: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. i hate walmart
  2. How many are something other than Christian?
  3. let's see your ink
  4. Cop steals gun ?
  5. Anti Obama sign
  6. Down under, a year after.
  7. CLP is useful..
  8. I hate those white people!
  9. CQ, CQ, CQ, De KB8---
  10. CPA exam and shooting...with a poll
  11. Ugly guns
  12. ups mechanics
  13. Rust Removal....
  14. For the magic lovers....
  15. mans best friends (heros)
  16. How to Call the Police if You're Old
  17. Proflowers, part 2
  18. Annoying NEC LCD monitor problem
  19. Let's see pics of the Turtle that guards your front door...
  20. How many Christians?
  21. Amish Virus
  22. Looking for info on Valdosta Rape Gang
  23. Policemen's Ball?
  24. More Taxes?
  25. Wallys advice
  26. Other sites we participate in (myspace,facebook,websites,etc.)
  27. Racial Profiling
  28. A new SCAM email.....
  29. Let's see pics of the FISH that guards your front door...
  30. I had a good chuckle
  31. Disorder in the Court!!
  32. Does anybody keep pigeons?
  33. finally got a job!
  34. Interesting quotes from Thomas Jefferson
  35. celibacy
  36. London has now banned.....Kissing?
  37. Got me a new ride!
  38. What Is Celibacy?
  39. Roping A Deer
  40. A Squirrel, a Motorcycle, and the Police
  41. Change in focus at the mall
  42. Help me get a Hi-power
  43. Drill Sergeant Joe B. Fricks Rules For A Gunfight
  44. question about conflict of interest
  45. DOS Games?
  46. Another member missing?
  47. Wife wants Hawaii, I would like a 44 Mag
  48. How Old R U?
  49. The economy and jobs.
  50. Kicking in doors that open outward.
  51. The Redneck Mafia. . . . .
  52. Best prices on Jeep lift kits?
  53. Why do you still live there?
  54. The Coming Swarm
  55. Had to buy a new digital camera today
  56. Well, Proflowers screwed up Valentine's Day!
  57. Guns For Roses
  58. Dominos--we don't need no stinkin' dominos!
  59. why you should always carry with one in the chamber. . .
  60. Waive your 2nd amendment rights
  61. Is your gun worth a rose?
  62. Took this from Gunbroker
  63. Proud of my son
  64. Speeding Ticket (joke)
  65. Help blocking unwanted calls. Please help
  66. Military Retirement Bonus
  67. Best Commercial Ever
  68. Just good ole boys
  69. Maybe I *WILL* get one of those badges...
  70. Let's see who can pee higher up the tree contest
  71. Great news for my house!
  72. Sidewalk 1, Squawker 0
  73. Australian Fires
  74. 12+ pounds of hardware....
  75. Ugh unbelieveable
  76. Anyone ever heard of or worked for EG&G or URS Corp?
  77. Dang that was fast! Midway and UPS get thumbs up.
  78. We were robbed in Malaysia
  79. Never trust the dispatcher
  80. Icon rich environment!
  81. Coincidence?
  82. Can't a guy buy powdered eggs without mail order?
  83. Tell me about Tennessee!
  84. Worlds tallest loose standing structure
  85. When to do something?
  86. $500K Salary Tough For Banking Execs
  87. My kin was robbed today.
  88. Lawnmower DUI Taser Arrest
  89. My wife is a 10
  90. We are all Socialist Now
  91. Wal Mart ammo bandit
  92. Common Sense
  93. Website idea
  94. Ammo shortage rumors
  95. Traveling to Santa Cruz / San Jose
  96. My trophy wall
  97. Different type of tactical scenario
  98. When Grandma Goes To Court
  99. 1947.....
