: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. I knew it was hot BUT
  2. Who is this?
  3. WWW may be hazardous to your health
  4. Father Threatens deadly force against people who threatened him VIDEO
  5. Shoplifter sues Wal Mart
  6. Refrigerated air conditioning.
  7. Video games anyone?
  8. Humvee Traffic Driving in Iraq
  9. Been away a few days....
  10. What's Really Going on With Health Care Reform (Humor)
  11. Tired of shotgun vs carbine for HD.
  12. insurgent goes BOOM!!!!!
  13. Most heard comment at tech support
  14. Happiness is.....
  15. Thomas the dog
  16. U Fail part 2
  17. Red Light Camera + Borrowed Vehicle
  18. Sean Hannity's Freedom Concert
  19. Obama wants you to report suspicious activity!
  20. Caught photo of lightning at sunset
  21. 50 Year old cartoon predicts future!
  22. CC and Dunkin Donuts
  23. Question? What's this?
  24. GunShow in Raleigh NC today
  25. Funny T Shirt at the match today
  26. Man Blames Cat For Porn On His Computer.
  27. Training Manual LEO (UK funny)
  28. Tina shooting the .45
  29. Got a new Computer
  30. Health care for illegals
  31. Killer Bunny
  32. Who got the better deal?
  33. Advanced screening of G. I. Joe
  34. August giveaways
  35. Another way to conceal a handgun
  36. My hospital doesn't like revolvers
  37. Gang problem in my Village
  38. Internet Warning
  39. Runaway tire narrowly misses officer
  40. Horse 1 Car 0
  41. A little help with a difficult supervisor
  42. Health Care Your Solution?
  43. Lock up those cruisers
  44. Personal Responsibility
  45. A picture is worth 1,000 words
  46. I'm still baffled by 401(k)
  47. Ride of a lifetime in a U2!! The view from 70,000 feet.
  48. If you really, really, have too much time on your hands...
  49. The Dog Thread
  50. $25,000 for Rescue fine for un-needed Rescue
  51. Sons of Anarchy...?
  52. Birthday's coming, and I have a wonderful wife!!!!!
  53. Wedding Entrance Dance
  54. Dog question, is this safe?
  55. College grad sues her school because she couldn't get a job...
  56. Cutting hours to save the dead weight
  57. The Constitution for a New Generation
  58. IT experts: Can the government shut off the internet...?
  59. Need to talk to someone in the IT/CIS field of work
  60. Bible quotes...
  61. Dont drink and sit
  62. New Store in Town
  63. Overseas News from ABC [Australian Broadcasting Corporation]
  64. Awesome hike @ Chautauqua Park - Boulder CO
  65. Remembering a different Cronkite
  66. U.S. Economy is getting better.
  67. Too old school?
  68. B-B-Que Anyone?
  69. Technology Only Goes So Far
  70. The difference between Men and Women
  71. Urban Miner
  72. 72 virgins explained
  73. Cash for Clunckers SCARY
  74. Primeval
  75. Hey Grady I found you a deal
  76. Cool AR avatar
  77. Please vote on online poll and help my Sister
  78. Heart Attack Grill
  79. I hate Saturday mornings and drunks!
  80. what you need to know about the ObamaCare...
  81. "Remember Independence" song
  82. Drive by shooting the game
  83. Why does she get to vote?
  84. Now THIS Is The Most Unreal Thing You Have Ever Seen Or Heard!
  85. New shooters +female +OCD = natural shooters
  86. Tall men's shirts?
  87. Mexico shuts Cancun beach, alleges sand was stolen
  88. Best first date ever!!
  89. Abandoned Baby?
  90. Time Travel
  91. Early Christmas
  92. eBay, Amazon and Internet Sellers: Pay Attention To This.
  93. toilet seat stolen!
  94. Wake Up America!!
  95. Money Bags
  96. 7 yr old takes car to avoid Church
  97. Walter Cronkite , War on Drugs
  98. Little Suzy and her tea set..
  99. What do you think about this?
  100. For SelfDefense and GWRedDragon...
  101. Never Too Old
  102. Adult Beverages
  103. Gun Humor...
  104. How not to make friends with EOD guys
  105. Vandalism & Game Cameras
  106. Whats wrong with our country?
  107. cell phones
  108. Hunting hornets w/a 300 Win mag
  109. The Blind Date
  110. Maybe llamas? (sheep, sheepdogs, and wolves)
  111. Elk in Ogemaw County, MI?
  112. It's true -- Guinness IS good for you!
  113. Bumbling bikini bandit
  114. Other hobbies besides guns?
  115. The Funeral
  116. Camping spot in WA?
  117. Hands down the coolest thing I have seen in years...
  118. Welcome to NJ
  119. Question to the religious folks
  120. OK just found this funny...
  121. Motorcycle ban???????????
  122. whats happened to society, or is it just this town?
  123. Any other jazz musicians or fans on DC?
  124. Letter to Sen. Barbara Boxer
  125. Sheep in the family.
  126. ok...which one of you hoarded the ammo...
