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  1. Today in History
  2. 12 Days of Christmas starts today!
  3. The Gun Control Song (VerySlight NSFW)
  4. An OC News Story From Akron, OH (Video HIGHLY NSFW)
  5. MDA dingbat SWATs
  6. Lynwood CA Police shooting
  7. What grade would you get if Brady taught a gun safety class?
  8. Could a boat have a better beginning?
  9. Vehemently anti-gun local station at it again. WRAL
  10. Thoughtful 12 year old
  11. Where did the myth of Santa Claus come from?
  12. A shot of Whisky!
  13. Bar evacuated when waitress mistakes mic stand for a gun
  14. Climate Change Agreement
  15. Ron Swanson's new Christmas special
  16. Good Sat morning laugh: Another article demonstrating Libtard gun knowledge
  17. What I Saw Today Made Me Smile
  18. Money Doesn't Always Buy Elections
  19. Matchlock Gun question
  20. Self Defense Fund
  21. Cell Phones & Propane Tanks
  22. What a headline!!
  23. French taking down mosques
  24. Billboard for Islam
  25. It's the Season - to Crank it Up!
  26. 4 Ways to Tell Your Neighbor is an NRA Member
  27. The cover of New Yorker Magazine Dec 14, 2015
  28. Great parody video anti gunners will hate.
  29. Should Muslims be allowed religious freedom?
  30. Why so much civil unrest these days and how it all goes along with the master plan
  31. Monkey See, Monkey Laugh
  32. MWG at Arkansas College Today
  33. Going out on a limb,,,
  34. Membership jump
  35. I'm not to blame for San Bernardino
  36. New belt holster
  37. It's Christmas time kids, remember
  38. Brilliant Syrian Free Army Propaganda
  39. Has anyone read USC 8 U.S. Code § 1182 - Inadmissible aliens?
  40. Midweek humor.
  41. Now serving - free coffee at FL beach
  42. 80's mystery solved!
  43. Things that make you go 'Hmmmm...'
  44. Ironic Product of the Day
  45. Definition of Gun Control
  46. seriously.. Do you need some kind of special power to register at AKfiles.com ?
  47. Kudos Slidell, LA Police Dept (Real Police Work) (Funny)
  48. Just got my license.
  49. Current Western Washington River Levels - Excellent Resource
  50. Shelter in place Catholic University DC
  51. Billy Joel Gun Control Song
  52. A Deer in the Wild
  53. Not A Satire Piece- Bearing Arms OpEd
  54. GunTV? Like HSN for guns
  55. Steven Seagal speech
  56. NRA response to Obama and gun laws
  57. Terrorist in my neighborhood today
  58. Are there "just a few" "Islamic Extremists" ?
  59. Ugh - and this is where I'm going to spend Christmas
  60. Funny Pearl Harbor Story
  61. Hit-and-run suspect ratted out by her own Ford Focus
  62. going to Florida soon
  63. Incident at my LGS
  64. Alligator Murdered After Act of Heroism!
  65. Dallas v. Redskins - The Bland Bowl
  66. Let the truth be told (language NSFW)
  67. Glock 19?
  68. does anyone remember?
  69. Lt. Col. Ralph Peters OPn The POTUS Speech (NSFW)
  70. Granny, Barbara and Christmas
  71. Drive By….
  72. Stay sharp out there.
  73. Dec. 7th.......Lest We Forget.
  74. Gun Control In 5 Easy Steps
  75. Life is stranger than fiction, Drugs maybe.
  76. Clueless Robbers Cause Panic in Riverside Mall
  77. When they bring up the Colorado shooter who entered planned parenthood facility
  78. Browns Fans!!!!!
  79. Proud to be #6 but, Wyoming is way ahead.
  80. Presidential Press Conference
  81. why are people in Florida so small?
