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  1. amazing what you can have with little investment
  2. Deadliest Warrior
  3. Motivator posters for the US Navy vs. Pirates
  4. ARRRR...
  5. Have You Seen This Yet?
  6. Poking a little fun at our Northern bretheren
  7. Are you good at tests?
  8. Some have trouble paying their taxes...
  9. Negligence is okay now... YAY!
  10. Dr. Watson using a Eley No. 2 ???
  11. census
  12. Jobs Coming to Michigan
  13. Accident Response Fee?
  14. EA mistakely sends brass knuckle in video game press kit to game reviewers
  15. Anti gun inlaws reaction.
  16. Google reviews...my new secret weapon to thwart no-carry signs at local businesses
  17. Unbelievable
  18. So, I got shot the other day...
  19. Financial Crisis - Something to chew on
  20. Oklahoma shooting fun
  21. XD pistols and reloads?
  22. My nephew
  23. Any Dr Who fans? (AKA BOO Sci-fi Channel! )
  24. April 19th ..... 1775
  25. Happy Pesach and Hag Semach
  26. Ginsburg Shares Views on Influence of Foreign Law on Her Court, and Vice Versa
  27. Anyone read any of the Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child?
  28. Shooting overseas!
  29. Video games!
  30. GOOD: Captain Richard Phillips Free'd...merged
  31. Why are we putting up with this!
  32. Happy Easter!!!
  33. One Of The Best Cop Comebacks Ever
  34. Ammo Recall
  35. Music video about guns
  36. Yuk Yuk
  37. Igor Panarin
  38. Congrats Retsupt99
  39. Premonitions anyone?
  40. Yesterday I
  41. Street Licensing ATV/ORV's
  42. Hardware store searching for owner of Veterans ring
  43. Barrel Pictures
  44. She's almost one of us now
  45. Has anybody have this yet?
  46. A new gun, a "sign"
  47. When are they going to ban CARS???
  48. That was close!! Oklahoma is burning....
  49. Happy Easter 2009!
  50. More UK stupidity
  51. What will you consider is "crossing the line" by the government or the media?
  52. Mad Science: Obama May Block Sun's Rays to End Global Warming
  53. Another Craigs List funny...
  54. Grounded for sending text messages!
  55. Considering a new tattoo.....
  56. ACLU Online Survey
  57. Kids in Hospital
  58. Ann Coulter says it bluntly.
  59. These Guys Fought Back
  60. This is truly funny
  61. DC April Picture Of The Month
  62. Seriously, is it just me?
  63. Gotta get my DC.com fix in now, while I can
  64. Which one are you?
  65. After Five Years of Renting...I'm Pleased to Show...THE MAN CAVE!
  66. Tactical Bunnies
  67. make your own poster
  68. $1,050, COLT lower half
  69. Off Topic & Humor Discussion Post
  70. Politicians call for ‘National Beer Day’ (UK)
  71. Tactical this, Tactical that
  72. April Giveaways
  73. If not now, when?
  74. Zombies in New Orleans!!
  75. Flitz
  76. Boycott paypal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  77. I got busted in a drug deal...
  78. Video of the 8 babies birth...
  79. Piglets...
  80. ireport Gun Control Debate
  81. how to catch a woman
  82. Maybe The New York Times Has Figured It Out
  83. out of ideas
  84. Goin to the Bluegrass state
  85. Parrot at vet
  86. A Perfect Pair
  87. Any plumbers here?
  88. This is just plain evil...
  89. What to look for in a Utility bow
  90. CSI: Redneck
  91. Apology To The Moderators and Members
  92. Come Join The FUN!
  93. Will Cybercops Be Lurking Here at DC.com?
  94. DC.com March Pic of the Month Voting Thread
  95. Fired casings?
  96. Largest Illegal Gun Market In The World
  97. Trip into the Land of Oz tomorrow
  98. My close encounters with a LEO :)
  99. Today's gun shop (local observations)
  100. Prison for text messaging?Too harsh?
  101. Life Is Hard
  102. Anyone ever use P90X??
  103. I'm going to South Africa tomorrow!
  104. Another use for the Emerson "wave"
  105. Wrong Number (repeated) Rant
  106. Just a thought...
  107. Politics and voting poll
  108. View from a MIG 25 at 65,000 feet.
  109. Power Drink?
  110. SHTF fictional story.
  111. People choose right, or wrong
  112. german shepherd holds robber
  113. Shopping in Texas
  114. Gun control saved my life.
  115. Poem
  116. Writing a term paper on Guns..
  117. Motivational Posters
  118. Racoon Hunting/Eating in Detroit
  119. The disagreement
  120. It's Gonna be a GREAT Day!
  121. Armed Vs Unarmed Victims
  122. Fun Song!
  123. Perfect example of the Great American Chicken
  124. Gone for a while
  125. Finnally! Someone who knows actually spoke some truth!
  126. The Nuge and Rosie - Together?
  127. This made me feel old.
  128. Probably an oldie...
