: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. Black Friday
  2. Thanksgiving "Pie Chart"
  3. What a night!
  4. One of our new members has made it into the newspaper
  5. Tattoo Question
  6. This Year's Turkey
  7. Bottle opener (ideas for Christmas gifts?)
  8. All Kinds of Hunters: Man accused of taking illegal deer after shots-fired report
  9. family discussion tonight...
  10. LED's emerging technology
  11. Transporter 3
  12. I can't take it anymore! I am going to the gym!
  13. first major airsoft game
  14. Zohan Movie Comments?
  15. Immigrate the other way?
  16. Don't Play Cowboy With A Loaded Gun
  17. DCcom- Thank you!
  18. Happy Thanksgiving to All of You:merged
  19. That's it! I am never listening to a movie review again!
  20. Experts call for global network to prevent asteroid disasters
  21. Parents clash over kindergarten Thanksgiving costumes
  22. Jon-E handwarmer . . . any hints on how to work this thing?
  23. GREAT news : Second Amendment Weekend
  24. "Stand Alone" Games?
  25. My printer won't work
  26. $700 Billion bailout is now $7 Trillion!
  27. Guess who didn't get a presidential pardon?
  28. Men vs. Women
  29. 100 Best Southern Rock Songs
  30. Hunting
  31. Proper Barrel Break In Procedure?
  32. On Christmas Eve . . .
  33. Tour of Duty, quote
  34. Thanksgiving divorce
  35. Help me celebrate
  36. Another stupid McDonalds lawsuit
  37. Not getting any?
  38. SC tax free gun holiday.
  39. Bowling For Columbine
  40. Citigroup humor
  41. New York Ironworks 2 Thumbs Down
  42. $162 dollar gun safe!
