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  1. Total Gym 1100 or Weider
  2. Controversial Medical Marijuana Used to Treat Violent Raging Autism in Child in Oreg
  3. You got to be kidding me. Delusional at best.
  4. The OFFICIAL2015 healthy lifestyle living.
  5. TXS DPS Looses BG Right By My House
  6. Magic Glass
  7. I had a scary dream last night!
  8. Heartwarming story: 3D prosthetics for dog
  9. Anyone listen to music while shooting?
  10. So as not to derail or interfere with any threads, perhaps I should explain
  11. CT v Colt Old factory to be a National Park.
  12. Man in need of a beating! In front of everyone! Military Faker / Stolen Valor Video
  13. The Movie Gone Girl
  14. I Went To See "Unbroken"
  15. Cabela's Employee Pricing
  16. The Official what the heck does Official thread mean thread?
  17. Playing with new Christmas toys
  18. funny Christmas gift
  19. Bear scared now...
  20. The entire Foxfire collection ..... Yep, I have them all
  21. Bear WINS!!!
  22. Amazing new Fresh Sausage Machine now available in Brazil :-) The best i've seen yet!
  23. Merry Christmas
  24. Bear thought someone here might like to see the Bear Christmas
  25. Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah (belated)
  26. My Christmas Wishes,,, To All
  27. Track Santa Here!
  28. And though it's been said many times, many ways
  29. Bear's Christmas orders...
  30. Just wanted to say...
  31. What to do about tonight's home invasion?
  32. USS Ranger CV-61; End of a long proud mission
  33. A bit of Xmas trivia...
  34. Merry Christmas
  35. Thanks to all my friends in the forum
  36. Most Embarrassing Moments
  37. Greetings from Maggie
  38. Season's Greetings
  39. Apollo 8ís Christmas Eve Broadcast
  40. Is it possible?
  41. Changing toothbrushes...
  42. Right turn...
  43. In the Denver airport...
  44. A message for America
  45. Smoking....and the Bible (Humor)
  46. How do you deal with not being able to get out to the range?
  47. Remember when we used to put together "things" the night before Christmas?
  48. An Old Man Can Still Think Fast
  49. WHY did someone have to go and create this GLORIOUS TOY
  50. Gun pulled over McDouble Cheesburger at McDonald's
  51. Crossing guard gets gift: This may bring a tear to your eye
  52. Elf attacks redneck fat boy....
  53. Sewing Machines and Guns
  54. Interesting Coincidences...
  55. A Bear shoulder update has been requested...
  56. Where's 64zebra??
  57. The true meaning of gun control
  58. It's Christmas...time to DIE HARD!!! DIE AS HARD AS WE CAN!!!
  59. Muzzle flash frames of a 640 Pro shooting 125 GR Remington .357's
  60. What is the gift you will not receive - again
  61. Thank you to the members at Defensive carry.
  62. Sometimes saying the wrong thing can be humorous...
  63. North Korea 1st country to land a Man on the WHAT?????
  64. Machine Gun America attraction opens in Kissimmee
  65. Gaslight The Marginal Ones, Then Disassociate Themselves
  66. Gun control cultist calls for kids to steal parents guns... and bring them to school
  67. Happy Chanukah (or Hanukkah) !
  68. Any Car Fans Out There?
  69. Motivation Thread
  70. Cheapest guy on the planet?
  71. Gotta love those Dolphins
  72. More bits of truth...
  73. Anyone here keep waskally wabbits
  74. Would it be inapporiate of me to nominmate JeanLouise as our DC Den Mother?
  75. California Liberals!
  76. The real Micheal Brown that Not So Sharpton doesn't want you to see
  77. Nuff Said
  78. Mayor's Son Robbed in Front of Home (MERGED)
  79. Why I love my small town .. My dealer has a class 10 FFL
  80. The state of the onion- One vegetables' opinion on free speech
  81. Best Gun Review Ever
  82. What A Mini US Invasion Would Look Like (Hate to see the full scale version upclose!)
  83. What each state is worst about...
  84. So my oldest son informs me...
  85. If you want to impress a little kid this week
  86. The North Pole, Santa, NORAD and Colorado Springs
  87. For the golfers out there
  88. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays DC!
