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  1. In-law issues
  2. NHL Winter Classic
  3. DC.com pic of the month (POTM) Jan'09
  4. Sad State of Affairs
  5. Best Defense TV Show
  6. Guns don't kill...3 Woods do!
  7. I wish I was as good
  8. Sheep in the family
  9. Finally a 1911 I can afford
  10. Happy New Year (Merged X 2)
  11. What Other Sites Do You Visit?
  12. Double Barrel Smokin'
  13. Dumb laws...
  14. YES, finally got one...
  15. New Comic Strip
  16. Stupid: Car Theives Accidently Call 911!
  17. Russian Professor Predicts Fall of U.S. in 2010
  18. Very Strange: Blind, deaf dog shot, beheaded
  19. A bullet made my roof leak
  20. Seven Years in Afghanistan
  21. Nearly attacked by two dogs.
  22. new member-in-law!!
  23. RSS Feeds?
  24. Pleasant suprise... (sorry, no gun pics)
  25. Unarmed self-defense
  26. BAD: Kind Of Creepy - Man Living In Families Attic - PA
  27. Take away guns and criminals are still criminals. UK Knife Issues: MERGED
  28. Thinking about moving to CO...
  29. How did any of us live this long?
  30. High School, Then and now.
  31. How One CA Doctor Drove His SUV For Free
  32. What a cruddy day this was......
  33. Bad: Grinches Steal Christmas From Family - Weymouth, MA
  34. LEO Trainee Messes Up Under Stress
  35. Starting the New Year Unemployed
  36. Unintentional message
  37. Try This For Some Different Reading
  38. Need Some Computer Geek Help, Virus related.
  39. Well, the wife came through for Christmas!!!!!!
  40. A notice with meaning!
  41. Just Married
  42. Humorous Comparison of an AK47, an AR15 and a Mosin
  43. Gecko45 Remembered
  44. Anyone here from Montana?
  45. Insurance question Auto accident
  46. The DC Mods - South Park style!
  47. Another Christmas at the ER
  48. OFFICIAL: What everyone got thread!
  49. Christmas Present Idea
  50. Some jerk...
  51. Who All is UP?
  52. Its official ---midnight December 25th
  53. Biker Christmas Poem
  54. Good Grief, prices have been slashed!
  55. How Cool Is This?
  56. Ever See A Permit to Use Deadly Force Before???
  57. Three Hours into a Baghdad Christmas
  58. Watch NORAD track Santa
  59. If Santa was packin heat?
  60. Twas the night before Christmas
  61. Snowed In? This will pass some time.
  62. What did you get your other half for Xmas
  63. Is crime less with snow on the ground?
  64. Is that Garrett's name I see?
  65. BAD ~ IF You're A RAMS Fan
  66. Michigan annoying?
  67. Sheep
  68. Happy Germanic Solstice!
  69. Disgusting & horrifying picture
  70. New Sights style....heh
  71. Making sure no one's forgotten.......
  72. Favorite Christmas movie with shoot 'em up scenes
  73. Who wrecked after WallyWorld
  74. Happy Hannukkah!
  75. What a day.
  76. Merry Christmas
  77. A thought about the mentality of an anti
  78. why i carry
  79. Have you ever read a Domino's Pizza box?
  80. Need good work boots
  81. new holster
  82. I said sorry, but my kid still hates me...
  83. Kung Fu Cow
  84. How to drive your co-workers nuts !
  85. First LEO Encounter While Carrying
  86. California: U.S. Marines to Staff Vehicle Checkpoint Along with Law Enforcement Agenc
  87. Woman Sued for Rescue Effort in Car Crash (CA)
  88. A Christmas Story you will remember.
  89. England: BG's don't needs guns, watch this
  90. Gran Torino - For Grumpy Old Vets
  91. Its not reality, its....actuality....
  92. Poor planning + Karate Guy + Media =
  93. Darwin awards
  94. Nhuast
  95. Pillow pal anyone?
  96. 2008 Greek Riots
  97. New Sniper Rifle Accessory
  98. Legislative Alert
  99. TV: Law & Order (Is it anti-gun).
  100. Burger King launches meat-scented body spray (Really!)
  101. Am I legally obligated?
  102. UK Police have a Knife Problem
  103. bewareofthedoghouse
  104. Liability for guns left in cars?
  105. Uggly: Business Man / Crimefighter dies due to self inflicted gunshot.
  106. Adam Walsh case closed after 27 years
  107. OK, It's Official This Time, We're Moving, Tell Me About Iowa
  108. National Geographic: 'Guns in America' (Merged)
  109. Where do we get our Rights?
  110. Con Email ( I just couldn't help myself)
  111. Puppies!
  112. Can't wait fer Santa
  113. ouch! do you practice holstering like me
  114. Have You Ever Received The Look ?
  115. Urban Myths/Legends.
  116. Blackhawk Warrior Wear boots.
  117. So, How bout a little global warming?
  118. Well I'm going to go back to school but not sure what for, any ideas?????
  119. An interesting day in South Carolina…
  120. The West Wing - In Excelsis Deo.
  121. Looks like Christmas is going to be GREAT!
  122. I don't expect to die
  123. Think You've Had A Bad Day?
  124. remote controlled 1911 and FA shotgun helicopters!
