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  1. travelling to Troy, NC
  2. Ban the US Flag at US schools Fox Poll
  3. Back overseas...
  4. 3rd SEAL Not Guilty
  5. I'm Back!!
  6. What a ride!
  7. Should the American Flag Be Banned -- in America? poll
  8. One of Virginia's Mayors Against ... Guns may be recalled
  9. Cute video
  10. Crack House College?
  11. A toast to auto mechanics--a long, frustrating rant about my auto repair endeavors
  12. When gas goes up!!
  13. Legal question - small claims to get my money
  14. 12 Year Old....Doing a Little Training
  15. fabulous diamond studded guns
  16. Vacationing in South Carolina
  17. Shiny shiny!!!
  18. Requesting minimal help with a project
  19. Dhimmitude
  20. Did this guy overreact to car prank?
  21. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms...
  22. Ford F150
  23. "I could have bought a 'HENRY'!"
  24. Breaking Bad....WOW
  25. 2-year-old Mistakenly Sips white Russian
  26. May 3rd
  27. Had to shoot a masked intruder yesterday.
  28. DC Folks... need 495 advice.
  29. Land ownership
  30. I saw a "BLACK HELICOPTER"
  31. Interesting article
  32. Hilarious Ultimate Fighter audition
  33. "Takin' Back Our Country" Joyce Shaffer ©2010
  34. My Conclusions
  35. 82nd Airborne in South West Afghanistan letting off some steam "Lady Ga Ga"
  36. Only at Walmart
  37. Alright PNUT, request status
  38. RamRod
  39. Attention facebook folks
  40. The Beast is complete "my new system I built"
  41. Why are SWAT teams inspecting oil rigs?
  42. Must-Have item for every bug-out bag
  43. My Church
  44. Old school self-defense
  45. New CD
  46. If your hungry and find yourself in Jacksonville Fl......
  47. Funny Yard Sign (Pic)
  48. Vote for my Daughter and Help Us Win A Free Photoshot
  49. Kill Switch?
  50. Glock & Wesson 45mm FPO designed in 1789 by Colt Koch
  51. Old Butch the Politician
  52. Nephew graduation and going into the Navy, gift ideas?
  53. Constitution
  54. Homemade yogurt
  55. New rule
  56. Top Ten Reasons Men Prefer Rifles Over Women
  57. Arizona Immigration Bill Poll
  58. A letter to all the clerks @ gun stores/pawnshops
  59. Top Wounded Warrior Official Forced Out
  60. Al-Quida Shopping Network
  61. What is your caption?
  62. How to add a Poll?
  63. Any other Enumerators?
  64. Great Bargain
  65. an other FRONT SIGHT post
  66. Looking for Quotes to Describe the "Not So Smart" Among Us
  67. Would you ever put out this sign?
  68. Just back from D.C., though I'd share
  69. Harmonica Club & Saturday Night Jamboree!
  70. "Federal self-written search warrant"
  71. Co-worker Jumped at Gas Station...Dallas, 4-24-10
  72. The crazy things a dad does for his daughter.
  73. Getting chased by a dog
  74. Even easier probability problem(s)...
  75. 5.11 Tactical Pants Question
  76. Train going through a tornado.
  77. It's My BirthDay
  78. All Puns Intended
  79. The Smoking Gun weekly roundup of mugshots
  80. immigration bill
  81. Open carry unloaded holster
  82. A Few More Puns to Make You Smile
  83. Recoil - Scope to the Eye
  84. An original bumper sticker by Aznav:
  85. New addition to the family
  86. P.O. asked if my gun was loaded....
  87. Some crazy DC statistics
  88. Probability 101: Monty Hall
  89. Funny email sent to me by a doctor friend
  90. For those of you leary of buying a GM
  91. There is a new $100 Bill!
  92. What am I missing from my BOB?
  93. Stupid right foot...
  94. Apple ipod... a pain in my butt.....
  95. direction of the Country ...?
  96. Oh. My. Gawwd!!!
  97. Question about Trucks
  98. Every time I try to buy a Henry rifle!
  99. Need Clean Fill Dirt *DFW*
  100. Southern Fried Stings
  101. Probability problem...the sequel
  102. Sigh...It's Official
  103. My Self Defense Class Tussle
  104. Heed Warnings about News Orleans,La.
  105. Calling all computer (Apple) experts--I have a question
  106. I am pretty proud of this
  107. Collective Nouns, Fun With Words.
  108. Leather Workers
  109. All fun and games until somebody gets dead
  110. Attention anyone using Win XP
  111. New phone
  112. Bank robbery goes bad "I hope this is fake"
  113. Some Deep Kim Chee Moments...
  114. HTC Hero Opinions
  115. So, what do you think?
  116. arm yourselves!
