: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. Lego Street Shootout
  2. I am America By Krista Branch
  3. Kazakhstan-Anbody been there recently?
  4. What is your Zombie Plan
  5. For you hunters out there...funny
  6. A great lady has passed: Pamela Murphy
  7. Deadliest Warrior: Redneck or Swamp Hillbilly?
  8. Personal ad
  9. Federal Law Enforcement Jobs, a metaphor...
  10. Pretty bad advice
  11. Old joke revisited...
  12. Homeless man doing a patriotic deed
  13. Roommate skipped, need to get out of lease.
  14. Want to see my faux finishing and "other?"
  15. On The Importance of Business Cards and Killing a Guy
  16. Preparedness
  17. My Mother
  18. Most awesome commercial ever
  19. Asked why I drive an SUV
  20. If you won the lottery...
  21. Free AntiVirus?
  22. Cotton Mouth (Graphic)
  23. Ammo Recall - humor
  24. Convenience store clerk saw my CFP tonight when he asked for my ID.
  25. The Green Berets
  26. girl at gander mountain
  27. Post your gun "Motivational" posters
  28. Tribute to "Old Glory"
  29. U.S. Border Patrol has resources to worry about a handful of hikers...
  30. No trespassing signs.
  31. Hunt Giant Elephants In Tennessee
  32. Happy Independence Day DC
  33. Gun laws from around the World
  34. Chinese citizens comments on guns in Wal-Mart
  35. A fond remembrance of Firecrackers as a kid
  36. safest bank on earth....
  37. What number is your Crossbreed Super Tuck?
  38. More stupid pics
  39. Argentina on the ropes...
  40. My Fellow Subjects...I Mean Citizens....
  41. How do you shoot this gun?
  42. This is very off topic but I gotta share this.
  43. #3 To Victory Lane One More Time
  44. What cartoon character are you?
  45. Slang..
  46. For real!
  47. 117° today
  48. How come no one riots when a cop is killed?
  49. Who will win UFC 116
  50. Brazil out!
  51. R. Lee Ermey Geico Ad
  52. Just Love It.
  53. Why was Rachel Weisz?
  54. 'Cardboard Warfare'
  55. What would happen if 20 million illegals left the US?
  56. Holy Crap!
  57. Happy Canada Day Everyone!!
  58. A little help here
  59. Police Inspector Blog: A quiz for police officers
  60. Video game commandos
  61. Gulf Madness!
  62. Top my day!!
  63. Black And White?? Remember The Days??
  64. Pamela Gorman shoots and is running for congress
  65. For once Hollywood may get it right.
  66. Men's Warehouse
  67. Latest GEICO commercials
  68. Very Interesting....
  69. Just to let you know, I am still alive
  70. Thanks for the internet
  71. Signs you've been in the navy too long:
  72. Former Chicago Police Commander Convicted
  73. Need help with um....invention?
  74. I am now the best dad ever.
  75. Should I buy a 1911 or a Glock?
  76. Video of this site?
  77. Ok - explain this...
  78. Really?
  79. HDMI Cables
  80. My mother is gone but at times I still think I can call her.
  81. Redneck Grilling
  82. The Duck Song
  83. iPad experiences/inputs?
  84. Monday's decision?
  85. Getting ready for a hurricane or other disaster.
  86. Anyone Else See A Double Dip Recession on the Horizon?
  87. The most fun, most politically incorrect event of the summer...
  88. Pocket Taser
  89. The Man!
  90. Why we carry when living in the country
  91. Don't clean your firearm while drunk....
  92. Ugly gun thread
  93. Team USA! Ya gotta love it!
  94. Attack of the Second Amendment!
  95. Another zombie thread
  96. Kellogg's Recalls 28 Million Boxes Of Cereal Over Stinky Box Liners
  97. World's first production "Jetpack" $86,000
  98. Deer Roping
  99. Burning AK47 - 300 Rounds & on Fire
  100. I'm going for an interview at Universal!
  101. Need location identified please
  102. Inmate Hides Gun In Fat Rolls
  103. Payment for yardwork
  104. Who is Wendi Kerkman?
  105. Going hunting?
  106. A solitary Marine
  107. What do you drive?!?
  108. Answering Machine...
  109. Gooooooooooooooooooolllllllll!!!!!
  110. Stupid Kids
  111. Any model builders out there ?
  112. Man, I thought my GSD was goofy!
  113. And...You Thought That You Were Having A Bad Day.
  114. Movie/TV Remake Casting Call.
  115. Best Card Trick Ever!! (Video)
  116. My Brother in law has seen the light!
  117. Time to get back in shape!
  118. Amazing amateur video captures debris-filled tornado laying waste to the Rimrock Auto
  119. Invest in AK's and AR's NOW!!
  120. EDC
  121. Please Do a Good Deed (Animal Rescue)
  122. Virginia hospital: Former NBA star Manute Bol dead at 47
  123. Crazy deer!
  124. Weird news/assault
  125. I love old movies!!!
  126. Work Clothing Advice
  127. be jealous y'all, be very jealous!!!
