: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. What was Ford thinking?
  2. SALT the movie
  3. What are you listening to these days?
  4. man burned down house to keep woman from moving in
  5. Gun Photo Contest
  6. Keller Memorial Lodge #657, North Carolina
  7. Reminder- Security Firm hacked
  8. The perfect accessory for your CCW badge.
  9. My new bGlock
  10. Niece's Boyfriend, may have to keep the boy
  11. Clerk's punch stops armed robbery (vid)
  12. "Reload"
  13. Magpies mourn Kim Jong-il in North Korea
  14. New shooter, my oldest.
  15. Bluetooth question
  16. Merry Christmas to all
  17. The Night Before Christmas
  18. 'Sons of Guns' Stars Punished By the Feds for MAJOR Firearms Violations
  19. FedEx 727 Getting Moved Across Town
  20. Some humor for you guys and gals =)
  21. How bad does it have to get...
  22. Merry Christmas and please....
  23. Tort liability and unsecured property
  24. Merry Christmas
  25. Follow Santa Here With NORAD's Help!!
  26. Reindeer Cam and NORAD and Christmas Eve
  27. Restraining orders, guns, and lawsuits
  28. Happy Festivus... for the Rest of Us!
  29. Gas prices?
  30. that girl
  31. no kidding--Big Brother IS watching
  32. Fantasy Football Championships
  33. Need help with High Index Lenses
  34. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
  35. Check out my new taclight!!
  36. Funny, tragic, bad. All in one story
  37. The silly things some people beleive!
  38. Would you let a neighbor use your phone to call 911?
  39. Is MGO offline?
  40. Perry Suggested He Carries A Concealed Firearm
  41. Big Bank Bonuses May Be Headed For Record Year!
  42. so.... this chick i used to shoot IDPA with......
  43. No humor at all... tragic.
  44. Take this quiz to see what your political match ups are!
  45. Santa Plays Jingle Bells... With a Colt!
  46. What do you think about fast food, and what do you typically eat for breakfast?
  47. Losers on a Roll
  48. I can't believe this is a TV show!!
  49. Assailant suffers injuries in fall while running from Best Buy ; }
  50. Gold/Silver coins
  51. Did Eric Holder provide Tim McVeigh with explosives? Shades of F&F. Sounds crazy...
  52. Will You, light a candle...
  53. Lunacy on the Taxpayer Dime
  54. traffic violation
  55. A VERY worthy cause for Christmas, please look at this.
  56. Where did he go?
  57. Guns and TV
  58. The favorite guns of the Republicans running for president
  59. Seized and stripped bolt
  60. I'm a published illustrator now
  61. Gun control - Shatner style
  62. What is going on with Today's generation of military personnal?
  63. Flip Video???
  64. Gun friendly high tech Metro areas
  65. gun addict song
  66. You better watch out!
  67. Enough is Enough! What Can We Do?
  68. deer
  69. Furnace controller....
  70. Cowboy Shooting Competition
  71. Holiday Eating Guide
  72. EDC rap video!
  73. Self-defense shooting, The Stupid
  74. I didn't go looking for a fight but one found me
  75. My apologies
  76. Off topic but no humor
  77. US Government Finally Defined
  78. Will visiting the "Range" get you profiled as a "Homicidal Maniac"?
  79. Engineers and everyone else will love this
  80. Would i be going too far?
  81. BAld Eagle.....
  82. Pretty funny stuff!
  83. Need Help Identifying Trees Horticulturists Help!
  84. Need Help ! Advice please on Hiker Pro Microfilter
  85. You guys WISH your daughter were this cool...
  86. Glock - wrong diner
  87. This was too good not to share
  88. Some people shouldn't be parents
  89. Great commercial
  90. Crazy hands make crazy things
  91. Logic 101
  92. Any old Marines on here?
  93. Refresher course? Beware of the Doghouse
  94. Major Oooops from Mythbusters
  95. Help Finding Red Dot w/Specific Reticle
  96. Need New Knife for Girlfriend
  97. These never get old
  98. Evil folks in TN.
  99. (Your Group goes here)...Bashing
  100. I hate this site
  101. How to Make a Citizen’s Arrest
  102. Jury Duty can be fun
  103. Bringing civilation to the rural areas
  104. Crossroads of wisdom!
  105. "You May Live In Canada" according to Jeff Foxworthy
  106. Ooops how'd that end up missing.
  107. Gun Photography
  108. Cool picture
  109. Big Horn Ram!
  110. This product will drop your Situational awareness to ZERO
  111. Oops, he broke into the wrong home
  112. Since I've been gone a bit....
  113. New "Hi Jack" Handshake
  114. It's about time!
  115. FedEx Field Parking
  116. Off topic, not Humor
  117. Alternative to the "Like button"?
  118. "The EDC Song"----Pretty Dang Funny!!
