: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. I am an awful person for laughing at this
  2. Is this some kind of cruel joke?
  3. The Referendum On Gun Control Is Coming
  4. How to hang an F-86.
  5. Alabama Walmart Cluelessly Stocks Gun Counter With 'Gun Oil' Lube
  6. DNC debates, who is watching?
  7. Ban Assault Style Golf Clubs
  8. Another stupid school
  9. Bear been playin hooky, but Bear back now...
  10. 2 year old shoots grandmother.
  11. I put holes in the wall of my new home today.
  12. Golfing
  13. No wonder so many Millennials are scared of guns.
  14. Historical Photos
  15. Mass shooting in Britain...did anyone hear about this in the U.S.....
  16. Crap .. UK Green lights Air to Air in SD if the Russians threating them .....
  17. gun crime is going up in Australia and Canada...
  18. Home invader, roller derby, and a ninja sword.
  19. The Walking Dead season 6
  20. Sorry if any of you folks were at SEG in NoVA earlier today
  21. Selleck/Jessie Stone fans
  22. Blaming low gas prices for no social security increase
  23. Veteran's Day is Nov. 11th - Fly Your flag
  24. Any plumbers on here?
  25. Moved in today
  26. delete thread
  27. TPP text, how does this affect our online activity?
  28. How to defeat the anti gunner demands for universal background checks
  29. The good boy
  30. TPP and trucks
  31. Gq: ‘**** ben carson’ for preaching self defense
  32. Shooting on Northern Arizona University Campus
  33. When anti gunners throw out the words "license gun owners," and how to deal with them
  34. Don't do business with Brownells - shady characters
  35. Florida man...
  36. Why athletes can't have regular jobs
  37. Parents, Students Say 3rd Grader Terrorizing Mount Diablo Elementary School
  38. The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me.
  39. What type of shooter are you?
  40. Mensa Puzzle
  41. Thought I would never have to deal with this..Threat at my sons High School
  42. Shopping while supporting made in the USA and the 2A
  43. Blowguns banned!
  44. New York inmates defeat Harvard debate team
  45. Need a name for new family member (guitar related).
  46. Star Spangled Banner
  47. Little Bird
  48. Listen to your grandma regarding grizzly bears
  49. The Kid & The Gator
  50. TV show "Blind Spot"
  51. Love being owner now
  52. Nuclear Attack
  53. My long overdue M&P 40 Range Review
  54. Comment and question on "likes"
  55. Amusing Sign. Not So Amusing Event Today
  56. Just in case Monday isn't weird enough for you...
  57. Dam breached in Columbia, SC
  58. More from VW
  59. Food porn.... Again
  60. Identify This Animal
  61. You don't necessairly need a big dog to get the job done...
  62. How we make reality matterrs
  63. Law professor denounces Gun Free Zones
  64. Stupid things you used to tell people about guns you know are wrong.
  65. Anyone here from Cleveland Tennessee?
  66. All is not lost in public school
  67. POTUS's Gun control model-Australia--Fail
  68. Firewood Guys "neat"
  69. Is the Media attemptin to skew info in the Oregon shooting?
  70. Disappointed in Everyone
  71. Oktoberfest 2015
  72. Fallout from our Pro Gun President
  73. On the lighter side:NFL Has No Players Arrested
  74. 45 School Shootings in 2015 - Where Are "They" Getting This Stat?
  75. Notes From Romania - An Exhortation
  76. OK guys, it's Friday! I get to go home today!
  77. My complete DVD set of Have Gun Will Travel came in yesterday!!!!
  78. Watchmen to HBO?
  79. Wife is missing
  80. For the Paratroopers out there: Happy Belated St Michaels Day!!!
  81. Week4 NFL SPreads..put your picks here!
  82. IPSC in Estonia
  83. Mass shooting at College in OR
  84. Mass shooting at Oregon community college
  85. Happy news!
  86. Referee pulls a gun during dispute at soccer game in Brazil
  87. Armalite video NRA WSC
  88. Plans changed lately
  89. Fellow East Coasters...are you ready for Joaquin?
  90. Gun Club Range 65 miles Away.
  91. Definitive Answer to Gun Control Advocates
  92. I want to believe...X-Files 2016
  93. Gitmo Give Away
  94. My new foster puppies
  95. Gunman in Rockford Medical Clinic
  96. New kittens
  97. Appropriate Place To Post This. Ford P/U rises from the grave.
  98. Where's the Bear?
  99. This is the Oldest Zombie Thread on the Forum
  100. Flowing liquid water on Mars confirmed
  101. Bow-Mag Now they are putting 38spl and 357mag rounds on the tips of arrows
  102. Miami officer loses finger during arrest
  103. Don't swerve! Hit that critter!
  104. World Shooting Championship $250,000 on the table
  105. VW instant karma
  106. I've been TIG welding for less than a year...
  107. Fruit growing in my back yard...
  108. Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Tonight
  109. Some of my pistols
  110. Landed a dream job
  111. Just for fun: Pick your Week 3 NFL Games
  112. Ironman Chattanooga
  113. I swear we are going backwards as the human race...more proof
  114. A dog gone good story.
  115. Feel good story.
  116. You think you're having a bad day?
  117. Another Group
  118. Need to work on my SA!
  119. 717 people dead: What caused the Hajj stampede?
  120. Trying times
  121. Dabs
  122. Bombshell In Congress
  123. who loves Halloween?