  43. Time Travel Where To?
  44. Allied Barton personell armed?
  45. Well, it's unofficially official... I'm gonna work for Hillary.
  46. So, want to help me win a gun?
  47. Canadian Police Chase.
  48. I'll be unarmed for a couple of days...
  49. Video Conference from Saudi Arabia
  50. Ooops: Elk hunter accidentally shoots horse in Salt Creek
  51. It is a guy thing
  52. How men and women shower differently
  53. Good Phone Call.
  54. Roping a deer
  55. Attack Kitty
  56. Sex Change Confusion: Ladies Only
  57. Running Win2000? (Need help)
  58. Knee operation update...
  59. Does Anyone Else Smell This?
  60. Rules for the Non-Military
  61. Bagged my Buck
  62. Playing volleyball against FBI HRT
  63. Gun control advocate PSA....(funny)
  64. Rap Is Fo Real
  65. Surgery in the morning (Thursday Nov. 20)
  66. I wonder if the cats name is Joe
  67. Happy Ammo Day!
  68. Four-year-old accidentally shoots himself in the throat
  69. Tempe/Mesa/Chandler/Gilbert area.....
  70. Tactically Yours
  71. Man nabbed after hitting girlfriend with sandwich
  72. Caring about others
  73. Just for grins...Turkey Shoot Game
  74. Moving to IL, maybe...
  75. Guns don't kill people!
  76. Thug picked the wrong house.
  77. The Flying Labrador
  78. Tot dies from hunting accident; NYC man charged with manslaughter
  79. Should The Government Stop Dumping Money Into A Giant Hole?
  80. City Boy went hunting.
  81. Government Health Warning: Do Not Swallow Chewing Gum
  82. Is everything "tactical" now?
  83. Dad the computer is making a funny noise...
  84. Chantilly, VA gunshow GTG?
  85. Being Cheap or Making Better Use of Space?
  86. need some stats
  87. Robin Williams as the American Flag
  88. What should I do about this order?
  89. Hunting Season Open, But I'm Not A Hunter!
  90. Thanks to all at DEFENSIVE CARRY !!!!
  91. Are you a CCW Redneck???
  92. Gun show run-down
  93. The importance of freedom and the cost of neglecting it
  94. So I have to learn not to share info.
  95. Saw something interesting on TV
  96. Odd items needed for the end of the world?
  97. Masked bandits at 3 a.m.
  98. First speeding ticket in 20 years...and on my Birthday!
  99. Anyone Hunting in NY Tomorrow?
  100. 4473 question
  101. Food Riots, Tax Rebellions By 2012...
  102. Allied Barton?
  103. GL MI deer hunters
  104. When I bought my ak-47
  105. Im in shock
  106. Not humorous, more about the economy
  107. Strange phone calls.
  108. Contract extended...
  109. A new cat owner's learning curve
  110. Know what would be funny? If UT hired Spurrier to replace Fulmer
  111. Want to work for the new administration? Here's the Questionairre
  112. What do you think?
  113. Opposite gas prices thread than before
  114. They Walk On 2 Legs Among Us - The Upright Brainless.
  115. Web design
  116. It's great being pregnant, working at a gun shop and having loyal customers!
  117. BREAKING NEWS - Kinda Funny!
  118. Mad Human Rights Laws (UK)
  119. Something to keep you busy....
  120. John Wayne fans ----->
  121. Just need to vent a bit at Midway
  122. Workers in the home...are people really that stupid?
  123. So how many of you have "DC" bling?
  124. Pretty sure this uniformed Deputy was an imposter
  125. Need reference... Bible & submitting to gov authority re guns
  126. Obama's Secret Service code name revealed (really)
  127. Situation my wife could have put us in...
  128. The Matrix Runs on Windows
  129. It doesn't look like JD is getting his Marine Corps Birthday Baby.
  130. Tough Woman
  131. Post 500
  132. Acronyms; SWAT and others
  133. Happens every year.....hunting season?
  134. Wally World
  135. Veteran's Day Program in our town this afternoon (WWII Vehicle pics)
  136. Fictious Question On Coming To The Aid ??
  137. Can You Guys Help Me Out
  138. I don't know if this is a good idea or not...
  139. Computer "Registry Repair Programs". Ever used one?
  140. Night time encounter.
  141. What to call my family's vacation property.
  142. Try This On A Rainy Day
  143. Creating a new forum
  144. Who is your real friend?
  145. Colonoscopies
  146. LEO's Arrested for Stealing from Wal-Mart
  147. Another Denny Crane moment
  148. Wii adaptor gives you 2 handguns or one rifle
  149. An unusual choice in armament
  150. Training
  151. Could any SIG guys help me out?
  152. God how I love these dogs...
  153. Would you run for political office?
  154. explained CCW to a friend...
  155. Obama wins
  156. 3000 yard restraining order!
  157. You cant help but laugh with this guy!
  158. First Of The Year
  159. A Little Advice?; My Dogs are Fighting
  160. The Vote - How long did you wait in line?
  161. Pledge of Allegiance
  162. What's The Best Smart Phone out There?
  163. New movie...Paul Blart: Mall Cop
  164. Creative way to get out of photo radar
  165. Armed Man On Calif. Overpass Surrenders
  166. How NOT to get out of a speeding ticket
  167. Need help locating a specific police vs. BG shooting video
  168. Good: Be Careful what you say, you never know who is listening!!
  169. Maybe I've been thinking about guns too much?
  170. Ebay Question
  171. Glen Beck Gone?
  172. Where do you get your news?
  173. My kind of girl!
  174. Who here lives in Oklahoma?
  175. What am I going to do with all this candy?
  176. Grant Award Notification
  177. Luggage delayed
  178. Speaking of candy----be careful out there this halloween
  179. Polls
  180. This was interesting
  181. An Amazing Mathematical Performance
  182. Worlds Best Frutcake Recipe
  183. Happy halloween
  184. Woman sics young boy (4 or 5 yrs old) on a cop
  185. Thought this was funny, had to share
  186. Blue Sigtac Vest & Wal-mart, not so good.
  187. Date or shooting
  188. Gran Turino - new Eastwood film
  189. Foreign currency in a disaster scenario..
  190. Warming Energy drink
  191. Okay who was it?
  192. Trekkies beware
  193. The lighter side - the 'how to' for digital TV
  194. Memphis Cop takes a whuppin'
  195. Ban These
  196. Phillies are World Champs
  197. What would you do
  198. Home Invasion - NZ Police Instructions
  199. WARNING: This House Is Protected....
  200. Remember this next time you're in a courtroom situation
  201. When pumpkins drink......
  202. Swiffer Mop Thingie question
  203. Man posing as officer robs motorist
  204. Gangsta Grandma
  205. Aftermath of the Election Day Aftermath
  206. Before the election day aftermath
  207. Drew down on a masked Bandit last night
  208. Boston Legal funny Crime Watch video
  209. Panasonic KX-FL511 Fax Machine
  210. You are right
  211. Classic yet Obscure Rock Songs
  212. Accident scenario
  213. Installing a husband
  214. Good thing this happened in AZ
  215. It's Monday morning
  216. Yeti foot print found
  217. Boy Dies After Shooting Accident
  218. Making place scary for Halloween?
  219. Chechen Hand gun.
  220. Who's going to a costume party this Halloween?
  221. Some military equipment photo's
  222. Nuclear Handgun?
  223. Self defense or murder?
  224. New Political/Social Issues Forum
  225. Go Penn State
  226. What's your personality type?
  227. Show me the caselaw…
  228. Man charged with impersonating federal agent
  229. How much trouble are you in...
  230. Election aftermath poll
  231. How are you keeping sane?
  232. Election Day aftermath
  233. U.S. Passports: made overseas, obscenely profitable
  234. Roundup time...
  235. Halloween Fun
  236. More food from the back yard...
  237. William Shatner on gun control
  238. The cost of hotdogs
  239. Dumb People
  240. Another home invasion
  241. Don't Taz me bro; Raccoon unfazed
  242. Anyone name their guns?
  243. Candidate Chooser
  244. A Case of Spreading The Money Around/Attack on McCain campaign volunteer
  245. Wife serves up Squirrel sandwiches!!!
  246. Revenge
  247. Help on Voting
  248. Must see anti-gun video
  249. Age and Marital Status of Members
  250. Seniors Guide: How to Hook up Your Analog TV After February, 2009