: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. 1700 Zombies invade Norfolk, VA (get yur guns, fellers!)
  2. Texas Rangers are going to the big show
  3. 5 minutes into the conversation....
  4. Christmas Wish List
  5. Sadly, I have discovered my brother is a moron
  6. Best Pro-Gun Podcasts?
  7. Move Complete. Phoenix is now home.
  8. The day i was almost famous.
  9. Sirius radio!!!
  10. Lookie what I caught last night
  11. I once complained because I had no sleeves
  12. Wal-Mart: The workers viewpoint
  13. Security Guard rules
  14. Gun Humor
  15. where is ELVIS when you need him?
  16. That Golf Cart Has a Mean Left Hook
  17. RED
  18. Stabbing Attack During Anger-management Class (WA)
  19. How hillbillies get dates
  20. Man finds FBI GPS tracker under his car; lots of interestinh info in article
  21. Recoil Pads
  22. Crossbow Info. Help
  23. Jeff Hart: A True American Hero!!!
  24. Hawken Charging Instructions
  25. First Krav Maga class - Done
  26. Miners
  27. New Shirts
  28. Arizona
  29. WWII MOH recipient reunites with one of the men he saved by jumping on a grenade
  30. Text Alerts for weather?
  31. Lawton, OK Judge Tosses Pharmacist's Plea Deal
  32. Motivational and inspirational.
  33. Difference between drunk and stoned...
  34. Suggestions on how to get a cat into a carrier
  35. Black Devil - Moscow ride on R1
  36. If you believe in yourself, you can do anything!
  37. Afghan soldiers practice the "I got your back, you got mine" maneuver (Photo)
  38. Rogue cow/ free steak
  39. Radio Flyer too cool
  40. Hunters, or whoever uses a game cam
  41. Lack of awareness (amusing video)
  42. Bad night
  43. I am back, too
  44. This could be a wedge re: “zero tolerance” discipline
  45. RANT: Use of word "gunmen"
  46. Good discussion with my SIL last week
  47. OH, that's just wrong
  48. Paco's back...
  49. Funny Lawyer Ads
  50. Best way to defend your home
  51. Man on highway next to burning car with gun
  52. Government Agents Seize Oath Keeper's New Born From Hospital
  53. I know everyone has their hobbies but I think my friend is crazy!!!!!
  54. Scanner buffs
  55. Help Chris identify the bolts....
  56. This reporter is a moron
  57. Interviewed for Internship for KPD Today
  58. don't bring a knfe......
  59. Pellet guns
  60. Student Debate at school "Pro Concealed Carry Side" Help with ideas
  61. (GA) Fed judge busted for cocaine, guns. Dimed out by prostitute.
  62. This Looks Like Fun!!
  63. Best In-Flight Instructions Ever!!
  64. Out on bond
  65. Random thought about the Founding Fathers
  66. Low Pass Fly-Bys (Video)
  67. Need some help on Floor Buffer/Scrubbers (garage)
  68. Top Ten Reasons Why Men Prefer Guns Over Women
  69. Im back
  70. We'll Never Win This Battle...
  71. Finally, An Honest Divorce Lawyer (Funny Video For A Real Lawyer)
  72. Police shoot, kill family dog in Oakland.....
  73. 2 Guys secretly steal their dad's old motorcycle and have it restored for him
  74. Finally!
  75. Invited to martial arts event
  76. Got this on email
  77. Giving some love to the 1911
  78. Pre-Crime comes to HR...how long before firearms purchases?
  79. Ist amendment and internet neutrality
  80. Retread for boots?
  81. Took my sister to the range today
  82. Hard to find gun parts...
  83. An unusual evening last night
  84. Pretty Cool Video
  85. Possible Ideas for Christmas Cards
  86. Kel Tec Commercial
  87. Southwest to acquire Airtran!
  88. Re: 223 for deer hunting
  89. Xmarks Firefox's Bookmark Sync is Shutting Down :(
  90. I can think of many things to do for a living before I get this desperate!
  91. We all need to remember....
  92. So Is William Shatner A Gun Guy?
  93. Guess I don't need to convince my fiancee about guns anymore!
  94. Another Great (Short) Video Supporting Our Veterans & Troops
  95. Regarding 911 and cell phones
  96. Wife's Signature Line (Elsewhere......)
  97. What place do you first hit on DC, or does it really matter??
  98. Low Humidity?
  99. She showed it to me on our first date!
  100. Interesting article and good reason to remain prepared
  101. The Walking Dead movie/show
  102. OSU Student Arrested By Feds On Gun Smuggling Charge
  103. Interesting....
  104. INCCW family vehicle report
  105. I found a baby kitty in my back yard
  106. Rapid Fire (video)
  107. Similac Forula Recalled
  108. Good Hiking Boots?
  109. John Wayne Fans... Come on In
  110. FSU Student Dies of Gunshot Wound - Self Inflicted Stupidity
  111. The newest in tacticool home defense
  112. Since we are on the topic of police chases....
  113. Almost killed yesterday.
  114. Fan of the old Hawaii Five-O
  115. 100-year-old doctor still helping and healing (VIDEO)
