: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. I need some advice
  2. The war for my yard flares up again
  3. Crack Shack Or Mansion???
  4. Worst...gun review...ever...
  5. Bronze Rat
  6. How much government waste do you see here?
  7. Horrible Babbysitter Caught on Nannycam
  8. Some local photos of Florida swamp area
  9. That's my boy!
  10. Need advice from my motorcycle pals!
  11. Manliest Way to Cook Bacon
  12. A new Movie
  13. I sent my taxes off today
  14. My favorite quote from our founding fathers
  15. Bolo machete
  16. Best yard sign ever
  17. The Wife Made You Sell Your HotRod - I Have What You Need - VIDEO
  18. Judge tells public to get a gun.
  19. Naked in the casino..
  20. Best one liner
  21. Lawnmower class action....
  22. Anyone use an iPhone?
  23. Wild Wild West Thought Puzzle
  24. Dumb anti-gun letters to Salt Lake Tribune
  25. Atlanta
  26. So Long Texas Stadium...
  27. The Warrior Song
  28. Parent & kid with a gun? I dont think its wrong?
  29. Gecko45 The Mall Ninja in Film!!
  30. Turkey day
  31. At Every Range - humorous
  32. Odd complaint about working out...
  33. Bitter taste after eating pine nuts
  34. Closeout on CCW jeans: $9.99
  35. Kudos to Westborn Gun Shop, Taylor MI
  36. Durian Fruit
  37. One of those days...
  38. Scary Woman Samurai
  39. Major League Zombie Killers
  40. I GOT SCAMMED--Warning to others
  41. Rank these furniture stores
  42. CSI Episode?
  43. Wife's debit card info stolen!
  44. This is NOT more fun than shooting guns.
  45. The Duck Song
  46. Get the Kleenex out
  47. Some of you said I was crazy for selling a few guns...here's why.
  48. Excessive Hoarding
  49. His alien panties are in a twist!
  50. Tattoo Removal
  51. I Spent $6 On This Real Gun & My Little Kid Plays W/ It In Bed.
  52. Predicting the internet in 1969
  53. Foiled by a Stick Shift!
  54. Wow. Cant get Home Buyer's Rebate due to marriage.
  55. Life on Discovery
  56. I just love it...
  57. Humor: 7 Deadly Sins ... combined
  58. Happy Easter
  59. Beginning to appreciate the hoodie.
  60. I hope she gets every penny!
  61. Garnishment of wages?
  62. Love song for Barry
  63. For you heavy equipment operators....
  64. Rate the President's job performance
  65. US Rep Hank Johnson (D-GA4) thinks islands can tip over
  66. Mid-Life Crisis
  67. Really Hit Home on Monday
  68. How To Sell A Classic Car - 1970 Javelin SST 390
  69. Noticed something weird while watching Magnum PI
  70. Story from popular e-ad will put a smile on your mug
  71. Jeep VS Ferrari...
  72. Beer!
  73. Only 4 tickets left
  74. Anyone watching Mythbusters tonight?
  75. HEADS UP!!! Site has personal info
  76. Jumped the Wrong Fence, Ya Think?
  77. Is it Christmas or something?
  78. How to spot a concealed iPad
  79. More BS from the "Westboro Baptist" freaks
  80. For The Elderly Here Who Need a Laugh...
  81. If you own a business...
  82. Standard "COP" TV show stuff, with a twist
  83. Spring Allergies....Achooo
  84. He might have saved her life
  85. International Pun Contest
  86. I think my computer is a 1911 fan...
  87. Kitten v. Police
  88. Will Gunowners support organ donation?
  89. Waffles or pancakes?
  90. Have You Ever Danced?
  91. Still Dancing!
  92. I'm going to miss "Pacific" tonight !!!! HELP
  93. Global warming is a reason to buy guns!!!!
  94. Ham radio
  95. 24
  96. And....locally In The News.............
  97. Since health care is a right, here's a proposal.
  98. If guns were treated like cars
  99. Darts anyone? Hehe
  100. Funny picture
  101. Five Surgeons
  102. The Contractor
  103. WAY OT - Hot Tub Chemistry Question
  104. Libs trying to skew results of FOX News poll
  105. Dog vs. Police car!
  106. Pledge to obama
  107. If you engage in self pity,watch this
  108. Chris Penley or B&D guns (Warning)
  109. Fraud Warning!
  110. Farmer in The Dell
  111. Send a Free Card to Our Troops Overseas
  112. How's this for a defensive senario; Tiger on the loose
  113. Doctors are more dangerous than guns!
  114. 84 year old vs. SWAT team
  115. Help me find a video?
  116. SEC Employees Were Getting Off To Kiddie Porn
  117. Quote of the Day
  118. Save Time - Call Ahead
  119. Snow day!!
  120. Dallas Swat
  121. Manly BBQ (Texas Style)
  122. I'm gonna buy me a 40mm handgun!
  123. Swagbucks
  124. The shocking truth about a fundamental right being denied to 55% of citizens
  125. HEhe!
  126. Cameras help fight crime
  127. IN woman sets dogs on Fire
