: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. My 45 sec ad
  2. Nobody home at Blue Cross/ Blue Shield
  3. Sean Penn needs to grow eyes in the back of his head.
  4. Law enforcement question i guess
  5. How about?
  6. Archie Bunker for President
  7. Bifocals
  8. I Was Naked For 12 Days & I Have Pictures To Prove IT
  9. Gun magazines
  10. My Wife's Wisdom
  11. Movie REVENANT review A+
  12. Chicago shootings off to a fast start in 2016
  13. How to actually stop gun crime in the United States...
  14. Anti gun people fear normal gun owners more than actual criminals....
  15. Snagmags
  16. No more 'man' in Naval Rating names.
  17. Preschool in a Nursing Home: Brilliant idea!!!!
  18. Tell me about ranges..... and not the shooting kind
  19. An Overlooked Benefit to Having Lots of Guns
  20. Familiarity breeds contempt(or stupid is as stupid does)
  21. You know you have a good child when.....
  22. My Old Neighborhood
  23. Jumpin' Jackrabbits!
  24. Military working dogs and police k9s
  25. Liberal tears...a real product.
  26. For the ladies: Dinner with a veteran. Sound nice?
  27. Armslist issues?
  28. More cat pictures.
  29. Our Kind of Claw Machine Game
  30. Giving business to places who are pro-gun
  31. Another Houston Gun Range Goes 30:07
  32. So sat biggest lottery drawing in US history ..700 mil or more ...What would you buy?
  33. Tighty Whiteys the pick of Naval Special Warfare as their primary undergarmet
  34. Going dark
  35. Now it's a Florida Woman, what is it with the people in that state?
  36. You picked the wrong gun for SHTF
  37. Climate change non-believers ban from buying firearms!
  38. Mark Twain Quote
  39. These folks should be in an NRA ad.
  40. Mill's Fleet Farm sold to KKR & Co.
  41. Jeepers
  42. Akaido Instructor teaches best defense against a knife
  43. Shepherd's Pie or Meatloaf Recipe
  44. Another PSA from packinnova
  45. Tears of a Clown
  46. Your opinions - Pair of LED lights for each side of my Jeep Wrangler Windshield?
  47. Banned on facebook
  48. ESPN
  49. Obama For NRA Persident
  50. Missing Members
  51. Domino pizza
  52. Need More NDs in Your Life - We Can Help
  53. Fastest way to get through a border patrol checkpoint
  54. I got such a super offer at a gun show , yet, I turned it down....
  55. British Police Drama Luther
  56. How to accurately use mass public shooting info. in debates.
  57. BG arrested after victim takes "selfie" with him
  58. Poor Best Buy/Sharp customer service
  59. Alamo Bowl: 31-0 Comeback for TCU to win in Triple OT
  60. Rum.
  61. Mad mom sees your gun!
  62. CC grabs for wallet and shoots self in rear
  63. Just a reminder - Complacency and carelessness apply to more then just firearms
  64. Who Wants To CC This Weapon?
  65. If there could be an 11th Commandment...
  66. TV show "Hunting Hitler"
  67. 2016 Resolution
  68. Sweet Home Alabama
  69. Where will you be 4 years from now?
  70. Bowl blowouts.
  71. Chicago got an early start on violence.
  72. Meet 'Nadine' the most human like sociable robot
  73. Virtual Shooters
  74. Bear just gotta wish everyone a Happy and Greatful Last Year of Obama!
  75. Natalie Cole dead at 65
  76. Second Call Defense answers call at 11:30 NYE
  77. Minuteman III Launch & Delivery Animation
  78. Trapper John (Mash) has passed away.
  79. Found a piece of my childhood yesterday in a storage box.
  80. Hey NONAME....Happy New Year!
  81. Happy New Year
  82. Heroin- Destroys lives
  83. Year end humor.
  84. Wife completed permit class yesterday
  85. Yet another college football player suspended/out of bowl game
  86. Home invasion suspect accidentally shoots self in Philadelphia
  87. Violence breaks out
  88. New Year Resolutions
  89. Happy New Year
  90. Homeowner holds goat molester at gunpoint for police
  91. How do you Maintain your Sanity
  92. Equal Time for STS
  93. why is the us Army ad showing crowd control scene?