  119. More gov't spyware coming to your smartphone via DHS
  120. Anyone else pick up MALWARE yesterday?
  121. I HIGHLY recommend this book ....
  122. Lots of good information here....
  123. Somebody picked the wrong diner
  124. Craft Beers.
  125. Fiction is fiction...
  126. Is this justice?
  127. Talk To Me About Emergency/Survival Wound Closure - Suturing
  128. Dog shoots man, or watch where you lay your shotgun.
  129. Hilljack neighbors at it again
  130. OT: Vindication for the Tinfoil Hat?
  131. How Did I Let This Happen To Myself, Again?
  132. The face (and belly) of Occupy
  133. Shoot a deer..hit a horse
  134. My wife uttered the words I've been DYING to hear.....
  135. I went with this security company because,
  136. Electronic cigarettes/quitting smoking.
  137. Santa Claus Brings Out The Big Guns!
  138. You can't buy that lime... it could be classed as a weapon
  139. Went to buy new truck; came home with this
  140. Does anybody participate in a hunting land lease?
  141. Way off topic-questions about buying silver??
  142. Not Good... Bangers Getting Military Training and Taking it back to the Streets.....
  143. Getting rid of garbage smell
  144. Cool slow mo shot on deer
  145. I just got a new gPhone
  146. Last Man Standing
  147. Fire the Super Committee...Hire a Game Show Host!
  148. A little fun
  149. New Truck Bug
  150. Twenty Injured After Woman Uses Pepper Spray on Black Friday Crowd
  151. Malls track shoppers' cell phones on Black Friday
  152. Things that can happen
  153. Cruise Ship Carry
  154. Having good Situation Awareness may have saved me from a threat
  155. 40 years later, new evidence emerges in D.B. Cooper case
  156. Happy Thanksgiving to All
  157. Moose Hunters
  158. Hitler's Reaction To Gen. 4 Glock
  159. New "Occupy" Movement
  160. JFK assassinated 48 years ago today......what were you doing?
  161. Oops + stupid = 2 in cuffs: Shotgun in car at school, violating protection order.
  162. Hucsterism at it's finest!
  163. what are your opinions on this date.....
  164. Another case of finding a Fed GPS tracker under your car, SCOTUS case pending
  165. Sombody Picked the Wrong Diner
  166. We've been invaded?
  167. Any Personal Trainers On Here??
  168. Humor: Hitler's Reaction to Gen 4 Glocks, .45 ACP and Americans
  169. Casket pistol stand
  170. Well, one less range buddy, gf moved out.
  171. Firearm's opener- deer
  172. Wisconsin (again) Have you seen any stores etc. posted No-Carry?
  173. check out this license plate
  174. Charlton Heston -
  175. Saw a coyote at work last night....
  176. What are your favorite targets?
  177. SOPA
  178. Bible Verses about complaining?
  179. Robbery Fail! Caught on CCTV
  180. The Deer And The Deputy.....
  181. American Hoggers
  182. The thin veneer of civilization...
  183. I hate my landlord.
  184. Motley man who shot his own foot charged with domestic assault
  185. eBay Any suggestions for bidding success?
  186. Anyone here into fixing LCD flat panel TVs?
  187. Wish me luck.
  188. Shatner Warns Of Exploding Turkeys In Safety Video!!
  189. Help me find it?
  190. Reactor and a tool bag
  191. I'm 44 years old today.......when did I get old?
  192. Host, What Will Be UR Rules In A SHTF (or Walking Dead) Scenario?
  193. His Masters Voice
  194. Traffic stop in Springfield, Mo.
  195. Sending A Chair Into Space!! (Video)
  196. Ping Golf Clubs and Wounded Warriors........
  197. Really Confused about Dogs for Defense
  198. LASIK - anyone have the procedure?
  199. Bad : Mason Co. WV Sheriff Arrested, Shooting Over A Teen's Head.
  200. Veterans day post!
  201. A great speech.
  202. Vietnam in HD....
  203. Of course we are not in favour of Iran developing a bomb – but do we think they’d use
  204. Question For Missouri People
  205. National EAS Test. Please tell me how it went in your area
  206. UGLY: Government thinks public needs...
  207. Persons Carrying Gun - 4.5 Times More Likely to be Shot
  208. 9mm vs deer part 2
  209. Decided to see what pepper spray was like.
  210. Pics of 45ACP vs deer with fmj
  211. Threads You started and wished you hadn't
  212. Would never happen now.
  213. Video: Phoenix Police Tackle Candy Thief HARD!!!!!
  214. Plumbers butt
  215. A Dam Problem State of Pennsylvania Water Management Division
  216. Military Humour I got in an email
  217. The Media is at it again!!!
  218. What are the odds of dying from...
  219. Zombies invading Missouri!! Alert!!
  220. how pilots should talk
  221. Stephen Colbert vs. OWS
  222. The carnage will continue...
  223. S.W.A.T. team kills mental handicapped
  224. Other sayings I hate
  225. Question for Iowans..re: pheasant population
  226. Bomb Patrol - Afghanistan
  227. Here we go again!
  228. Sheriff tells women to get guns to ward off attacks
  229. Google Driveless car project
  230. Upland Bird Dog
  231. Kids, you can send them to school........
  232. Hillary Finally Shows Her True Colors......
  233. City Board OKs shaving cream for halloween vandals
  234. Funny Things Police Officers Say
  235. Finally, conclusive evidence that Bin Laden and Gaddafi are dead
  236. Save The Burros. Build The Wall.
  237. Copyright Troll Righthaven on the ropes
  238. How I Learned To Mind My Own Business
  239. This is my security team:
  240. It's All About The South
  241. Yuk Yuk
  242. Surprises.
  243. Rifle Scope w/ Red Dot on AR Mounting Advice Please....
  244. Breaking the Barrier
  245. Trooper pulls over off duty police officer going 120 MPH.
  246. Dog Survives Gas Chamber
  247. How did our oil get under their sand?
  248. Schools warn of bracelets used to smoke pot
  249. Hostage situation! What do you do? (humor)
  250. Pumped Up Kicks (better run)