: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. Johnny Depp to play Mad Hatter in "Alice In Wonderland"
  2. I had to shoot a dog today!
  3. Gun Control Blogger Accused of Judge Threats
  4. Tiger Woods - the good, the bad, and the ugly
  5. Help Tiger outrun his angry wife
  6. US Military Rules of Engagement
  7. SCAM Warning/I was robbed
  8. Possible Move To Texas
  9. IPhone Apps ???
  10. Geko45 Hall of Fame
  11. Office gunman
  12. December Free Firearms Giveaways
  13. Bad deal, scubags on the loose
  14. JD's shelf for emptying his pockets.
  15. Very silly incident this morning
  16. I just got Tiger's Christmas card, I thought I'd share
  17. I Got.............."Volunteered" to be Santa Claus!!
  18. "Heat" the movie question
  19. Winter is knocking on my door.
  20. Traffic Camera
  21. Can't wait for this year to be over
  22. Rottweiler
  23. I hope I am wrong...
  24. I found it!!!
  25. Term for using cell phones for video not 911?
  26. I got a doe!
  27. My buddy got played
  28. Barnes-bullet cufflinks
  29. Troop Surge/NATO
  30. Military legal question
  31. Anyone hiring in South Florida?
  32. New LEO Show on A&E - Starring Steven Seagal!
  33. COPS Meets Star Wars!! (Long)
  34. This is why home defense is so important.
  35. Why aren't ships armed against Somali Pirates?
  36. A successful thanksgiving holiday (pics)
  37. airboat know how?
  38. How to conceal with your new Christmas cover garment.
  39. WSJ: Iran Approves 10 Uranium Enrichment Sites
  40. WTH is wrong with our judicial sytem?!!!
  41. Cleaning up the computer today, deleting some, keeping others
  42. Baking a Turkey and Delivering a Baby.
  43. Line Jumpers, ARGH!!
  44. Meet your new meat...
  45. Guns, Explosions, and Classical Music.
  46. An old man...
  47. Bohemian Rhapsody (With A Twist)
  48. Did you have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner?
  49. Frosty the Conman
  50. Gubmint and How Gubmint Works
  51. Life Explained by to an MBA Graduate..........
  52. Happy ThanksGiving to all.....
  53. Finally got made yesterday.
  54. Thanksgiving and the failure of our school system
  55. Deliverance Meets Close Encounters!!
  56. Your Fitness Level
  57. Hardest Hockey Shot Ever!! (Video)
  58. And yet another incident at WalMart
  59. Happy Thanksgiving!
  60. Macho Skeet
  61. A Christmas Carol by Tom Lehrer (1959)
  62. Macho skeet
  63. Need some work on my Inspection Arms
  64. Anybody Out There Use SKYPE
  65. A great (and true) story about the IRS...
  66. ok...fess up...who done it?
  67. Aussie Skeet Shooting
  68. Apple void warrenty for smokers
  69. Mt. Rushmore from the Canadian side.
  70. One Soldier's Somber Flight
  71. Earlier today at the "Wailing Wall"...
  72. "nude" coffee shop in Boulder???
  73. Advanced (macho) Skeet Shooting
  74. Clever Gun Mug gift idea...
  75. Extreme Airsoft Minigun...
  76. Extreme Frisbie
  77. Teen dead after "playing 'with gun
  78. Cats
  79. ExSoldier's New Yard Sign
  80. Ammo Cans
  81. MP3 download for C' Eastwood movies?
  82. 2012
  83. Mickey Mouse Sues Donald Duck
  84. What does it cost to own and care for a dog?
  85. The Hacked E-mail That Proves Global Warming Is A Hoax
  86. Ok, which one of you got this deer?
  87. Can't we all get along
  88. Peta screwup
  89. Macho Trap Shooting!
  90. Security systems
  91. Oprah ending her show!!!
  92. Psychology Today: 'Marked for Mayhem'
  93. Who has watched this show...Family Armor
  94. Refuse to tip and get cuffed?
  95. Time to catch some apples...
  96. Automatic Chicken Plucker.
  97. Happy Thanksgiving to all...
  98. Solar panels to charge a laptop
  99. Pew Research Test
  100. Internet Browser Question
  101. Disabled Person "canes' the Bad Guy
  102. Well, DUH!!!!
  103. Movie: The Road
  104. this in nice
  105. Man Who Said He Was a Ninja Impaled on Fence in Failed Jump
  106. Keirsey Temperament Test: I am a Guardian!
  107. List of conservative celebrities
  108. Internet Blocker?
  109. OK Brag time....
  110. ammo/eggo shortage conspiracy
  111. Challenge CurlyShuffle in the ring
  112. Sears Catalog; Army Tank?
  113. GI Joe: A Real U.N. Hero
  114. Must-read (I mean it) for all guys
  115. Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 ***SPOILER***
  116. could we have a calendar, mods?
