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  1. More Motivational Posters
  2. Joke gone bad?
  3. Armed American Radio
  4. Weight of 1k rounds of 9mm ammo
  5. Anyone here work on appliances? Washer broke !
  6. 912 Coalition
  7. Happy Mothers Day! (Merged)
  8. Switzerland and Why I Want to Visit!
  9. Motorcycle help needed
  10. Hot TV chicks with guns
  11. Pertinent Quotes
  12. Safe School Act makes Criminals
  13. Hit with ricochet!
  14. cold pizza or reheated pizza?
  15. CCI makes about a million rounds of .22lr everyday.....
  16. The Annual Tomato Garden
  17. NYC Flyover Photo Released vs. My Photo
  18. Stupidity - Woman Shoots Self in Foot
  19. Keep up your SA, no matter where you are
  20. Ban Tail lights!
  21. First time flying and packing a gun (in suitcase not holster)
  22. Setting priorities...
  23. Good people of Georgia, talk to me...
  24. Sunday Morning
  25. Wish me luck everyone!
  26. Star Trek Tonight!
  27. Fun Gun Pics
  28. Classical Music Anyone ?.
  29. OMG are you serious Federal Govt???
  30. We know the economy is slow when...
  31. Finish this gun story
  32. Why The Dog Ran Away
  33. Favorite 80's Party Song
  34. 911 Operator hangs up repeatedly on caller.
  35. Got a new 1911 last night for my Birthday
  36. Steven Crowders "GUNS, GUNS, GUNS"
  37. Posting pictures of other without content?
  38. The most peculiar creatures known to mankind.
  39. What's with this endemic apathy? (Rant)
  40. American flag flies on rifle
  41. Do You McGangBang?
  42. Molded plastic to replace waiting periods.
  43. Arrows?
  44. yard sign
  45. Tenaha TX police dept...is this for real?
  46. Sign of the times
  47. show me your artwork!!
  48. Prairie Dog Insurrection: The Ruger 10/22 Answer
  49. The Stupidity Of Some People Is Unbelievable
  50. All teens should be tested for depression
  51. Trivia: THE UNIT
  52. New "Glock&spiel"
  53. More Inspirational Posters
  54. John Lott on Coast to Coast AM right now
  55. A web site for checking if you have the swine flu
  56. Most powerful liquid in the world
  57. NASCAR, NHRA, MotoGP, F1 or other?
  58. DC MAY Pic of the Month thread
  59. 2010 Census Workers (GPS Marking)
  60. Great Burglar Deterrent
  61. Kentucky Derby
  62. Tennessee Aquarium today
  63. PHX NRA Convention
  64. My 10-year old qualified at the range today!
  65. Jury Duty? Take This Summons And...
  66. Big Fight
  67. Enjoy your Day
  68. The Shelter
  69. Talking Home Defense vid
  70. OMG lol go to WW to sign up!!!!
  71. Anyone live in the Lubbock, Texas area?
  72. Another cool video
  73. DC April POTM Voting
  74. Pretty Cool Video
  75. Web site tells if you have swine flu
  76. I found some ammo in Plano, TX area
  77. Brady Campaign
  78. Souter to Retire From Supreme Court
  79. Man kills 5-no call to remove offending weapons
  80. World's Biggest whoppers & Tall Tales
  81. Govt Template for Mass Vaccination
  82. Important - How To Protect Your Kids From Swine FLU!
  83. Defensive Carry Dress code
  84. Pepper Spray vs Two armed men
  85. sorry for the hiatus - i'm back and am moving!
