: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. Greg Allman Dead 69
  2. washing machine help.
  3. In Peoria Arizona for the weekend. Any ranges?
  4. Windows versus Ford
  5. Universal Income
  6. A different kind of snake gun
  7. On this Memorial Day Weekend.....
  8. Two women in the running for lowest of the low.
  9. The Joker gets arrested for pointing a gun at motorists
  10. Another day in "The Land"
  11. Great War Story Read
  12. Bait bikes
  13. Best gun memes??
  14. Largest Civil War Museum West of the Mississippi
  15. Memorial Day 2017
  16. The litters have arrived
  17. Whoopsie!
  18. test results
  19. Don't allow your children to play with waterguns!
  20. Singer Chris Cornell Has Died
  21. Cyber attack
  22. Best way to ship something expensive?
  23. I'm a Petty Man?
  24. The No Fly List is a joke
  25. Caffeine can be a killer.
  26. Other people's children
  27. First time driving all wheel drive in the snow
  28. Manning returning to active duty?
  29. New Gun
  30. Mother's Day
  31. Amazingly Realistic Aircraft Modeling
  32. California just banned itself
  33. Poet and Peasant
  34. What are your other hobbies?
  35. Messing with your children or family members
  36. The OV bar is open!
  37. Great charity partnership for US Vets
  38. New FBI Director
  39. feel me ?
  40. File this under "the good"
  41. Mild Winter=A Bumper Crop of Ticks
  42. License to carry and listen
  43. This mom is locked and loaded: TX
  44. USPS surveillance put to good use
  45. Step Outside And Take A Look At Jupiter
  46. Cat in tree with assault rifle
  47. Sucker Punched And Dead (News Article)
  48. Road ragers get beat down.
  49. What?
  50. Opinions on bike wanted
  51. Today in Star Wars history
  52. An observation: Rachel isn't cocked and locked
  53. Antifa (Austin, TX) Claim They Need Guns !
  54. Homemade cleaners
  55. Woman uses bat to beat the heck out of home invader
  56. Campus Lockdown: Colgate University NY
  57. Peanuts in Coke
  58. Walk-In Tub Advice Needed
  59. 3d printed guns?
  60. Too Cute !
  61. 3rd CHL Renewal in Texas
  62. Cottonmouths Are Rough Kissers
  63. Parents- What are you using for internet content control?
  64. Police Respond to Kitty Perched In Tree With A Semi Auto !
  65. Any lawn tractor experts?
  66. No Mozart on Pandora
  67. I want this guy to make the craigslist ad when I sell my car
  68. Anyone have any information about Smith and Wesson Forum
  69. Never rob a magician!
  70. That didn't take long
  71. Somali Pirates Having a Bad Day
  72. Scams ???
  73. Through This Entrance.......unreal !!!!
  74. Any welders here?
  75. Anyone Know What Happened...
  76. Bob and the Blonde
  77. More food porn.....
  78. Food porn season is nigh.....
  79. If You Had A Bad Day?
  80. Operation 4/20 : Wyoming, Minn. undercover pot sting
  81. 181 years ago today.