  117. Kick Ass
  118. The Barefoot Bandit
  119. Free X-ray; Not a good idea
  120. Football(soccer) Hooligan Rule #5
  121. Follow up on last year's "Shoot my neighbor's dog" thread.
  122. I need some advice
  123. The war for my yard flares up again
  124. Crack Shack Or Mansion???
  125. Worst...gun review...ever...
  126. Bronze Rat
  127. How much government waste do you see here?
  128. Horrible Babbysitter Caught on Nannycam
  129. Some local photos of Florida swamp area
  130. That's my boy!
  131. Need advice from my motorcycle pals!
  132. Manliest Way to Cook Bacon
  133. A new Movie
  134. I sent my taxes off today
  135. My favorite quote from our founding fathers
  136. Bolo machete
  137. Best yard sign ever
  138. The Wife Made You Sell Your HotRod - I Have What You Need - VIDEO
  139. Judge tells public to get a gun.
  140. Naked in the casino..
  141. Best one liner
  142. Lawnmower class action....
  143. Anyone use an iPhone?
  144. Wild Wild West Thought Puzzle
  145. Dumb anti-gun letters to Salt Lake Tribune
  146. Atlanta
  147. So Long Texas Stadium...
  148. The Warrior Song
  149. Parent & kid with a gun? I dont think its wrong?
  150. Gecko45 The Mall Ninja in Film!!
  151. Turkey day
  152. At Every Range - humorous
  153. Odd complaint about working out...
  154. Bitter taste after eating pine nuts
  155. Closeout on CCW jeans: $9.99
  156. Kudos to Westborn Gun Shop, Taylor MI
  157. Durian Fruit
  158. One of those days...
  159. Scary Woman Samurai
  160. Major League Zombie Killers
  161. I GOT SCAMMED--Warning to others
  162. Rank these furniture stores
  163. CSI Episode?
  164. Wife's debit card info stolen!
  165. This is NOT more fun than shooting guns.
  166. The Duck Song
  167. Get the Kleenex out
  168. Some of you said I was crazy for selling a few guns...here's why.
  169. Excessive Hoarding
  170. His alien panties are in a twist!
  171. Tattoo Removal
  172. I Spent $6 On This Real Gun & My Little Kid Plays W/ It In Bed.
  173. Predicting the internet in 1969
  174. Foiled by a Stick Shift!
  175. Wow. Cant get Home Buyer's Rebate due to marriage.
  176. Life on Discovery
  177. I just love it...
  178. Humor: 7 Deadly Sins ... combined
  179. Happy Easter
  180. Beginning to appreciate the hoodie.
  181. I hope she gets every penny!
  182. Garnishment of wages?
  183. Love song for Barry
  184. For you heavy equipment operators....
  185. Rate the President's job performance
  186. US Rep Hank Johnson (D-GA4) thinks islands can tip over
  187. Mid-Life Crisis
  188. Really Hit Home on Monday
  189. How To Sell A Classic Car - 1970 Javelin SST 390
  190. Noticed something weird while watching Magnum PI
  191. Story from popular e-ad will put a smile on your mug
  192. Jeep VS Ferrari...
  193. Beer!
  194. Only 4 tickets left
  195. Anyone watching Mythbusters tonight?
  196. HEADS UP!!! Site has personal info
  197. Jumped the Wrong Fence, Ya Think?
  198. Is it Christmas or something?
  199. How to spot a concealed iPad
  200. More BS from the "Westboro Baptist" freaks
  201. For The Elderly Here Who Need a Laugh...
  202. If you own a business...
  203. Standard "COP" TV show stuff, with a twist
  204. Spring Allergies....Achooo
  205. He might have saved her life
  206. International Pun Contest
  207. I think my computer is a 1911 fan...
  208. Kitten v. Police
  209. Will Gunowners support organ donation?
  210. Waffles or pancakes?
  211. Have You Ever Danced?
  212. Still Dancing!
  213. I'm going to miss "Pacific" tonight !!!! HELP
  214. Global warming is a reason to buy guns!!!!
  215. Ham radio
  216. 24
  217. And....locally In The News.............
  218. Since health care is a right, here's a proposal.
  219. If guns were treated like cars
  220. Darts anyone? Hehe
  221. Funny picture
  222. Five Surgeons
  223. The Contractor
  224. WAY OT - Hot Tub Chemistry Question
  225. Libs trying to skew results of FOX News poll
  226. Dog vs. Police car!
  227. Pledge to obama
  228. If you engage in self pity,watch this
  229. Chris Penley or B&D guns (Warning)
  230. Fraud Warning!
  231. Farmer in The Dell
  232. Send a Free Card to Our Troops Overseas
  233. How's this for a defensive senario; Tiger on the loose
  234. Doctors are more dangerous than guns!
  235. 84 year old vs. SWAT team
  236. Help me find a video?
  237. SEC Employees Were Getting Off To Kiddie Porn
  238. Quote of the Day
  239. Save Time - Call Ahead
  240. Snow day!!
  241. Dallas Swat
  242. Manly BBQ (Texas Style)
  243. I'm gonna buy me a 40mm handgun!
  244. Swagbucks
  245. The shocking truth about a fundamental right being denied to 55% of citizens
  246. HEhe!
  247. Cameras help fight crime
  248. IN woman sets dogs on Fire
  249. A wife’s loving gesture
  250. What Exactly Does One Trillion Dollars Look Like?