: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. Church Trivia Night
  2. Im Bored, Want to Go to the Range. Who Wants to Join?? N. Dallas
  3. The train ride
  4. Interesting RT's Editorial with reference to shootings on campus
  5. Teens called heroes after lifting car off 2-year-old boy
  6. New Robbery Tactic against Old Guys
  7. So, you wanna get an iPhone?
  8. *Video* 5 yr. Old Girl Sings The National Anthem
  9. Mall Ninjas Unite
  10. The ultimate insult: Revocation of the "man" card
  11. Motorcycle VS Car "This just happened less than 30 minutes ago"
  12. Phone just woke me up
  13. Anyone here buy their pants online?
  14. VIDEO: Forever 21 Security Puts Choke Hold On Deaf Customer
  15. Thanks to the DC LEOs
  16. FRIDAY 13th!!!
  17. Ninja bear
  18. Posted for a friend.
  19. Interesting morning...
  20. Saw this on Tosh.0 lastnight - Drunk with a Shotgun
  21. This is just weird: Man playing poker to avoid prison
  22. Road Crews Can't Spell
  23. Last Night...
  24. Hollow point recall
  25. Late Night Drunken Swim in the Ohio River?!?
  26. Mini Cannon (video)
  27. Got a case of the big eye last night
  28. CA History Lesson
  29. LEO Comes Home Early
  30. I really hate having surgery
  31. What is wrong with this Picture
  32. Been traveling
  33. New Supermarket
  34. Italian Tomato Garden:
  35. Man food, what really happens when we're left alone.
  36. OK, you've convinced me.
  37. Automakers bird crap sensor.......excellent idea
  38. The 3 Little Pigs...DC version:
  39. Wow, someone who really gets it!
  40. I found a dirty magazine in a public restroom!
  41. I think Hollywood is actually pro-carry
  42. It's the Dad Life
  43. Top Secret Russian Sniper Technique Finally Revealed!! -- PIC
  44. Secret Service Printing
  45. Some people are just supposed to die, or, Don't play in traffic looking for stuff
  46. The next gen?
  47. Hey guys
  48. Police Women of Memphis
  49. Incredible! Spray Paint Artist
  50. The last train from Hiroshima
  51. And you thought some of the doctors here were bad........
  52. The Afghan Quarterback
  53. Animated map of all the nuclear explosions in the world from 1945-1998
  54. Joke: 5th Grade Assignment
  55. Any fellow Floridians going out for lobster season tomorrow?
  56. What do you think?
  57. Rant and a question
  58. I can't believe you can buy pepper spray over the counter???
  59. Learning How to Run Longer Distances - Physical Fitness
  60. Horses fall out of trailer (how does one not notice the wait diff?)
  61. Should Videotaping the Police Really Be a Crime?
  62. People at the Range....
  63. Thank you Hollywood
  64. Great News
  65. And I thought I was having a bad day, turns out I was not.
  66. Slingshots
  67. Looks like we're moving back east..finally a job offer!
  68. Miranda's (Yes THAT Miranda) collision course with irony
  69. Attention all criminals in Boston Mass.
  70. New Gun Magazines
  71. Uncertainty of the English language
  72. Am I getting scammed on Ebay?
  73. Singles newspaper ad
  74. Comedy Gold!
  75. The Godfather: Member's favorite or most memorable scenes
  76. How to get your hubby to behave.
  77. Passed me at a high rate of speed
  78. Starcraft 2!
  79. Excessive Hoarding
  80. BACON!
  81. Oh my
  82. A little something for the ladies!!!
  83. iPhone app uses GPS and panic button to summon LEOs, EMS
  84. Cocaine Stickers Not For Airports! (Video)
  85. Video: Basil Marceaux for Governor of Tennessee. Really, you have GOT TO WATCH THIS!
  86. I know why lions eat their young!
  87. This is different. Video. Guns. Flowers.
  88. See if you can endure 18 seconds of this game
  89. Just my luck!
  90. One more reason to keep a gun in the house
  91. Do I get an award?
  92. Redneck Merry Go Round
  93. Elvis auction contains gun, badge.
  94. Need 1st hand info on living in Baltimore area
  95. Things are looking up!
  96. The Colony
  97. Cool video for wine drinkers!
  98. Video example of how people shoot themselves negligently
  99. Glock AC = fun for everyone
  100. Way off topic -- Driver's illegal action = his good deed for the day
  101. This is gonna hurt!
  102. Senate Democrats unable to proceed on bill to disclose corporate campaign donors
  103. This YouTube Anti wants me to subscribe NOT!
  104. What movies did you see this summer? What are you looking forward to?
  105. Habanero + Garlic + Vodka = DELISH!!!
  106. Nosey neighbors and the sheriffs department.
  107. An inspiring video this morning.
  108. Deer rifle?
  109. Judicial insanity. Watchdog can post SSNs to prove government isn't safeguarding SSNs
  110. I hate painting
  111. New 007 Laser Weapon
  112. Mexican prisoners let out with weapons to carry out drug related killings!
  113. Anyone know how to get from Paris to Omaha Beach?
  114. The Dangers of the .22 calibre short...
  115. How to use a compass?
  116. Just lost my job.
  117. May this be a valuable lesson for us all!!!
  118. What am I missing?
  119. Guess who's bizack!!!
  120. Cartoon Pro 2nd Amendment
  121. I would just like to state this...
