: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. Welp, we're moving...AGAIN. This time to Midland/Odessa TX
  2. Sons of anarchy
  3. Grammar
  4. Geroge Clooney Movie?
  5. Way cool model RR
  6. Zombie part 3
  7. Do Presidents CC?
  8. Escape From New York - Larry Is FREE! Yea!
  9. Words fail me...
  10. Lew's "Gun Porn" thread.
  11. How many guns...
  12. Job Interview Tips
  13. How good are you with computers?
  14. OK , Who got bored?
  15. Begging for help
  16. Zombie Parents 2
  17. Dont always listen to the GPS
  18. "Gentleman" Really?
  19. Anything is Possible. Amazing Video.
  20. Stopping a bear while camping
  21. zombie
  22. Doctors won't give Ohio execution advice
  23. Gun store posters
  24. Normandy 1944 photos as compared to today
  25. Pass the Butter Please...
  26. Ontario/Ranco Cucamonga California residents?
  27. Hopyard
  28. Is your vehicle a survival tool ? any mods to help?
  29. William Shatner and gun control
  30. I thought I was NORMAL
  31. Wifes report from Afgahnistan
  32. Have you seen this 9 year old shoot?
  33. New Ride.
  34. Who on the forum would you like to meet?
  35. What's your favorite commercial
  36. Don't tase me Bro!
  37. Lock 'n Load
  38. Just cause they go to College
  39. Movie Pet Peeves
  40. American History for kids
  41. Do you prefer hot or cold?
  42. My beer run gone bad...
  43. Need Help With Rifle Question
  44. How did you come up with your Screen name.
  45. Northwest-airlines-pilots-miss-airport-150-miles
  46. If Billy Mays ever did a gun commercial
  47. About as useful as a "no guns" sign
  48. My new blog
  49. Fall of the Republic New Documentary
  50. New Website
  51. Nashville justice
  52. BlackBerry Group for conceal carry.
  53. Possible Drug house alert...
  54. Man Arrested In Own Home For Being Naked
  55. This is why you don't show off!
  56. A great home defense system
  57. Right to arm bears?
  58. If This Doesn't Bring a Smile to Your Face..............
  59. Test your gun I.Q.
  60. Advice on Italy?
  61. An incredible story of luck and inspiration!!
  62. A couple resources for bad spellers and dyslexics
  63. Swiss Firearms Tradition (Video)
  64. Another Vintage Toy Gun from the 60's!!
  65. AD in the news
  66. Where Will You Go?
  67. Why You Should'nt Wear a Bluetooth Earpiece
  68. Extreme Frisbee
  69. Eagle Scout Hires Lawyer to Appeal Monthlong School Suspension
  71. Important facebook/twitter etc security info
  72. Another Blondie
  73. Beauty is Nothing Without Brains........
  74. Any Old Guys (like me) Have One of These as a Kid??
  75. Here's a weird one for ya!
  76. I have a dollar that says.....
  77. My rant
  78. Need help/advice about pet.
  79. Wow, nobody has said it...
  80. Lost Boston Terrier in Hartford CT
  81. Are you home?
  82. Why didn't I think of this?
  83. Too extreme for the Olympics and not extreme enough for the X-Games.
  84. Don't try this at home:Joke
  85. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for PS3
  86. Response to wife
  87. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes?
  88. "Mrs. Katzenjammer, is there a problem?"