  128. Trailer for Avatar Two
  129. 50,000 not "about half a million members"
  130. Subaru meet utility pole, utility pole meet Subaru.
  131. Wow... talk about justice
  132. Happy Fathers Day
  133. A bulldozer, a flying puppy, and Hell's Angels-Germany
  134. My daughter got married today
  135. Non-Partisan joke all side might enjoy
  136. Follow these rules, they may one day save your life.
  137. A cow's Tale
  138. VA to Follow AZ?
  139. Interesting, I wonder if this is real
  140. Frozen Crabs & the Blonde Stewardess
  141. Anyone collecting Social Security Disability Income?
  142. Bad, Bad Dreams
  143. Help Arizona
  144. Won in traffic court!
  145. Lindbergh
  146. What the WHAT? Real 'lightsaber' laser that can melt skin??
  147. This ain't your daddy's unicycle.. U3-X Honda
  148. A Couple Of Questions For Pittsburgh Residents.
  149. Colonoscopy Journal
  150. BP Oil Spill Parody
  151. A Texas Lawsuit
  152. Thought My Fishing Line Was Snagged In the Weeds Under My Boat!!
  153. This ought to be a good one...
  154. Your thoughts/opinions
  155. Car broken into
  156. EOD Marine and GF Ride Cycle Naked
  157. Working for idiots
  158. 5 Ridiculous Gun Myths Everyone Believes (Thanks to Movies)
  159. North Korea vs Brazil
  160. People Search?
  161. Wow. Just, wow!!!
  162. Now this is a take on OC I hadn't seen yet...
  163. Going to my first gun show
  164. Is this open carry?
  165. Funny Medical Acronyms
  166. thank you for the prayers
  167. My other hobby - photography
  168. Handyman Advice Needed For Gun Safe
  169. Louisville,Ky people.....
  170. Gun sign
  171. I'm back!
  172. English/Grammar Lessons Not Needed!
  173. What's the country coming too?
  174. Quilts of Valor
  175. A Question (mainly) for LEO's
  176. The High Road
  177. Hitler, Stalin and a lawyer....
  178. Chinese medicine
  179. Cousteau on TCM
  180. Are you tired of the mushy "friendship" poems
  181. 668 - The Neighbor of the Beast
  182. Some Stuffed Animal Humor
  183. Big cat attack
  184. Solar storm a serious threat around 2012
  185. Some medical humor
  186. Fully functional LEGO sniper rifle
  187. Commentator's Disease
  188. The BP Coffee Spill
  189. Celebrity carry guns (just for fun)...
  190. Gulf Oil Spill Not An Accident?
  191. Lots of '4 rules' violations going on here.
  192. Seriously funny video with a sad bit of truth.
  193. This video is worth 7 minutes of your time....food for thought!
  194. A list of offensive shooting range sterotypes
  195. Some fun range time today!
  196. old room mates what rent and i'm not tottaly convinced I owe what they say
  197. Where do you purchase your fuel
  198. Depressed for the first time in my life
  199. Steve Jobs having problems with the new Iphone
  200. What is a Tango?
  201. Oh, the irony: BP – You are responsible for your own spills
  202. The Winning Dog At Obedience School!!
  203. Old song; Water
  204. AC quit working Sat
  205. Female Marine Pilot
  206. NIMBY...
  207. Ever read your old posts, and go...wow I said that?
  208. Mayor Bloomturd, you are invited to Bill Goodman's!
  209. In honor of 66 years ago...
  210. Weirdo's at Wally World
  211. Funny sign
  212. The AZ Border Patrol
  213. Help With Pictures
  214. Moving on...
  215. A nightmare at Hooters
  216. Red Dawn 2!
  217. Backyard ninja blade training
  218. Modern Marvels Failures episode
  219. So Refreshing!
  220. Man accidentally shoots self in testicles
  221. FREE Firearms (and related) Giveaways
  222. Crimson Trace Laser Moves Balloons!!!?
  223. Twenty Dollars
  224. Make Every Day Memorial Day
  225. A story I'd like to share
  226. LA to get Grand jury powers
  227. Bubba has an oil spill solution.
  228. My daughter about had me laughing my butt off
  229. Joran van der Sloot Has Murdered Yet Again
  230. Mobil Homes?
  231. Goodbye Garden Gnome..... Hello Zombie
  232. No you can't leave. I'll call the police. "It's a tad long"
  233. wisdom from billy gates
  234. Airport Screening Made Easy
  235. Like the gates of Hell itself opened up
  236. LEO Question
  237. Classic "they brought knives to a gun fight"
  238. Memorial Day
  239. Clint Eastwood’s 80th Birthday - May 31st
  240. Desire and want. Is it bad or good?
  241. Hard to find parts for the restoration guys...
  242. I wish I was making this up: Pigeon Held in India on Suspicion of Spying for Pakistan
  243. Enjoyed one of my other hobbies on Saturday
  244. Fill in the US map
  245. Beaver in the pond and he's got to go
  246. Arizona Rally!
  247. Keep Your Powder Dry...
  248. Flag Etiquette on Memorial Day
  249. Guns disguised as cameras? No, how about camera disguised as gun...
  250. Congratulations!