  122. IOWA folks checking in?
  123. Darn fine explanation
  124. Regular language / Lawyer language
  125. katadyn pocket
  126. Keyboard problem?
  127. Check your County/District Attourney's record before NOV.
  128. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
  129. Gilligan's Island?
  130. How the fight started.....
  131. North Korea threatens 'Physical response'
  132. I find your lack of funds disturbing
  133. Laser as a self defense device?
  134. Congressional Legislative Alert! Zombie invasion
  135. How To Make a Move on a Girl While Watching a Movie
  136. One Light Bulb at a Time (NOT a joke)
  137. Phone # Blocking and more features
  138. Noticed something odd with my home phone/DSL
  139. Trapped a fox last night
  140. 'Green Zone' - great movie and terrific weapons scenes
  141. Just for fun - "It Happened To Me!"
  142. How to upload pictures
  143. FREE Firearms (and related) Giveaways
  144. In Ca some folk don't need a gun...
  145. What are the signs of illicit drug activity?
  146. Temporarily expatriated to France!
  147. How about this for concealed carry
  148. Leaving Las Vegas
  149. Recs needed on new flat-screen TV
  150. I had both of these as a kid
  151. Done with summer
  152. Can you turn a window AC unit on its side?
  153. Budget cuts warning
  154. Anyone explain the ins and outs of refrigerated a/c.
  155. Daughter and I hit the local swimming pool today. (Pic Heavy)
  156. Going to Gatlinsburg Tennessee...Any advice?
  157. A trip to walmart for ammo
  158. No Fly List keeps American out of America
  159. Speaking English
  160. Met John Rich today, and talked guns!
  161. The Nerf Stampede is a fully automatic, battery-powered dart assault rifle.
  162. Chuck Norris Sign?
  163. NEW Night sights for GLOCKS
  164. Richmond Liberal
  165. Talk About Bridezilla!
  166. Migraines Suck!
  167. New dating service
  168. The Way To Handle Stupid
  169. How to improve your Hi Point Pistol.
  170. Two cops get into a fight.
  171. OK I'm Officially offended...
  172. Oakland CA no longer responds to minor crimes
  173. broke my finger today.... what now?
  174. Wing nut visited by FBI
  175. I have officially lost 104 pounds.
  176. Help! TX pharmacy problem. Any Texans know about out of state prescriptions?
  177. Fire Mission: Should the American Flag Be Banned -- in America?
  178. Have you ever danced?
  179. Real world, south of us.
  180. Crazy people
  181. For Rent In China: White People!
  182. Next Door?
  183. Marine Corps Hymn
  184. Le Tour
  185. reckless/drunk driving promotes... cc permits??
  186. The coolest pea-shooter you will ever see
  187. guess what I did this morning......
  188. Home, after paranoid trip to California
  189. Time Capsule?
  190. Where are you guys?
  191. Back in Virginia
  192. Video of street fight
  193. Your Bad Joke Of The Day!!
  194. Has anyone tried...???
  195. POLL: Stephen Segal VS. Chuck Norris
  196. Real life auto accident that could happen to anyone driving down a highway
  197. The Remains of Trigger,"Roy's Horse" to be auctioned off.
  198. Play this game for fun and practice?
  199. Pray for me guys
  200. Psychic Octopus Unfazed by Death Threats
  201. man sues police for shooting him after drug deal
  202. Toilet snake is finally captured
  203. Biggest Defaulters on Mortgages Are the Rich
  204. Snoring dog.
  205. Lego Street Shootout
  206. I am America By Krista Branch
  207. Kazakhstan-Anbody been there recently?
  208. What is your Zombie Plan
  209. For you hunters out there...funny
  210. A great lady has passed: Pamela Murphy
  211. Deadliest Warrior: Redneck or Swamp Hillbilly?
  212. Personal ad
  213. Federal Law Enforcement Jobs, a metaphor...
  214. Pretty bad advice
  215. Old joke revisited...
  216. Homeless man doing a patriotic deed
  217. Roommate skipped, need to get out of lease.
  218. Want to see my faux finishing and "other?"
  219. On The Importance of Business Cards and Killing a Guy
  220. Preparedness
  221. My Mother
  222. Most awesome commercial ever
  223. Asked why I drive an SUV
  224. If you won the lottery...
  225. Free AntiVirus?
  226. Cotton Mouth (Graphic)
  227. Ammo Recall - humor
  228. Convenience store clerk saw my CFP tonight when he asked for my ID.
  229. The Green Berets
  230. girl at gander mountain
  231. Post your gun "Motivational" posters
  232. Tribute to "Old Glory"
  233. U.S. Border Patrol has resources to worry about a handful of hikers...
  234. No trespassing signs.
  235. Hunt Giant Elephants In Tennessee
  236. Happy Independence Day DC
  237. Gun laws from around the World
  238. Chinese citizens comments on guns in Wal-Mart
  239. A fond remembrance of Firecrackers as a kid
  240. safest bank on earth....
  241. What number is your Crossbreed Super Tuck?
  242. More stupid pics
  243. Argentina on the ropes...
  244. My Fellow Subjects...I Mean Citizens....
  245. How do you shoot this gun?
  246. This is very off topic but I gotta share this.
  247. #3 To Victory Lane One More Time
  248. What cartoon character are you?
  249. Slang..
  250. For real!