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  1. Banning Doesn't Work... For Anything
  2. Beretta Moving to TN!
  3. Check This Out - Very Strange Very Strange
  4. How do we make the perp pay for this?
  5. Missing Flags
  6. this is how Universal Background Checks will work:
  7. "Shotgun Joe" teaches the thugs
  8. A whole year and 2 days...
  9. How to TWERK!
  10. Hate to say it but sometimes a nice public hanging almost seems called for ...
  11. Foie Gras Thread!
  12. Kiss in Concert !
  13. Truly a MINDBLOWING invention/discovery
  14. Chicago summer weekend Over/Under
  15. WOW... Thats a long time!
  16. Some LE are just plain Krooked!
  17. POP UPs
  18. New gun laws coming for California?
  19. How Can You Not Like Weird Al?
  20. Maverick Gone
  21. "The Killing of Crazy Horse"
  22. Bear want to know...
  23. Oldie But Goodie Movie PIC Thread
  24. This is why there is so much crime out there.
  25. Tennessee Restaurant Posts "Guns are Welcome" Sign
  26. What did Superman do in his first Comic Book? Boy have times have changed
  27. Purely political!
  28. This guy shoots and loads with his feet
  29. Word Crimes
  30. OOPS: Robber shoots his partner during a job
  31. For the whole mag and scary guns are the only dangrouse thing crowed
  32. Father Beats Accused Child Abuser
  33. House Staffer Arrested for Carrying Gun in DC
  34. Breaking up California isn't going far enough...
  35. Cool Pic From Hike
  36. Mourning the Loss of the Frontier
  37. Glocks are GARBAGE!!
  38. My apologies
  39. HEY! Who said FARTS arn't good for you?????
  40. Blues Legend Passes away
  41. Even The Puffington Host Admits NJ Has Dumb Gun Laws
  42. Young car thieves
  43. American Ninja Warriorwoman!!!!!
  44. I see nothing wrong with this
  45. Piece of Pizza ?
  46. When the VA doesn’t Lowe’s employees do.
  47. Keep hoping for decreases in violent crime.
  48. Working the knife
  49. Felons can't have guns.
  50. Must see movie, "America"
  51. woman took her gun to Starbucks, didn't get the memo...
  52. Google maps show home invaders from 3 years ago?
  53. Found this on a dating web site
  54. Brandish Gun at Police...Get Shot...Duh!
  55. Gun confiscation doesn't work.
  56. Impressive Treadmill (Shooting From)
  57. Meet Cujo
  58. The Bear is back and slightly disgusted…
  59. Archie Andrews (Of Comic Book Fame) Dies From A Gunshot Tomorrow.
  60. Comic Book Action figure gets a gender reassignment
  61. New favorite artist?
  62. Traveling from Ohio to Tenn
  63. Thanks NY times I sure will sleep well tonight
  64. Someone taking bathroom pics
  65. Taco bell if the food dont get you the empolyes will
  66. The end of Archie
  67. Bloomberg and friends' Midas touch
  68. La pistolera hermosa y El Gordo
  69. Down to the flat lands
  70. A warning shot at a protest?
  71. Not For The PC Crowd !
  72. Mainstream Media Disconnect with Reality (and facts)
  73. Surprise, Surprise. Lost “pet” found.
  74. To the Man in the Full-Body Spandex Suit...
  75. G2 RIP bullets: Deadly every time?
  76. What about me
  77. Awkward Moment
  78. "Controversial" hunting photo blocks a potential modeling career
  79. She Needs to Work on Concealment Now
  80. Health Update
  81. Bear gonna go hide for a few days...
  82. Vacation Time
  83. Seinfeld Gun Episode
  84. Gov Rick Perry wearing Larue Tacticle hat
  85. Vacation to Ocean City, MD...56k beware
  86. Like grandpa, like grandson.
  87. Woman publicly skewered for her pro-gun stance
  88. Man Misses Start of Race (in bathroom) - Wins Anyway
  89. “I don’t care who he is, he should not have shot that animal.”
