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  1. Dangerous Tiger Shark Spotted Near Shore!
  2. Awesome Mailbox
  3. Some Common Sense Proverbs
  4. Redmond WA info?
  5. Drugs, Sex, Gunplay, and Death in Maine
  6. Free firearms giveaways for January
  7. first traffic stop with a gun in the car
  8. Messed up: Dead at 104 years old
  9. Good ol' Paddy
  10. Naked BG's and guns don't mix
  11. The War on Christmas
  12. What is Celibacy?
  13. The funnest dam thing all year
  14. Where to retire...
  15. True in 1948 true now....
  16. ups woes :(
  17. Gotta love a story with a happy ending...
  18. Shoot your TV!!!
  19. When TSHTF!
  20. After Apocalypse friend list?
  21. Diary of a Snow Shoveler
  22. How many Masons are here?
  23. for the Cat Lovers....
  24. Something to ponder
  25. DIY heatpad
  26. Gerbil Problems?
  27. In defense of the The Juriest
  28. Your thoughts on this transaction?
  29. I know why my kids had a hard time in school.
  30. check out this video
  31. Mother hysterical over toy gun
  32. A serious dog question...
  33. First Drill
  34. What is this lever on my fireplace?
  35. The Right To Bear Arms - Funny Video
  36. Teaching Kids Pistol Safety Course Now
  37. Three Reported Missing
  38. If you like Zombie movies... Tha Crazies
  39. After Armageddon
  40. The warmest spot in my house..
  41. New airsoft "toy" has arrived.
  42. Serotonin Weight Management?
  43. Wisconsin hunting stats in... weird
  44. Man found guilty of breaking into Brevard jail
  45. Who wants some SNOW!!
  46. I Still Write Your Name In The Snow
  47. Serial Numbers
  48. Hey! What are you doing here??! Game's on!
  49. One more gun...
  50. Met Todd Jarrett today!
  51. disc golf??
  52. Winning Lottery not always a good thing
  53. Great SA advice
  54. Abbott and Costello!
  55. I need a solid favor No$ needed
  56. Rare snow monkey sighting
  57. Oh snow...Where did you go?
  58. My kinda movie...
  59. Help: Need info on how to cook venison ham
  60. Pic of this prank gun?
  61. 2009 Darwin Awards ...... and the WINNER is .....
  62. The Road
  63. Stupid strikes again
  64. Parking Lot Panhandlers,One Solution
  65. Duck recipes?
  66. I was buried alive!
  67. A GREAT video!
  68. DOGS!!!
  69. Mailbox prank turns deadly
  70. AAAAhhhhh~~~Lake effect snow
  71. I'm going 10-7 for a couple of weeks.
  72. How "our kind of girls" deal with an intruder
  73. Woman Steals Christmas Present From Child
  74. Story behind your "Username"
  75. Sad, but oh so true
  76. The Christmas day terrorist failure
  77. Remembering Y2K from today's eyes.
  78. Man to bird- Stick um up! Video
  79. Avatar: more liberal demonization
  80. Outrageous Animal Cruelty In My Neighborhood
  81. Amazing Guitarist
  82. Meh, who needs a hard drive...
  83. 2010 Hooters Calendar
  84. Happy New Year DC!
  85. The more people know, the safer we'll all be.
  86. I like guns...
  87. Need help finding this article
  88. Why you should ask ?'s first
  89. Neat Sleepwalking video
  90. So, what are "we" doing for New Years Eve?
  91. More positive note
  92. Taking two neophytes shooting Sunday!
  93. The USA needs the cajones to show something like this
  94. Attempted home invasion
  95. SPRINT forces its Oklahoma City employees to work through storm
  96. Avatar
  97. 2A shirt
  98. Are we really aware of our surroundings?
  99. Heating my house properly??
  100. Helicopter Hog Hunting
  101. My Kind of Music....
  102. Blizzard pics
  103. Speedtraps
  104. Fun shooting game
  105. US POW or captive... Who you gonna call?
  106. Lights Out
  107. I've taken up an old hobby
  108. Fraternal Order of Police
  109. You cant fix STUPID.
  110. Parking lot problem
  111. And you thought that you had a bad day...
  112. Atlanta Area
  113. Fedoras
  114. .357 barrel blows off!
  115. Knife fight during dinner
  116. Some excerpts from Famous Last Words
  117. Diet is starting now
  118. Some open presents...
  119. A dogs Christmas
  120. This is a tribute to my wife,
  121. It's Snowing in Kansas City!
  122. Christmas Stamps: Very Blonde
  123. Tools and Their Uses‏
  124. Watch NORAD Track Santa Here!!
  125. Impressive!!
  126. THAT Phone Call
  127. Hohoho...bang!!!
  128. Community Policing... a/k/a harassment
  129. Anyone on Airmed/Lifeflight crews?
  130. NORAD helping Santa again this year
  131. Great close-up photo!
  132. was this already posted?
