: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. Can't find the name of that movie......
  2. knife attack
  3. Something about America that really pisses me off...
  4. Another High School Graduation
  5. Protect Your Home with Laserbeams
  6. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms...
  7. Anybody out there have a "Bucket List"?
  8. Amusing "concern for one's safety" in California anarchy scenario
  9. Dog Tasered...
  10. DC's June Pic Of The Month Thread
  11. Murphy's Laws of Combat
  12. Why post gunbuster when you can post robbery-buster signs?
  13. WWII slave soldiers reunite after 64 years, prepare for honors
  14. NRA Gripe
  15. GAS Prices!!!
  16. Followed by a deputy
  17. Off topic but not so funny
  18. I can't stop bragging about the Wife
  19. Does any one know who this clown is?
  20. Jesus (joke)
  21. This is scary... cell phone security
  22. FBI: Airline worker helped friend get gun on plane (Merged)
  23. Kill Bill's David Carradine found dead.
  24. Westslide Story...
  25. What happened 20 years ago in China?
  26. Humane society...NOT!!!
  27. It is the VETERAN!
  28. It's like I have bullseye underwear!
  29. The so-called "Google killer" is now online
  30. Animal Rights Terrorism on the Rise in U.S.
  31. Am I The Idiot Here? 10 steps to Losing $500
  32. Person of Interest in Rape of Girl, 11, Badly Beaten by Furious Neighbors
  33. Hey, Tink...!!!
  34. What truck/car will you buy next?
  35. Fought CRIME without the use of my gun.
  36. Dogs in costume
  37. Air France Flight
  38. We don't call 911
  39. June Giveaways (12 of them)
  40. Disapointed by the Econ vs rangetime
  41. funny (actually happened?)
  42. Driving me crazy... what knife is used...
  43. i have an odd request...
  44. I Think I've Found A New Favorite Author!!! BRAD THOR
  45. DC MAY Pic of the Month VOTING 56K Death
  46. Music Appreciation Class- "Ain't supposed to be pretty"
  47. Careful who you stand behind
  48. Father's Day
  49. Fitness \ Nutrition Question for old guy.
  50. Wow didnt see this one coming...NOT!!!
  51. Update: MI State Cops Fired for Poaching
  52. Independence Day
  53. When is a school not a school.
  54. Blonde joke... No offense to blondes.
  55. The movie Taken
  56. Fixing the carpet
  57. Bad Economy Not Affecting Everyone
  58. Cash only price for gas?
  59. State trooper vs EMT
  60. Bikini Bandits caught on tape in Louisiana.
  61. Turkey hunt
  62. Crime Data in your area...
  63. This is Interesting
  64. This woman can multi-task
  65. I Knew There Was Something Missing From DC
  66. Plain clothes officer shooting
  67. One Bad Bunny!!!
  68. New Toy..
  69. Here's why rule #1 is the most imporant [Graphic Images] Gun Shot Wound Pics.
  70. Hard to explain - need gadget for dialtone
  71. Off Topic but NOT Humorous
  72. Lexington Kentucky questions
  73. I'm gonna sue someone...
  74. an odd robbery
  75. Frustrated in Louisville....
  76. For you .45 lovers out there
  77. This is a long shot, but does anyone know where I can find a certain animated gif?
  78. AZ Lawyer?
  79. Napolitano: Extremist Bedroom
  80. Cops: Son took shovel to dad
  81. Giant BLOB Discovered In NEVADA!
  82. EMS crew trapped, assaulted a la "The Shining"
  83. Genealogy Questions
  84. Mushrooms
  85. For LEOs: Can you tell if this DL is fake?
  86. Almost bought the farm today.
  87. The Cat killer must be stopped!
  88. My New Get Out of Town Vehicle
  89. Hello All
  90. I Link For Memorial a late Day
  91. 'Stop eating lamb and drinking beer if you want to save the planet'