  124. I had an audience while practicing today!
  125. Picture of the Day
  126. Gun Oil H2O Sold At Walmart Gun Counter (Funny)
  127. Blond and Blonde LEO joke
  128. Reminder of why the 4 rules are so important!
  129. It ain't over til it's over
  130. California to ban Nutella....
  131. OPM hack got more fun - Have fun and pass the fingerprints
  132. Gun Oil
  133. Don't Be Mean
  134. I Need a Photoshop Expert To Do Me a Favor
  135. I needed some smoker therapy.... Eye food!!!!
  136. Solar Panels
  137. Out of state sheriff car in town
  138. 24 years ago yesterday
  139. Back from the hideaway-- some stuff, an experience and a mistake
  140. My son's 1st grade public school homework
  141. U2 concert canceled in Sweden because of security breach
  142. Fall
  143. The new Ruger "Congressman"
  144. This is the last one...
  145. So, a bullet zinged by my husband's head.
  146. Who do you Trust?
  147. An Added Bonus
  148. Some Good Old American Firepower
  149. Suspect arrested in AZ freeway shootings
  150. The TANK thread
  151. The Right Woman's Face
  152. Got Stopped Today
  153. 51 Coolest Cars of the Last 50 Years
  154. I was bored and had some scrap wood
  155. WHO is Lewis Grizzard???
  156. Jersy Boys: Navy
  157. Summer Coming to a Close....A Few Vacation Pictures
  158. Dr. Who, new season, losing a companion
  159. ANy one have suggestions for mouth guards for Bruxism ?
  160. Tomorrow is talk like a pirate day.
  161. Watching Band of Brothers...again
  162. Another Hitler reaction
  163. Whitehouse Staffer Threatens Boyfriend With Gun
  164. In preparation for part VII
  165. Be nice to these people and this is your reward
  166. Winters coming, so much left to do before snow flies...
  167. Who Decides Quality Of Life? (A Rant)
  168. Science project gone very wrong. What's this look like to you?
  169. photo from local fire
  170. Time of year for the wife to complain
  171. Chuck eye steak and smoked bacon wrapped jalapeño!!!
  172. Poor excuse for parenting.
  173. Ask me how I know.
  174. Texas and Florida Unified Signage Legislation
  175. What is taurahe cooking tonight?
  176. After a very long wait I am very dissapointed...
  177. 36 years today
  178. Telling It Like It Is
  179. Went off the grid last week for a bit of R&R...
  180. Had a truck come apart in half on me this morning
  181. And the winner is.... Everyone!!!
  182. Anyone here in Bismarck ND?
  183. Let's play a game..... It's called " what is taurahe making for dinner tonight"
  184. Blind long-snapper Jake Olson joins USC
  185. I'm not Taurahe, but...
  186. My latest meme
  187. Stupid warning
  188. American Legion
  189. Strange neighbor routine
  190. I love surplus.
  191. I got fancy tonight with my dinner...
  192. I'll never look at a fallen tree the same way again.
  193. Shoot Me 1st meme
  194. Ringo's auction
  195. Computer backups
  196. Looking for a dog... Any suggestions?
  197. L'shana Tova Tikatevu
  198. New Computer
  199. A True Parkour Pro
  200. A Gun In A Bar.....
  201. Z-Nation Season 2
  202. The Dump (Houston, TX)
  203. S&W 637 25 yard shot - can't get any better!
  204. I can't understand why...
  205. Internet Relay Chat (IRC)?
  206. Logic
  207. Firearms Training For Pets
  208. Privacy concerns? NFL kicks fan out for tweet during a game
  209. Slo Mo taser impact video
  210. Excuses and Alibis for that new gun your S.O. just noticed...
  211. Residential Flag Poles - Anyone have one?
  212. 4473 Questions etc.
  213. My son is learning to dive!
  214. Longmire - season 4 on Netflix
  215. I needed to cook..... So I smoked a tenderloin
  216. Steelers v. Patriots - Kickoff!
  217. Moms Demand Action held a rally in my town.
  218. Are you ready for some football!!!
  219. Obnoxious driver in FL.
  220. Zombies and Shotties
  221. Jets pizza
  222. Defensive gun use Not Associated with Fewer Injuries
  223. Hospital stay
  224. Motorcyclist Beaten By Hate Group Over Reb Flag
  225. Netflix recommendation, Narcos
  226. NERF Blaster (100 FPS)
  227. Cuba's Secret Side
  228. Tacoma WA - Gun Drop Boxes - What Could Possibly Go Wrong???
  229. Bad weekend for Washington state city
  230. That time again; Post your thoughts and memories of 9/11
  231. Some good points.
  232. How to Respond to a Gun Grabber
  233. Rush Jobs
  234. Labor Day Parade and Moms Demand
  235. My labor day cookout....
  236. The Demise of the Doorbell???
  237. How I Stopped Smoking--you can too!
  238. Ohio State vs Virginia tech! Awesome 1st half
  239. When they argue about private sales of guns...
  240. Flamethrower, anyone?
  241. Disgusting: Referee Pummeled by Two Football Players
  242. Some Days Incompetence Saves Lives
  243. What Hot Sauce Do You Like?
  244. Windows 7 & 8 Users
  245. Windows 10 Users
  246. Civil War in Huntington Beach CA.
  247. It's that time...... Dinner!!!!
  248. Dog made me laught tonight
  249. Hans Gruber, The Conductor
  250. broken bumper bolts