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  1. A chuckle for today
  2. Surgery Next Week !
  3. Odd... and BAD - Serial Slasher - NoVA
  4. Pitbulls......
  5. Old one
  6. NASCAR Pre-race prayer
  7. Finally, my Jeep Wrangler Death Wobble fixed (I hope)
  8. Gecko .45 is back on you tube
  9. Video
  10. A couple of pics
  11. Glock Accident?,Or Just Stupid?
  12. Chuck Norris Approved
  13. Making the switch to Direct TV!! Have a few questions.
  14. Texas Roller Rink Shooting...
  15. Labs love little girls
  16. Amy Winehouse
  17. Received an Email from Borders Bookstore saying Farewell -- Image of Email
  18. Sign in front of a Florida funeral home
  19. Camera lense advice
  20. Self Defense Spray
  21. Bewildered texan
  22. SIG SAUER 1911 Give Away
  23. Accumulating as the years go by...
  24. Lawnmower Bandit gets sentenced
  25. Is it wise to do this?
  26. Interesting
  27. Wow, cool video of a guy using firearms to make art...
  28. How to order a cocktail the way you make it at home?
  29. You might be a gun nut if :
  30. HAMAD seen from space
  31. S&W M&P Outperforms the competition in Underwater Test Video - Humour
  32. I guess they weren't that anonymous...
  33. Chihuahua Chases Off Robbers
  34. Benchmade 4501 Prestigedge vs. Wusthof Classic
  35. A Huge Centipede Fighting A Snake
  36. Survived Home Invasion This Weekend
  37. Dog Chases Armed Robbers......
  38. Living with 3 wives
  39. Will the heat ever end?
  40. A non gun related thread: CIGARS
  41. Three abandoned female puppies.
  42. Watermelon, cantaloupe and blueberries
  43. A rare pair of pistols up for auction
  44. I finally made it!!
  45. Prevent another tragedy- sign Caylee's law petition
  46. New Ink
  47. Is the Internet Emptying Your Mind? - New Evidence of Brain Drain taking place
  48. Casey Anthony needs a safe house.....
  49. Where The Hell Is Our Summer?
  50. Do you have a favorite saying?
  51. Girl with no arms and legs says cheerleading try-out is unfair
  52. NO power for 9 hours this evening; what did we do
  53. Just a reminder to enjoy those you love
  54. Just the Facts
  55. Dog Lovers, you'll love this one.
  56. Is Everyone Going to be Rooting for TEAM USA in the World Cup Finals Sunday?? -- PICS
  57. Boys and Girls, this man KNOWS how to ride a motorcycle. Believe it.
  58. Crunch Bird
  59. Obama: 80% Of American People Want Higher Taxes
  60. Looks like we aren't headed back to Memphis just yet
  61. Sudden victim: Casey Anthony look-alike attacked
  62. having a bad lightyear?
