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  1. Happy New Year to all!
  2. New survival thingy-madoo.
  3. New Friends of NRA TV Show Series Premiere- January 2nd on The Outdoor Channel
  4. Perspective...
  5. Happy New Year!
  6. Unbelievable drawing of a rifle.
  7. What are your New Years Eve plans?
  8. If this is True it is best response ever!!
  9. Upcoming Movie, "Cowboys & Aliens"!
  10. Hugh Hefner Proposes to his current #1 Girlfriend Crystal Harris -- Photo
  11. Governor Richardson Decides Against Pardoning Billy the Kid -- News
  12. Family Photos
  13. Caution: Wallet Scam at Home Depot
  14. Toy Guns to Light Sabers
  15. Lawyer Stopped with Gun at Airport
  16. Scam warning
  17. Can't remember quite how this saying goes???
  18. Japanese sword splits 9mm bullet
  19. Interesting conversation with an anti-gun lady
  20. Fox Hunting
  21. Another reason to despise Bloomberg
  22. Confidence
  23. Looking for snow
  24. Fess up, which one of you killed the Chupacabra?
  25. Show your age
  26. Heated Socks?
  27. Army/Navy argument leads to gunfire
  28. In Case You Have Not Seen This Yet - It Is Honestly Worth A Million Bucks
  29. Car accident fun!
  30. TSA is inept (like we didn't already know this)
  31. Security system shut down..........
  32. Sheriff Removes Hoops from Jail
  33. Are you Ready for Wonder Woman to Return to TV?
  34. Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?
  35. Rack for pistol?
  36. Setting your watch?
  37. Merry Christmas to DC & Your Families
  38. Merry Christmas
  39. Only A Man Would Attempt This!
  40. What is the greatest moment in US history?
  41. Food for thought
  42. Here Is A Christmas Gift For All Of You
  43. Merry christmas dc
  44. Merry Christmas to all...
  45. Self Defense data and statistics
  46. Anyone from Arizona?
  47. I normally Don't Believe In Ghosts But,
  48. Getting close to home: Daylight burglaries have progressed to home invasion
  49. I could cry.
  50. Taking sides..Us vs Them
  51. A little poem for Christmas!
  52. GRADY
  53. Season's Greetings
  54. Happy Festivus!
  55. Manufacturers Box
  56. What happened to XDTalk.com ?
  57. No Nativity Scene in Washington?
  58. Sad Panda in a Box
  59. Continued: Gas Mileage
  60. Executions continue steady nationwide decline
  61. A Warning for Anyone Visiting China -- PIC
  62. Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut
  63. Hi, Jack!
  64. I did my part
  65. So I had a heck of a surprise Saturday....
  66. Delta Airlines!!! Again!!!
  67. Favorite War Movies
  68. Need Opinions Concerning a Home Alarm Company
  69. Public Service Announcement
  70. I Just Have To Share This
  71. Fight starter
  72. Christmas Card
  73. US Military Tested New Gun on Dec 10th That Generated 24,339,552 ft/lbs of ME !!
  74. Gaping Holes in Airline Security: Loaded Gun Slips Past TSA Screeners
  75. Raising Car Height?
  76. Here's a controversial one - Patriot App
  77. How To Protect Your Dignity From The TSA
  78. Car Stolen? You May be Liable for Crimes Committed Later by Thief.
  79. SAD: Our Local Police Had to Gun Down a 2 Tour Afghanistan Veteran Thursday.
  80. Hoping to learn more...
  81. Military Police Training?
  82. My local gun club
  83. Oklahoma subsitutes drug for lethal injection.......
  84. Chem Glow Wristwatches?
  85. Over the counter for Thyroid?
  86. Good deed for the day
  87. Great night of bowling .......
  88. A Few Holiday Giggles
  89. Electronic Cigarettes? Anyone use these?
  90. Be careful what you discard: Xmas ornament shuts down Pentagon train station
  91. Out of the Pit
  92. The sickness is in the head, not in the hand...
  93. Happy Bill of Rights day!
  94. Physician Assistants
  95. I'm still here
  96. Blaming the victim
  97. Safety Razor
  98. Ex Playmate of Year Critically Wounds Husband with PPK given her by Roman Polanski !
  99. Easy Choice (humor pic)
  100. I let my ignorance shine through!
  101. Va. Judge rules New Healthcare law unconstitutional...surely headed for SCOTUS
  102. How to fight dirty and win.
  103. Imagine John Lennon
  104. Stock Up! - Food Prices Will Be Going Way Up - These Girls Show You How
  105. The Hoplophobes got it backward
  106. World much stupider than returning soldier remembered [TSA]
  107. Freeze protection; Does this device exist?
  108. Why Men Shouldn't Write Advice Columns!
  109. What no burglar wants to see.
  110. I want one for CC
  111. Local Vol. Fire Dept. praise.
  112. "Never let a good crisis go to waste"
  113. Gotta Love it.....
  114. 9 volt battery warning!