  82. Eagles vs Patriots
  83. 72 Homeland security employees on terrorist watch list
  84. I have a new favorite cartoon
  85. My Message to Terrorists
  86. Dear Anti Gun Friend
  87. A man worthy of remembrance -- from the San Bernardino shooting
  88. IRS fraud warning.
  89. North Carolina Just GOT SCREWED!
  90. Groetjes
  91. I have seen the Liberal Utopia
  92. Random Act of Culture - Handel's Messiah at United States Naval Academy
  93. YOU Are Tactical! (Music Video)
  94. Further Windows 10 Telemetry Reporting
  95. Home security
  96. Band of Brothers
  97. 7 Fantasy Gifts for a Shooter With an Unlimited Budget
  98. It's off topic and humor. You'll LOL (hopefully).
  99. Cable News Gun Expert
  100. Ah AZ Joes got it
  101. The Conversations Are Shifting
  102. Gun Grabbers - Here's Your Music Video!
  103. All Aboard
  104. Spike Lee
  105. Anyone else having serious purchasing addiction lately
  106. Disgusting Dog Attack in Detroit Kills 4 Year Old.
  107. G-D And Guns Vs NY Daily News
  108. RIP Scott Weiland
  109. Why Have There Been More Mass Shootings Under Obama?
  110. Could it happen here?
  111. It's a bird, its a plane, no it's...a kilo of dope?
  112. Let's lighten the mood a little!
  113. The federal government is killing Americans
  114. You Are What You Wear?
  115. Schools closed, manhunt. Rockawy Oregon
  116. Do Not Mix
  117. Team B (and Team B II)
  118. Our Future?
  119. A Serious Problem To Consider.....
  120. government job
  121. Insane dashcam video shows cop crash into buck
  122. Step One
  123. So, who are the Cali dogs?
  124. Another Mass Shooting Now - San Bernardino 20 down
  125. Dakota Meyer (MOH) Answers ISIS
  126. Stihl Backpack Leaf Blowers
  127. Home Intruders Beware!
  128. Christmas Gift. Clue Me In On Treadmills.
  129. Dedicated To Our Good Friend GlockMan10mm:
  130. New wonder drug hits the market
  131. Post threads got me thinking
  132. I received something today I didn't order...
  133. My new pup
  134. CMP and Surplus 1911s
  135. Flamethrower Anyone?
  136. Cyber Monday- Anyone buying?
  137. Two thumbs up: the 2015 film, Trumbo
  138. Home Invasion suspects shot with own gun
  139. Interstate I-85 rest stop SHOOTING Nov 28
  140. 1st range trip with new S&W Model 63, and another report on my accuracy with Shield
  141. The Big...Pop?
  142. Things you have said to your co-workers that annoy
  143. I found my son's future college
  144. Cause of death, trying somethin you saw in a movie.
  145. Smart Watches - LG or Pebble?
  146. Having a bad day/week?
  147. Living dangerously in too many ways...
  148. "Specialty" Grocery stores in Nashville or Knoxville?
  149. Dog tug of war
  150. "If you see something, say something."
  151. TSA - Firearms, do not test this, and always know where you pack your trash!
  152. Car
  153. What is it with Waffle House? Shooting in Biloxi
  154. Freakin' Christmas Lights
  155. Terrorist Attack in Colorado Springs Happening Right Now...
  156. They Call It Ball Drive
  157. Credible Theats from O'Bummer
  158. Picture of Black Friday (this is why I stay home)
  159. 2A - This will Make Anti Heads Expolode - Firearms - TV Channel to Sell Firearms
  160. Angels among us.
  161. Los Angeles authorities arrest homeless man with cache of firearms
  162. Constitutional Rights We Have Lost
  163. black friday shopping and free wifi
  164. Don't get too loud when killing a spider
  165. DIY Holster Form/Dummy Gun
  166. Happy Thanksgiving!
  167. Obama signed bill to allow old 1911 war guns to be sold to public?
  168. Much thanks!
  169. You know you're a Texan when...
  170. Thanksgiving Classic
  171. This is college, not day-care
  172. went all geeky this morning
  173. The Alternative: "How Much Is A Life Worth?"
  174. wanted Good handgun $200
  175. Why Parents Drink
  176. Bear just gotta say it...
  177. Top 5 Brutal Facts About Getting Shot
  178. Obama's Chicken
  179. Glazed, seasoned and tenderized turkey - the Miculek way
  180. Trainer PA. next on my list
  181. Feds to deport Senior Citizens
  182. Black Friday
  183. The "Thing's I don't understand (Or things that makes you say, Hummmm)" Thread
  184. What are you Thankful for
  185. Have a great Thanksgiving - Don't drink too much..
  186. "If There Are No Dogs In Heaven"
  187. Anyone else frustrated with LP prices?
  188. Man Dies After Being Struck with Skateboard
  189. I can't beleive happened again
  190. New Solution To An Old Problem
  191. More Photoshop Fun With Crisis Actor
  192. My little red truck
  193. Purse snatcher gets more than he bargained for.
  194. nra credit card was denied for a purchase??
  195. A Brit sets the record straight on the French military. NSFW language
  196. FBI Reports Zero Murders In Newtown, CT For 2012
  197. We must stop the home grown terrorist cells! Biological attack
  198. Child molester loses foot to train during police chase
  199. PCB shark feeding frenzy
  200. Man steals beer truck - get's run over by that truck
  201. Tendonitis aggravated by shooting - anyone had it?
  202. The Conversation
  203. Favor?
  204. NYPD officer beating a black man.
  205. I spent 6 hours at the range yesterday :)
  206. **Gun Control Won't Fix This** -NSFW LANGUAGE
  207. The Crisis Actor Memes !
  208. Forget Turkey ! I Want In At This Party !
  209. Current Administration Immigration Plan
  210. Three arrested for murder of Amanda Blackburn
  211. Photo Memory
  212. 60 Minutes - Active Shooter
  213. The Man in the High Castle
  214. Bacon Sandwich- But Not Like You Imagined
  215. Where were You
  216. Voluntary Gun Turn In Blowout!
  217. DC Police Chief Changes Tone
  218. My little girl just blew me away.
  219. Ever have this discussion.
  220. Will I Live to see 80?
  221. Where to frequent to make friends..
  222. Watch nurse realises the man he is trying to save is a SUICIDE BOMBER
  223. My dog
  224. Awesome movie trailer!!
  225. The Gun Control Song
  226. No. No sir. Nope. Unh-uh. Just NO!
  227. Thanks
  228. Car Prowl Suspect Shoots Self In Leg
  229. Fool wearing GPS tracker breaks into Armory steals guns
  230. US Special Forces storm hotel and free six American hostages
  231. New Remington Ammo
  232. Modern Educayshun
  233. Army Recruiting Centers apparently still targets
  234. Mmmmm Olive Oil (cooking)
  235. If we could only get them all to do this
  236. After Obamalamadingdong????
  237. Don't worry! TSA is keeping us safe
  238. obvious Trump is not a politician
  239. New weapons transport system
  240. Foreign Nationals Arrested In Ohio
  241. Pull your pants up.
  242. New Rousey commercial?
  243. Urge Democrats to pass Suicide Vest Control Law
  244. I thought I had a solid plan.
  245. Flag Raising Ceremony
  246. Colorado Petition for No Refugees
  247. Dog days
  248. Got something from Switzerland today...
  249. Used motorcycle haggleing opinions when OBO is stated..??
  250. Gun Humor