: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. Calling all members from the Las Vegas area!!!
  2. Supermarket Find
  3. This Joke is Terrible
  4. Don't kiss a carp in Australia
  5. Tough neighborhood...
  6. Tag lines on postings
  7. 2 1/2 Minutes of Respect
  8. Google- What Inspired People Flypaper?
  9. Stupid burglar ignores "Danger - Don't Enter!" signs. Now one less burglar
  10. Interesting video involving a basketball and a tall dam.
  11. Training the Young...
  12. Got the siding up, paint laid, beer drank
  13. Cooking and recipes
  14. Baseball: Your Ideal All Time BB Team
  15. High school refuses to let Marine walk for graduation over dress code
  16. Need a little help/advice from any "cat people".
  17. Texas dad accused of killing toddler, 3, who wouldn't stop jumping on bed
  18. Frustrating!!!
  19. Pro Baseball changes
  20. DOGO: Ultimate Glock 26 Home Defense Accessory
  21. Tips for staving off arthritis?
  22. If you didn't dislike Target before...
  23. Age old debate...chevy vs ford vs dodge vs ?
  24. I don't usually post "news" but i figured you guys might want to see this.
  25. Shots fired at White House
  26. The Death Of Expertise
  27. Poor Big Sissy
  28. NRA Convention Report, Please
  29. The downside to retirement....
  30. Don't get between a mama and her cub...
  31. NYPD Ammo Failure
  32. Bear received the best news a Bear could ever get and now faces a conundrum… (LONG)
  33. When did I get so old?
  34. How not to carry.
  35. EgyptAir Flight 804
  36. The musical artistry of Pink Floyd
  37. Christian McCaffrey irked by stereotypes of white athletes
  38. Mankind's History or an Approximation...
  39. Hooray for the hometown!
  40. Goliath Heron swallows huge catfish
  41. If meat eaters acted like vegans.
  42. About one year ago, many of you had responded................
  43. Expert IT help
  44. My ballot yesterday.
  45. Oh dear...I'm in love
  46. West Point softball player leaps over catcher
  47. Has anyone's computer updated to Win 10 automatically overnight?
  48. Getting rid of groundhogs
  49. Helpful hints on facing the truth
  50. The good ole days
  51. A bit of good news....
  52. On the menu tonight. Cajun Seafood Tortellini
  53. Our unexpected (unwelcome) visitor.
  54. Heat Sheild product
  55. Your Rifle is Crappy
  56. Here's Otto............
  57. Cop Writing a Ticket...
  58. Sea Stories!
  59. Self Defense for Women
  60. Breaking up a Double play. What not to do.
  61. GunBroker changes format. Not again.
  62. Inflation or highway robbery?
  63. To catch a pearl. 25 fathoms and three minutes!
  64. The Next Bond, James Bond...
  65. Caught a grouper today
  66. Dear me. Florida woman strikes!
  67. Do you have a message for someone out there ??
  68. Philly Woman Beaten Senseless While Bystanders Watch and Do Nothing
  69. USPS pulling for Unions with food drive?
  70. Navy 'strongly recommending' Keenan Reynolds play
  71. Plato's cave and the BLM
  72. Ring avulsion reminder...
  73. 7 YO Girl Saved from Rattlesnake...