  86. On the way to the schoolbus stop....
  87. Anyone Own a Civil Engineering Company?
  88. Special cruise 2009 offer for adventurous travelers.
  89. H1N1- Flu
  90. Apologies to VISTA...
  91. 10 years for ND during bank robbery
  92. Name This Flu.
  93. Ugly Dogs...
  94. Never too old to go out and shoot!
  95. If you own a gun do not apply for job!!!
  96. Good old boys win one -- sort of
  97. XDTalk.com is down again???
  98. How a Butterfly Destroyed My Neighbor's Roof
  99. Cincinnati Capped crime fighter with cuffs, taser, and OC spray
  100. Grown-up toys
  101. You know you're rich when you have this in your driveway!!
  102. Air Force Reserves Height & Weight Chart?
  103. Patriot Guard Riders
  104. Whew! What a relief - not gun, but interesting perhaps...
  105. Two Sisters And A Bull
  106. Ammo Dump (funny)
  107. I Need A MOD!!
  108. Scare force one!!!
  109. The news the year you were born
  110. Patriots, by James Wesley, Rawles
  111. This dude could definitely kick your ass!!
  112. What is the BEST survival food stuffs for the money?
  113. How to shut up an "anti"...
  114. Promise
  115. Top 10 Guns used in crime
  116. Canadian news outlet calls for American revolt
  117. Italian cruise ship/Israeli private security fend off pirates
  118. Gun buy back, not grenade buy back...
  119. April 27th, 2009
  120. Electronic devices to repel mice / rats?
  121. Real guard dogs. You have one?
  122. Somalian Pirates Souvenir Shop
  123. Win a free AR-15 here, and 10 30 round mags!
  124. Michael Savage - High School 1959 vs 2009
  125. Constitution free zone...
  126. Corroding pennies and national debt
  127. New mixed drink
  128. Spike: Deadliest Warrior
  129. Excellent commercial for Gun Range
  130. Yeah....I'm back
  131. The shadow warriors!
  132. Anyone here a VA Police Officer?
  133. Pandemic-Human Swine Flu Influenza
  134. Question on NRA Convention in PHX AZ ?
  135. Spank your Kid go to Jail...
  136. Police Station Vandalized
  137. Mad Skillz
  138. Two interesting observations from a week in Chicago
  139. Guy catches and brings in 900lb Tuna by himself.
  140. Cabelas
  141. I hate finals!!!!!!!!
  142. Some Firearm Related Jokes
  143. Top Ten Reasons Some Men Prefer A Gun Over A Woman
  144. Howdy Gang!
  145. Who wears flip flops
  146. Funny videos..
  147. Myakka River State Park, FL.
  148. Parlez-vous francais?
  149. The new job has some crappy rules!
  150. The Ragged Old Flag
  151. Game Warden's Son
  152. Dark in here
  153. Walter Williams on TX and secession
  154. Proud of my Father...
  155. Wildlife Officer
  156. Can you say lawsuit time...
  157. 1909
  158. hey folks
  159. Living in Tennessee??
  160. Bra Stops Bullet
  161. A salt with a deadly weapon
  162. Question for active LEOs
  163. Anyone know about the Total Outdoorsman Challenge
  164. Ha-ha!! Young BG made a boo boo!!
  165. Question on Ballistics.
  166. My ambulance company in the news (EMT assaulted)
  167. Facts v. Truth
  168. 21 Dead Polo Horses
  169. Recommendations on a good gas grill.
  170. Great present
  171. Stop Clapping
  172. Wow, Sounds Like A Soap Opera Plot
  173. Obstruction: Court of Public Opinion
  174. Taking a break
  175. shotgun golf
  176. A Gunfighting living legend...
  177. Jason Bourne?
  178. Wussification of America
  179. Janeane Garofalo declares Tea Party attendees racist and Keith Olbermann agrees.
  180. Sniper BUNNY!
  181. The U.S. Navy at work
  182. Irony of gun violence that defeats 'gun control' in Hollywood thriller movies
  183. Gun Free Zone--Video
  184. Father of One of My Kids
  185. How to instantly fail a drunk driving test.
  186. Speed camera prank. Never thought of this as a kid
  187. Attack of the Second Amendment
  188. I thought this was funny.
  189. New drugs for women..... (I know I am dead)
  190. E-mail letter to a certain U.S. representative on eliminating piracy
  191. Best new tacticool product
  192. Now my mom was right
  193. Eye Of The Beholder
  194. Gun Free Zone - Get yours today
  195. How to talk to the masses?
  196. Brain Fart time....
  197. For the Judgmental of us...
  198. Giving without reward: Universities receive millions in anonymous donation
  199. It's all over now...................
  200. The Rodenator
  201. The new veterans backlash?
  202. Scores Killed, Hundreds Injured Riot in Boston Area
  203. Nation-wide ban on bacon to ensue...
  204. Al Sharpton: Pirates are "Voluntary Coast Guard"
  205. Ready for a workout???
  206. How do you like this grill?
  207. New company policy - No weapons or firearms
  208. Any one here went to a Tea Party?
  209. I'm Back! South Africa AAR
  210. amazing what you can have with little investment
  211. Deadliest Warrior
  212. Motivator posters for the US Navy vs. Pirates
  213. ARRRR...
  214. Have You Seen This Yet?
  215. Poking a little fun at our Northern bretheren
  216. Are you good at tests?
  217. Some have trouble paying their taxes...
  218. Negligence is okay now... YAY!
  219. Dr. Watson using a Eley No. 2 ???
  220. census
  221. Jobs Coming to Michigan
  222. Accident Response Fee?
  223. EA mistakely sends brass knuckle in video game press kit to game reviewers
  224. Anti gun inlaws reaction.
  225. Google reviews...my new secret weapon to thwart no-carry signs at local businesses
  226. Unbelievable
  227. So, I got shot the other day...
  228. Financial Crisis - Something to chew on
  229. Oklahoma shooting fun
  230. XD pistols and reloads?
  231. My nephew
  232. Any Dr Who fans? (AKA BOO Sci-fi Channel! )
  233. April 19th ..... 1775
  234. Happy Pesach and Hag Semach
  235. Ginsburg Shares Views on Influence of Foreign Law on Her Court, and Vice Versa
  236. Anyone read any of the Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child?
  237. Shooting overseas!
  238. Video games!
  239. GOOD: Captain Richard Phillips Free'd...merged
  240. Why are we putting up with this!
  241. Happy Easter!!!
  242. One Of The Best Cop Comebacks Ever
  243. Ammo Recall
  244. Music video about guns
  245. Yuk Yuk
  246. Igor Panarin
  247. Congrats Retsupt99
  248. Premonitions anyone?
  249. Yesterday I
  250. Street Licensing ATV/ORV's