: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. What's up with AR?
  2. 'Hail cannon' has neighbors ready to explode
  3. Can you say Idiot?
  4. Bless my daughters heart
  5. Toyota Ad from Scotland
  6. Inline water filter question???
  7. Going to San Jose, Grand canyon and back to Canada
  8. I promise this will turn your stomach
  9. OK this one is easer...
  10. Black Helicopter! Honest!
  11. Situational awareness among prey animals
  12. Pass/Fail
  13. Great Idea for a Federal Bailout Plan
  14. Portland Construction workers???????????
  15. Amazing Home remedies
  16. Sunday range time and Ike's wind damage
  17. Man, that's the good stuff
  18. OT: puns
  19. A promise I hope to keep
  20. I Knew This Was Coming
  21. AR-15 magazine donations anyone?
  22. Going to Theater in the city
  23. straight from al-anbar
  24. Question about the Economy
  25. Why did I get flipped off?
  26. Police Officer Found Guilty Unregistered Fully Automatic Sub-Machine Gun
  27. Stupid military time
  28. Gang terrify motorists with AK47 rifle
  29. Parker Bows?
  30. Back yard pellet gun range...
  31. OK, lets try this again...Tell me about CO!
  32. Biggest Loser
  33. Gun maker get nailed-Sort of.
  34. Male bonding: My brother and I
  35. A little help Please
  36. Got molar out tonight
  37. Back from mini vacation
  38. CERN Large Hadron Collider video
  39. What does a DC.com member look like? (pic thread)
  40. This will tie you up for a while...
  41. I'm voting the same as this brave young man!
  42. Off topic , not humor , laptop died .
  43. Pictures from Galveston, TX
  44. For the Women
  45. One heck of a hike. Think you could do it?
  46. Death Row Inmate: "If it would make people happy, shoot me in the head with a .45"
  47. Hells Angels
  48. Why I Carry
  49. My Tale of tommorrow...
  50. Do the dishes OR ELSE
  51. South Florida Shooting Motivational Posters
  52. OOPS!!
  53. Free Gasoline Coupon
  54. Weight Loss Thread
  55. How Not To Pay Off A Losing Bet
  56. Power of Observation
  57. Gas Price Shopping
  58. Man Banned From City Offices Could Lose Gun Permit
  59. Bird dogs
  60. Concealed carry action/horror short film
  61. Back window of a pickup truck I saw today
  62. Hope Les Schwab Is Wrong
  63. Someone owes their dog dog a steak dinner!
  64. Wild day/night in the midwest
  65. Ike damage in West Tennessee!
  66. possible nutjob
  67. Scalia on 60 Minutes
  68. Molon labe
  69. Today is weird, not looking forward to tonight...
  70. Report gas gouging!!
  71. A Young 'Conservative' in the Making?
  72. Obama ad targets McCain's Dissability
  73. Unemployment is really getting bad
  74. And Yet Another Pit Bull Infant Fatality
  75. To My Darling Husband:
  76. Range critter
  77. Not Exactly Gov Approved but...
  78. A Future Republican in the Making...
  79. Off Topic Bible Reference Assistance
  80. Hey! You wear glasses!
  81. Viruses
  82. SIG promo. STL-900L Tactical Light/Laser
  83. Can anybody help with a phone?
  84. Hunkered Down for Hurricane Ike
  85. GAS !
  86. That old sinking feeling....
  87. Funny "WARLORD" on YouTube
  88. Man gets whacked with sausage.
  89. Makes A 1911 Guy Wanna Go Out & Buy A Glock
  90. 9.11
  91. Anybody post on runnersworld.com forums?
  92. Not, square knot, and whatnot-how do you say..........'00'?
  93. Best way to find forum members from home state
  94. The perfect takedown?
  95. The Old West Lives On
  96. Chicago gangs traveling road show
  97. Political Topics/Alternate Forum? Updated with link
  98. COD4: who plays?
  99. tru TV Tonight
  100. Crappy day, just thought I'd share
  101. For The Aviation Buffs (And Pilots, Too)
  102. Time wave zero - 2012 A.D.
  103. Student killed after school
  104. Any dog owners here? breed recommendations please
  105. More local stupidity today
  106. home invasion of the strange kind
  107. All together Now.
  108. Anyone NOT received stimulis payment?
  109. I think he had tee many martoonis
  110. I've got to show this off just a bit...
  111. Dept. of Corrections employees - Prison work
  112. I let myself get talked into doing something dumb!
  113. The Tulsa Prosecutor
  114. Not the smartest deer in the herd
  115. Shipping a guitar to Iraq?
  116. Professional appearance: a shaven head
  117. Mushroom hunters?
  118. Cheap Ammo!
  119. A Powerful message
  120. Thank You TapRackBang
  121. It's good to be back in the gun store sometimes..
  122. A Bandit outside my house - Shots fired - Well, sort of...
  123. Cops kick in door after hearing cries for help
  124. Do i need one of these before i go hunting?
