: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. City Council Members Interrupted
  2. Wireless home security system.... you?
  3. A-Z Pork
  4. An ad you'll never see on TV!!
  5. the wife talked me into a mohawk!
  6. Assaulted firefighters/EMS, This scenario is one of my biggest fears
  7. "Pistol Packin' Patients" in print - link!
  8. Chuck Norris for president … of Texas
  9. Lay-Off's
  10. Stock purchase booming
  11. Fishing with RPG's and Grenades!
  12. An Irish Priest in Texas
  13. Glock vs. XD (funny)
  14. John Adams (HBO Series)
  15. Airport Dash and Carry
  16. So your wife wants to go on a cruise?
  17. Stupid Shock Absorber Question!
  18. Stupid Tire Question!
  19. Robbery in reverse: not for the overly sensitive
  20. The Stars Must Have Been Aligned.....
  21. Photo Protection HELP!
  22. You might be a mall ninja if...
  23. Pink Princess Ammunition?
  24. HIGH SCHOOL--1957 vs. 2009
  25. Emergency Food Stockpile
  26. Employment Opportunity
  27. The Sling Shot Man
  28. A good laugh!
  29. Well done video
  30. PS3 online gaming...lets link up!
  31. Check out my baby
  32. Well, my tax return didn't happen
  33. SA, Even Underground...
  34. Charles Barkley, Jail Bird
  35. Any private investigators out there?
  36. There is so much truth in this it's not funny!
  37. I'm glad the day is almost over
  38. California Bleach Blonde At The Gates Of Heaven
  39. Dangerous things and places
  40. Why Nunchuks should be left to Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan
  41. The Louisiana State Police Caper
  42. Good idea or Bad idea???
  43. Question for marketing for a business
  44. Stolen WWII Medals?
  45. Diary of a Demented Snow Shoveller(long)
  46. Anybody Here Buy From This Company ?
  47. Computer/Network help if you guys need
  48. Official raffle/giveaway thread
  49. OMG I just died laughing, please join me!!!
  50. Gardners *Hot Peppers*
  51. How to not play fetch with your dog.
  52. Waffles the Chihuahua sings "I love you Ma ma"
  53. Dad at the Mall
  54. A Real Hero
  55. fresh water plant aquarium questions????
  56. House Owners survey- Eco and green energy
  57. Am I weird?
  58. Know thy scripture (funny)
  59. Whats that smell ?
  60. I got layed off yesterday
  61. My First time at the Range
  62. "Knife Crime" on the Rise in Great Britain
  63. Interview
  64. How I spent my weekend.
  65. If you were born in 1980 or before.....
  66. Economic Depression
  67. Did you know....
  68. Are CSI's that good?
  69. Priorities in the wrong place: Ban Barbie
  70. Dangerous Things
  71. McDonald's out of nuggets; woman calls police
  72. How to turn your wife off to guns.
  73. knife beats gun?
