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  1. Journalist's Guide to Guns
  2. First Smoked Ribs of the season...
  3. How We Measure Up?
  4. My computer was down!
  5. WWII Plane - need help with identifying
  6. IRS loophole
  7. California Approved Gunsafe Video
  8. New residents in Nephew's backyard
  9. Relocating to the TN border
  10. How many times can you twirl a loaded Glock?
  11. Who's here?
  12. Security License?
  13. Hard to argue with this kind of logic
  14. It's Star Wars Day!!!
  15. Typical Gunsmith Rates
  16. Bass Pro Shop's Bait and Switch
  17. William Shatner on Gun Control...
  18. Ted's Interview
  19. Drawing and Firing the Mixed Martial Arts Way
  20. Pay Close Attention Folks - How To Handle Handguns AND Revolvers.
  21. Wrong Diner to Rob...
  22. 5 Minute Mystery! Whodunit? Can You Finger The Murderer?
  23. An Observation...
  24. Atlanta peeps, I need a Sushi Recommendation!
  25. Taking concealed carry to new heights
  26. Funny quote from pathetic story
  27. Can't Make This Up : Dressed as a Clown, Robs Nursing Home.
  28. BATF form
  29. Donate to a good cause, yall came through before for Wyatt
  30. Favorite Signatures
  31. Caliber Wars.
  32. Off topic NO HUMOR
  33. Blind Golden Retriever Gets Seeing-Eye Dog! Your Feel Good Story Of The Day!
  34. Body found in duffel bag likely killed.
  35. Android App for Name and Save locations?
  36. awesome, touching, and gives hope
  37. Last trip to Costco
  38. Cookware can be deadly
  39. Sign in Walmart...huh?
  40. need help with cell phone
  41. Discharging weapon question?
  42. Are all PETA's anti-gunners?
  43. Billy The Kid -farrotype photo
  44. SPOT or satellite phone experience?
  45. This Cartoon Seemed Far-Fetched In 1948
  46. Slow motion video of owl attack
  47. It's All George Bush's Fault......
  48. Letter To The Bank
  49. The tally continues to add up in the D
  50. Prank Video By Worlds Worst Boyfriend. Video Goes Viral. Lucky He Didn't Get Shot!
  51. Looks like ATF and CNN releasing the same baloney data on guns in mexico coming from
  52. The numbers keep changing
  53. OpticsPlanet.com
  54. Man ordered to dance at gunpoint
  55. Any podcast recommendations?
  56. Shocked and Speechless in Detroit
  57. Bear attack
  58. If I wanted America to fail...
  59. Two Blind Pilots!
  60. Ode to my Front Sight (Good for morning Coffee)
  61. I'm Thinking About Buying This Used B.O.B. It's Only $20,000 But, FREE SHIPPING!
  62. What do you do besides gun specific training?
  63. Careful what you post!
  64. Man shoots girlfriend, thinks it was a hog
  65. Whats Next?
  66. The family that robs together stays together?
  67. StormProof matches - They Really Are Storm Proof.
  68. "A Harsh Reminder" or "One moment of inattention could have cost me an eye!"
  69. Does anyone else see a "tie in"?
  70. Stand your ground Law IN YOUR STATE
  71. New CA Approved Gun Safe
  72. Cache
  73. Laughter Heals all wounds, can it save me?
  74. First shooting competition
  75. I love Grilling Season...
  76. What percentage of OC and CCer's do you think realistically train
  77. Goin' out drinkin'
  78. Hey you Jar Heads... Roll Call. Sound Off!
  79. Race Baiting
  80. Shrine of the Mall Ninja - Remember way back when the Internet started to out idiots?
  81. Am I the only one...
  82. LEO ENCOUNTER,Bad,Good
  83. JUst a funny pic I found
  84. Home Shotgun Defense -- Ruth Gordon Style
  85. Orange Barrels.
  86. Man died from beating
  87. Bank of America anti 2A?
  88. QUIZ TIME: Quotes from our Founding Fathers!
  89. Forget About North Korean Missiles....Here is the potential Sausage War!
  90. Bubba returns
  91. The mother of all wrong turns
  92. Howard Miller clock
  93. Crisis of Character
  94. Update!! 187MPH Bike From Video I Posted Seized By Police!!
  95. First couple photos.
  96. Polo Dresses US Olympians in All White for Opening Ceremony
  97. Interesting Morning at School
  98. America's Oldest Teenager Dies
  99. Furious dealing with IRS
  100. Idiot In My Town!! Story & Video. Update At Post 21.
  101. Changed my avatar
  102. D.W.I. - Driving While Italian
  103. TSA they're not just in airports anymore
  104. Oldest American motorcycle up for sale
  105. Oldie but goodie - The Old Lady Traffic Stop
  106. Half truths, and lies.
  107. Thought this was both sad and uplifting all in one "for animal lovers"
  108. Tax Deadline Today; Time for Tax Jokes!
  109. And where is the anti-bat crowd?
  110. Easy to enter giveaway on my blog for Skout Trailbar Sampler 5 pack
  111. Ultimate Man Cave entrance
  112. Motorcycle wreck kills woman, and I was there...
  113. 6 Stupid Gun Myths Everyone Believes Thanks to Movies
  114. Why I trust my life to a .22
  115. Explaining Rocket Science
  116. Carbide Explosions
  117. Word of the day-- INEPTOCRACY
  118. Zombie Survival Map
  119. Indiana Canoe Trip
  120. Alternative Weapons: Hey - Catch this!
  121. 50 You Wish You Knew in Real Life
  122. Having a barrel of Fun! (Video)
  123. 10 shot, 3 dead, on South and West sides - Chicago
  124. Looking for a novel
  125. Bad? - Man Robs Bank With Plunger
  126. Twilight Zone fans?
  127. Samsung Captivate battery?
  128. Toy grenade prompts NYC office building evacuation
  129. No Time For Bronchitis
  130. Any Geocachers on the DC Forum?
  131. Throwing Rocks at Taco Bell then Arrested on Drug Possession
  132. As requested by SUNTZU....Military Stories
  133. why is America so soft on criminals?