  133. Russia Has Talent - Fatal ending
  134. What would you do? LONG!
  135. Photobucket blocked
  136. Jail Time for Idiots
  137. A music video for "us". Enjoy...
  138. Is there a holiday this week?
  139. Another Blonde Moment
  140. I dont understand...
  141. Oren's War
  142. Is Bunny still wandering?
  143. Satilite view of sharks close to swimmers
  144. TranSiberian Orchestra
  145. So my hunnee busted me watching a video...
  146. I like guns!!!
  147. Digital or dial lock for safe? Which is better?
  148. Winter driving tips, not about actual driving
  149. The perfect gift
  150. An old prospector .....
  151. Dry-aging beef at home
  152. Have You Ever Heard "Silent Night" In Irish?
  153. oops! funny story
  154. What a wife!!!!!
  155. Presents For That Hard To Buy For Person, Take II
  156. Man Kills Wife with TV Remote
  157. Armored Stroller
  158. How Times Have Changed!!
  159. 7 ridiculously over the top gun modifications
  160. Presents For That Hard To Buy For Person?
  161. What would it take...
  162. I had a scare last night
  163. Midway Discount Coupon Code
  164. Merry Christmas from your LEO's
  165. Avatar
  166. I like guns
  167. 24: A lost scene.
  168. Anyone Know Anything About Snow Shoes?
  169. The violent nature of violence
  170. Prayer Sign in Montana
  171. Happy Secular Non-Denominational Winter-Solstice-Theme Days
  172. Attack monkeys
  173. Coolest Christmas gift for my Son
  174. Website to find Cell # company?
  175. Yukon Cornelius disarmed!
  176. Hold on to Your Purse or Wallet!
  177. Medical Journal: Santa Needs to Clean Up His Act
  178. Straight Talk Cell Phone
  179. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow !
  180. Airsoft help
  181. Plan B
  182. Hundreds gather to protest global warming
  183. Costco takes ammunition off shelves
  184. Holidays
  185. Had a great idea...pics to prove it.
  186. Rough neighborhood? Walk with the baby?
  187. Does Your Wife Know?
  188. A Texas Answere
  189. Escape any car-jacker with these wheels
  190. A Little Something To Pass The Time
  191. Woot Community: Active Gun Discussion
  192. Casting call
  193. Create your own "gun free zone" (satire)
  194. Year 2029 BEWARE!
  195. 10 Ways That Handguns Are Better Than A Woman
  196. Mail carriers need to carry this time of year
  197. For the Jeff Dunham fans....
  198. Mousegun too big? New Ruger SSCP .180!!!
  199. Bad day at Hallmark
  200. Any Lesney/Matchbox collectors here? Looking for advice..
  201. A doggy Christmas surprise
  202. Did they Really need to do a study to conclude this?
  203. TAPS (hauntingly beautiful)
  204. King Ranch Deer Caught In Fence Recovering
  205. Mt Hood Climbers
  206. Dillinger's Wooden Gun auctioned for $ 19,120
  207. Ambulance used in robbery
  208. Firearms identification chart for journalists
  209. 159 years ago this Fall
  210. OK it's official....
  211. Christmas gift karma
  212. Help me with a family issue
  213. good karma
  214. A Rant
  215. This time the nut at WalMart was me...
  216. Finally found an outfit I can't carry in
  217. Fender bender
  218. My wife is a character sometimes
  219. Blonde Password
  220. Tires...
  221. Excerpts From: Altitude, Illness and Stupid Ideas: A Heuristic Approach
  222. I gotta say, this forum cares
  223. What other forums do you frequent?
  224. You can draw your own conclusion on gun saftey, this is funny!
  225. ID theft, forged prints and signatures? for LEs
  226. Bush & Gore animation?
  227. I finally got my Purple Belt
  228. Skeet Shooting for Big Boys
  229. The ULTIMATE Gift for the naggin wife.
  230. For all the current and former Aircrew: Santa and the FAA
  231. OOOPS!!!
  232. Take your vitamins !!!
  233. OKLAHOMA Is setting an Example
  234. CT town bans yellow ribbons
  235. We need to ban those assault steaks
  236. Amazingly Simple Home Remedies and Advice
  237. Not to be Politicaly Correct-Happy Chanukah/Hanukkah
  238. Tips on hanging Christmas Lights
  239. Posted by Diesel 007 on CS - Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime
  240. Speaking of Christmas Lights...............
  241. DefensiveCarry Forum Has Great People
  242. State paying to cover accused murders tattoos
  243. Unusual Christmas Decorations
  244. Conversation with My Boss
  245. One expensive bottle of Coke...
  246. Man shot in the back 6 times
  247. Archie Bunker on 2A
  248. Go Elf Yourself!
  249. Deer Camera for Security?
  250. Reactor Watches?