  63. For You Country Music Fans...
  64. Horrific Homicide Of Eight Year Old...
  65. Glockolate
  66. Trucker arrested...
  67. Seems a Bit More Than Brutal...
  68. Spin off from the trusting cops thread...
  69. Before you die.....
  70. A touching golf story
  71. Snow Plow Advice
  72. The day the music died
  73. I don't shoot as often as I would like and I don't drive my '66 as often as I like
  74. Why isn't THIS case being covered? Race?
  75. Women beats dog to death with bat.....
  76. Morons at work - Darwin in action
  77. Is it unlawful to follow a law that is against the Constitution?
  78. Best Singles Ad ever
  79. Any Members Here Living in Europe/England/Netherlands?
  80. Never give a monkey a gun
  81. Have CNN's Headline News and Nancy Grace both Gone Insane?
  82. Stupidity.
  83. Twelve things that a motorcycle can teach...
  84. A man tried to kill me this morning...
  85. my daughter likes 1911s
  86. Interesting - Thousands of Calif. Inmates Refuse Food in Protest
  87. Check out this truck
  88. Way to go Kate.
  89. New Puppy!
  90. Cape Cod Flash Mob Vid...
  91. One more Jeep "Death Wobble" comment / question - Weld your tracking bar?
  92. Sign of the times
  93. Just in the nick of time!
  94. What would you have said?
  95. Makes me sick!!! Vandals desecrate Old Glory
  96. Sometimes, life can be good and complicated and bad at the same time.....*sigh*
  97. One punch kills..........
  98. Mother turns in her kids for gas station raid
  99. anniversary gift
  100. CO CC Blocked
  101. Grizzly Kills Man in Yellowstone
  102. A Los Zetas leader arrested
  103. The Confession
  104. How Difficult will it be for Casey Anthony to go below Radar?
  105. You must see/hear this
  106. Breaking your own property is a crime...
  107. Obama wants execution stopped.....
  108. Ouch: Man hit by canon fragments during parade
  109. Elderly Man in Red Flannel, Jeans, with rifle in woods closes down Maryland Highway
  110. Man gets 10 years for smuggling pot...INTO MEXICO!
  111. Wow, Casey Anthony found Not Guilty on all Major Counts Amazing
  112. I need a little help here.....
  113. The Parrot that Pooped on my Momma -- Funny Video
  114. Guard dog for sale. No reasonable offer refused.
  115. Happy 4th of July Everyone!!!
  116. Japanese Scientist Discovers Solution to World Food Shortage: Artificial Meat - Video
  117. HVAC help
  118. Sony Pictures has totally Remastered and Restored DAS BOOT! Out on Blu Ray Tuesday!
  119. SSGT Reckless...semper fidelis
  120. Fund Raiser for the Troops and First Responders
  121. Fun little game
  122. Saw the new Transformers Movie
  123. Watches
  124. SOCAL wants to Secede from California YESSSSSSSSS!!!!
  125. So Long to Navy Federal Credit Union
  126. This is EASILY the BEST video that I have ever watched on YouTube -- VIDEO
  127. Breaking News:
  128. Movie Math test...
  129. What a moron
  130. this guy wants YOU to kill him!!
  131. iPhone Apps
  132. Why is Europe Always So Far Ahead of the USA when it comes to Men's Fashions? -- PIC
  133. Saudi Arabia Announces Intention to Build Nuclear Weapons
  134. What Went Wrong at MySpace?? -- VIDEO
  135. Late night drunk
  136. Remember in Office Space when they thought they'd get conjugal visits...
  137. A man's nightmare made real
  138. Somebody in Seattle Needs More Training
  139. Lady Gaga's Latest New Image! -- Pics & Video
  140. Zombie Apocalypse Warning In St. John's.
  141. Akinator the Genius......
  142. Randy Travis MP3's?
  143. Brown Widow Spider
  144. i was involved in a car chase today....