  89. I Don't Know What to Do With This....
  90. Chuckles.....
  91. That's not your new toy!!!!
  92. Happy Dance!!
  93. Tips that may help keep you from being a victim of debit/credit card fraud
  94. Sony hacks
  95. Gun shop talk with a millennium
  96. Reflecting on time and Danger
  97. What are DC members giving loved ones for Christmas/holidays?
  98. Applying the Serenity Prayer when you forget your password...
  99. So, just how long was your day, Aznav?
  100. The Interview
  101. Since when do wrecker trucks get to run red/blue emergency lights?
  102. Christmas Presents I made
  103. Baby found - Amber alert in No. KY Area (Florence)
  104. It is OK to Hate Republicans - Op Ed by U of M Prof
  105. IT help, email says error 14
  106. I've got a present under the tree already
  107. Ever wonder where the angel on top of the Christmas tree started?
  108. WHAT? Tell me how I have annoyed you over the past several years!
  109. Hanukkah - the festival that celebrates the victory of the oppressed
  110. Smash and grab roberries especially in Chicago, the new wave of breaking and entering
  111. Feel good and bad thread in one
  112. Interesting Sign
  113. Our relations with Cuba
  114. Finally some Pro America sentiment
  115. If you know someone serving in the military overseas...
  116. Speaking of Civil Disobedience
  117. Awesome Video - There's Hope for Our Neighbors to the North
  118. Movie Premiere cancelled
  119. With Christmas almost here...
  120. Question: Do you enjoy movies the same now?
  121. Just in case you need a laugh
  122. Football Names
  123. Wrong House (This Crips Chapter Finds Out)
  124. Samuel L Jackson's Racial Protest against our LEO'S
  125. Taliban storm Pakistan school
  126. Homeland Security? Patriot Act? Real Deal Or Just an Illusion?
  127. Tapatalk Update???
  128. So would this be a good or bad idea? Very bad......
  129. CAR question possible legal issue
  130. New dog in the house
  131. Duct Tape Bandit!
  132. Here's how that AU gun ban is working out - ISIS down under
  133. Yay 500 posts!
  134. All most got to see Darwinism play out.
  135. Palmetto State question...
  136. .40 Cal earbuds
  137. Criminals are so stupid,
  138. National Anthem sung by the spectators = AWESOME! KSTV Video at link
  139. Wow! 100 School Shootings since Sandy Hook = NOT! (Bloomberg at it again)
  140. Why I Will Never Forgive The Gun Grabbers
  141. What are your earliest memories of the Internet?
  142. House Flipper Finds "Wild Bill" House in Philly
  143. Managed to survive....
  144. A Poem posted By our Friend Shadowmaker about a Vet that Died Today
  145. Christmas Party Last Night Dressed sharp with P938 OWB
  146. Still some good neighbor's out there .. Saved women from crazed man
  147. Bet this has never been a topic!
  148. I am not smart enough
  149. Today Is A Special Day...........
  150. Not good: shoot out in convenience store.
  151. Ballistic Nutcracker (5.11 Ad)
  152. A question to ponder...
  153. Oh No, a Grinch stabbed Santa.
  154. Donít eat beer battered fish and drive
  155. Can't Make This Stuff UP............
  156. Have you seen?
  157. I have a problem and I admit it.
  158. Electronic Dl in Iowa?
  159. Share with us your odd, bizarre, vintage, or historical items you have collected.
  160. Need a good laugh today! Watch this CPR video
  161. I have a handyman question
  162. A Toast to my Friends at Defensive Carry
  163. It's official! My Son got the BUFF
  164. "Norma Findlay, Room 302."