  89. Anyone heard from Bunny???
  90. I'm employed again!
  91. For the Carnoivores
  92. 6 year old child alone in a hot air balloon
  93. Japanese gameshow - sniper/mass killing "prank" WOW
  94. Hormone Guide
  95. Epic Craigslist Post for 69 Ford Truck
  96. Funny gun related picture thread...
  97. Encounter with gov't thug.
  98. Please leave the dog home
  99. Walmart just got into the cellular game...$30 for 1000 anytime minutes!
  100. You Can't Make This Up
  101. Looking for new cell phone
  102. Now this would be a stimulus package...
  103. Post ya current Desktop
  104. Off topic question for the LEOs here
  105. How Fast Is This Guy Going?????????
  106. Some Halloween Fun!
  107. Weird foods List / Link to list
  108. Marge Simpson Graces Playboy's Cover
  109. Calif. cows can keep tails
  110. 6-Year-Old Scout Suspended for Bringing Knife-Fork-Spoon Utensil to School
  111. Before And After
  112. Funny incident at Walmart
  113. Don't bring a Bat to a Gunfight!
  114. Tell Me What You Know About Crime Inc. Clothing
  115. Search for the last WASP
  116. Hate Bug and Spiders?
  117. Guy on bike ..Amazing
  118. Ron White was correct....
  119. Crossing the yellow lines
  120. Full immersion baptism...
  121. Extreme Landings at Hong Kong's Kai Tak Airport
  122. NASCAR driver gets pranked with blank rounds
  123. Lynard Skynard
  124. Serial Naked Dancer Sought
  125. Steel Hawk Ammo Recall
  126. Costco stocking SHTF supplies!
  127. One of those good days. A bit long.
  128. Pumpkin Cannon Fires a Squash at 600mph (video)
  129. How to catch wild pigs.
  130. Georgia bans handguns!
  131. Cosby stand-up comedy: 200 MPH ... Dogs & Cats
  132. In light of the new NPP winner...I had to post this!
  133. Nobel Peace Prize 2009 -- Obama
  134. What to make of this...
  135. Links to view video footage?
  136. LCROSS Moon Impact
  137. High speed camera work, bullet impacts.
  138. TLC new show Mall Cops
  139. Just finished a great book, a bit frightening though...
  140. My Father-in-law sent this to me.
  141. LEOs don't think people should have rights?
  142. Where's Bunny
  143. Mmmmm... who's hungry...?
  144. M back from Korea...
  145. Oh boohoo, cry me a river!
  146. American Ride
  147. Pic that moved me today
  148. Car Crash Compilation (No Blood)
  149. Dont make the raccoons mad either
  150. Dont make the Bison mad!!
  151. 5-Year-Old Boy Kills 13-foot Gator
  152. Had a interesting lunch Monday
  153. Survival lighter?
  154. I'm stunned, and I'm angry, really angry
  155. Any coin collectors here? have question
  156. Shameless Spam: Please vote for my sweet baby girl.
  157. A funny Video Just emailed.....
  158. Flying thru JFK last week
  159. Picking Lemons
  160. Dumb Blonde with a Gun (Joke)
  161. Men...Be careful
  162. UoF is prepared for zombie attack!
  163. Gas heater question
  164. Great Lyrics
  165. should i buy this truck?
  166. This is an amazing photo
  167. Looking to get a new car.
  168. Twas the night before Christmas...
  169. Cash room risks at large chain store?
  170. Miramar Airshow
  171. Spartan Pride!
  172. Zombieland, anybody seen it yet??
  173. Surprise house warming gift...courtesy of Midway USA
  174. Small town Barber Shops - Funny things you hear there
  175. Giveaways for October!
  176. Always watch your six (bank heist foiled)
  177. Any old Carol Burnett show fans?
  178. Last surviving leader of Warsaw Ghetto uprising dies
  179. More IT Help Wanted
  180. IT help needed
  181. I'm in trouble now!
  182. Any mountain bike fans out there?
  183. House across the street was broken into
  184. The weapon shops of isher
  185. The best PDW...
  186. Michael Moore film: Capitalism ... A Love Story
  187. Troubles Abound in Mexico: Who'd of Thought
  188. Great quote!
  189. Why men shouldn't write advice columns
  190. Corporate take over
  191. Why carry at Wallmart you ask?
  192. 'Bedazzler': Non-Lethal Weaponry
  193. Stephen Colbert on Tasers
  194. Proof that Men Have Better Friends...
  195. And you thought the post office was bad...RANT
  196. Sometimes I can't think of an explanation!
  197. Pressing F12 on Your Keyboard - "Caution"
  198. So what song is stuck in your head?
  199. California Self Destructs?
  200. Your cat is fat
  201. Just wanted to say...
  202. Long,sad trip.
  203. Ironic situation
  204. Easy omelettes
  205. Possible new Glock for Primary Carry?
  206. Adios, Baghdad...
  207. "Security" in my bank branch.
  208. New Version of Golf
  209. Former local man murdered by his son
  210. Redneck Hot Tub
  211. Funny 911 Call From LEO
  212. Something unusual but a pleasant surprise.
  213. Blackberry Storm & The Lizard
  214. Attempted terror bombings in IL and TX
  215. Terrorist actions in the news...?
  216. Anyone watch COPS?
  217. The Patriot Microchip
  218. Bow Hunter Gets 30 Point Buck! (Video)
  219. this is a commerical everyone needs to see
  220. Crocodile Hunter Meets His Match
  221. Poetic Justice
  222. 50's day at MickyD's
  223. Self-defense attire
  224. What should I serve?
  225. You don't see this every day - airmobile assault on cash depot
  226. Arthur's Day is Thursday.
  227. Religious beliefs and self defense?
  228. IIHS 50th Anniversary
  229. BANK OF AMERICA; Policy AGAINST American Flag?
  230. Need running cadence device
  231. Try to figure this out
  232. Can't fix stupid
  233. Game: Shoot-out
  234. With all this global warming going on, where are we to put all the snow?
  235. 2 die in plane crash; en route to gun show/one was LEO
  236. International day of peace
  237. Motorist Complains about a soldiers funeral.
  238. Off topic and really stupid!!!!
  239. To all those that helped me with my IT questions...
  240. Wet Kitty
  241. What are these shells for?
  242. What type of ammo to use?
  243. Apartment 'break in' by mgmt
  244. Killer Returns To The Scene Of The Crime
  245. A Present To Me
  246. Burglar vs...Facebook?
  247. What computer brought you here?
  248. No weapons sign in action
  249. Great Husband & Wife Video
  250. Some things seem to just get better with age..