  100. Thinning of the herd.
  101. Setting off alarms
  102. Man, I want this kid's Dentist
  103. NRA TV Show
  104. Party Affiliation?
  105. Denny Crane Video Clips?
  106. The Good Grandpa
  107. How'd it taste?
  108. Tie string in hoodie dangerous
  109. a little humor
  110. New York City
  111. Holy cow!, I saw a Florida Panther!
  112. Woman Burned
  113. Bad: (Pittsburgh) City police officer shoots himself in the hand
  114. FaceBook users
  115. Gun Store Frustration
  116. In a police station surrounded by 16 LEOs
  117. Cleaning out the safe...
  118. Home made home security system
  119. When would you employ your rifle
  120. Report: Man Killed by Exploding Cell Phone
  121. Old Man Joke
  122. Watch
  123. Man Rules...
  124. Annual Senior Citizen Test...
  125. An interesting link
  126. Any Indian blood here at DC
  127. Wife's SUV was stolen last night & totaled (with Pics)
  128. Old Jeeps are a lot more expensive than I thought!
  129. so I found this outside work
  130. Thoughts On Disaster Survival
  131. DC.com February Pic Of The Month submissions
  132. My Response to the Libs:
  133. Major Super Bowl Screw Up!
  134. Amazing Skills.....
  135. I Want My $45 Back
  136. Falling ice!
  137. Borrowed Funny
  138. What Does Your Avatar Mean?
  139. 40 Reasons Guns Should Be Banned
  140. Spring is coming, and we can see the deer wandering around now
  141. Govt seeks permission to limit communication
  142. Airplane crash
  143. DC.com January '09 Pic Of The Month
  144. Playmobile Security Check Point
  145. When's the panic going to subside
  146. Super Bowl
  147. For Sixto, wood burners
  148. When the zombies come...
  149. Hometown shootout
  150. It made Fox news...
  151. Fell in the parking lot at work
  152. Gun show observations
  153. 25 Ways to tell You're Grown Up
  154. Here's my Frozen Range.
  155. Mature Lady Driver
  156. New noise in the house
  157. What is the fastest thing you know of ?
  158. Glenn Beck
  159. cool stuff
  160. E*TRADE Baby
  161. Post Your: "Experience of a Lifetime"
  162. These guys need us! You vets remember our bro's.
  163. Bubonic Al Qaeda Not Newsworthy?
  164. Rant...
  165. Can you help?
  166. For the record, I have sold ALL of my guns!!!!
  167. Pretty Cool Drum Corps
  168. working at a gun store
  169. Who started the yard sign thread?
  170. On-line Police Scanner...
  171. Best Christmas Present!!!!
  172. How good are your eyes???
  173. A lesson learned...
  174. I miss Lurking
  175. Ok, Who did it? " Zombies ahead"
  176. Pocket Tazer
  177. F16 vs C130- There is a moral here....
  178. It's Called The Mom Song
  179. Funny Song
  180. Guns kill kids and people! Or this...
  181. Do you know where your sexual predators are?
  182. Test your counting skills.
  183. Now this is funny...Zombies Ahead [merged]
  184. Can I buy Obama an NRA Membership?
  185. The best way to get a parking citation.
  186. Disregard this poll, it's far too old!
  187. Holy cow
  188. My gun keeps hurting my kids
  189. Presidential Gatling Gun
  190. Mount Rushmore
  191. Back from Vacation (Idaho) Photos
  192. I'm actually looking forward to this.....
  193. Considered one of the best days!
  194. 1099
  195. My other passion...(lotso pix)
  196. I hate Ice
  197. Born Again American
  198. Record Cold for Idaho Falls on 1/27
  199. iGiveUp
  200. Digital TV Transition Delayed.....
  201. This woman "nails it"
  202. Think I got a new job
  203. Does This Guy Sound Familiar?
  204. For the cat people
  205. funny hope it works
  206. 10 Months and 12 Days later…
  207. Stupidest movie (trailer) I've seen in a while
  208. Gran Torino
  209. MythBusters
  210. Any building/home inspectors here???
  211. What does your screen name mean?
  212. We've all seen these.
  213. Feel safe?
  214. Ted Nugent and the Ghost of Christmas Past...
  215. Forums down a couple of nights ago. Ponder a WCS
  216. Australians are great!!!
  217. Best Western - Modern Era
  218. A different shooting Game, but this takes skill
  219. Mass. Liberal Judicial System, Where's The Justice
  220. I heard of getting scared poopless
  221. What Brought Plane Down in Hudson River
  222. Welcome Back TwinCarry
  223. More Trunk Monkey's
  224. Bullet-proof stroller??
  225. Ok, fess up...who is it
  226. Glad we're in America!
  227. NY new Senator
  228. Are you an informed American?
  229. Happy John Moses Browning's Birthday
  230. Apology
  231. One Dumb Crook...
  232. Do you trust your spouse?
  233. Interrogations ???
  234. Acts 2:38
  235. Somethings are just wrong
  236. Where is Bumper?
  237. Women Drivers
  238. Feeling like a creep
  239. Anyone know if Jeff Dunhams' (comedian/ventriloquist) shows are family friendly?
  240. Aznav's Butt-Kicking/Trash-Talking Equation (with variables):
  241. How to avoid being mugged.
  242. Dear Mr. Mugger
  243. For The Star Wars Geeks
  244. First Gran Torino...Now Defiance...
  245. Ted Nugent and the Ghost
  246. Voting for DC.com pic of the month Jan '09
  247. How are you celebrating inauguration day?
  248. Paul Blart Mall Cop
  249. A Google giggle
  250. Gun Salesman of the Year