  82. Special entitlement if you play in the NFL
  83. TRUE!
  84. An Unidentified Murder Victim In My Home County
  85. One more street cred for Jeff Beck
  86. I was working in downtown Fresno this morning!
  87. United Airlines Jingle
  88. Sleep Issues
  89. Let's Get Serious...........
  90. Dogs: early warning system - let's see 'em!
  91. Not bad!
  92. New Family Member or Have I Lost My Mind?
  93. Unbelievable
  94. Leaked NSA Malware Threatens Windows Users Around the World
  95. New United Airlines slogans
  96. LASD Pistol Team From 1930's
  97. For You Duffers.............
  98. Another California school shooting
  99. Happy Springtime
  100. Things Don't Often Get Under My Skin, But...
  101. Wierdo Next Door
  102. Lost greatness
  103. Little Meat With Your Greens.
  104. My gun trumps yours
  105. Think Like a Genius: Interesting Article
  106. Google, YouTube & GUN Channels
  107. Goodbye Youtube Gun Video Channels
  108. YouTube pulls ads from gun related videos
  109. Looking For A Nice Wall Rack For Two Pistols
  110. Back to school
  111. Wow! That was fast.
  112. Wife needs some help with discomfort in thumbs and wrist...
  113. Do You Like Your Coffee Black?
  114. ‘You Know You’re in Texas When’…
  115. The other shoe just fell - as embarassing as this is, I'm NOT retiring
  116. A Gun Safety Lesson
  117. I hate it when...
  118. Martin Luther King Jr.
  119. Starting a new career
  120. BTW, did I mention I'm retiring at the end of this semester...
  121. UNC - National Men's Basketball Champions
  122. 20 Basic Skills Being Lost
  123. Hey PEF!
  124. Microscope, anyone know much about them?
  125. Starting a career in the industry?
  126. Ukraine Ammo Dump Explosion
  127. April fools!
  128. State Job, Federal Computer System
  129. Suspect identified in Atlanta fire!
  130. Adulting’ School Founded to Teach Millennials How to Be Adults
  131. Dialing 911 connected me to the non emergency number in SLC
  132. WrongRecRoom
  133. Ex-POW Jeremiah Denton Has Died
  134. The Schools have Lost their Minds (or How we learned to fear guns)
  135. Snowflakes and Pigs
  136. Some of us on this forum...
  137. This almost got a chuckle
  138. Anybody Seen Harryball?
  139. What I like about DCDC.
  140. Another use for super glue
  141. Traffic accident
  142. Magic bullets
  143. Haunted restaurant.
  144. Factory ammo box size?
  145. 5th wheel advice
  146. Any ocarina players?
  147. Went to the gun store yesterday
  148. Keep gettig a new pop up?????
  149. Here's Otto.........
  150. CIA surveillance in your home!
  151. Tip for New Shooters, Stock Up Now
  152. Shoot or not?
  153. Santa Fe & Albuquerque-where to go...and where not to go?
  154. Muslims have meltdown after BBC airs ‘Real Housewives of ISIS’
  155. Sam Sung her goodbyes to me this morning
  156. No Gun Involved
  157. Gun Violence Archive
  158. Why I carry even when I am at home.
  159. Come on Girl Scouts, show some compassion.
  160. Wash D.C. folks, beat the mobs, snowstorm coming
  161. What Is The Size of That Country?
  162. Lyme Disease, tell me what you know
  163. Firearms related tattoos
  164. Blaming the victim
  165. New pieces of flair
  166. Working Up New Loads
  167. Calexit prep has begun
  168. Watchu know about a smoke ring?
  169. Best FaceBook post I have ever seen.
  170. Any Input On Cordless String Trimmers?
  172. Marine disappointed Keystone Pipeline not full of beer
  173. My niece would be grateful for a hand and/or a prayer
  174. Blantantly stolen from another site
  175. English, Anyone?
  176. Dogs and dust.... need help
  177. The left wants citizens defenseless...
  178. Dakota Pipe Line Tour
  179. LOL........ John Wick 2
  180. Saw some new ammo
  181. Happy (soon to be 12 Year Old)
  182. Fantasy Baseball?
  183. Guns Of U.S. Presidents
  184. Little History
  185. The alien abduction paradox
  186. What are some of your favorite gun channels to watch ?
  187. I Love Keyboard Warriors
  188. Never underestimate an old man
  189. .22 Ammo finally falls below the $0.05 barrier
  190. Beware the home defense squirrel.
  191. A perfect example of the consequenses when your local government
  192. Words we used when we were growing up
  193. A Tale of Coyotes....California vs Wyoming.....
  194. General Hal Moore, RIP
  195. Who wants to be remembered like this?
  196. Springtime in Texas
  197. Cigar smoking in Sedona AZ question
  198. A Sense of Being Watched
  199. Food Spoilage Guide--- A Guide For The Rest Of Us!
  200. Why do I need a gun?
  201. This Should Be America's Next Reality TV Series
  202. Petitions to Repeal the NFA and the 1986 Hughes Amendment
  203. Droste effect in forum ad
  204. Pay it forward - free gear for new carriers
  205. A Real Gun Nut,I Am Jealous
  206. Oh well.....that was fast
  207. I had an interesting/surprising discussion today!!!!
  208. "Am I Being Detained?"
  209. It only took 1 year
  210. What The???
  211. Ice Fishing Explained
  212. Very Good Ad !
  213. I Miss Chicago?
  214. At the airport
  215. Rattler In YOUR Toilet?!!!
  216. Judge halts Trump travel ban nationwide
  217. Guns stolen from Greensboro Gun Show.
  218. Big shot boss..
  219. Westworld
  220. Yoga pants for shooting
  221. The three year old
  222. Rough time
  223. Blonde
  224. Nothing new - Trumps immigration policy
  225. I Agree, We Must Have Priorities
  226. Super Bowl Tickets
  227. Gifts to the President
  228. Trump spoof from the Netherlands - really funny!
  229. Adopt a Terrorist!
  230. My dream job
  231. Don't mess with old men
  232. Lawyers vs Southern Grandma
  233. Gunfire around the animals
  234. Happy Day
  235. Ho Chi Minh trail 40 years later.
  236. GoFundMe scam
  237. Here's Otto again......
  238. Laughing all the way to the bank
  239. Left my phone on top of my car and $750 later...
  240. Why seniors still need newspapers
  241. Pothead Neighbors
  242. Another possible gun shop suicide.
  243. Guns for our horses, share your pics
  244. Duluth's 25% Off Sale
  245. Felt like I died and went to heaven
  246. OK,educate me , what street drug causes this?
  247. The Break Room
  248. BCAA - Branched Chain Amino Acids (without Sucrose for sweetner)
  249. Not concealed carry, but incredible defensive/protective gun use!
  250. California bans itself.