  125. Recommended Wood Finish: Plywood Workbench
  126. Resume' help
  127. From the Pan to the Fire?
  128. Story from a lovely Lady...
  129. The Pet Diaryes...
  130. Wounded Soldier Forced to Sleep in Car After Hotel Denies Him a Room
  131. Our Gov't at Work: Duck stamp number sends callers to sex line
  132. Honey I can't find that money anywhere
  133. Wisconsin's lookin' mighty good right now...
  134. Just when I thought it couldn't get any lower
  135. High Speed Footage
  136. Warning for Dog Owners
  137. Detroit Kilpatrick pleads out.
  138. Newlyweds killed by DUI
  139. A moment for the history books
  140. Shifty's Rifle
  141. Sheep Shocker: Police stations don't offer bubble of safety
  142. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.
  143. Unlucky Robber
  144. Italian Golfer
  145. a few jokes for ya.
  146. Future Rocket Scientist
  147. Top 10 Signs Your Cat is Hanging Out With the Wrong Crowd!
  148. RNC Delegations violently attacked!
  149. Internet cameras (home security?)
  150. Dewalt Makes Guns?
  151. Equal time for the criminal element
  152. Photography help
  153. Avoiding tickets
  154. Car Debate: Old & Cheap or Newer & Costs a Bit More
  155. Almost nailed a black bear last night ...
  156. Glock 40
  157. The wife gets a 10 on this one.
  158. Kleptomaniacs
  159. Pit Bulls Maul 70-Year Old in NY
  160. National Anthem
  161. Beware: Gun Confiscation
  162. When did stores forget how to punch in card #s when the stripe doesn't work? GRRRR
  163. Really Bad - 2-yr old Kills Self
  164. First calf of the year.
  165. Kids
  166. Happy Life
  167. Firefox 3.0.1 location bar help?
  168. P90X Workout DVDs
  169. Idiot sighting
  170. Priceless
  171. What the hell is wrong with people
  172. Gustav
  173. Hug a computer programmer
  174. Basement In An Earth Berm House
  175. Okay, let's take a PRE-vote.......
  176. Denver is throwing out the rule book.
  177. Ammo shortage in Alabama
  178. Man's Rights, By Ayn Rand
  179. Going to Nashville
  180. Thanks OBAMA !!!!!!
  181. 101 Things To Do Before You Die.
  182. Empty Nester
  183. Funny commercials from Alexander Keith's -- the Pride of Nova Scotia!
  184. Dream Come True? Zombies in San Francisco.
  185. Career brainstorming!
  186. How many still use a pager?
  187. (Congressman) Hinchey due in court to answer harassment complaint (NRA Related)
  188. Schummer LOVES guns
  189. Security Briefs with hidden velcro pouch
  190. XD in ND
  191. Shaggy Snail Story
  192. Noah
  193. U.S. Navy Directive 16134
  194. Burned money again - Gander Mountain
  195. Ruling the road
  196. Congratulations Grand Rapids (Mi)
  197. What Bug Bugs You?
  198. Any Titan owners here?
  199. Looking for online contact database/management
  200. Leroy
  201. Criminals For Gun Control
  202. The Bloods have arrived in the nationís capital
  203. Just Hanging Around
  204. I'm Impressed
  205. Safety on campus
  206. Think you are having a bad day?
  207. Great Role model
  208. Safe haven law
  209. Spaghetti,
  210. Whose line is it anyways
  211. The Golden Phone
  212. Why are fire engines red?
  213. Murder Charged, Impossible to Arrest!! What should be done?
  214. Pay Your Library Fine Or Go To Jail
  215. magnets
  216. Don't taze me, Bro
  217. Who will Guard the Guards?
  218. 9/11 Story Missing?
  219. How many gun control activist does to take to shoot a firearm in SD?
  220. Contract killer emails my mother in law??
  221. Any Crossbow Shooters- newbie questions
  222. Attention all Military Vets and active duty!
  223. Update of Events
  224. I'm going deer hunting!
  225. Man Found Guilty of Using Garden Gnome as a Deadly Weapon
  226. Does this sound like a career criminal to you? Note his age
  227. Oil change instructions for men and women
  228. Tell me about Scranton Pa.
  229. Me teaching...
  230. Fisherman
  231. Manbearpig found
  232. A Few Clean Jokes
  233. UK Police Arrest Drunk Driver with 'Assassin's Kit' and "self loading" pistol
  234. Fretting over Fickle Fay
  235. Another Case for Park Carry
  236. Another dummy
  237. Security Based Home Design
  238. "In God We Trust" up to a vote????????
  239. How not to fight...
  240. Deer Hunting: Hot Spot vs. Scouting
  241. We're In Trouble
  242. Making your home a "Hard target"
  243. Please read Carefully
  244. 9 Phrases women use...and their meanings
  245. NYC Mass Transit Puzzle
  246. American Kenpo Knife Techniques
  247. Dumb Robber Loses Wallet
  248. Funny Picture
  249. Why not to be a Canadian Bus driver
  250. Idiot caught on camera