  134. Push Button To Add Drama! (Cool Video)
  135. SmartCarry or Freedom Flask? You choose.
  136. Do we have to wait...
  137. Talking dog?
  138. Missing the Military
  139. Do's and Don't's for 16 yr old car theives
  140. Size Is Relative
  141. What to do when a family member goes missing?
  142. Where's the Baby
  143. Special Forces Trained Foreign Terrorists
  144. Race war....
  145. No Real Story Here
  146. James O'Keefe strikes again pretending to be AG Eric Holder...while voting!!!!!
  147. Great Explanation of Gasoline Prices
  148. More on China: Great Leaps Forward
  149. Sorry I Screwed Up Your Hunt
  150. Navajo Cops and macing incident
  151. blessings of the risen Christ to all.
  152. Warning shot
  153. Home Invasion Gunfight
  154. TSA goon assaults pilot/FFDO for questioning her authoritae
  155. Where's the little girl?
  156. A look back
  157. Wear Hoodies To Polling Places
  158. WE ARE HOME. Back in Tennessee!!!!
  159. Florida Tan Line......
  160. Unique Advertisment for Shooting Range
  161. Need your help (votes)!
  162. Odd : Museum Robbery Thwarted
  163. My Boss Called
  164. I'd like to introduce a new member to our family, "Duke"!
  165. Bigfoot
  166. Got lucky while the wife was at work!
  167. I hope all of our dallas-ft worth members made it through that alright
  168. Beware the Ninja Squirrels!
  169. No Headless Horsemen???
  170. Ooooohhhhh c. Ats cats! Cats! Cats!
  171. Cattle Rustlin' "Modern" Style..........
  172. Greed
  173. What's up with this new job description I've been seeing: EMT/Security Officer?
  174. New addition came early
  175. What have you really lost?
  176. Game Time...
  177. Tell me about bruce Nelson
  178. EPA announces new environmental danger -- DHMO
  179. Congratulations Kentucky: University of Kansas: Go Hawks
  180. It only took thirty years.
  181. Buyer - Be aware when you compare prices o -line
  182. $640 Million... so who got their tickets?
  183. Oregon Man Shoots Over Kids Heads to Scare Them
  184. Great little 4 min. Video
  185. Should videos made by police of suspects in custody be open to the public?
  186. Man saws off foot to keep getting unemployment pay
  187. A Warm Welcome Home (Man's Best Friend)
  188. Oil Shortage
  189. for the dad who has everything
  190. Motorcyle helmet law
  191. Finally ordered my Gatling gun
  192. Confrontational vs Argumentative
  193. If you can't get to the range try this
  194. Now this is how you buy a gun
  195. Man dies at range. Shoots self in chest
  196. Sign, sign everywhere a sign...
  197. Jane Fonda to Play Nancy Reagan in The Butler
  198. Sifting through the garbage.. (Parenting)
  199. New favorite Massad Ayoob quote
  200. Apple sued for clean doors
  201. Borat parody mistakenly played for Kazakh gold medalist
  202. Decisions, Decisions, Do my taxes? or go to the range?
  203. Defensive Carry Method - 1929
  204. Firefox app?
  205. Batman pulled over by Maryland police
  206. Amazing Grace
  207. Besides guns, what other things are you good at?
  208. Mistaken Identity: Share Your Stories
  209. 80 mph
  210. Great story - not gun related, 17 year old girl defended against sex offender
  211. Buying a vehicle
  212. I'm sure this has been posted before, but if it hasn't......enjoy!
  213. Katy Perry has better trigger finger discipline than you do...
  214. Aaarrrrrggggghhhhhhh.
  215. Picture of Grandpa
  216. a lil' joke
  217. Where is Sixto?
  218. Tebow funny
  219. Carpenters/Painters - Info Needed
  220. Dog Free to Good Home
  221. What Elway wants,Elway gets.
  222. For those who say you can't conceal a Desert Eagle
  223. The best 33 seconds of Miss Congeniality
  224. Mahindra tractor?
  225. Good: two fer or three fer
  226. Three Stooges: back to corrupt another generation
  227. Osama Bin Laden Glock game
  228. Home remedies and some common sense
  229. Dad, how did you like that Ipad?
  230. Boy, that gun control sure does work...
  231. You could be a WWII bomber pilot!
  232. Tragic:Nine year old kills Grand dad during hunting accident
  233. Holy cowbells...
  234. And we have a winner!
  235. So why aren't we doing this??
  236. Check out my latest blog post for a chance to win something cool!
  237. JOKE; Rabbit Dog
  238. Sausage Rage????
  239. The funniest video trailer you'll watch all week (with guns in it!)
  240. Don't Shoot, We're Republicans!!
  241. Crying in my beer (or bottled water) thread.
  242. What's the most redneck thing you've ever done?
  243. Selling my house is just as fun as it was the last time...
  244. Conceal this!
  245. Some Irish Pub Jokes.....
  246. "Sheepdog" sounds so lame...
  247. A man has to protect his daughter, right?
  248. Pics of the Family
  249. Need help picking out a 4wd SUV or Truck.
  250. Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan!