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  1. Finnally! Someone who knows actually spoke some truth!
  2. The Nuge and Rosie - Together?
  3. This made me feel old.
  4. Probably an oldie...
  5. CCW badge saved the day
  6. How Cool Is This?
  7. Post counting
  8. Treated like a crook at Wal-Mart
  9. Fully auto now legal!? (Merged X 2)
  10. Poor BATFE, so understaffed
  11. Show some respect please...
  12. Need compooter help! cookie.Revsci
  13. How about laws to criminalize...
  14. Something doesn't add up in this story: Suicide or not?
  15. new invention
  16. Irish Lent
  17. Get out the vote and rock this poll!
  18. Bear Warning
  19. Well, Conficker got me...
  20. Privilege? Wth...
  21. Neighbor told me a joke
  22. Please Vote and Then.........
  23. LIBS Say The Most Dumb Things
  24. Things i have learned from living in tennessee
  25. Archery
  26. Time For a Laugh...
  27. How much ya bench?
  28. Gun Safe Problem
  29. The Conch Republic ~ We Seceded Where Others Failed
  30. Jury Duty Tomorrow
  31. SHAM WOW Dude busted
  32. Sportsman's Warehouse closing sale Rogers, Arkansas
  33. New ladder system...Little Giant RevolutionXE
  34. Now I'm in for it.
  35. Sugestions Need On My Photo Box
  36. A Sign Of The Times
  37. Looks like the FBI has now infiltrated those Nigerian scam artists
  38. Mortgage problems? Don't look for help from your bank
  39. Daddy's Rules for Dating
  40. Anyone think I should buy this lever action?
  41. octomom
  42. Had to go back...
  43. Something important to worry about
  44. Police Department answering machine....
  45. Letter From a Marine
  46. Tobacco Rant
  47. Concerning gun control:
  48. Wisdom anyone!
  49. Do You Think This is Enough?
  50. Teachers say the darndest things...
  51. Not sure how to take this one...
  52. Kids
  53. This Is Sacrilege!
  54. Now This Is A Commercial
  55. Spring Time In Colorado
  56. Another hoax or?
  57. What do you do in this situation?
  58. Carry a BB gun?
  59. PLEASE! Identify the state and city!
  60. Police chief says something reasonable about bad cop
  61. guns and grenades for your car
  62. Media: Fails Again!
  63. Hitch King will be leaving DC
  64. Cops say the darnedest things....
  65. No CHL? What's your EDC?
  66. Someone starts threatening you and yours to join a group.
  67. For the golfers......
  68. Wireless AMBER Alerts (Again)
  69. Whatever was the outcome?
  70. Todays comic strip
  71. mall ninja
  72. Obama Voter at gun range...Long Story
  73. 300 Guns vs Bad Economy.
  74. Dumb Criminals
  75. LTE -- Gun show ad ban will cost the paper
  76. Lookig for a new wallet. Whats a good one?? (Merged)
  77. connections of modern militia groups to racist groups...