  125. Walmart Bingo
  126. Woman and Self defense
  127. Four Worms and a Lesson
  128. Off day at the range.
  129. Army vs Navy 2008
  130. I want a sign like this
  131. Uh, about your Colt 1911...
  132. The 10 Manliest Firearms
  133. "I want a Kimber 45 for Christmas" song
  134. Pic of the month?
  135. I like this new law (Veterans Saluting)
  136. Jus' a little humor
  137. Best big name brand of batteries for the money IYO?
  138. ccfl backlight for laptop
  139. America in Pictures: Worth the Time!
  140. Just a warning.....
  141. Send 'em up...
  142. Dr Phil 911 calls 12/12/08
  143. Anyone work at home ?
  144. Burglary in florida
  145. Family Thinks I'm Nuts ...
  146. Why your caliber and your gun suck!
  147. This hardly ever happens to me... get mailed a gun by mistake
  148. "Might of"?
  149. Tis the season to offend
  150. 2nd Amendment Pictures
  151. What's the difference between "beer nuts" and "deer nuts"?
  152. Some Time with My Commander in Chief
  153. Can take only so much of a good thing...
  154. Interesting Contraption
  155. Where's Lima?
  156. "The man show" Deer on hood Prank
  157. 2454443.50000
  158. A funny term....
  159. Illinois Governor In Federal Custody
  160. History of Violence
  161. BlackBerry Trackball loose
  162. What's happening?
  163. One more reason I carry...
  164. To My friends who enjoy a glass of wine... and those who don't.
  165. Snake attack
  166. RipSaw, Unmanned Tank......
  167. Beach assaulting in Style
  168. Looking for Quote
  169. This one is for all the guys out there.
  170. What Do You Get with a Bag of Kitty Litter and an Outdoor Rug?
  171. What an entrepreneur!
  172. Moving - border town - NM/west TX - please advise
  173. A puppy's first snow...
  174. BB out on Alltel
  175. Best Remix
  176. NY State firearms forum
  177. What NON Firearm Gifts Are You Shopping For This Year?
  178. "Tree Hugger"
  179. Larry Hickey Fundraising raffle/in jail after SD shooting
  180. OJ Simpson Sentenced!
  181. Got this in an email
  182. CSI Episode
  183. Canadian PM Suspends Parliament to Keep Power-Could it happen here?
  184. Barack
  185. Neighborhoods printing their own money?
  186. Need help with Firefox
  187. Sheep, Wolf, Sheepdog, but whats a Zombie
  188. Neighbors: Good and Quiet!
  189. Oops, Sorry Honey, I Shot The TV
  190. Never bring a knife to a...candy cane fight?
  191. Space Shuttle sightings/experiences
  192. JFK assassination
  193. Lunar Conjunction, 12.2.08
  194. "Pilot's gun discharges on US Airways flight"....not good! (merged x 3)
  195. What do Retired People Do All Day?
  196. Burglar Found In Rubbermaid Container
  197. Obsessive Compulsive?
  198. Best Christmas Present Ever!
  199. Speeding.
  200. You're gonna love this
  201. The New Addition
  202. UK bans fire extinguishers
  203. Calling for a ban !
  204. Internet Lawyers: Weigh In!
  205. Training question.
  206. I am a proud Dad of a 14 year old daughter!
  207. Happy holidays to all
  208. 7-Eleven is Hiring
  209. Bad: Wounded deer attacks hunter who shot him
  210. Bullet Spectacular
  211. Burglary Commercial
  212. An original Christmas poem by Aznav!
  213. Hunting fun 2008
  214. Just Wanted to Brag a Little
  215. WTS (elsewhere) -- AMSEC CSC safe, free shpg
  216. OK, I give up. Can't find it ??????
  217. Musings on my Taco Bell run tonight
  218. Educating the Sheep
  219. Cardboard figure keeps police at bay
  220. Get Out of the Car!‏
  221. So Pennsylvania....
  222. Off-Duty Connecticut Officer Shoots Daughter (Thinking Intruder)
  223. Not quite sure how to handle this one?
  224. Keep your finger off the trigger...
  225. Accidental shooting kills Ghent man, 47
  226. My dad tricked me
  227. Don't tick off Santa
  228. Need a BlackBerry
  229. What car/truck do you drive?
  230. Police chief accidentally shoots himself in the leg
  231. Wal-Mart Death-What is wrong with people?
  232. Armed Pilots?
  233. Anyone else putting up Christmas decorations today?
  234. And now an AVDB
  235. Walmart worker trampled to death
  236. Black Friday
  237. Thanksgiving "Pie Chart"
  238. What a night!
  239. One of our new members has made it into the newspaper
  240. Tattoo Question
  241. This Year's Turkey
  242. Bottle opener (ideas for Christmas gifts?)
  243. All Kinds of Hunters: Man accused of taking illegal deer after shots-fired report
  244. family discussion tonight...
  245. LED's emerging technology
  246. Transporter 3
  247. I can't take it anymore! I am going to the gym!
  248. first major airsoft game
  249. Zohan Movie Comments?
  250. Immigrate the other way?