  90. Question tor TruckerJoe ?
  91. Pipe bombs found in parking lot
  92. Good: Real Customer Service
  93. Has your local range ever had their insurance canceled?
  94. Orange is the new black
  95. Target Stores Customers Crime Victims....
  96. Everytown & Bloomie Poll
  97. I think I may have a Quantum Gun Safe
  98. Chicago Environmental Study!
  99. AHHHHH! I'm More Than Livid !!!!!!!
  100. For Calvin and Hobbes fans
  101. Random vial of smallpox found in a storage closest in MD
  102. TX Ranger Hall of Fame & Museum
  103. POLL: Who gets more easily offeded? Younger or older Folks
  104. I am not a Contractor, Veteran, or Valor Thief... but airport story...
  105. heres some interesting pages. let em know how you feel.
  106. Weight Loss Success Story - Guy Lost 153 lbs
  107. You got to see this!
  108. Young female Conservative With A Sense Of Humor
  109. Xenophobia- Fear of strangers or foreigners
  110. Washington State begins MJ sales tomorrow.
  111. Detroit Beatdown: Initial Sentences Are In - Justice Served?
  112. People-Centric Leadership
  113. What's everybody's occupation
  114. If you could only have...
  115. Bring out your Dead... Your Best Jokes Here! Keep it Clean........................?
  116. Cloud Nine Isn't High Enough!
  117. The Best fourth of July gift ever
  118. When texting and technology gets stupid
  119. Where would you buy land?
  120. Firing people- why is it so difficult now?
  121. Not my best 4th of July weekend. Ugh.
  122. Foul ball!
  123. U.S. Navy stops small boat of Mexicans
  124. Whopping Cough & Tetanus shot combo?????
  125. World's most expensive train derailment?
  126. Parenting Lesson of the Day (for my husband)
  127. I Accidentally Buried Someone Else's Cat... Twice
  128. The price the signers paid
  129. Does Anyone Appendix Carry?
  130. "Mind Games" Anti gun theme
  131. An Independence Day "thank you"
  132. Twilight Zone marathon
  133. Come on Chestnut lets break 69!
  134. Happy 4th...or is it the 2nd?
  135. The 4th
  136. The most and least Patriotic States
  137. I blew it - fired off my mouth...
  138. Historical Question #2: How Many Of Us Were Rebels?
  139. Historical Question #1: Were The British THAT Bad?
  140. Great Man Passed Away-Louis Zamperini "Unbroken"
  141. If You Like Being Insulted, Do We Have A Virginia Gun Store For You
  142. IL Rest Area Murder
  143. Scenic Pics of The U.S.
  144. Happy fourth of july!!!!
  145. Pickett's Charge 151 years ago today
  146. Why Don't The OC'ers Do The Deal at Cabela's, the Local Gun Shows, or NRA Classes?
  147. Violent crime is down...
  148. If You Don't Love America...
  149. Glock Humor
  150. Intervening in a domestic dispute...
  151. Historical video includes a Rotary phone
  152. LANGUAGE ALERT This is the funniest thing on America's Got Talent in years
  153. Home invaders=sick, nasty people
  154. Appalachian Outlaws
  155. Possible big health crisis headed our way
  156. Ladies: Shooter's Grill, Rifle, CO
  157. Target Bans Guns
  158. I've been wondering............
  159. The Little Gun Shop That Could
  160. Tyrant
  161. Hey guys, I'm baaack (again)
  162. Yeah... Gun Control Works - Machine Gun Found (Guess Where)
  163. Murdered Israeli teens mourned in joint funeral
  164. New Geico commercial
  165. Soccer Ref Dies From Punch
  166. National Guardsman Bends Door in Half!
  167. Veteran gets VA appt 2 years after death
  168. I found a new author!!!
  169. WARNING: this video causes dust to get in your eyes
  170. Sledgehammer & Knife Usage