  117. Bark'n Just sent me THIS! Hilarious!
  118. BUG question???
  119. Kafka, Orwell and Other H1N1 Vectors
  120. Help will be there in a few minutes....
  121. Film: Collapse
  122. Never ever again no matter what!
  123. Who's the cook?
  124. Watch your speed while in Heath, Ohio
  125. Where's the BC ???
  126. Gun article on Slate.com
  127. Anyone watching the Fight tomorrow ?
  128. Dog Loses It When Soldier Returns From Afghanistan.
  129. Upland hunters; any luck this year?
  130. Friday the 13th Strikes: I just got laid off
  131. Paraskevidekatriaphobia!
  132. Canadian Police Chase!
  133. The Mrs. and I received our EDL's!
  134. How Pumpkin Pie is Made
  135. Hollywood Squares
  136. Funny Video: Car Trouble
  137. Rant: NY State to Issue (and Charge for) New License Plates
  138. Journalist's Guide to Firearm ID
  139. TGO Guns and Gear Expo needs holster makers
  140. Speaking of Media Distortion -- Busted!
  141. Captain Obvious: Silly News Statements
  142. Desk Jockeyed
  143. Lou Dobbs Announces He Is Quitting CNN
  144. For all you young veterans - Look forward to your kids as adults.
  145. what is a sheep??
  146. Spec. De la Serna (Ft. Hood Medic) nominated for Soldier's Medal
  147. Very funny..... but very true
  148. Defective Bullet Recall!!
  149. Watch Out for This Blond on the Road!
  150. New Phone
  151. Free meal for Veterans
  152. Wishing all Vets
  153. Why did CBS do this?
  154. 10 pounds gone in 13 days
  155. Fast Food Fitness!
  156. The End of a Cello.
  157. Dementia Quiz
  158. Example of Liberal News Coverage
  159. Sobering
  160. This was just ridiculous
  161. A Gun That You Wouldn't Mind Losing - Do you have one?
  162. Christmas Card...
  163. Bear fights terrorism, "Get outta' my cave"
  164. Incredible Video, Enjoy!!
  165. I was a bigot today
  166. I Might Go Pick Out Another Human This Week
  167. needing directions around I-40 rockslide
  168. Giveaways for November!
  169. South Korean Woman Passes Drivers License Test After 950th Attempt.
  170. Penn & Teller on gun control
  171. Insanity on wheels.
  172. Racism and Law Enforcement Interview
  173. New Preamble to the Consitution!
  174. God is Great, Beer is Good and People are Crazy
  175. Wayward NWA flight
  176. Could SA be gene driven?
  177. Wow! Wife Approved of My Dinner With Another Woman...
  178. This sign speaks volumes!!
  179. Clover at 50 yds.
  180. Anger Management
  181. I cried all the way home.
  182. bowflex, anyone own or use one?
  183. Deer season is almost here!
  184. IIRC
  185. Illegal Immigration in terms anyone can understand!
  186. NRA phone solicitation gone bad
  187. Exposed to Swine Flu....
  188. Life lessons learned this week....
  189. AirVenture 2009. Highlights from America's Biggest Aviation Show.
  190. Suzuki Sidekick Convertible?
  191. Um nobody has said it yet.....So I'm going to chance it.
  192. Really Good Pictures from Michigan (Snow Moose)
  193. Anyone own a Honda Ridgeline?
  194. Deployed again?
  195. USPSA in Yuma vs Miami
  196. Merry Tossmas is almost upon us.
  197. Pushy Trick or Treaters
  198. Halloween Pictures?
  199. Zombie Parent #6
  200. How would you like to be married to this one?
  201. Fearing an abduction setup, I accosted dad and daughter -oops.
  202. The Power of The Badge
  203. Plane to Plane Skydive Video. These Guys are Nuts!
  204. Giving Cullman Liquidation a run for their money!
  205. Oldies......and racing
  206. Check out these Boobees
  207. Getting sick
  208. Hallowe'en Tic Tac Toe.
  209. A product from a west Texas pharmecutical company!
  210. Now the FLAG is offensive?
  211. Zombie parents #5
  212. Walmart.com to sell caskets
  213. In VA, wearing a mask to guard against the flu is a Felony
  214. Darn those Assault Aluminum Baseball Bats!
  215. Male vs. Female at the ATM
  216. New bill to get more ranges!
  217. "Bad Student Analogies and Metaphors"
  218. Fun Wedding/Gun Pictures!
  219. New Store
  220. Zombie Parents #4
  221. Halloween?
  222. Artie the Hit Man...
  223. More fun photos
  224. checking posts at work
  225. Welp, we're moving...AGAIN. This time to Midland/Odessa TX
  226. Sons of anarchy
  227. Grammar
  228. Geroge Clooney Movie?
  229. Way cool model RR
  230. Zombie part 3
  231. Do Presidents CC?
  232. Escape From New York - Larry Is FREE! Yea!
  233. Words fail me...
  234. Lew's "Gun Porn" thread.
  235. How many guns...
  236. Job Interview Tips
  237. How good are you with computers?
  238. OK , Who got bored?
  239. Begging for help
  240. Zombie Parents 2
  241. Dont always listen to the GPS
  242. "Gentleman" Really?
  243. Anything is Possible. Amazing Video.
  244. Stopping a bear while camping
  245. zombie
  246. Doctors won't give Ohio execution advice
  247. Gun store posters
  248. Normandy 1944 photos as compared to today
  249. Pass the Butter Please...
  250. Ontario/Ranco Cucamonga California residents?