  116. Bad...National Guard Gun Range sparks Utah Wildfires!
  117. You guys have probably seen this before, but I got a kick out of it
  118. my roof
  119. Back Yard / Lawn Help?
  120. Shoot The Bear NOW!
  121. How to get cigarette smell out of used car?
  122. How to make "fartless" chili??
  123. Phoenix, AZ What Area to live in?
  124. Michael Moore slams Canada on war dodgers.
  125. Climbing a transmission tower
  126. I'd Love To Fly With These Guys!!
  127. Revisiting thread from June 2008: Which wrist do you wear watch on?
  128. That's what he gets for attacking me!
  129. Unwanted guest breached my state of the art Security system
  130. OMG What Does It Mean...?
  131. Favorite Beer?
  132. Tulsa Residents????
  133. Talk like a pirate day
  134. Posting Pic's - blocked links?
  135. Field Stripping and Reassembly in 4 minutes
  136. A storm larger than Katrina
  137. I was just sitting here thinking,
  138. Bear WIN?
  139. Thank you for not spraying me with it.
  140. Homemade spicy chili (guarentee you'll laugh out loud!)
  141. Letter to my buddy that got us started in shooting...
  142. LOL -- Gun turned up after hands went up and pants fell down
  143. The newest members of our family!
  144. Boeing's Plant 2 to be demolished
  145. Papers please, oops!!!
  146. GOOD READ -- Using Hypotheticals When Debating Law in the Blogosphere
  147. Well I'm a daddy
  148. Need a new "American Sportsman" show
  149. Red light Cameras ruled illegal in SD court.
  150. Time to 'fess up... Who played Halo all night?
  151. Paid to rat on your neighbors
  152. VIDEO (1984): Revenge murder of pedophile in airport. WARNING GRAPHIC VIOLENCE
  153. There is a special place in H-E-Double hockey sticks for people like this.
  154. Whiskey, Whisky & Scotch
  155. Cigars
  156. Visiting Chicago
  157. How Not To Load A Jet Ski Onto A Truck!! (Video)
  158. God I'm Fat
  159. Lawn mowing goats going mainstream
  160. Recruiting for a free trip to Israel for young Jewish youths...
  161. ARG...I have the worst luck with cars
  162. Journalism at its worst
  163. Momma always said, stupid is as stupid does.
  164. Slingshot watermelon FAIL!!!!
  165. Limalife
  166. Anvil shooting
  167. Interesting lecture series on People and Security
  168. Google Earth question
  169. IMPD Ride
  170. The Last Stand of Fox Company
  171. Why is it that my guns always misfire in my dreams?
  172. Amazing photos show the aftermath of the New Zealand earthquake.
  173. Completely Off Topic - Identify this Tree
  174. Was I stupid to be so stubborn in this police encounter?
  175. Indiana hunting
  176. Dog training ?? How do I teach my dog to...
  177. Off topic but not funny
  178. 9/11
  179. Stevie Starr AKA The Regurgitator
  180. Samurai power- go get it
  181. Great day in the woods...oops I spoke too soon.
  182. Bacon day
  183. Curfews
  184. An actual personal ad
  185. The crazy things little boys do.
  186. New DOJ Website
  187. Dove hunters, post up!
  188. We're going to need a bigger gun
  189. 75-mile traffic jam
  190. It's a Dad's life
  191. Take Costco up on its offer
  192. My 50 year old back.
  193. Football Season
  194. It's actually worse than this...
  195. Ultimate stunt from Indian movie
  196. Awesome Parkour Skills
  197. "I Like Guns"
  198. Russians urged to smoke, drink more
  199. Mayberry of 2010. Andy won't leave his gun at home around here!
  200. Man holds intruder at forkpoint for police (Use what's handy!)
  201. Activist arrest at Alaska State Fair (video) Heavyhanded security v old armed man
  202. The Amazing High Speed Bullet Photography
  203. 50/50 Raffle
  204. Miranda Lambert?
  205. P90X
  206. Speeding Ticket in Kingsville TX
  207. Detroit police credit citizens with helping to catch rape suspects
  208. Sellers or elitists?
  209. Let's get this movie made!
  210. roommate fury
  211. Anyone good with Music?
  212. Incase you needed a laugh today!!
  213. A Class Act
  214. neighbors chickens
  215. Verizon Wireless?
  216. R.I.P. Peter Lentz
  217. Confidence exams???
  218. A fun article, and I was honored.
  219. The USA's love affair with legendary criminals
  220. Need advice pls
  221. Venting, why I won't post/lurk here any longer.
  222. Kind of humbeling....
  223. GOOD: 76 years to life in state prison
  224. What are you saving up for?
  225. Come to the USA
  226. Dog question
  227. RIP Stevie Ray Vaughn
  228. LEO Encounter/car burglery
  229. Court allows agents to secretly put GPS trackers on cars
  230. I need some advice from people older/wizer than me
  231. Flash Bang Powder for Hogs Video
  232. Angel Flight
  233. MoH Fans
  234. Stopped once again doing 72 in a 55 zone by another Maine State Trooper.
  235. FYI: Garmin recalls 1.25 million GPS units for fire hazard
  236. End of life care
  237. My wife started screaming this morning...
  238. Border Patrol Question . . .
  239. I may need PhP Bulletin Board assistance tonight
  240. Ordering shirts online?
  241. Am I now an extremist?
  242. my dog
  243. Andy Rooney on 60 minutes
  244. 85 Firebird in Ohio goes airborne, caught on cops dash cam
  245. The story of my Marriage, truth.
  246. E-books, Kindle, Nook, Sony etc. Which one should i get?
  247. The driver is still alive: Cruiser cam catches 100 mph crash
  248. 9-day traffic jam in Beijing China
  249. A Doctor from China wants to send me Millions!! (Phishing Scam Mail)
  250. Felon in the house