: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. Dump Truck Pursuit, Ramming Like in the Movies
  2. Mel Gibson to Make Major Comeback in Movie Playing a Mentally Ill Man - Links
  3. A Most Shocking Demand Made of Santa This Year!! -- Photo
  4. If You're Being Mugged, Do you Pull Out Your Weapon?
  5. Traffic light gives people the finger.
  6. Sunday funny
  7. Incredible Dogs Doing Incredible Things *Video*
  8. Buying a Rod and Reel
  9. Did You Have a Crush on Any Celebrities When You Were Young?
  10. Flash Mob at Mall Food Court
  11. Who here owns a Jeep Wrangler?
  12. "I checked the registry..."
  13. Next thing in SA: New York professor installs camera in head
  14. Shopped at Gander Mountain For the First Time
  15. Need I say more
  16. 2006 Jeep Wrangler price?
  17. My growing hatred towards aggressive dogs
  18. Chuck Norris to become honorary Texas Ranger
  19. Robbery Suspect Kills Pursuing Police K9
  20. How to Spot a Meth Lab
  21. BiFocal Contacts?
  22. Acceleration
  23. S&W and Ruger Stock Could Be A Buy
  24. Golly gee willikers, Batman -- India Air
  25. Edge Of Darkness
  26. Gun/Pawn shop in Iowa 'under fire' for new adult novelty section
  27. New Warning Signs for Hikers
  28. Just a Few Days Too Late For Thanksgiving
  29. I'm Still Here!
  30. It's the Thought That Counts, and Counts, and Counts...
  31. A touching deer hunter story
  32. Carry Near the POTUS - What's Wrong With This Picture?
  33. Man gets 5 years in prison 4 beating a calf
  34. New TSA Bumper Stickers
  35. Three against one
  36. Met a Boxing Icon Today...
  37. Pulling Random Songs Out Of My Head On YouTube Tonight
  38. Strange : Woman Places Pistol on Grave to Help Her Spirit
  39. Do you believe in "trophy" hunting?
  40. My Marriage is over
  41. Guess what happened to me today!
  42. Why NYC only trust LEOs to carry -- NOT
  43. Question on DVD formats.
  44. Walmart Wine!!
  45. Best Childhood Christmas Gift Ever & Sentimental Gun Favorite!
  46. Great-Grandma With 44 felonies Gets 10 Years
  47. my little Lady
  48. GM says "Thank you"
  49. So, i'm at a urinal in the mall when...
  50. Jeff Bridges as Marshal Cogburn ?!?!
  51. Seen any good Black Friday ads? Check this one out...
  52. Police: Second explosive found in record cache in San Diego County
  53. Luling men arrested for beating suspected thief
  54. Did one of you guys order pizza today??
  55. Are you as prepared to deal with inflation as the BG who might attack you?
  56. My Representative's response to my letter regarding TSA
  57. Somali pirates convicted of all piracy charges in Norfolk!
  58. Israelis Airport Security. A Win. Win.
  59. Spike TV; 1,000 ways to die
  60. 24 Reasons To Own Guns!!