  115. Iran Cancels Stoning of Woman for Adultry, Orders Her Hanged for Murder Instead
  116. Calling all members: I could use your help.
  117. 86 yr Old Hunter, Dying from Terminal Cancer, Scores a Big 8 Point Buck! -- PHOTO
  118. Don't try this at home, or the range.
  119. Warning: Electronic Pick Pocket
  120. Cop Pulls Over CCW Holder
  121. Enjoy your right to bear arms a long as you can
  122. My Jeep getting in the Christmas spirit!
  123. Obama has a temper?
  124. Silent Monks Singing Halleluia
  125. Iowa inmates may start making toilet paper to save prison system money!
  126. It takes a long time to get rid of a bad judge...
  127. Fresh Pants
  128. Motorist nabbed by same cop at opposite ends of the world!
  129. At WalMart... guns... and now wine machines too!
  130. Gas Mileage Question
  131. First it was the Cali 'not-a-missile' going up, now a Georgia fireball going down
  132. Day of the Ninja !
  133. WikiLeaks and the cyber war.
  134. I can't wait to see how the TSA screens for this.
  135. Unique Tour of The International Space Station
  136. Youtube question
  137. Anyone still make a wind up watch?
  138. Mass Firearms School
  139. Incident at Cabela's
  140. Remember Pearl Harbor
  141. Two Cute Chicks Holding Glocks -- Awesome Photo
  142. DC Christmases of the past
  143. My friend was arrested for following a police officers orders???
  144. Brave or stupid (video)
  145. Favorite feel good foods or drinks
  146. Big Bad Wolf!
  147. Dump Truck Pursuit, Ramming Like in the Movies
  148. Mel Gibson to Make Major Comeback in Movie Playing a Mentally Ill Man - Links
  149. A Most Shocking Demand Made of Santa This Year!! -- Photo
  150. If You're Being Mugged, Do you Pull Out Your Weapon?
  151. Traffic light gives people the finger.
  152. Sunday funny
  153. Incredible Dogs Doing Incredible Things *Video*
  154. Buying a Rod and Reel
  155. Did You Have a Crush on Any Celebrities When You Were Young?
  156. Flash Mob at Mall Food Court
  157. Who here owns a Jeep Wrangler?
  158. "I checked the registry..."
  159. Next thing in SA: New York professor installs camera in head
  160. Shopped at Gander Mountain For the First Time
  161. Need I say more
  162. 2006 Jeep Wrangler price?
  163. My growing hatred towards aggressive dogs
  164. Chuck Norris to become honorary Texas Ranger
  165. Robbery Suspect Kills Pursuing Police K9
  166. How to Spot a Meth Lab
  167. BiFocal Contacts?
  168. Acceleration
  169. S&W and Ruger Stock Could Be A Buy
  170. Golly gee willikers, Batman -- India Air
  171. Edge Of Darkness
  172. Gun/Pawn shop in Iowa 'under fire' for new adult novelty section
  173. New Warning Signs for Hikers
  174. Just a Few Days Too Late For Thanksgiving
  175. I'm Still Here!
  176. It's the Thought That Counts, and Counts, and Counts...
  177. A touching deer hunter story
  178. Carry Near the POTUS - What's Wrong With This Picture?
  179. Man gets 5 years in prison 4 beating a calf
  180. New TSA Bumper Stickers
  181. Three against one
  182. Met a Boxing Icon Today...
  183. Pulling Random Songs Out Of My Head On YouTube Tonight
  184. Strange : Woman Places Pistol on Grave to Help Her Spirit
  185. Do you believe in "trophy" hunting?
  186. My Marriage is over
  187. Guess what happened to me today!
  188. Why NYC only trust LEOs to carry -- NOT
  189. Question on DVD formats.
  190. Walmart Wine!!
  191. Best Childhood Christmas Gift Ever & Sentimental Gun Favorite!
  192. Great-Grandma With 44 felonies Gets 10 Years
  193. my little Lady
  194. GM says "Thank you"
  195. So, i'm at a urinal in the mall when...
  196. Jeff Bridges as Marshal Cogburn ?!?!
  197. Seen any good Black Friday ads? Check this one out...
  198. Police: Second explosive found in record cache in San Diego County
  199. Luling men arrested for beating suspected thief
  200. Did one of you guys order pizza today??
  201. Are you as prepared to deal with inflation as the BG who might attack you?
  202. My Representative's response to my letter regarding TSA
  203. Somali pirates convicted of all piracy charges in Norfolk!
  204. Israelis Airport Security. A Win. Win.
  205. Spike TV; 1,000 ways to die
  206. 24 Reasons To Own Guns!!
  207. Web Comics
  208. Great. The TSA scanners don't work?
  209. A way to end piracy.
  210. Bad Movie Thread!
  211. Zohan movie. Finally got to see it.
  212. Ah it's that time again...Chrismtas gift ideas.
  213. Is air travel a right or a privilege?
  214. Amazing Dave...
  215. On the lighter side...SNL and TSA
  216. TSA Will Work To Make Pat-Downs Less Invasive, John Pistole Says
  217. It still hurts
  218. Coyote vs 357mag
  219. You Can't Help But Laugh!
  220. When does America stop feeling like America?
  221. Hawaii Vacation?
  222. What is your opinion on the suspect missile launch off our west coast?
  223. Armed and Armless-Video
  224. NPE ?
  225. Apocalypse Man
  226. Pacific Theater photos lest we forget.
  227. TSA comment on pants
  228. I'm in love!!!!!!
  229. to LEO's/fellow security officers and guards
  230. Felony stop
  231. Achmed Joins the Marines... well er sort of....
  232. Java Update
  233. Thinking about getting a Jeep.
  234. New Gadsen Flag
  235. Terror level to increase at EU airports
  236. 76 year old lady nearly dies protecting her Jack Russell from a dog attack
  237. Hospital fines $13,200 for unsafe security officer situation
  238. Law & Order: LA crew finds real gun on location set
  239. So we're having a baby...
  240. If you are going to rob a bank...
  241. Power Outage, This Sucks!!
  242. I guess I can't shop here!
  243. Do you keep a months supply of food and water for emergencies ?
  244. Punching Thingie?
  245. Made me smile all morning!
  246. Do it yourself home security system?
  247. To the Attic Quick!
  248. Plastic to Oil - Great Technology
  249. Glee
  250. Question about song; I would do anything but that