  94. Duck won't eat?
  95. You've won a Walmart gift card.
  96. Wife taking CC permit class tomorrow
  97. Double Homicide
  98. Had to deploy my EDC today
  99. Paging Darwin...
  100. Ban Gun Magazines?
  101. Got a call from the IRS, I owe $4,500 in taxes.
  102. Happy New Year (PC heavy)
  103. Beautiful guns
  104. Prosecutor Gets Suspended for Pulling Gun on Spiders on the Wall
  105. New ISIS Regulations for Sex With Slaves
  106. New Bigfoot pics WV
  107. Media Bias. Again.
  108. Marines' Robot Mule Is Too Loud For War
  109. The Photographer and the Lion
  110. Hoverboards
  111. Affluenza criminal caught in Mexico
  112. Heavy metal great Lemmy dies at 70
  113. Just before Christmas
  114. Outlaws on the DC Beltway
  115. The dog did it!
  116. Myalgia parenschetica...... anyone else have to deal with it?
  117. Burglary suspect shoots himself in leg while confronting victim
  118. It's been a 2 year experiment
  119. So Long, Clown Prince
  120. Vikings wanted!
  121. Very Profound MEME
  122. Thoughts On Urban Survival......Read It.
  123. Historic powder horn goes up for auction, belonged to Alexander Hamilton
  124. North Texas Severe Weather
  125. Two true Americans at the house...
  126. High-end handgun maker Cabot Guns is making a pair of pistols from a meteorite.
  127. How about some laughs?
  128. DC Christmas Decoration
  129. First Date, Last Date.
  130. Forgotten Weapon: Colt 1855 Revolving Shotgun
  131. A real Christmas Miracle…
  132. Update on Garland Texas attack
  133. (Off Topic) Weird one: Woman killed by bullet husband fired to stop grizzly attack
  134. Anyone here repair wrist watches?
  135. Oh my gosh...how can this be?!?!
  136. Lest We Forget.....What A Real Leader Looks Like.
  137. 101 yrs ago Christmas truce halted WWI
  138. Merry Christmas!
  139. NO SEX Since 1955
  140. Tidings of comfort and joy
  141. Merry Christmas to all!
  142. A Christmas reminder
  143. I am Flabergasted Over This Whole Incident
  144. So What Are You Guys Getting Me
  145. 10-year-old Prodigy Singing a Beautiful Christmas Song
  146. For those of you who are tracking Santa!
  147. LaRue Tactical wished me a Happy Holiday!
  148. 7 year old sings O Holy Night.................Amazing, Enjoy and Merry Chirstmas
  149. Mewwy Chwithmuth
  150. New term for the gun control debate..."The German Model" of gun control....
  151. enjoying Christmas eve Subhuman style
  152. Drinking during the holidays?
  153. Prayers for a member
  154. Happy Howlidays
  155. Merry Christmas......
  156. Well armed activists openly defy Tx law.
  157. What's Santa bringing you?
  158. Christmas past DC style
  159. New Family Member
  160. Optics Planet
  161. Upcoming non-specific winter celebration.
  162. Forum Name Changes Pending Marriage
  163. protests in MN at Mall of America and the airport
  164. SpaceX Successfully Recovers (Lands) First Stage Rocket
  165. Bethlehemian Rhapsody
  166. Husband and wife Christmas shopping.
  167. 'Twas the Match Before Christmas
  168. Christmas movies
  169. Catch and release has gone too far
  170. Fascinating Video On WW2 and Deaths incurred (Non Violent all graphs, but fascinating
  171. The Poll to End Them All
  172. Shoot more, look less
  173. Coming Here Soon.
  174. Everywhere I look I see targets
  175. 2016 calendar
  176. Anti-politically correct signs
  177. Ahem....which Mod was responsible?
  178. Old grooming commercials
  179. You Too can have a Hans Solo Blaster!
  180. Junkies get all the good stuff
  181. My little elf...
  182. My dog is to lazy to chase Cats.
  183. Words to live by
  184. A friend asked for HD help....
  185. My "likes" Have Increased
  186. EOTech joke!
  187. Wife Schools Macho-Man
  188. We need common sense car control
  189. ShooterGranny, this made me think of you!
  190. Miss Universe 2015: Host Steve Harvey Names Wrong Woman Winner
  191. Proud Parents!
  192. Our Nation's First Christmas
  193. USAF Honor Guard Bearing Test
  194. Totally awesome rendition of Hallelujah
  195. Any of our members photography experts??
  196. Advertise And They Will Find You
  197. What are some of your most awkward moments?
  198. Presidential Wars: Restoring The Republic
  199. Dum - Dum - Dum - Da - Da - Da - Da - Da - Da......Brrrrrrtbt!
  200. Step Up Ladies.............Please.
  201. 25% discount for those that open carry Jan 1st
  202. All I wanted for Christmas
  203. CVS in Glen Burnie
  204. Merry Christmas to my wife....
  205. Shooting(s) in Knoxville, TN
  206. Texas...explained
  207. Remember abused dog rescued in Charleston?
  208. Windows 10
  209. Jstout0712 is 100,000
  210. A Safe Driving Message For The Holidays
  211. This is hillarious!
  212. 10,000 Members Strong!
  213. For You History and Sci-Fi Buffs Out There....Some Perspective
  214. Our brightest young people and the Constitution
  215. I'm getting married
  216. Smart man
  217. This makes me sick...
  218. Confederate Monuments to be Removed in Louisiana
  219. Miachel Moore on Tonight
  220. Wright Brothers Flight
  221. Maggie?
  222. Banned from Walmart - from another board
  223. Comparing two chest holsters: Diamond D and Simply Rugged
  224. Disney Installing Metal Detectors
  225. Women and the draft
  226. Interesting read on Vietnam war
  227. What practical jokes have you given or received? This one brought back memories.
  228. First cell phones and now this...a bit concerning
  229. Too Many Guns?
  230. Kid Circles a Tornado
  231. Mistake Number One
  232. Today in History - December 16, 1773
  233. Ben killed a man
  234. What Bad Guys Do
  235. The most powerful engine in the world
  236. Driver's license renewal today
  237. Gift Cards That Keeps on Giving!
  238. A PC warning for our brethren from Idaho
  239. Don't forget your best friend this Christmas...
  240. Funny If Not So Sad
  241. Battling the Bear
  242. Oh Bubbieeeesdaaaaaaad.... I have something for yooooouuu...
  243. Scientific proof that I'm brilliant
  244. Help? Dunno whatcha call it but it's something that helps with socks.
  245. Local story about a real patriot; deserves some exposure.
  246. How to Throw Your Life Away for $8,700
  247. Lost X Files Christmas episode
  248. The Politically Correct Santa
  249. Dummy gets caught ccw with an expired permit at Disney - A lawyer at that
  250. Murder at Safeway