  78. Improving Our Image
  79. Darwin Nominee?
  80. Sport injuries statistics
  81. Skateboarding dog, must be seen to be believed!
  82. Store Robbery gone bad...
  83. National Geographic Channel: a *heads-Up*
  84. Wheres my ammo
  85. Bayonet on a pistol
  86. I got back-up
  87. What does a trillion dollars look like?
  88. John Farnam on Gun Control
  89. A Ruger 10/22 and 3 little boys
  90. Photographs: Abandoned Shipyard; La Ciotat
  91. Photos from Chernobyl - pretty awesome/sombering
  92. What a difference 100 years makes...
  93. Craig's List...Does It Work?
  94. Home Invasion: Alert "Sheepdog"
  95. The Price of Raising Kids
  96. New Car of the Future
  97. sheep, sheepdog, and wolf article
  98. We The People Stimulus Package
  99. Wal- Mart Movie
  100. Best rap video I've seen in months...
  101. guns and bikes
  102. Movie Review, "Knowing"
  103. Time to stand up and be counted
  104. Anybody play with toys trains as a kid? You're gonna love this!!
  105. New From DeWalt!
  106. So, where should I move? AKA "Leaving Las Vegas wasn't just a movie!"
  107. Montana FWP
  108. Ineffective criminal?? I think not!
  109. The Stimulus Package by Bob Basso
  110. This is why security guards must be armed.
  111. Poll on KTRH website about CC at work- Vote!!
  112. thoughts to ponder
  113. Can't Happen here~~~in the UK???
  114. France - Shots Fired at Child Nursery
  115. Lost Kitty
  116. 1776 by David McCullough
  117. There is one in every crowd........in Washington DC
  118. Questions about jerky and food safety
  119. I used to do security and fight fire with this molester
  120. Shooting at the landfill
  121. Onion News Network - Manufacturer recalls JHP for not fulling shredding target...
  122. Would this guy get stopped for brandishing
  123. Rape Advice for Women
  124. The End of U.S.A, do you believe it's possible?
  125. Check your ammo
  126. Out takes of Gunny Ermy's Mail Call
  127. What would you do?
  128. Can anybody confirm or clear this up??
  129. online shooting sites
  130. OK, So We Can't Use Waterboarding, What Then?
  131. The Irish Funeral
  132. Wiki for guns/reviews/ link to local forums etc..
  133. Alarm is home security best option
  134. Top ten indicators that your employer has changed to a cheaper health care plan
  135. How To Clean Cat Urine Out Of A Leather Chair?
  136. Remember the plane crash in Denver last year? 33 minutes to get EMS on scene!
  137. The Irish Among Us
  138. County administrator may lose job over gun accusations
  139. Good joke/ Doctors vs. Gun Owners
  140. Hunting with the wife
  141. Leather Cell Phone Belt Holsters: Need Sources
  142. For all you NY'ers
  143. Personal Homepages
  144. just saw a SWEET ADT commercial
  145. Safe?
  146. This is irritating!!!
  147. Do not be drinking anything when you read this...
  148. Homebrew
  149. Computer help anyone?
  150. Coolest 3yr old daughter on the planet
  151. What do you rate?
  152. Isopropyl alcohol
  153. Chinese Toy Factory
  154. What's everyone doing tonight?
  155. Really Dumb Hunter
  156. Back to freedom!
  157. Do guys really want to be with a woman who shoots?
  158. 24/7: Another reason to buy one over a Glock
  159. 2009 mardi Gras Best Costume
  160. Help w/ 30-40 Krag value -lots of pics
  161. Glenn Beck - We Surround Them
  162. Steves Riding Lawn Mower DUI Taser Arrest
  163. Guns, Guns, Guns....
  164. "Concealed Cat"
  165. Hi Point Funnies
  166. Gun cartoon illustrates liberal thought on police
  167. Funny Dog Movies
  168. Personal Email from Harry Reid=Assault weapons ban
  169. Ok. Time to fess up.
  170. Met a lady who is into guns!
  171. Proud of the wife
  172. FFL Hookup in Virginia Beach/Norfolk/Chesapeake?
  173. Training
  174. 2 of The Greatest Virtues In Life
  175. 'CPR' as a cure for criminal shooters
  176. City Council Members Interrupted
  177. Wireless home security system.... you?
  178. A-Z Pork
  179. An ad you'll never see on TV!!
  180. the wife talked me into a mohawk!
  181. Assaulted firefighters/EMS, This scenario is one of my biggest fears
  182. "Pistol Packin' Patients" in print - link!
  183. Chuck Norris for president of Texas
  184. Lay-Off's
  185. Stock purchase booming
  186. Fishing with RPG's and Grenades!
  187. An Irish Priest in Texas
  188. Glock vs. XD (funny)
  189. John Adams (HBO Series)
  190. Airport Dash and Carry
  191. So your wife wants to go on a cruise?
  192. Stupid Shock Absorber Question!
  193. Stupid Tire Question!
  194. Robbery in reverse: not for the overly sensitive
  195. The Stars Must Have Been Aligned.....
  196. Photo Protection HELP!
  197. You might be a mall ninja if...
  198. Pink Princess Ammunition?
  199. HIGH SCHOOL--1957 vs. 2009
  200. Emergency Food Stockpile
  201. Employment Opportunity
  202. The Sling Shot Man
  203. A good laugh!
  204. Well done video
  205. PS3 online gaming...lets link up!
  206. Check out my baby
  207. Well, my tax return didn't happen
  208. SA, Even Underground...
  209. Charles Barkley, Jail Bird
  210. Any private investigators out there?
  211. There is so much truth in this it's not funny!
  212. I'm glad the day is almost over
  213. California Bleach Blonde At The Gates Of Heaven
  214. Dangerous things and places
  215. Why Nunchuks should be left to Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan
  216. The Louisiana State Police Caper
  217. Good idea or Bad idea???
  218. Question for marketing for a business
  219. Stolen WWII Medals?
  220. Diary of a Demented Snow Shoveller(long)
  221. Anybody Here Buy From This Company ?
  222. Computer/Network help if you guys need
  223. Official raffle/giveaway thread
  224. OMG I just died laughing, please join me!!!
  225. Gardners *Hot Peppers*
  226. How to not play fetch with your dog.
  227. Waffles the Chihuahua sings "I love you Ma ma"
  228. Dad at the Mall
  229. A Real Hero
  230. fresh water plant aquarium questions????
  231. House Owners survey- Eco and green energy
  232. Am I weird?
  233. Know thy scripture (funny)
  234. Whats that smell ?
  235. I got layed off yesterday
  236. My First time at the Range
  237. "Knife Crime" on the Rise in Great Britain
  238. Interview
  239. How I spent my weekend.
  240. If you were born in 1980 or before.....
  241. Economic Depression
  242. Did you know....
  243. Are CSI's that good?
  244. Priorities in the wrong place: Ban Barbie
  245. Dangerous Things
  246. McDonald's out of nuggets; woman calls police
  247. How to turn your wife off to guns.
  248. knife beats gun?
  249. How to Know You Are Shopping in Texas
  250. Prep for econ downturn