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  1. Pro-gun newspaper comic: Judge Parker
  2. Father shoots daughter's computer
  3. Childhood Punishments
  4. Navy Rail gun
  5. My vote for Father of the year!
  6. I hope this is Photoshopped
  7. Need a good laugh?
  8. I Am Bruce Lee - Movie
  9. Word Association Thread annoyance
  10. Leatherman Wave Saves a Pony
  11. Yesterday's and Today's Movie Heroes Put in Perspective
  12. Rookie UK cop chases himself for 20 minutes
  13. NBC Today show airing 9 Feb
  14. Any other Wisconsinites working on verifying the Walker recall petitions?
  15. Felony arrest for Giving Toddler a Ride on Motorcycle
  16. Working the Super Bowl in Broadcasting
  17. Somebody here once wondered...
  18. UGLY: BATFEDS are stopping home invasions?
  19. Thought this was kinda funny..
  20. Flash Bangs are cool!!
  21. getting baptized?
  22. New Gun safe
  23. my submission for most idiotic crime ever
  24. Will Generation 'Gimme' Work for the American Dream? Eye-opening insight into America
  25. Official Superbowl XLVI Thread
  26. Stale Donuts
  27. Bleeders, aspirin and other blood thinner meds.
  28. Act of Valor
  29. US and Serbian born Muslims try to have 3 informants beheaded in NC
  30. Coyotes!
  31. Best ammo for 22 semi-auto pistol with silencer
  32. Movie Review "The Grey"...dissapointing
  33. Good book series to read.
  34. There goes my guns & ammo budget...
  35. Missing GA Girls Found - In TN
  36. Anyone ever fired their gun at a bug (yes, a bug)?
  37. No arraignment today in shooting of Detroit girl in cell phone spat
  38. Leather, its a sickness
  39. Your favorite Christian Music Videos?
  40. Crap.
  41. Giving this to my wife for Valentine's Day.
  42. Double Murder Motive Unknown
  43. WWJC: What Would Jesus Carry?
  44. Funny satirical video
  45. Anti's Start In On Guns on Augusta Chronicle Site
  46. Squatters take over soldier's home.....
  47. Right To Bear-Madison Rising
  48. Health book that could save my life
  49. Bob Evans firewall
  50. card board shotgun.....
  51. Go Pro cameras
  52. Vladimir Putin takes aim
  53. Carrying anything I need to know about?
  54. Officer shot, killed by fellow police in Calif.
  55. Doomsday preppers National geo !
  56. When you go to the Social Security office, don't.......
  57. I know I'm not the first
  58. Do you know where our military headstones come from.
  59. Well armed Granny
  60. Question for members who work from home and fax on a regular basis
  61. Not my day
  62. Gadsden Flag History....
  63. Left and Right...
  64. In need of suggestions/opinoins what to do?
  65. Murder toll for the city of "Brotherly Love"
  66. The Royal Navy Type 45's Newly Commissioned
  67. USMC/USN Rules of Gunfighting......
  68. Attention!
  69. Pictrue I Wanted To Share
  70. Just three pounds to go...
  71. N.C. killer's taunt: Death row means leisure
  72. Love this quote
  73. Dollar General and robberies
  74. Lost my prized KaBar USMC Knife
  75. Would you send your dogs into harms way?
  76. LARGE Caliber Turkey Hunting
  77. 100 Questions.
  78. Any Pipe Smokers?
  79. Final push for votes for my daughter,,
  80. Any time, any place...
  81. That crazy NYC gunman that claimed to be a SEAL... Guess what?
  82. Saw the most idiotic commercial yesterday...
  83. Whats that special treat that makes you feel like a kid again?
  84. buck a gallon gasoline...