  61. Web Comics
  62. Great. The TSA scanners don't work?
  63. A way to end piracy.
  64. Bad Movie Thread!
  65. Zohan movie. Finally got to see it.
  66. Ah it's that time again...Chrismtas gift ideas.
  67. Is air travel a right or a privilege?
  68. Amazing Dave...
  69. On the lighter side...SNL and TSA
  70. TSA Will Work To Make Pat-Downs Less Invasive, John Pistole Says
  71. It still hurts
  72. Coyote vs 357mag
  73. You Can't Help But Laugh!
  74. When does America stop feeling like America?
  75. Hawaii Vacation?
  76. What is your opinion on the suspect missile launch off our west coast?
  77. Armed and Armless-Video
  78. NPE ?
  79. Apocalypse Man
  80. Pacific Theater photos lest we forget.
  81. TSA comment on pants
  82. I'm in love!!!!!!
  83. to LEO's/fellow security officers and guards
  84. Felony stop
  85. Achmed Joins the Marines... well er sort of....
  86. Java Update
  87. Thinking about getting a Jeep.
  88. New Gadsen Flag
  89. Terror level to increase at EU airports
  90. 76 year old lady nearly dies protecting her Jack Russell from a dog attack
  91. Hospital fines $13,200 for unsafe security officer situation
  92. Law & Order: LA crew finds real gun on location set
  93. So we're having a baby...
  94. If you are going to rob a bank...
  95. Power Outage, This Sucks!!
  96. I guess I can't shop here!
  97. Do you keep a months supply of food and water for emergencies ?
  98. Punching Thingie?
  99. Made me smile all morning!
  100. Do it yourself home security system?
  101. To the Attic Quick!
  102. Plastic to Oil - Great Technology
  103. Glee
  104. Question about song; I would do anything but that
  105. News: While Fleeing Police, Mans Jumped to His Death
  106. Lousy way to start a sunday!
  107. Why the economy went bad, in easy to grasp cartoon form
  108. Need a computer based program to activate 12VDC system - IDPA stage
  109. Gun/shooting programs on TV?
  110. Chicken wings
  111. Weird,Local Prosecutor Arrested Twice For DWI,In One Week
  112. Got my deer this morning
  113. Whats your name Sailor
  114. Very smart dog!!!
  115. Anyone live in North Vegas?
  116. Newseum.org: Technology showing newspapers from around the world
  117. School Forces Boy To Take Flag Off Bike
  118. Practice Makes Perfect
  119. Volunteered to go down to an assisted living facility to assist in Veteran day.
  120. Timex Expedition analog and jewelry store rant
  121. Don't mess with old guys jokes
  122. Rant on an online mortgage company
  123. Anyone have this \ know if it's any good?
  124. Beretta webiste CRAZY TYPO
  125. First US piracy trial since 1819 about to start in Norfolk, VA
  126. Okay, Jem102, I give up.
  127. Who couldn't keep their booger hook off the big red button?
  128. Political cartoonist calls for revolution and violence
  129. Podcasts
  130. Video: Structure fire with shots fired; LEO blocks hydrant, comes out with AR-15
  131. Celeb Tattoo Artist Arrested for Arsenal of Weapons
  132. Totally Off Topic -- Some times some folk just get lucky
  133. Grits
  134. Mother of Georgia teen beaten to death calls for justice
  135. Big Green Egg
  136. Airport Performance art...
  137. Legal advice/State Trooper
  138. Elasitc/Bungie Cord Rope/String Thingies.
  139. Contacts & Eye drops?
  140. Cooking Turnip Greens
  141. A tribute to the thin blue line
  142. TIME CHANGE -- "fall back" on Sunday, Nov 7 2010
  143. Bear VS Cow
  144. I hate wireless companies; Alltel to AT&T merger
  145. A Mother's Rant
  146. $1500 restitution for $79,000 damage
  147. NEED ADVICE (Business)
  148. Livin' Large: Win lottery, but give away $11M
  149. Deputies save dog with battlefield techniques................
  150. A guy walks into a bar (PG 13)
  151. Man, I hate dreaming about snakes!
  152. Muslim extremist
  153. Saw a T-shirt today that made smile...
  154. Skillsets & Tradecraft: A Movie
  155. Ring Tone: Wild Thing?
  156. San Francisco Bans the Happy Meal
  157. Great Halloween Video
  158. Light blue Toilet Water?
  159. Shooting o' the gourds
  160. Bark takes a bite out of crime
  161. Birmingham Police Dept
  162. Christmas list
  163. Election Day: I showed valid CHL card to verify my ID before voting
  164. Then and Now \ Past and Present
  165. Is there a Taxidermist in the house? (book review)
  166. Interesting Dream...
  167. This is why we use holsters.
  168. Nuclear warfare in ancient India?
  169. Jay Leno's Monologue Featured Hickok45's Pumpkin Carving Video!
  170. Tactical Christmas stockings
  171. My crazy Halloween experience, Rant, Long
  172. I think i got a target on my back
  173. The Walking Dead on AMC
  174. I just want to say............................................... ....................
  175. UK spy chief 'embarrassed' over pic of daughter with an AK on FB
  176. Zombie Hunter Pumpkin
  177. Just another reason for me to stay out of New York
  178. High School
  179. A fine TN business
  180. Mcdonalds made the guy fat (HMM)
  181. Cool Police Cars From Around The World (Video)
  182. Anyone following the news?
  183. Best Ever DUI Stop
  184. Is there a Dr. in the house?
  185. Dexter season 5
  186. Mythbusters: Ancient full auto crossbow recreated, sort-of
  187. Back for a bit.
  188. last day of vacation
  189. Justified on FX: Season 2
  190. The Zombies Have Landed!!
  191. Police: Man likely shot himself while sleepwalking
  192. First "Fainting Goats"...now Fainting Cats?
  193. James Bonds Original 1965 Aston Martin Up For Auction With All The "Toys".
  194. Wanted Dude Caught.
  195. Woman threw her life away for no good reason
  196. To all LEO's (and related fields)...
  197. Never thought I'd see THIS!
  198. Strange! Man/Woman ??? Talking On Cell Phone In 1920s C. Chaplin Movie -
  199. Need Help for a friend.
  200. MAN!!!!! I love the US
  201. When letting the mind wander, what picks you up and takes you back?
  202. Outside my office this morning...
  203. Crash carnage!!
  204. "Hiccup girl" charged with murder, admitted involvement
  205. Elena Kagan at gun range???
  206. Lesson of the day...
  207. What kind of phone do you carry?
  208. Do ya ever...
  209. Fun stuff to watch....
  210. eHarmony Range Report
  211. Lone gunman + high end mall + barricade situation = mall barbeque
  212. Candy bar lovers poll
  213. Muzzle Blast Photo
  214. I could not make this stuff up
  215. 1700 Zombies invade Norfolk, VA (get yur guns, fellers!)
  216. Texas Rangers are going to the big show
  217. 5 minutes into the conversation....
  218. Christmas Wish List
  219. Sadly, I have discovered my brother is a moron
  220. Best Pro-Gun Podcasts?
  221. Move Complete. Phoenix is now home.
  222. The day i was almost famous.
  223. Sirius radio!!!
  224. Lookie what I caught last night
  225. I once complained because I had no sleeves
  226. Wal-Mart: The workers viewpoint
  227. Security Guard rules
  228. Gun Humor
  229. where is ELVIS when you need him?
  230. That Golf Cart Has a Mean Left Hook
  231. RED
  232. Stabbing Attack During Anger-management Class (WA)
  233. How hillbillies get dates
  234. Man finds FBI GPS tracker under his car; lots of interestinh info in article
  235. Recoil Pads
  236. Crossbow Info. Help
  237. Jeff Hart: A True American Hero!!!
  238. Hawken Charging Instructions
  239. First Krav Maga class - Done
  240. Miners
  241. New Shirts
  242. Arizona
  243. WWII MOH recipient reunites with one of the men he saved by jumping on a grenade
  244. Text Alerts for weather?
  245. Lawton, OK Judge Tosses Pharmacist's Plea Deal
  246. Motivational and inspirational.
  247. Difference between drunk and stoned...
  248. Suggestions on how to get a cat into a carrier
  249. Black Devil - Moscow ride on R1
  250. If you believe in yourself, you can do anything!