: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. Any other Jeep Cherokee drivers on here?
  2. Thinking About Moving To Augusta Area
  3. It is all my fault
  4. Really hate Afghanistan...need to vent
  5. Power outtage this evening
  6. Southern California travel and traffic questions
  7. NC Gov. argues for suspending Congressional elections!
  8. CC Ban for Businesses in WI. A Poll and We're loosing...
  9. Vampire/werewolf hybrid charged with murder. CBS News.
  10. Music Club?
  11. To those who celebrate, Happy New Year
  12. The bad neighbor thread
  13. I guess some would find this humorous
  14. New HHS rules demand your medical records be turned over to governemnt
  15. Obama's Campaign Slogan
  16. Making An iPhone App Help...EMS Protocols
  17. I HATE my Neighbors!!!
  18. Here is other "genius" with a gun.
  19. Trip AND Off Road veh?
  20. Triva
  21. Funny story from my youth.
  22. NYPD Can Take Down a Plane, Perform International Spying?
  23. I heard Michael Vick broke his hand....
  24. My new gun
  25. Zombie History and my honeymoon, A true story with pics!
  26. Mayweather-Ortiz Controversial Knockout Video
  27. Today is the first day of.....
  28. Bear Hunter Death Followup....
  29. Another Ride I wish wasn't necessary
  30. Police: 91-year-old Albert Einsig threw urine on sidewalk to keep kids away
  31. What kind of gun safe do you have?
  32. Sashes aren't just for CHL holders anymore!
  33. Gonna miss carrying for a few weeks
  34. Does any boy else find this a little extreme on the "morbidity scale"?
  35. The Saga of my revolver and the crazy lady.
  36. For those in Indiana....
  37. I'm Deploying!
  38. Youngest Brother Just Received His Delaware CCDW Permit Today
  39. Carry with one chambered or no? Here's the answer - Condition Butterscotch.
  40. Allow me a work place rant....about the new boss...
  41. Please leave all defense weapons at home.
  42. Insurance for Firearms
  43. Shoplifter Gets Life Sentence
  44. Gaston Glock does a "Hefner" and marries his GF, 51 years younger.
  45. Toby Keith - Pro-gun, gun owner, permit holder, carrier
  46. Post Deleted.....But Why?
  47. What's the Real Story Behind the Decline of Cocaine Usage in this Country?
  48. Fall is here!
  49. Honey-do Day
  50. Back in the South
  51. The truth about the fed
  52. Three kids fishing:Obama joke
  53. Question about Airsoft
  54. Nightmares
  55. Full Patdowns At NFL Games.....
  56. Has anyone seen this website?
  57. To Blend or not To Blend
  58. A Christmas Tradition:
  59. Tucson AZ Restaurants
  60. anyone else think he shouldn't have gotten paid
  61. Caught a criminal tonight
  62. laid off
  63. I fired my doctor today
  64. Trigger finger fail...
  65. Before & After Marriage
  66. mini troopers
  67. Condition Butterscotch
  68. Any Maui Experts Out There?
  69. Road Rage Suspect Gets Shot and 13 months in Prison...
  70. Road Rage Suspect Gets Shot and 13 months in Prison...
  71. No property is worth a life?
  72. Deer season just got better
  73. Met a fellow CCWer here in Sheeple Country
  74. Remembering Sept.11,2001....
  75. 22 People Shot At Florida Night Club....