  128. A wife’s loving gesture
  129. What Exactly Does One Trillion Dollars Look Like?
  130. Mall Ninja ?
  131. Spring Is Returning to New York and the Deer are Coming Back
  132. Random Musings
  133. Hand of God?
  134. Another posted business
  135. New concealed carry method...faster than yours.
  136. What to do for protection in a bad area?
  137. Screw yard work!
  138. TV Prank goes wrong.
  139. The Solution
  140. Banana gun
  141. HC Solution!
  142. One Cool Mailbox
  143. Child Harnesses
  144. Packages and daughter
  145. A Scotish Man
  146. College Station, Texas, good area?
  147. Craigs list Add funny!
  148. USA and Canada Speed Trap List!!
  149. Wife's Journey to CCW Acceptance
  150. Hmm...Shyneera's Law signed
  151. My New Toyota
  152. Who knows a lot about old pocket watches?
  153. Fun games on the Justified website
  154. For the machinists out there..Interesting
  155. Some Photography
  156. The Great Escape - question?
  157. Daughter 'gets it'
  158. Tactical Corsets
  159. Gotta love Ted
  160. Nestle Crunch Hotline
  161. My waistband feels loose
  162. UGH...Skunks suck...er uh is that blow?
  163. Smoke Detectors
  164. Glock Talk Help
  165. Surely you must be joking?
  166. Green Zone Movie
  167. The time has come to save our planet!
  168. My wife got caught short in a situation
  169. what other hobbies do you enjoy besides Shooting.
  170. I found a source for Claymores, land mines and grenades!
  171. CCWer roughed up by LEOs TWICE - video
  172. Does anybody have a classic car?
  173. Way OT -- Don't forget to celebrate Pie Day
  174. Good news -- bad news
  175. Home Invasion and…Parrot Theft?
  176. What to do????
  177. 12 year old arrested,toy gun
  178. Horrible headache
  179. Who Makes Music?
  180. That's when the fight started
  181. Recommendation on dual sim phones
  182. Waking up to Glock
  183. My 2010 Census arrived today
  184. New Online Read..."We Interrupt This Program"
  185. VA IWL questions?
  186. My permit does not say that there is a limit to how many weapons I can carry...Video.
  187. and this is what happens when city folk take over
  188. Man arrested for wearing...a guinea pig?
  189. Way off topic - Airline delayed by...roaches!
  190. the sheep look up: self-defense discussion re crimes near or on campus
  191. Snake ID please.
  192. Not only a great comedian....
  193. boredom = Tower of Hanoi
  194. What do you think?
  195. Don't Need a Guard Dog...
  196. The Four Rules ...
  197. Update on GA move.....it's OFF.
  198. Chev truck problems???
  199. Traffic Camera - humor
  200. Day by Day Comics- My Favorite Gun Ones
  201. A great read from President Roosevelt
  202. How Gun Control Helps
  203. Taxi Driver movie
  204. Want to fund an amature film?
  205. Free firearms giveaways for March!
  206. Can ya'll help me move an outbuilding?
  207. A New Show I'll Be Watching - "Justified"
  208. My gun budget just took a big dent...HELP ADVICE NEEDED
  209. Firefighter arrested in Burtle farmer death investigation
  210. Big Rock on TV and Movies
  211. Day at the range...
  212. Barbie for Men
  213. Trololololololololololo
  214. Great Bumper Sticker(s)
  215. Need assistance from photography minded gun owners
  216. If You Missed "After Armeggedon":::
  217. A Must See!!
  218. Tom Mabe "I'm at the Coffee Shop" Prank?
  219. What are the rules of firearm safety?
  220. A few mindbenders...
  221. Happy Texas Independence Day!
  222. But wait... it gets worse...
  223. Upgrading my EDC blade.
  224. Concealed means concealed, my eye!
  225. Giant Inflatable Beaver
  226. I get to educate some liberals
  227. Funnier
  228. Not *quite* as cool as the tank, but close.
  229. War is Hell
  230. Stay Out Warning Sign
  231. lest we forget a house divided - Civil War pics
  232. The saga continues..input welcome
  233. My Favorite Movie Fight Scene
  234. Just pictures.
  235. Kiddies, don't try this at home
  236. This will make you sick !!!
  237. Uhhh..... Somebody Needs to go back to Gun School
  238. Canada vs usa on sunday!!!!
  239. Check out my TKD ladies
  240. Furniture in Georgia?
  241. Zombies!
  242. Who Cares About the Kardashians?!?
  243. Blue Angels
  244. Benefits of Education Spending: Smarter Kids
  245. Now how's he going to play tough-guy in jail
  246. Too Much Snow!
  247. 94 yr old defends self in court
  248. It's time for the yearly avatar change...
  249. Ban whales
  250. This Is What My Town Does To Drive The Rest Of The Country Crazy!