: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. Happened at my daughters work
  2. What kind of husband are you?
  3. Beyond PETA: Scary
  4. PETA's latest stupidity.
  5. Ratchet: Another heartwarming dog story
  6. Pardon my Vent
  7. Domestic Intelligence Agency?
  8. I need advice
  9. Hotels with pants pressers
  10. What happened to the Captain?
  11. First Fire In New Fireplace Insert
  12. Do you know what feels weird?
  13. Well, I WAS planning on picking out a new AR...
  14. For All You Dog Lovers: Dancing with Dogs
  15. To all the Harley owners
  16. Early voting in texas!!!
  17. Early voting starts today in FL
  18. Went to the gun show today, sigh.....
  19. Horsing around
  20. I got laid off
  21. Kebab anybody
  22. Phony UPS drivers,Texas
  23. I Guess Crime Does Pay....
  24. Please place all coins,metal objects and pipe bombs in tray
  25. So i got my 13 button pants back from the cleaner...
  26. Colin Farrell is a little gun-shy
  27. Police Officer Monkeys
  28. Found some funny firearm shirts...
  29. "Third Revolution"
  30. And The Sign Says...........It All
  31. Why you should say no to drugs: Woodstock Version
  32. Gun Control
  33. Autumn Photos
  34. Why can't I get this lucky?
  35. First bird hunt of the season
  36. The gun grabbers lose again.
  37. 1 Adam 12, A 415 Fight, See The Woman
  38. Accidental Shooting (Spoof): Starting the Race with a Gun
  39. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha
  40. Pacifism and Self Defense: Mutually Exclusive?
  41. Reasons to Carry a Gun Today
  42. Toddler shoots Dad: MERGED
  43. The Elevator
  44. Would you ask a BG to keep his finger off the trigger?
  45. Anybody else watching Monday Night Football?
  46. Medical Supplies for SHTF kit?
  47. Funniest thing said to daughter's date...
  48. Funny Statements and Questions
  49. Garage Storage Suggestions?
  50. Gunstore Arrest
  51. Hitting the Brady Bunch in the pocket.
  52. "Code G"
  53. Captain Kirk in the 21st Century...
  54. The greatest play in Baseball
  55. Online Games links?
  56. You sure have an easy job....
  57. Your position in society when the SHTF
  58. Non-carry question for you lawyers
  59. OT, not humor. I'm disappointed in myself
  60. For you AK guys
  61. Lots of new members
  62. Economic death spiral...
  63. Funny kids pictures
  64. Really off-Topic.
  65. Story from work-long,but im stressed.
  66. Hello from Knob Creek Ky....
  67. Vladimir Putin & His Black Belt
  68. NRA Members
  69. Should I call the LEO'S
  70. What happens when weapons bans go too far.
  71. Investing Questions
  72. Local gun dealer marquee
  73. Gardener Ordered to Remove Barbed Wire Fence on Grounds It Could 'Wound Thieves'
  74. Washington state woman shot by stove
  75. New Stock Market Terms
  76. Range suicide
  77. Ignorant, gun-hating MSM at work
  78. City worker blues?
  79. SNAKE in my truck! HELP!!!
  80. Holy Smoke: Wildfire burns at Marine ordnance disposal area
  81. King Tut exhibit at Dallas Museum of Art - CCW's OK!
  82. Off Topic Rant on the Economy and Politics
  83. New element discovered!
  84. A bald eagle named "Challenger".
  85. The Bottle of Wine
  86. Firefox question
  87. Todays Real American Hero
  88. I need your help
  89. should i make a resume ?
  90. i know there are some jeep lovers here!