  171. Negligent Discharge/Close Shave Stories
  172. Some cats have more than nine lives.
  173. I drew a line in the san...uh, I mean coop.
  174. We need to boycot Belgian Waffles
  175. Might be a little off topic...
  176. Ready to Make History: Polaris Slingshot is a Reality
  177. Glastonbury 2014 - they came, they saw, they made one hell of a mess!
  178. Awesome gift for your wife/girlfriend
  179. Bud's Gun Shop?
  180. And they think 'WE' make this stuff up! Hippy Alert! The people running our Gov!
  181. So This Is Where It Comes From?
  182. OOPS - Highway Patrol busted by a Trucker - Video at link.
  183. Boycott Mexico
  184. Just in case you really thought there was hope.
  185. Woman Shot at Gun Show
  186. Hit and run. Shots fired.
  187. Silly Forum Questions?
  188. The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon by Richard Gale
  189. Vendor Shoots Customer
  190. Google to Block Firearm, Ammunition, Gun Accessory Ads
  191. 9 shot in 8 days... "Violence a matter of perception"
  192. Comply and die... luckily, not this time...
  193. Chevy 4X4 diesel gets owned by a VW ;)
  194. It's a World Cup Miracle!
  195. 5 Online Privacy Tips From Ex-FBI Agent: FYI:
  196. Howard Baker: If You Want An Ideal Man in Congress: THIS Is The Model, Please Read::
  197. Sheriff: "invader picked wrong house"
  198. Proud (or Not) To Be An American (Pew Research Poll)
  199. Would you support the founding of an independent country?
  200. Mexican chopers enters our air space and fires
  201. McDonalds employee follows woman and attacks her in front of her son
  202. First class act
  203. Boots and saddle
  204. Shoot it Gansta Style
  205. Ummm...I'm rethinking that Vegetarian thing
  206. The .380 that killed over 77 million people
  207. My Bug Out Bag
  208. The Child Dying In His Father's Car: Over-Zealous Police? Or True Mystery?
  209. The Most Incompetent Man in Maryland
  210. 32 years today!
  211. Bill would ban the ATF from stopping marijuana pt/s from possessing firearm
  212. It's OK, it's not a hate crime
  213. Have you ever looked at import marks ...
  214. Surplus surplus!
  215. Healthcare Industry = New Big Brother
  216. Dog lunges at you... Shoot?
  217. Rape victim gets a new Neighbor .. A serial rapist
  218. I don't want to post this here.
  219. Eli Wallach (The Ugly) has passed.
  220. Economy not Looking so hot - 1Q 2014
  221. Supreme Court Limits Cell Phone Searches After Arrest
  222. Trucker Joe! ...She Bear is gonna be MAAD!!!
  223. How not to rob a bank.
  224. Coffee Shot Out Of My Nose
  225. New Barry Photo Op Fail
  226. No-Fly List Violates Constitution
  227. For Work or Play How Many Miles Do You Drive Per Year?
  228. Groupon....change?
  229. War/ISIS
  230. Taxed for the miles you drive?
  231. Apolitical Aphorisms
  232. Fun Quizzes
  233. Oh this is good, flying illegals to CA
  234. Stars and Stripes 2014 Heroes
  235. Really confused
  236. Bear can see it all now...
  237. Face Book
  238. RIP Fouad Ajami, 1945-2014
  239. Any Antique dealers out there?
  240. One of our Marines is held in a Mexican Prison...
  241. Watch their hands...
  242. 4 year old super hero solves home invasion
  243. The Cahokia Mound Complex in Collinsville, Illinois
  244. Police seize man’s guns for taking firearms license photo with colander on his head
  245. What could go wrong?
  246. Goooooooooooooooaaaaaaalllllllllllll
  247. Herman Cain Just Said That
  248. Naked and afraid on Discovery Channel
  249. Cashed In My Father's Day Gift Card, BUT
  250. Tractor Supply Does the unexpected.