  76. Flight 93
  77. Thanks for keeping me on track
  78. Plumbing
  79. I baked a cake!
  80. A funny thing happened....
  81. Odd, may be an understatement
  82. Man Shoots Self Instead Of Snake.....
  83. Ugly: Man Beheads Self in Virginia
  84. Anyone ever have gun-related dreams?
  85. Unfortunately we all know one...
  86. Fast & Furious - What Did Holder Know
  87. My specially trained Police Dog
  88. Thomas Jefferson......
  89. People saying smoke from wildfire in AZ carries Agent Orange
  90. Local gun store being "snobby" any one else have this happen?
  91. Is it worth discussing grammar?
  92. Assailant suffers injuries from fall
  93. PMC wannabee's... LOL Good vid though
  94. Irritation at the range today
  95. Huge brush fires in central Texas. Flames force us out.
  96. Stupid Human Tricks - At the Range Of Course
  97. Anyone personally know any real BG's?
  98. Sons of Anarchy anyone?
  99. Michiganders...
  100. Bluegrass, Burgoo, and beer
  101. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. draws
  102. Question for Ner Jersey members
  103. No Justice in North Carolina.......
  104. What is the stupidest thing you have ever done or said?
  105. Me Doing the Wally Walk back in May 2011
  106. No Justice in Wales..........
  107. Mob Mentality At Youth Football Game........
  108. Flash Mobbed!
  109. All hell broke loose...twice this week
  110. Chimp with an AK-47 in West Africa
  111. My kind of holiday
  112. You decide, good or bad
  113. Can kids go to gun shows in Iowa?
  114. Vietnam Vet Makes Football Team...
  115. My Poor Wife...
  116. Help a friend
  117. Truck Nerf/Step Bars
  118. Called the Cops on a little boy today...
  119. Call from 603-214-3695 - Have they called you too??
  120. Luminox or other tritium watch?
  121. Could you imagine if
  122. Will be in Dallas next week
  123. How to take Engagement Photos
  124. Learning
  125. Kids and their violent music...
  126. Wedgie from girlfriend
  127. Teen Branded Felon For Life....
  128. Manly Man Dinner, Who Do You Invite As Guests?
  129. ATF Director Reassigned - Demoted, but not Fired
  130. Spur ride
  131. Just a funny
  132. Two sheriff employees shot
  133. A Motive for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens?
  134. Needy Representatives
  135. Life summed up in the lyric of a song
  136. Is our democracy doomed?
  137. Survived Irene
  138. Rant about selfish neigbor
  139. Interpretation of MI Law...
  140. ? for comuter gurus re: browser add ons and plug ins
  141. "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole
  142. Hurricane Irene
  143. Recording police
  144. Dog training
  145. Calderon blames US Again.
  146. Something to keep in mind during a disaster
  147. Caliber war reasons?
  148. Anyone have to deal with bats?
  149. Need HELP! Please Vote for Mandeville Jr High
  150. Ticked off my wife the morning .....
  151. Somewhat eventful night - someone in our yard
  152. BREAKING NEWS...The USGS....epicenter...
  153. So who has a fantasy football team this year?
  154. So, THIS is what anti's think...
  155. Show Us Your Shed/Workshop!
  156. What Should I Know About Sheds?
  157. Townhall Meeting Censorship
  158. Good Day Man-Shopping with the Garandson lol
  159. Wife laid off... again.
  160. "Got evidence? There's an app for that!"
  161. For those of you on the east coast...
  162. What A Bummer!
  163. Children Ban From Olympic Shooting Events....
  164. Earthquake yesterday
  165. Best SUV dog barrier-
  166. I just wanted to toss out there that....
  167. WA: Prosecutors, Police Warn Of South King County Gang 'War'
  168. Earthquake!!!!!!!!
  169. The difference between the North and the South - clearly explained...at last
  170. South American firearms training using live hostage and live shotgun rounds
  171. Would you rather
  172. Annoying Phrases
  173. New definition of SOS
  174. MRE's and survival food
  175. Drudge: Libyan Draft Constitution
  176. Worlds Largest Model Airport.....
  177. Awesome day yesterday
  178. For us'ns looking at a possiable visit from Irene
  179. Any Lexus LS owners here?
  180. Thomas Divide lights, Cherokee, NC with video
  181. Building a new PC and want to stress test it...
  182. Hate my life...
  183. Help!
  184. BAD - 2 Shootings and 1 Beating at Candlestick Park After 49ers-Raiders Game
  185. Possible good shoot outside the US. Jamaica!
  186. Favorite Films...With Guns
  187. Survived Trip to Illinois
  188. Teenagers these days.........
  189. Bloomberg betrays police and other 9/11 first reponders
  190. Rolling in the Deep-Military Cover
  191. WOW - Our Country has some stupid Idiots - She wants to be the biggest idiot too....
  192. another STUPID alert
  193. Naked Gun 3?
  194. You know you're a tool-bag when...
  195. Hey, Stupid UK: Let Your Cops and Fair Citizens Carry Guns!
  196. I felt like Barney Fife himself today
  197. Looking For Some Help
  198. 2011 NCAA Football Survival Pool thread
  199. Killer of 3 yo confesses......
  200. Advice Thread
  201. 911 10 years later
  202. How many "workers" does it take....
  203. Flash mob hits 7-11 store.....
  204. Super Cop!
  205. Monday Chuckle
  206. Finally out of Michigan !!
  207. Here's a good story with a good ending
  208. Stage Collapse at Indiana State Fair
  209. S&W 500 at USPSA match.
  210. Birthday Present
  211. Don't Forget The Horror in Somalia
  212. The official DC tattoo thread
  213. SF-BART PD shut down cell service to prevent disruption to transportation.
  214. Special Alert Next Saturday Show Your Pride
  215. Civil war bullet found in tree (Gettysburg)
  216. Nothing says "love" like a pair of handcuffs
  217. My old trusty wallet finally died...let the search for a new one begin
  218. Former Playmate Arrested at Airport....
  219. What is This Whole Zombie Thing??
  220. Fat guy on a little bike...
  221. New Pistol by Ruger just coming out!
  222. First visit to Arizona
  223. Quick rant about gun deals
  224. Biker & The Lion
  225. Top Shot Competion
  226. New Family Member! GSD rescue
  227. Frustration in politics
  228. First PGR Funeral
  229. What did I miss
  230. should I stay or should I go?
  231. Home Security yard Sign
  232. Snow Folks in the Real North: Advice Needed Please!
  233. CCW Advertising
  234. observation
  235. US Loses Credit Rating
  236. Trying to find a city.
  237. The Fat..Combat Fit..
  238. Need some advice?
  239. Bears Causing Trouble
  240. Breaking: DOJ facilitated drug smuggling Mexico to USA
  241. My city lying about recycling?
  242. Your Favorite Leather Care Routine for Work/Heavy Use Boots and Shoes
  243. Sneezing
  244. Anyone Own Student Rentals?
  245. Sons of Guns meets OCC
  246. Rules of Gunfighting
  247. A Shooting Instructor's Advice
  248. Just saw Captain America, and enjoyed it.
  249. Bubba Smith died
  250. Any bicycle fans on here?