  91. Starting a diesel engine sitting for 3 years - old fuel
  92. New radio program
  93. Raising my neighborhood crime level from low to high
  94. How to Invest $1,000 in the Stock Market
  95. VW general manager, et al, are visting Chatt State today - where I teach
  96. Denny Crane Carries One In The Chamber
  97. Think like a professional
  98. Cure for the "yips"?
  99. Ugly: Jobless father kills family, self
  100. FBI warns of potential terror attacks on public buildings
  101. Trunk Monkey
  102. Will the current housing "crisis" be better for us in the long run?
  103. A Stun Gun on an Animal is Disturbing?
  104. Conquering an old foe......
  105. Ideas for an ethics paper.
  106. Three New Husbands
  107. Have you ever wanted to do something but your spouse said no?
  108. The Front fell off!!
  109. Acura TL Commercial
  110. Nicknames
  111. What kind of neighborhood do you live in economic-wise
  112. What kind of neighborhood do you live in crime-wise
  113. Who keeps a 'shoot' box?
  114. Summer's end
  115. MAP: Where are the DC Members
  116. GREAT: OJ Simpson GUILTY all 12 counts
  117. Get your picks in!
  118. Movie: An American Carol
  119. Chuck Norris Jokes
  120. She shoots herself and then laughs.....
  121. Acronyms Thread
  122. Lucky moments
  123. Best Bail Out PLAN
  124. Desperate: Man shoots own arm after being denied sex
  125. Ike evacuees complain of violence at shelter
  126. War on gangs continues
  127. Mortgage-Backed Securities Bailout
  128. Security requirements Florida
  129. UK: Gun = Bad, Knives=Bad...now Walking Sticks=Bad!
  130. NEWSFLASH!! Cynthia McKinney announces discovery of 5,000 bodies in La. swamp!
  131. My favorite words to live by...
  132. Dish Network Channel 73
  133. OK this is harder than you think...
  134. Where does the time go ??
  135. What do you call it?
  136. Milking a cow
  137. Biggest Loser Part 2
  138. Belt Testing - Taekwondo
  139. Humor: Blond Antelope
  140. Caught a Savannah Monitor in my backyard
  141. here kitty, kitty
  142. No Bull: Woman Wearing Cow Suit Charged With Disorderly Conduct
  143. A few demotivational posters
  144. The possibility of ANOTHER operation...
  145. Economy Woes & Family
  146. Criminals for Gun Control
  147. How 'bout them Ole Miss Rebels?
  148. Ugly. 16 years old and he had a rule......
  149. And That's How The Fight Started . . .
  150. Fickle Finger o' Fate
  151. Neutral: Bad behavior forces home owner to move
  152. Swat Hand Signals
  153. How many hunters do we have?
  154. T-Bone's alcohol and ammo
  155. Good video about a ship I was stationed onboard..
  156. What would you do? - Gahanna Ohio homeowner stalked by ex-owner
  157. Burglary Commercial
  158. Would you trade your wife for a shotgun?
  159. Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?
  160. This will take about a hour to watch...
  161. Your opinion: Somalian Pirates hijack cargo ship...
  162. Situational Awareness: tampering with the water supply
  163. Back from the Presidential Debate in Oxford MS.
  164. I just got the strangest phone call
  165. Another great actor gone
  166. Heavenly Computer Contest
  167. Colonoscopy/Gastoscopy
  168. Had a good Day with My 06 Tacoma
  169. is your 401k taking a dive too?
  170. Bailout Yeah or Neah
  171. How did you meet your spouse?
  172. This is crazy
  173. Four Worms and a Lesson.
  174. Faking A GSW
  175. Were you ever almost killed?
  176. Scooter with two front wheels?
  177. Have drugs changed your life?
  178. Starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu...and other Martial Arts questions...
  179. Same Bat work, New Bat channel
  180. Repeat Offender of a higher caliber.
  181. Simpler yet...
  182. What famous people have you met?
  183. Hot Business Mergers for 2009
  184. New water cooler
  185. Man charged with farting on a cop
  186. An American Carol
  187. Whoo-Hoo!!! I finally got an interview!!!
  188. Don't be a buzzard
  189. If you have the time.. You must see it all!!
  190. blackberry
  191. Who works kydex and has some spare time?
  192. Hurricane Drinks
  193. Does anyone watch "Jehrico"?
  194. Coast Guard and the UFC in the Middle East
  195. What's up with AR?
  196. 'Hail cannon' has neighbors ready to explode
  197. Can you say Idiot?
  198. Bless my daughters heart
  199. Toyota Ad from Scotland
  200. Inline water filter question???
  201. Going to San Jose, Grand canyon and back to Canada
  202. I promise this will turn your stomach
  203. OK this one is easer...
  204. Black Helicopter! Honest!
  205. Situational awareness among prey animals
  206. Pass/Fail
  207. Great Idea for a Federal Bailout Plan
  208. Portland Construction workers???????????
  209. Amazing Home remedies
  210. Sunday range time and Ike's wind damage
  211. Man, that's the good stuff
  212. OT: puns
  213. A promise I hope to keep
  214. I Knew This Was Coming
  215. AR-15 magazine donations anyone?
  216. Going to Theater in the city
  217. straight from al-anbar
  218. Question about the Economy
  219. Why did I get flipped off?
  220. Police Officer Found Guilty Unregistered Fully Automatic Sub-Machine Gun
  221. Stupid military time
  222. Gang terrify motorists with AK47 rifle
  223. Parker Bows?
  224. Back yard pellet gun range...
  225. OK, lets try this again...Tell me about CO!
  226. Biggest Loser
  227. Gun maker get nailed-Sort of.
  228. Male bonding: My brother and I
  229. A little help Please
  230. Got molar out tonight
  231. Back from mini vacation
  232. CERN Large Hadron Collider video
  233. What does a DC.com member look like? (pic thread)
  234. This will tie you up for a while...
  235. I'm voting the same as this brave young man!
  236. Off topic , not humor , laptop died .
  237. Pictures from Galveston, TX
  238. For the Women
  239. One heck of a hike. Think you could do it?
  240. Death Row Inmate: "If it would make people happy, shoot me in the head with a .45"
  241. Hells Angels
  242. Why I Carry
  243. My Tale of tommorrow...
  244. Do the dishes OR ELSE
  245. South Florida Shooting Motivational Posters
  246. OOPS!!
  247. Free Gasoline Coupon
  248. Weight Loss Thread
  249. How Not To Pay Off A Losing Bet
  250. Power of Observation