  85. Amtrak travel with/without gun
  86. Guns on Boats?
  87. RIP Joe Paterno
  88. Old Ragged Flag
  89. Martial Arts for kids?
  90. Tiny Beretta Jetfire .22 Saves Man's Life During Bear Attack
  91. Triathlon?
  92. Wow : Shot Nail Into Head Without Knowing!
  93. Man arrested and booked 167 times since 2002
  94. Child killer lasts one week in prison.
  95. How to park in NYC for $23.
  96. Happend In My Neighbourhood Now Going to Trial
  97. Investments and creative thinking exercise, help me help others.
  98. Parking Garage Crimes
  99. Just got back from a road trip.
  100. Six teens charged in death of homeless man
  101. good? 'Avoid Ghetto App' receives backlash
  102. The Rise of "America's" Gun?
  103. Greatest Pistol Ever Conceived!
  104. Wikipedia and other sites go down to protest SOPA at Midnight for 24 hours
  105. Can someone make a cheat sheet
  106. Castle Doctrine Minus The Firearm
  107. Finally on my way home
  108. Patrick Purdy and his AK47
  109. My Wife thinks I have a warped sense of humor
  110. Domestic Debt Limit
  111. AMC Hell on Wheels
  112. I see a class action law suit coming
  113. She needs someone who isn't a loser or a hippie.
  114. Letter to the bank...
  115. woot has red dot scope on sale
  116. What I saw, and it got me thinking-
  117. Death by taser?
  118. Need some electrical help!
  119. I turned my police scanner on
  120. Camoflauge fad
  121. Candles dont stop violence.
  122. The untimate EDC kit
  123. Anybody else caught up in the "Mid-Winter Crankies"?
  124. Farmer Timmy
  125. On way to Shot Show
  126. Carolina Shooters Forum - Offline?
  127. Disaster/Emergency Planning Odd Balls
  128. NFL Picks this weekend!
  129. AMC is running The Unforgiven 20th Anniversary
  130. a different kind of shooting
  131. Mans first day of conceal carry
  132. Jail strip search misses man's hidden 6" .38
  133. Missing Texas
  134. Graphical representation of about 80% of all Forum questions...
  135. Random gun-related thought of the day...
  136. Surprise! Russian Guy Buys Wooden Crates, Gets Arsenal To Boot!
  137. 1956 Episode of "I’ve Got a Secret" - Lincoln Assassination Eyewitness
  138. Bad/good/HMMM...
  139. New Medicare Program
  140. Made in America
  141. Due diligence to prevent a crime
  142. Please check your C0 detector now, or get one
  143. What the heck was the name of that movie??
  144. Shotgun Prank Goes Bad
  145. Farm dream fading
  146. Today is my 1 year anniversary here at DC.
  147. The person was just looking at the gun ... and it discharged said Sgt. David Walker
  148. SHTF food supplies?
  149. LEO ATTACKED with a stuffed monkey!
  150. Who would WANT TO WORK IN AMERICA?
  151. Bad Dream
  152. Lee Valley Jan 2012 Catalog picture
  153. DNA spray, who needs a gun?
  154. Airborne Stories (MFF or Static Line)
  155. New GPS program “Avoid Ghetto”
  156. Gun accidents
  157. Squirrel Fight!
  158. 50-year-old CARTOON TRIED TO WARN US
  159. Something different for the Chess lovers among us...
  160. cz 32 skorpian
  161. Hello, From Bangkok. SA Paid Off Today!!
  162. Governor Romney tonight
  163. Certified organic farm
  164. Favorite websites.......
  165. Adding laser sights to a milsurp gun
  166. What happens when you buy the farm?
  167. Quotes about weapons
  168. SEAL Shoots Self in Head While Trying to Pick up a Girl
  169. Curious: How is your winter weather for 2011/2012?
  170. Columbo fans?
  171. Totaly way off topic,, enlisting the DC.com community for a little help.
  172. A Great Piece of History
  173. Where did my rifle go?
  174. Another reason I carry
  175. Off topic NO humor
  176. WV Dept of Motor Vehicles accept Carry Permit as ID
  177. How well do you trust your own gut "feeling"?
  178. Anyone else trust their dog's sense about certain people ??
  179. Subject: The Y GENERATION
  180. Wisconsin members looking for a CC class to obtain Utah/Florida permits
  181. Smart Phone Apps TOS = Infringement?
  182. Got to love the Iraqis, leave cancelled
  183. Hunters be aware of your target.
  184. Need suggestions for a good BD present.....
  185. Gunsmith I'm not
  186. Work gig in Saudi Arabia
  187. Compilation of the BEST/WORST Concealed Carry Guy
  188. Defective newspaper.
  189. Okay everyone
  190. A fool and his money is soon parted
  191. Happy New Year Y'all!
  192. Sheriff Project
  193. I will be spending the New Year.......
  194. Gecko45
  195. This stinks.
  196. The State Can Seize Your Money Due to Inactivity?
  197. What was Ford thinking?
  198. SALT the movie
  199. What are you listening to these days?
  200. man burned down house to keep woman from moving in
  201. Gun Photo Contest
  202. Keller Memorial Lodge #657, North Carolina
  203. Reminder- Security Firm hacked
  204. The perfect accessory for your CCW badge.
  205. My new bGlock
  206. Niece's Boyfriend, may have to keep the boy
  207. Clerk's punch stops armed robbery (vid)
  208. "Reload"
  209. Magpies mourn Kim Jong-il in North Korea
  210. New shooter, my oldest.
  211. Bluetooth question
  212. Merry Christmas to all
  213. The Night Before Christmas
  214. 'Sons of Guns' Stars Punished By the Feds for MAJOR Firearms Violations
  215. FedEx 727 Getting Moved Across Town
  216. Some humor for you guys and gals =)
  217. How bad does it have to get...
  218. Merry Christmas and please....
  219. Tort liability and unsecured property
  220. Merry Christmas
  221. Follow Santa Here With NORAD's Help!!
  222. Reindeer Cam and NORAD and Christmas Eve
  223. Restraining orders, guns, and lawsuits
  224. Happy Festivus... for the Rest of Us!
  225. Gas prices?
  226. that girl
  227. no kidding--Big Brother IS watching
  228. Fantasy Football Championships
  229. Need help with High Index Lenses
  230. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
  231. Check out my new taclight!!
  232. Funny, tragic, bad. All in one story
  233. The silly things some people beleive!
  234. Would you let a neighbor use your phone to call 911?
  235. Is MGO offline?
  236. Perry Suggested He Carries A Concealed Firearm
  237. Big Bank Bonuses May Be Headed For Record Year!
  238. so.... this chick i used to shoot IDPA with......
  239. No humor at all... tragic.
  240. Take this quiz to see what your political match ups are!
  241. Santa Plays Jingle Bells... With a Colt!
  242. What do you think about fast food, and what do you typically eat for breakfast?
  243. Losers on a Roll
  244. I can't believe this is a TV show!!
  245. Assailant suffers injuries in fall while running from Best Buy ; }
  246. Gold/Silver coins
  247. Did Eric Holder provide Tim McVeigh with explosives? Shades of F&F. Sounds crazy...
  248. Will You, light a candle...
  249. Lunacy on the Taxpayer Dime
  250. traffic violation