  92. Funny video
  93. Help in KY
  94. As a Veteran, may I have just a moment of your time?
  95. Whale smelling up your beach? Use dynamite
  96. Thank you to all who have served
  97. Iphone Experience Anyone?
  98. Another good deed.
  99. Conservative Branding in small business?
  100. Have we done a favorite movie quote thread?
  101. Why it's important to know the whole address.....
  102. The speeding ticket...
  103. EMT's, Nurses, Doctors, I need help !
  104. One shot stopping power...
  105. The movie Taken
  106. Good work advice
  107. NY Times article on Working
  108. Man bashes kitties' heads on video!
  109. Anyone Skype?
  110. Natchez shooting supply
  111. Just Can't Decide? Let A Stranger Help!!!
  112. Interesting Website
  113. Phaser recoil
  114. Rules of Gunfighting (With a Little Humor)
  115. At long last, an honest politician!
  116. Viagra tied to hearing loss
  117. Lady takes elephant with a bow!
  118. Intimidation of your opponents
  119. Is this wrong of me to do?
  120. Security Fail
  121. Are women really born like this?
  122. A Good One for Memorial Day
  123. Eureka - I found ammo!
  124. Fun photos
  125. Oldtime Wrestling
  126. When the neighborhood slips out of your hands...
  127. Craigslist/ebay scammers...really this desperate?
  128. High Point 9-mm gun is weapon of choice for criminals
  129. To my Veteran Comrades-In-Arms
  130. OnLine Banking?
  131. Username and password
  132. Bad: FCC’s Warrantless Household Searches
  133. A little bathroom (gun) humor?
  134. Just wanted to share
  135. Story of Chivalry
  136. Messy room leads to dad's 911 call
  137. Exotic Hi Points!
  138. Anyone with a CA Guard Card in here?
  139. Just curious
  140. Kids / Dogs and Safety.
  141. More brilliance from Dianne Feinstein
  142. Booger bear at work today
  143. Tom's Piedmont and KC sauces
  144. Tom's Rendezvous-style Dry Rub for Ribs
  145. Tom's Memphis Dry Rubs
  146. Tom's Memphis-style sauces for Pork and Chicken
  147. Valkyrie
  148. Good forum
  149. Show this to your kids. Inspirational !
  150. The meaning of 'Service' ?
  151. 36 DVDs/$25 War docs/movies 5/20 only
  152. Here's a little something from Down Under
  153. Response to no gun signs
  154. Don't get mad!
  155. The UNIT is going to be Cancelled
  156. Tips On Brining A Pig
  157. POINT Shooting Refined/Perfected
  158. Hell's Angels (film)
  159. How to make your Mother In-Law nervous
  160. For the LEO's here
  161. Celebritys that carry concealed
  162. Our bright, glorious, and deeply disturbing future...
  163. Anyone done business with this site before?
  164. Just for fun
  165. Game Links not likely to be blocked?
  166. Could Have Gone Another Way
  167. 2009 Memphis in May BBQ Festival
  168. My friend found something on his property!
  169. Terminator Salvation
  170. Wolverine Movie
  171. Las Vegas, Baby
  172. It's workout time.
  173. Cool Pics....I'm So Jealous
  174. Who wants to FIGHT?!?!?
  175. You got XP? How about Redneck Windows
  176. Went to the gun show..I'm PO'ed
  177. refining of scrap gold at home? Is this similar to melting down brass etc?
  178. Attention all bass players
  179. Disabled licence [DV] plate
  180. Local classifieds
  181. Home buying advice..Newer vs old
  182. Instructions for new baby
  183. A Public Service Anouncement~~~Chinese Drywall, this is NOT A JOKE
  184. Anti-gun letter to the editor in anti-gun newspaper
  185. Street Thief TV show
  186. Probable Cause... without an effect?
  187. Anybody own a pressure washer/cleaner service?
  188. Argentina's Economic Collapse: SHTF
  189. Dont make the Mrs. Mad
  190. Check out this alligator
  191. New DUI Test
  192. Look a likes
  193. Check out my new LEO uniform
  194. He had it right 35 years ago...
  195. What did you say !?!??!
  196. Columbine, A friend sent this to me.
  197. British Police Force Urges Residents to Report People Wearing 'Too Much Bling'
  198. A quick funny video.
  199. Where are the Americans....
  200. Street Cred
  201. what was this guy thinking?
  202. And so it begins...... Zombies!
  203. Crazy crazy pics!
  204. May Giveaways(including a full auto smg raffle)
  205. awkward moment
  206. Where can I get car-to-car missiles?
  207. Driving at 75mph while reading a novel.
  208. Tough laws on BB guns in the UK.
  209. Does anyone have MODY ? (the illness)
  210. Cougar Vs Bear.
  211. Anybody really really really want some .380acp?
  212. Why we should carry at the zoo
  213. More Motivational Posters
  214. Joke gone bad?
  215. Armed American Radio
  216. Weight of 1k rounds of 9mm ammo
  217. Anyone here work on appliances? Washer broke !
  218. 912 Coalition
  219. Happy Mothers Day! (Merged)
  220. Switzerland and Why I Want to Visit!
  221. Motorcycle help needed
  222. Hot TV chicks with guns
  223. Pertinent Quotes
  224. Safe School Act makes Criminals
  225. Hit with ricochet!
  226. cold pizza or reheated pizza?
  227. CCI makes about a million rounds of .22lr everyday.....
  228. The Annual Tomato Garden
  229. NYC Flyover Photo Released vs. My Photo
  230. Stupidity - Woman Shoots Self in Foot
  231. Keep up your SA, no matter where you are
  232. Ban Tail lights!
  233. First time flying and packing a gun (in suitcase not holster)
  234. Setting priorities...
  235. Good people of Georgia, talk to me...
  236. Sunday Morning
  237. Wish me luck everyone!
  238. Star Trek Tonight!
  239. Fun Gun Pics
  240. Classical Music Anyone ?.
  241. OMG are you serious Federal Govt???
  242. We know the economy is slow when...
  243. Finish this gun story
  244. Why The Dog Ran Away
  245. Favorite 80's Party Song
  246. 911 Operator hangs up repeatedly on caller.
  247. Got a new 1911 last night for my Birthday
  248. Steven Crowders "GUNS, GUNS, GUNS"
  249. Posting pictures of other without content?
  250. The most peculiar creatures known to mankind.