  129. CCW badge saved the day
  130. How Cool Is This?
  131. Post counting
  132. Treated like a crook at Wal-Mart
  133. Fully auto now legal!? (Merged X 2)
  134. Poor BATFE, so understaffed
  135. Show some respect please...
  136. Need compooter help! cookie.Revsci
  137. How about laws to criminalize...
  138. Something doesn't add up in this story: Suicide or not?
  139. new invention
  140. Irish Lent
  141. Get out the vote and rock this poll!
  142. Bear Warning
  143. Well, Conficker got me...
  144. Privilege? Wth...
  145. Neighbor told me a joke
  146. Please Vote and Then.........
  147. LIBS Say The Most Dumb Things
  148. Things i have learned from living in tennessee
  149. Archery
  150. Time For a Laugh...
  151. How much ya bench?
  152. Gun Safe Problem
  153. The Conch Republic ~ We Seceded Where Others Failed
  154. Jury Duty Tomorrow
  155. SHAM WOW Dude busted
  156. Sportsman's Warehouse closing sale Rogers, Arkansas
  157. New ladder system...Little Giant RevolutionXE
  158. Now I'm in for it.
  159. Sugestions Need On My Photo Box
  160. A Sign Of The Times
  161. Looks like the FBI has now infiltrated those Nigerian scam artists
  162. Mortgage problems? Don't look for help from your bank
  163. Daddy's Rules for Dating
  164. Anyone think I should buy this lever action?
  165. octomom
  166. Had to go back...
  167. Something important to worry about
  168. Police Department answering machine....
  169. Letter From a Marine
  170. Tobacco Rant
  171. Concerning gun control:
  172. Wisdom anyone!
  173. Do You Think This is Enough?
  174. Teachers say the darndest things...
  175. Not sure how to take this one...
  176. Kids
  177. This Is Sacrilege!
  178. Now This Is A Commercial
  179. Spring Time In Colorado
  180. Another hoax or?
  181. What do you do in this situation?
  182. Carry a BB gun?
  183. PLEASE! Identify the state and city!
  184. Police chief says something reasonable about bad cop
  185. guns and grenades for your car
  186. Media: Fails Again!
  187. Hitch King will be leaving DC
  188. Cops say the darnedest things....
  189. No CHL? What's your EDC?
  190. Someone starts threatening you and yours to join a group.
  191. For the golfers......
  192. Wireless AMBER Alerts (Again)
  193. Whatever was the outcome?
  194. Todays comic strip
  195. mall ninja
  196. Obama Voter at gun range...Long Story
  197. 300 Guns vs Bad Economy.
  198. Dumb Criminals
  199. LTE -- Gun show ad ban will cost the paper
  200. Lookig for a new wallet. Whats a good one?? (Merged)
  201. connections of modern militia groups to racist groups...
  202. Improving Our Image
  203. Darwin Nominee?
  204. Sport injuries statistics
  205. Skateboarding dog, must be seen to be believed!
  206. Store Robbery gone bad...
  207. National Geographic Channel: a *heads-Up*
  208. Wheres my ammo
  209. Bayonet on a pistol
  210. I got back-up
  211. What does a trillion dollars look like?
  212. John Farnam on Gun Control
  213. A Ruger 10/22 and 3 little boys
  214. Photographs: Abandoned Shipyard; La Ciotat
  215. Photos from Chernobyl - pretty awesome/sombering
  216. What a difference 100 years makes...
  217. Craig's List...Does It Work?
  218. Home Invasion: Alert "Sheepdog"
  219. The Price of Raising Kids
  220. New Car of the Future
  221. sheep, sheepdog, and wolf article
  222. We The People Stimulus Package
  223. Wal- Mart Movie
  224. Best rap video I've seen in months...
  225. guns and bikes
  226. Movie Review, "Knowing"
  227. Time to stand up and be counted
  228. Anybody play with toys trains as a kid? You're gonna love this!!
  229. New From DeWalt!
  230. So, where should I move? AKA "Leaving Las Vegas wasn't just a movie!"
  231. Montana FWP
  232. Ineffective criminal?? I think not!
  233. The Stimulus Package by Bob Basso
  234. This is why security guards must be armed.
  235. Poll on KTRH website about CC at work- Vote!!
  236. thoughts to ponder
  237. Can't Happen here~~~in the UK???
  238. France - Shots Fired at Child Nursery
  239. Lost Kitty
  240. 1776 by David McCullough
  241. There is one in every crowd........in Washington DC
  242. Questions about jerky and food safety
  243. I used to do security and fight fire with this molester
  244. Shooting at the landfill
  245. Onion News Network - Manufacturer recalls JHP for not fulling shredding target...
  246. Would this guy get stopped for brandishing
  247. Rape Advice for Women
  248. The End of U.S.A, do you believe it's possible?
  249. Check your ammo
  250. Out takes of Gunny Ermy's Mail Call