been discovered
  144. BREAKING: Russian Lawmakers OK Use Of Military Force In Ukraine W:
  145. A school is at it agan.
  146. Still Running Microsoft Windows XP? The Party is Almost Over....
  147. Well that's just great, Russia is invading the Ukraine
  148. The Mod Squad - Pilot Episode on MeTV Friday (2/28) Evening at 8pm ET
  149. Fake Jeff Grodon Test Drive Commerical! Oh Yea!
  150. Torn Bicep Tendon
  151. New Robocop political persuasion
  152. Great artwork. Very different - hand painting.
  153. Minor Medical Glitz: Declared Dead, Waking In Funeral Home Just Before Embalming:
  154. I am OUTTA HERE!
  155. Ft. Carson Soldier hides from Retreat
  156. Did I Hear You Right?
  157. Need to Investigate Where Our Charitable Giving Is Going:
  158. Pure Gas In Your Area for Your Car (to Avoid Ethanol)
  159. A Little Video
  160. Check out these tat's
  161. Bit my honking tongue!
  162. Great video about how it was when we were kids
  163. 9th Circus Says Schools Can Ban American Flag in Favor of Cinco De Mayo
  164. More Proof the Nutters are Running the Schools
  165. Much Needed Range Time in My Future
  166. Smart dogs go to schools
  167. More "small living" in a big way!
  168. It is for the Children
  169. Man charged after he took a tiger into an Illinois bar
  170. Fraud victim takes the bull by the horns.
  171. You disagree with me so you must be an idiot
  172. You Know You're a Glock Fan Boy When........
  173. This is the way to sentence BGs:
  174. Aromatherapy
  175. Can we be civil about the Civil war?
  176. Awesomely Bad Movies
  177. Russian Roulette with a 9mm semi auto. Probably not a good idea.
  178. Baltimore County Cop - No 1A Rights
  179. More Asinine School Actions & Reason To Not Consent To Searches
  180. How THIS For Good Day: Stumble on $10 Million Dollars in Rare Coins On Your Property:
  181. Gravity
  182. a genuine Mine is faster than yours ;)
  183. New FN Fiveseven 28mm handgun
  184. Poetic Justice
  185. Apparently Drugs Make You Stupid
  186. Had dinner with Lima and JD.
  187. Nancy Grace Incensed Over G. Zimmerman's Aresenal
  188. New gasoline EPA approved - will destroy your car: NO JOKE
  189. Assets versus Debt ratios
  190. Inside The Army’s Spectacular, Hidden Treasure Room
  191. Boy Scouts- Yesterday vs Today?
  192. Twenty-Four "Welcome To the Forum" In Six Minutes From One Poster
  193. 9 people shot in 6 locations in 24 hours. Welcome to Memphis.
  194. Piers Morgan getting axed!
  195. Cuff Security Bracelet will protect you!
  196. ThunderStruck - AC/DC Fans
  197. Stupidity is painful, but can be educational...
  198. Can it be done?? Better yet, can someone tell me how??
  199. Wal-Mart Ads, who Else Finds Them Irritating?
  200. 1st A...2nd A...Property owner rights
  201. Save Our Healthcare PAC
  202. Had an awesome day cruising the jeep to Galveston yesterday with my cousin.
  203. Arlington Flyover........
  204. True leadership
  205. How Wolves Changed the Rivers
  206. Daytona Star Spangled Banner
  207. My First Traffic Bust.
  208. Zombie Apocalypse stock portfolio:
  209. She Survived A Standoff With A Gunman --- Could You?
  210. Revised Classic Story
  211. Seeds!
  212. Recieved good news from my lawyer
  213. For The Heat-Weary: Front View Of My Cottage:
  214. Where's the weight loss thread?
  215. Where would you go?
  216. Researchers discover potential cure for noise-induced hearing loss
  217. Why do folks have to post a zillion times to New Members Introduce....
  218. Saturday Ride
  219. Home invasion "robocall" ???
  220. Savvy Girl Scout
  221. The ice man cometh...
  222. For The Winter-Weary: View From My Back Porch To My Rear Property
  223. Anyone here watch "The Americans"?
  224. Canada VS USA In Mens Hockey, Watch On Line
  225. Olympic biathlon
  226. FCC in newsrooms
  227. When snow monkeys show up.....
  228. Epic Rap Battle: Army Ranger Vs Navy Seal (Language Warning)
  229. Laugh Thread
  230. Sniper? What Sniper?
  231. Islamic Terror Camps on US soil?
  232. The War On Men: 10 Ways Masculinity is Under Attack
  233. Hey tacman Check it....
  234. Stupid author tricks, jack reacher and
  235. Word Play
  236. What goes up hill on three legs?
  237. Mobile again!
  238. Lining their pockets
  239. Making homebrew from wheat bread.
  240. Do you owned a baned gun ? Something to think about
  241. DHS is at it again! Purchases 700 million rounds of ammunition!
  242. The Man Himself..............
  243. Do you know about "smart meters" on your house? You should.
  244. Future James Bonds
  245. US Men's Olympic Hockey Team playing the Czech Republic in the semi-finals.
  246. Who's got the most unique home?
  247. Amazon selling nice collection of movies
  248. Another tail of Bear’s misspent youth…
  249. Photo finish in Men's Biathlon Mass Start
  250. Debt collector told me to not have any firearms or dogs at my house