  127. Really?! This is disgraceful...
  128. They are taking YOUR water.....
  129. Roper style Duty Boots - need recommendations
  130. Car was broken into early Friday morning
  131. How to call police when you are old
  132. John Moses Browning house for sale
  133. The looters will have fun in Texas!
  134. Who would save the day?
  135. Lasik and improved shooting?
  136. Small TV suggestions needed
  137. Fixing things ghetto style
  138. Vent: Conduct in General Public; Disgraceful
  139. U Fail!
  140. Mule Deer in MI?
  141. Need a laugh?
  142. How many miles?
  143. I was told arizona CCW was 75 days...
  144. Anti-knife PSA from Scotland uses Paramedic
  145. Everybody Sure Will Remember This Wedding
  146. The World According to Cows
  147. retsup99 spotted driving
  148. Job seekers beware of gmail addresses on Craig's List
  149. Heartless savage animals....
  150. We Need More Folks Like This Guy
  151. Great Deal For Military/Retired Military/First Responders
  152. Instant Karma!
  153. GunnyBunny's Video Game ???
  154. I slept with my gun :~0
  155. The Zombie Apocalypse and Tactical Lemonade
  156. Bunny's Beer???
  157. Wii Remote vs. My Samsungs 46"
  158. California to Release 27,000 Prisoners
  159. No More Whining from me.
  160. Hydrogen powered cars that get 90 mpg... of urine.
  161. Question on Dispatcher Job
  162. An oldie but funny
  163. Fellow Pastors and Parents I could not resist Posting!
  164. emergency fund anyone?
  165. Is nothing sacred
  166. Pacquiao Vs Cotto Nov 14th.
  167. The Colony
  168. Another telling Facebook poll!!!
  169. Great game
  170. What is this smilie doing?
  171. Another Item in the "Nothing from the UK Surprises Me Anymore" File
  172. Real Time Debt Clock
  173. NY Mayor candidate
  174. In court today
  175. Maybe Just One Too Many!!!
  176. As if I didn't already have a man-crush on this guy...
  177. Arab Festival 2009: Sharia in the US
  178. Art Is Everywhere
  179. Can a Blackberry Storm still work after being wet?
  180. Computer question
  181. Defensive Carry and Lawyers
  182. Latest Tactical "Must Have"!
  183. Liberal vs Consertative views on Rights
  184. Turn off the TV
  185. Hurricane aftermath survival...electricity options
  186. Hypocritical people who want things their way
  187. Stone Heart!!
  188. Another woman driver(couldn't Resist)
  189. The Intoxication Instinct
  190. Public Enemies
  191. Proposed Change to the 2nd Amendment
  192. A very strange furniture commercial
  193. Where to shoot in Honesdale, PA
  194. Chantilly VA Gun Show
  195. Messing with Greenpeace
  196. The New MSOffice Package - Question
  197. To The German Soldiers In The East
  198. What did the student do to earn his/her school desk?
  199. Clay Dyer (One Amazing Man)
  200. Went to Wally World tonight
  201. Now the countdown
  202. Motorcycle Zen and the art of gratitude
  203. Ghost stories
  204. Walk On
  205. Am I a Liberal Activist?
  206. Fine dining from Cheaper than Dirt ?
  207. Political Science
  208. Getting strange calls?...
  209. H.R.8791 *SPOOF* Classified...Classified
  210. The Exam (humor)
  211. One of the Funniest Commercials Ever
  212. Another one for Patti, Bunny and everyone else out there.
  213. The high price of cigarettes...
  214. Animals are smarter than you think...
  215. Starting His Education Early
  216. R.I.P. The United States of America
  217. For GunnyBunny and anyone else --
  218. Red Flag Rules ????
  219. Picture, Reminds me of somebody having a bad day.
  220. Post your favorite buttons or T-shirts here.
  221. Dog(s) as part of your Home Defense
  222. Pending legislation
  223. Vodka Shot Skills.
  224. Any Free Internet Filter / Blockers out there?
  225. Phoenix Gun Show or Any Gun Show Question
  226. "Hey, show 'em you badge!"
  227. If you don't laugh hysterically at this,...CHECK YOUR PULSE
  228. Zoo violence
  229. Pictures from Afghanistan...
  230. This would ruin your day....
  231. Internet monitoring software question
  232. Gun Free Zone Postings
  233. Is that a real gun?
  234. Turn in your Neighbor for $1000
  235. I won the Lottery...
  236. Update to the Wally Walk?
  237. Blonde Ran Over A Mattress
  238. Fun with backhoes
  239. Terrible News ,Arturo Gatti found dead
  240. United Airlines Breaks Guitars: Cool Video
  241. Writers Wanted for The Conservative Lion
  242. Ufc 100
  243. New (Old) Concealed Carry Revolver!
  244. Dear (not so) valued customers
  245. IDPA - Why go? What to expect?
  246. Got tazered today!
  247. Inner Peace
  248. A couple of Jokes
  249. Starting the weekend off right....
  250. Most unique Motorcycle I have ever seen