  74. Need help identifying this please
  75. Way off topic so I will post it here. Be very careful
  76. Age of entitlement - not so fast
  77. Two knuckleheads playing with a gun at school today; Greenville, SC
  78. Your Smile For The Day
  79. Common Sense RIP
  80. Trans gender and schools
  81. Archery is fun! First shots with my new bow (W&W SF Forged Plus Riser)
  82. Rod Who???
  83. No More Cast for Our Boy
  84. "Amerigeddon" the movie
  85. Cool new semi truck
  86. Google Fiber User Beware
  87. UTs no round in chamber policy.
  88. Florida Boys: Stupid is as stupid does
  89. Army Green Beret and Fiancée Baby Reveal (NSFW in comments)
  90. Man who fires at shoplifters than brags about on on Facebook arrested
  91. probably just got in trouble
  92. Anyone here watch "The Americans" on FX?
  93. Dang. What was this guy taking?!?
  94. Ford Ranger Returning to the U.S.?
  95. Florida man strikes again.
  96. Largest Ever Binary Explosive Detonation! 600lbs!
  97. Navy seals perspective on self defense
  98. How the FBI Unlocked the CA Terrorist's iPhone
  99. Hi point in Detroit serves them well
  100. Male Logic...Flawless
  101. My Grandfather a WW1 Vet a picture
  102. Fox News War Correspondant
  103. Axl's debut with AC/DC
  104. She Got Fired On Her Very First Day
  105. New bench dedicated to guns.
  106. Bear just gotta say it...
  107. Man opens fire across 4 lanes of traffic at robbery suspects
  108. Don't Feed The Animals
  109. Happy Mother's Day
  110. Help me paint my house!!!
  111. I can see my house from here!
  112. Help with pool cleaning
  113. Newer SUV gripe.
  114. Where is our buddy
  115. Which is better/worse (arbitrarily)
  116. Finally !
  117. Last Zero ace dead at 99
  118. Chick-Fil-A Tonight
  119. Russians got some new toys...
  120. Tired of Walking Everywhere? Get a Wheelman-
  121. *Serious* - Prayers for Canada Fire
  122. Will You Get Fined For Promoting Zika Virus
  123. Happy Cinco de Mayo
  124. Man shoots at car full of people egging his house
  125. Captain Higgins
  126. Back to Brookhaven
  127. Wacko - Man sprayed poison on open food at grocery stores, FBI says
  128. SUV Rams Into Virginia Diner 3 Times, Bursts Into Flames, Witnesses Say
  129. Realtor pistol whipped and robbed
  130. No, just no. Those who fear heights, don't enter.
  131. Wich is better??
  132. Someone has to do it..
  133. Fort Meade ---SMH
  134. Anyone have an "Oil Free" fryer?
  135. Fish
  136. Lessons Learned over last few weeks
  137. Kid Booted from School Today
  138. Favorite Gun people on YouTube
  139. Well, they finally got my bike done.
  140. Those FitBit Thingies? Who Has One?
  141. What Comes To Mind When You See This
  142. I might have said some bad things about Canada
  143. Here's Otto......
  144. Felled a tree today.
  145. 5 years after Bin Laden answered the door
  146. Should Law Enforcement Defy Gun Control Laws?
  147. Dindoo Nuffin's Sister
  148. Active shooting in Bourbonnais, IL...NOT
  149. Only in Alabama!
  150. Siding my house... Help!!!
  151. How to open a beer...
  152. Anyone know a cool place to go camping?
  153. Costco Sugar Land , TX, Left My Brain At Home Today !
  154. TRUMP in Ft. Wayne Today
  155. What's wrong with this picture?
  156. Dadgum carpenter bees...
  157. Any Cowboy Hat Wearers ? HELP !
  158. And That's When the Fight Started II
  159. Any Recurve Bow Experts out there (or Bow experts at all)
  160. MLB player promises HR to sick boy and delivers (Big Papi)
  161. Harley Davidson got me again!!
  162. Say Goodbye to Sports Authority
  163. Nimble excavator operator saves stranded deer.
  164. Useless bystanders
  165. Speeding
  166. And That's When the Fight Started
  167. Your Most Miserable OP EVER
  168. fun run yesterday
  169. For a good cause... the Invictus Games
  170. X Chromosomes Defect Linked to Violent Behavior
  171. Firearms magazing publisher ending publications
  172. So you thought that squirrels were vegetarian? Think again!
  173. And you thought Hollywood couldn't sink any lower?
  174. Not all bullies are bad
  175. Home invasion
  176. M&P pistol forum missing?????
  177. I don't know about this one.......
  178. Prom Time... Lets See the Pics
  179. Man loses legs fleeing police over traffic warrants.
  180. Teacher union success story!
  181. Young Russian woman tests newest anti-mine security suit
  182. Conquering our fears
  183. Don't Fire An Excavator Operator And Leave Him With The Keys To It!!!
  184. Tough Guys Need Naps Too!
  185. car windows trunk and sunroof keep opening by them selves
  186. 40th Anniversary of Baseball's greatest play
  187. Robotic Pool Cleaner Suggestions
  188. Leo extortion
  189. 3 protesters taking on gun control
  190. Blondes in an "All Girl Biker Bar"
  191. Tips from the redneck book of manners
  192. I really need this for...
  193. Largemouth Bass
  194. Illegal Immigration
  195. This is OT & some will likely think it humorous, so...
  196. The Prison System
  197. Defensive Carry caption contest!
  198. How Army's Top Rangers Decide Who's Best
  199. Breaking News: Another Celeb gone!
  200. Hey, Motorcycle People!
  201. Right on time for a blood dance.
  202. Real Motorcycles--But Electric
  203. TSA & Guns
  204. Waco,Texas
  205. Caps WIN! Nats WIN!
  206. Because the whole no guns in your carry on is a new thing.
  207. More bad news for the music industry
  208. I HATE when this happens. Spending money to save money
  209. This Is The Closest I'll Come To Climbing Mount Everest!!
  210. Antigo WI h.s. prom shooting
  211. Oculus Gear VR
  212. RIP Prince and Merle
  213. Taxes & Fees
  214. No wonder this country is in such rapid decline!
  215. when you don't have a choice! what do you do??
  216. "Too old to rock and roll"
  217. Deputy Fife Strikes Again
  218. RIP you little squirrel
  219. Blues fans and guitarists another one gone...
  220. Identify The Riff Game.
  221. Question for you silver stackers out there
  222. Food porn... Bacon wrapped meatloaf
  223. Things Of The South
  224. Choices live happily or bored and healthy?
  225. Top five '80s Cold War movies
  226. Prince is dead
  227. Target stores new bathroom policy
  228. Remake of a Classic
  229. Colorado school district bought AR'S for security
  230. What's your job? Changing light bulbs.
  231. Range Day (Actually spent a decent Hour and half)
  232. Guess I'm all set to go now....
  233. Johnston County NC high school opens indoor shooting range
  234. Confirmed by science!
  235. The guitarist
  236. The UK Science Minister is Captain Buzzkill
  237. AC/DC replaces singer who can’t hear with singer who can’t sing
  238. Today's Media Report RKBA Riot In Boston
  239. Concord
  240. Nashville / Lebanon Area RV Long Term Parking Options
  241. Oxymoron questions
  242. Cicadas -- coming to your neck o' the woods this year?
  243. Quite the goings on
  244. unlimited forwarding
  245. Great documentary -- The Cold War, 24-part series
  246. SA:Don't Be This Clueless
  247. The Two Jackasses Across the Street
  248. Small gas engines (snowblowers)
  249. The Two Big Bears needed more room!
  250. Bad - Chattanooga man robbed and shot while doing yard work