  145. Someone Called the Police on us Today...
  146. Just when you thought this issue was dead.....
  147. My night tonight.
  148. Suggestions on finding a new welder?
  149. Nice reflexes..
  150. Porsche Does Not Survive The Shooting Range! (Video)
  151. My favorite chair.
  152. Had an idea for job recruiters
  153. Pocket gun/schmocket gun!
  154. If this works...
  155. Need a little Help
  156. Tank firing in slow motion
  157. Battlefield 3
  158. Police Arrest Woman For Videotaping Them From Her Front Yard
  159. Just had a thought about how the gun world and car world could be related....
  160. Whats in that barn???
  161. Picked to be Sergeant Majors driver today...
  162. Would You Admit to having a Carry Permit on a Job App?
  163. Texas Mom Gets Probation, Loses Kids, for Spanking her Daughter
  164. I did not draw my gun or shoot anyone today.
  165. Falling Skies - Who Watched It?
  166. New CPR Technique Video from University of Arizona
  167. Ever hear of a trigger toe?
  168. Is Anyone Else Getting Sick of the Movies Coming Out of Hollywood this Year?
  169. Reggie Brown: great Obama impersonator
  170. Mwangaza Children's Chior
  171. What Colored Hat Am I Wearing?
  172. Then and Now--What We Had, How We Learned
  173. Things you probably didn't know about health care...
  174. Every Friday At The Pentagon
  175. Southern Ingenuity
  176. What The...? Man Assaulted While Trapping Minnows!
  177. Disgusting Behavior in Canada.........
  178. Here's a poster child for the wall of stupid...
  179. Are SWAT Teams Overused?
  180. Defensive Carry Fashion Show.
  181. Conratulations Boston!!
  182. House Hearings On ATF Fast and Furious Gun Running.....
  183. Fun With Thread Titles
  184. New Anti Gun Spokesman....
  185. You get your training on? Project: Kill pep talk with MISTER Trevor (Leslie Nielsen)
  186. Who's Watching The Hockey Game Tonight??
  187. Good News from the Gunsmith
  188. Finally able to pick a wedding date!
  189. Love this house
  190. Most Tactical Ar15 Ever!
  191. Knock on my door at 5:18 am Tuesday.
  192. I Actually Want a Glock Now!
  193. Future SEAL or Mall Ninja?
  194. The Honor of being a Veteran
  195. Do I really need a BOB
  196. Sister blabs & tells everyone you're packin' @ funeral.
  197. Which badge do you like better?
  198. 11 hours left on CQ shift.....
  199. Sorry; I gotta blow off some steam.
  200. Finally Graduated!!!
  201. What's available about you online?
  202. Need help with computer!!
  203. Finally a little press?
  204. Fishing
  205. RIP James Arness (Marshal Matt Dillon, Gunsmoke)
  206. My phone
  207. Blonde Chicks with Guns!!!
  208. Good: Couple Forecloses The Bank! Starts to Seize Banks assets...
  209. SIXTO!!!!!
  210. Adjusting to Night Shifts
  211. Cute PHOTO of a Young Girl Hugging Her Birthday Present from her Daddy
  212. Sinus "pain" when firing some ammunitions/calibers?
  213. A little work-out inspiration
  214. Solicitor General - Earn Less Money
  215. OUCH!
  216. Patti LaBelle's entourage assaults a West Point Cadet...
  217. Accused of attempting to use a fake FOID
  218. Interesting news from our friends across the pond...
  219. New Rhianna video?
  220. Gun oil firm claims Osama was shot dead by pork-coated bullet
  221. I have a job interview back home in Memphis!! Wish me luck!
  222. I Can Haz Gun Permit?
  223. 'War on Drugs' a "failure" - says new report
  224. Russian man makes miniature gun reproductions
  225. Gecko45's not-quite-stable cousin...
  226. Some gun-related demotivational posters
  227. Wal-Mart Senior Greeter
  228. Putting down dogs
  229. VA: Deputy in marked car shoots ex-wife, Trooper; Troopers shoot Deputy after chase
  230. Urban Beach Week: LEOs kill man after several attempted murders; 4 in crowd wounded
  231. More criminals posing as cops.
  232. Need computer advice
  233. What can you add to the new CA to AZ dictionary?
  234. How many holsters can one gun belt support? (my goofy pictures)
  235. Southport Police Department
  236. Make up a new, less offensive name for GUNS...
  237. Memorial Day......
  238. Civic Literacy Exam...What's your score?
  239. This Memorial Day
  240. Silencer Shoot 2011,Who's going?
  241. Where's Janq?
  242. Thought I was giong to get poped for speeding last night.
  243. Stray Dog Survives Being Shot 40 Times and Then Being Buried Alive - Pic , Video
  244. Wife got her Black Belt
  245. VIDEO: Verified Big Foot Sighting near Spokane, Washington!!
  246. Fire in the Hole shootoff
  247. Things that go BLING
  248. "Independent research project" on small arms in Geneva. Not.
  249. How do you give two Secret Service agents a heart attack? Obama shows us the way!
  250. Swat video of officers firing 71 times on suspect.