  165. Halloween and Christmas?
  166. Holiday Gun Song Survey!!!! 2015
  167. Anyone from Virginia or DC area? Need some info...
  168. Are we the reason America continues to succeed?
  169. Admit it, you do this too!
  170. Who Wants to Rock-N-Roll!
  171. Anyone have a really GOOD Christmas cookie recipe?
  172. i like PowerWagons a lot but.... freakin Sheik's...
  173. The Other Day In Texas
  174. Is there such a thing as a New York Hillbillie?
  175. ACA - hold on for the ride
  176. Thieves Getting Into Your Car
  177. Maybe I'm a little messed up....
  178. PWS photo contest - please vote for me
  179. Weapons as Christmas gifts!
  180. We live among animals
  181. Happy Birthday to Me
  182. My Apologies to my Canadians friends ;-)
  183. UK - Bloomberg Approve Vending Maxhine
  184. Best And Worst Christmas Movies Ever?
  185. Zombie Targets: Whatever Floats Your Boat !
  186. Looking for some input here.
  187. 2014 Budapest Air Show Highlights
  188. Furries gassed in Chicago.
  189. Of all the things I never thought I'd do,
  190. Bear be wondering...
  191. Wishing
  192. No Offence To My American Friends Intended, But This Is Funny!
  193. Does anyone Remember
  194. Official Epic Christmas Song Thread
  195. Smash and Burn Toy Guns
  196. Itís that festive time of year. I never seem to tire of the favorite holiday songs.
  197. Donkeys on the farm...I'd have never figured
  198. South Carolina residents, this applies to you.
  199. Police Department Issued Firearms
  200. A funny bit of trivia.
  201. Would you allow your daughter to work at hooters?
  202. Up is down and right is wrong....
  203. Maybe I Did The Right Thing
  204. Luke Somers, American hostage, killed in rescue attempt
  205. A tale of two gifts: (Warning: Long)
  206. Finally, a 1911 everyone can afford!
  207. Any Published Fiction Authors Out There?
  208. Just Your Opinion........
  209. Warren Wilhelm.........I dunno.
  210. humor: U.S. court case, chimp 'has no human rights'
  211. Why I hate bars/clubs and big cities
  212. Recent Google thread about their search algorithm .... and truth in the Cloud
  213. You Know They're Out There
  214. Google just declared war on the firearm industry
  215. A couple of Christmas wish list items ....
  216. The gift exchange
  217. Thank God I live where I do
  218. The Rising Cost of Drunks and Crackheads
  219. Christmas Lights
  220. Delcaration of Independence
  221. BREAKING: Santa has lost a Ho!
  222. Pet Peeves - What Are Yours?
  223. Wal-Mart investors to reconsider gun sales after NYC church challenge
  224. NEVER FORGET! 07December1941
  225. So Hows that No Gun Policy Working for Ya?
  226. Feeding the homeless
  227. My little guy.
  228. You owe it to yourself to watch this.
  229. It's Almost Here!
  230. Can y'all help me find something?
  231. the ugliness of jealousy
  232. Christmas/Hanukkah Shopping On-Line?
  233. Well I jumped the shark .. Answer the door to the bible thumpers ..Armed
  234. Nobody Needs 10 Bullets to Kill a Deer
  235. Chicago Sun Times front page
  236. This will cure a case of dry eyes
  237. Mandatory Medical Questions
  238. This is why you read the fine print, people!
  239. Illeagal Alien Problem,, pretty Disturbing View.
  240. American Tactical Solutions-The Professionals
  241. How to wrap up a good day with a D'oh!
  242. Change coming?
  243. Government Threatens.....
  244. What are you riding right now?
  245. So I had an earthquake last night ..
  246. On being homeless and unemployed...
  247. 17yo girl shot and killed, Bass Pro parking lot.
  248. Trying to find "fun" gun related Christmas gift for a friend...
  249. Possible Super Bowl Preview coming up! Patriots vs Packers
  250. The best thing about Black Friday is