  74. How to Know You Are Shopping in Texas
  75. Prep for econ downturn
  76. Northern VA folks chime in?
  77. Surviving The Hudson - US Air Flight 1549 FAA Releases Cockpit To Ground Audio
  78. My Cousin on American Idol
  79. Bite force competition Between Rottweiler, German Shepherd, and Pitbull.
  80. Time for a rerun...
  81. Gunmen attack Sri Lankan cricket team in Pakistan
  82. Man rules (note: rule#1, 1, and 1)
  83. Roof is on fire?
  84. USCCA's Armed American Report
  85. In Iraq with your pants down...
  86. Duck Hunter Toy
  87. The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight
  88. DC.com March Pic of the Month submissions
  89. RTT CQB man
  90. How does one with no hobbies combine two of his passions, he makes a video
  91. Best way to sell something?
  92. One Smart Marine
  93. Look what came in the mail today!
  94. Remember to take off before raising landing gear!!
  95. Snow?
  96. Cats
  97. Gun show report
  98. Major network on "Right to Bear Arms"
  99. "New" Explanation on Nationwide Ammo Shortages
  100. Are you ready?
  101. Had a little excitement in the dark
  102. Good by to a news great...
  103. Take lawyer with you to talk w/cops
  104. Teddy Bears
  105. Can we not get a political forum?
  106. WV any truth to this?
  107. Blaming a gun.....
  108. Dog runs in his/her sleep! (merged)
  109. Somebody please tell me this is wrong!
  110. My new weapon of choice
  111. I Love Rush Limbaugh, Hammering Obama!!
  112. I forgot how much Wal-Mart sucks!
  113. Respect your elders
  114. Had to call the fire department last night
  115. Online Gun Sales list
  116. Europe's biggest discount airline...Pay to Pee?
  117. Check out this guys singing voice!
  118. $100 million dollar gold Obama statue
  119. Observation Today
  120. Where can I download sounds for my phone?
  121. A nice little video about defensive mindset.
  122. 6 out of 6
  123. Stem on the Apple!!!!!
  124. Subtle Gun Shirt
  125. What's the last movie you watched?
  126. Quick Question..
  127. Hi Point Forum Funnies
  128. Signatures - Go ahead, make me laugh.
  129. MSN Money says buy guns and gold!
  130. The Mechanic
  131. Anybody have any elaborate calligraphy tattoos?
  132. For your next range trip
  133. The Old Hollowed-Out-Book Prison Smuggler Trick
  134. A good grip is important
  135. Camouflage and the discriminating eye...
  136. Decline of the West
  137. $28,000 dollar phone bill
  138. When it really gets cold in New York...
  139. Hundreds Attend Global Warming Conference (Strange Protest Photo)
  140. NRA lifetime membership
  141. Dating in the 60's
  142. Worlds Worst Tattoos
  143. Approached by Pan-Handler outside of check cashing area...
  144. Cowboy Ethics and Cowboy Values
  145. When things go really bad
  146. NRA lifetime membership - lifetime magazine subscriptions?
  147. "Produce The Note"
  148. What country??
  149. Norway 7th largest exporter of weapons in the World
  150. I love Thomas Jefferson
  151. Don't say a dang thing!
  152. Glenn Beck - Interesting scenarios of future US.
  153. How to tell you're shopping in Texas!
  154. pardoned felon becomes police officer
  155. The lost holiday
  156. Overheard from aircraft
  157. XD's in stock?
  158. NRA Poll
  159. love the wife, but...
  160. Hypothetical Question
  161. California to Release 22,000 Prisoners?
  162. True Story: Caught with his pants down...
  163. Good Movie w/ lots of guns>>>>>>>>>
  164. Not humor!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  165. Ammunition shortages, possible causes?
  166. Hampton Roads, VA area ...
  167. Met older folks from MASS who are terrified to live in Phx.
  168. Arlington. . .
  169. Please vote for Willie (photo competition for greyhounds)
  170. retsupt99
  171. I want one
  172. Congress wants to tax your stock trades?
  173. NOT Humor: Teen vanishes on way to school, CA
  174. Rising crime could be the recession's next effect
  175. Next Degree Move
  176. Another Hi Point funny review
  177. Special Gun Tests for Hi Points
  178. Feds: City felon brought Bloods to gun range for shoot ’em ups
  179. The New Zen, Or Some New Profound Statements
  180. Speech By Charlton Heston To Harvard Law Students
  181. Asst. VA AG busted with drugs, gun
  182. DC.com February Pic Of The Month voting thread
  183. Rick Santelli's rant on CNBC...He says we need another Tea Party
  184. Glenn Beck's War Room Special
  185. Q's Home Security
  186. Q's About Home Alarm Systems
  187. The most dangerous chimpanzee on record.
  188. i hate walmart
  189. How many are something other than Christian?
  190. let's see your ink
  191. Cop steals gun ?
  192. Anti Obama sign
  193. Down under, a year after.
  194. CLP is useful..
  195. I hate those white people!
  196. CQ, CQ, CQ, De KB8---
  197. CPA exam and shooting...with a poll
  198. Ugly guns
  199. ups mechanics
  200. Rust Removal....
  201. For the magic lovers....
  202. mans best friends (heros)
  203. How to Call the Police if You're Old
  204. Proflowers, part 2
  205. Annoying NEC LCD monitor problem
  206. Let's see pics of the Turtle that guards your front door...
  207. How many Christians?
  208. Amish Virus
  209. Looking for info on Valdosta Rape Gang
  210. Policemen's Ball?
  211. More Taxes?
  212. Wallys advice
  213. Other sites we participate in (myspace,facebook,websites,etc.)
  214. Racial Profiling
  215. A new SCAM email.....
  216. Let's see pics of the FISH that guards your front door...
  217. I had a good chuckle
  218. Disorder in the Court!!
  219. Does anybody keep pigeons?
  220. finally got a job!
  221. Interesting quotes from Thomas Jefferson
  222. celibacy
  223. London has now banned.....Kissing?
  224. Got me a new ride!
  225. What Is Celibacy?
  226. Roping A Deer
  227. A Squirrel, a Motorcycle, and the Police
  228. Change in focus at the mall
  229. Help me get a Hi-power
  230. Drill Sergeant Joe B. Fricks Rules For A Gunfight
  231. question about conflict of interest
  232. DOS Games?
  233. Another member missing?
  234. Wife wants Hawaii, I would like a 44 Mag
  235. How Old R U?
  236. The economy and jobs.
  237. Kicking in doors that open outward.
  238. The Redneck Mafia. . . . .
  239. Best prices on Jeep lift kits?
  240. Why do you still live there?
  241. The Coming Swarm
  242. Had to buy a new digital camera today
  243. Well, Proflowers screwed up Valentine's Day!
  244. Guns For Roses
  245. Dominos--we don't need no stinkin' dominos!
  246. why you should always carry with one in the chamber. . .
  247. Waive your 2nd amendment rights
  248. Is your gun worth a rose?
  249. Took this from Gunbroker
  250. Proud of my son